The Dead Files, Fact Or Fiction?

16 Oct

Have you ever seen the show on the TRAVEL channel, The Dead Files, and really watched the behavior of Amy, the self-proclaimed psychic who can speak to the dead? Now, please understand, I don’t make fun of anyone with any kind of mental problem, but I have to ask the glaring question, is she semi-(I can’t use the R word, as I don’t want to offend)mentally challenged? If you watch her ridiculous behavior, you quickly see that there is something off, to say the least, and it isn’t that she is a gifted psychic who has been wore down by all of her experiences either. In the first episodes, Amy didn’t do the head-spinning-Linda-Blair moves while a passenger in the short bus that takes her to the different locations. Then, as you watch the seasons progress, she suddenly rolls her eyes back and whips her head around on the way to the location. I guess that she’s getting herself in the mood to meet up with the ghosts or something.

Once Amy gets to the location that each show is focused on, most times she begins to twirl a strand of hair continually, bug her eyes out, and often talks in a childlike voice, usually saying that she ‘doesn’t like that’, or that she’s scared, and even more bizarre is how she’ll say that someone was chopped up or something while unable to hold back her laughs. Most irritating is how she says the same damned things during each show, this is not good, this is bad, real bad, or I don’t like it, this scares me, it wants to kill me, it wants me to leave. Now look, if she could speak with the dead and enjoys having them around, like she claims, then why is it that every, single show she says that she’s scared, doesn’t like it, and she feels sick? Do I believe that there are things out there that we cannot understand or explain away through science? Absolutely, but I also know that if a person has a unique “gift”, they do not overact, making a spectacle of themselves and giving them all a bad name. They don’t have to prove anything to anyone with bizarre antics, they are comfortable in their own skin and with their abilities, not needing or seeking validation from anyone.

At times you have got to laugh when watching the cameraman, Matt, as he asks her whats going on, or is she alright. With some of her responses you just know that he has all he can do not to bust out laughing at her. When Amy begins her odd behavior of bulging her eyes, twisting the same strand of hair until it seems it’ll snap off of her head, rubbing her hands together like she’s trying to start a fire, and doing her baby talk routine, you have to wonder what poor Matt is thinking; is he feeling embarrassed for her, or does he want to laugh hysterically?

What would be interesting would be to see all of the cases that Amy was part of, where she was (pardon the pun) dead wrong or not even close. Notice something else, too – when they sit down for their big reveal and Steve tells about the history of the house or property, even when it’s something that she said earlier, nearly word for word, her eyes bug and she acts shocked. Well if she supposedly knew the stuff before hand, why is she so amazed? I recall one episode where her sketch looked nothing like the picture that Steve had obtained, she tried to point out the jaw and how it seemed similar, and the nose, as if trying to convince the clients!

Either way, I truly do believe that this Amy Allan is, to put it nicely, mentally challenged. Normal people, even if by chance they are gifted, do not behave like that, even in front of a camera. It’s a shame though because it would be a good concept for a show if they got someone genuine, who was truly gifted and one who did not let the fact that they are going to be on a television show taint them, creating an over-dramatic, pompous wannabe.

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