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Love Your Cat? Then Why Are You De-Clawing Him or Her?

Some people claim that we live in a decent, humane society, and that we are progressing rather than regressing, but I challenge you to take a brutally honest look around you, then look someone directly in their eyes and try to say the same. Countless species of animals have been wiped from the face of the planet, never to walk this Earth again, and through no fault of their own either, strictly because of greedy poachers and egotistical hunters. Look at our treatment of domestic animals, the cats and dogs that so many millions of people claim to love, look at how many are killed each and every day in this country, their last minutes of life spent in a shelter cage, waiting for a loving family that never comes.

Look at house cats, look at the procedure of declawing, an excruciating, maiming, horrendous amputation that ends up many times with the cat dying in the end anyway, whether it’s from the owner getting rid of it for biting all of a sudden, or not going in the litter box because of the pain it’s left with. Look at the big cats that some morons have had declawed, since it’s too horrible for words and you have to see it for yourself to truly grasp the barbarity of it.¬†Go to the Paws Project website and watch the video of Kona, the cougar who suffered in agony after having been declawed, see for yourself what this procedure does to cats of all types, sizes, and ages.

Want to know how good your vet is? Ask if he or she performs the declawing procedure or if the vet supports having it done. Sadly, many vets are motivated mostly by money and are all too eager to declaw whatever cats they can. Veterinarians, like our medical doctors, promise¬†not to do harm, and yet look at the evidence of the harm done as a result of declawing. Like in the California cities where the procedure was banned, we need laws in the rest of this country to protect our pets, as God knows they can’t speak for themselves any more than they can try to bring about change. Personally, I think that the biggest problem is lack of education about the procedure – after all, look at all of the other countries around the world where the procedure is prohibited! We call ourselves the United States, we’re supposed to be so educated, we’re supposed to know better!

Please check out the website for The Paws Project, read the information provided and watch the videos, educate yourself and please pass it on to everyone you know. It’s shocking just how many people out there, even who really understand what declawing is, don’t know that it’s de-knuckling the animals and the exact devastating effects it causes. Jump on board and do your part, educate yourself and everyone you meet, if you can save even one cat from this hell, then be proud!

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