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N.Y. Fashion Week: Kim’s Circus Act

You don’t have to be into fashion at all  to be familiar with New York Fashion Week. All of the A-listers, wealthier folks that are into fashion, and, of course, the industry elites are in attendance. Everyone’s dream is for a front row seat, everyone wants to look their best, and it goes without saying that everyone behaves accordingly. There are some out there that would give anything to be part of NY Fashion Week, as it would be any models dream, and any would-be designer could only imagine his or her outfits walking the runway. To even be able to go just to see the fashion is made a big deal of! Bottom line is, New York Fashion Week really is a big deal to the wealthy, and to celebrities and models, and although it may not be at Buckingham Palace, there is a certain unspoken protocol as far as behavior goes. Most normal people don’t need to be told that there are acceptable and unacceptable behaviors at such an affair – I suppose you can take the girl out of the slums, but you can’t take the slums out of the girl!

Remember the fallout after Kim Kardashian forgot her kid somewhere? Was it at a hotel when she went and began to get into (or got into) a car and then had to run back in for her kid after a bystander inquired, which she denied of course? Sadly for others at New York Fashion Week, Kim remembered that she had a kid and actually brought it along with her to attend! Through the years we have all scratched our heads and questioned what is wrong with the Kardashian family, but the nonsense that we have seen with Kim is exceptional; she’ll never be the mother that her sister is, should she ever try to care about such things. What’s worse than bringing a small child to such a high-end, glamorous event? When the kid flips out and has a tantrum, showing what a spoiled brat it is in public – a normal parent would be mortified and never allow such behavior anywhere, especially at an event like that one where others attended to see and hear the show.

In Touch Weekly reports that Kim Kardashian was the laughingstock of NY Fashion Week thanks to the get-up she wore, and after seeing the pictures I understood why. These things are among the many reasons why, as hard as she has supposedly tried, as desperately as she might wish, Kim Kardashian will never be a legitimate celebrity who is famous for any real reason. Between the many procedures she’s had done, the ridiculous outfits she steps out in, her ever-inflating arse, her ludicrous, crass, never-ending selfies, the inappropriate clothing she puts on her kid and the places she allows the kid to go, along with its bad behavior, she’ll always remain Kim K. the one and only famous for being famous from a homemade sex tape! Kim is her own biggest fan who absolutely adores, spoils, pampers, and admires (but never respects) herself!

I wonder what poor Beyonce was thinking, sitting there next to Kim with the kid carrying on screaming, and while her clueless mother sat there allowing it to be inflicted onto everyone else before she finally got a clue and took the kid outside. Funny that Kim thought that she could ever even so much as compete with Beyonce in any way, shape, or form when, in reality, Kim wouldn’t even be able to shine Beyonce’s shoes. You’d never see Beyonce bring her daughter to that event, or any other that wasn’t geared toward children. Beyonce’s daughter isn’t seen in inappropriate, laughable outfits, either, and you would also never see her wearing such ridiculous get-ups that made people compare her to a whale or a sofa. Beyonce also has true beauty; she doesn’t need to have endless procedures done because she doesn’t need them. Plus, she also has self-confidence, and doesn’t need to take constant selfies to admire whatever work she’s had done. You never see her daughter being a rotten brat making scenes in the public eye. Once a magazine reported that Kim had the audacity to say that there was something that she had over on Bey – she said that her kid was more attractive than Bey’s, and I read many comments online that said it all. I don’t want to pick on children, no matter how ill mannered they are, but I will say that Kim likes to “see” things the way that she wants them to be and not the way they necessarily are.

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NBC News Without Brian Williams

What is it they say, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones? Name three celebrities you know of, that have never lied………. how about three, or even one politician that is honest enough never to have lied. Okay fine, who do you know personally that has never in their life lied? Have you ever lied, or have you embellished the facts of a certain situation, maybe you were less than honest when asked about your income, job title, weight or age? A lie is a lie and as sad as it is, everyone has, does or will lie throughout their lifetime, sometimes it’s unavoidable, sometimes it’s to save your behind or someone else’s, sometimes it’s to prevent hurting someones feelings, regardless, no one is in a position to throw any stones.

Thousands of stones have been thrown at Brian Williams, yes maybe he did lie and embellish details pertaining to his reporting from Iraq in 2003, he admitted that he did so, he apologized. Think about it, the President of the United States of America lies all the time and we’re talking serious lies, after all, his supposedly winning the election was based upon nothing but lies! Politicians lie, so do celebrities, teachers, priests, attorneys, judges, policemen, radio/tv hosts, you name it and they lie, the real question is, what it all boils down to, whether or not they get caught and that’s the truth!

Every single day, there are those people out there that just look for something to start trouble over, desperately looking for a cause, too bad for Brian Williams that he was exactly that, for person A, the initial couch warrior. Now I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly not going to stop watching Brian reporting any news, however, I can promise you this, I will not be watching NBC nightly news any longer without him in the anchor seat, pity for too many of us though because I’ve been watching him every night for too many years to count. Does this ridiculous spectacle that’s been created over Brian Williams slip of the tongue, make me question the integrity of the news, the network or the reporter? Absolutely not, and no one else should question these things either. The reports that the NBC probe into Williams is continuing and expanded, with a review of his expense accounts, hm and we all believed that the witch hunts were a thing of the past, sounds to me like that’s exactly whats happening here.

The announcement made via Deborah Turness, President of NBC news, that addressed Brian Williams being suspended immediately, without pay. It states that Brian misrepresented facts while covering the Iraq war in 2003, and that it became clear that he had done the same thing while telling the story in other venues, on other occasions. It also states that they have other concerns about comments that were made outside NBC News while Brian was talking about his experiences in the field. All of the years that this man has reported the news to us, all of the good, respectable, stories he has been part of, all of this seems so quickly forgotten by those that have benefited from the fact that so many Americans love him. Whether they like it or not, Brian Williams is NBC news, the reporter reporting the news matters, it’s a fact and if you don’t like the reporter, you aren’t going to watch that nightly news, you’re going to change the channel.

Perhaps Deborah Turness wants us to believe that she has never been wrong when she’s recounting any events that have happened, involving her, maybe she’s perfect and some kind of super saint who has never lied, embellished, exaggerated, been wrong or made a mistake. Perhaps someday the network will probe into every detail of her day to day activities, while she’s enjoyed her job title and any power she may wield, I doubt that she’s in any position to throw stones, but hell that didn’t seem to stop her when it came to boulders! I think that the network made a grave mistake in suspending Brian Williams and in it blatantly seeming like they are leading a witch hunt, all too willing to burn his reputation at the stake! I for one will not be watching the NBC nightly news again, at this point the competition is no longer competition, and for that matter, Lester Holt will never have the viewers that Brian has, it’s not his fault that he can’t grow on anyone, they either have it or they don’t, Brian is one of the few that has it and kept millions tuning in to NBC nightly news. Ever suspending him at all is ludicrous, but to do so without pay is revolting, to imply that any of the things that Brian has done will affect the news legitimacy is assinine, I would sooner wonder whether or not people might think that someone had a personal issue with Brian and began all of this nonsense in an attempt to ruin him. The other networks would do well to grab Brian now while he’s available, he’s not to be avoided because of this man made scandal, it’d be genius to hire him on and watch the ratings grow. The only ones who’ll have a problem with it are the couch warriors that started the whole mess while searching for a cause, and the morons who let him get away so the other networks would gain ratings gold!

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Bruce Jenner’s Legacy

It’s insulting to hear about this upcoming, earth shattering, shocking, juicy interview by Diane Sawyer with Bruce Jenner, about his “transition”,  to be released at a later date. It’s insulting because you’d have to live under a rock not to have already known about him, it’s no secret to anyone who and what Bruce is, so the so called interview isn’t new, interesting, or unexpected. If you look back at pictures of him even in his Olympic days, he doesn’t exactly look masculine then either, I’m surprised that he was ever married, or that he hooked up at all, with a woman at least. Most everyone has heard of Bruce Jenner, even the young people, though most don’t know what his skill was or what year he won won, which medal it was, they have most all heard his name.

Where’s the tragedy you ask? Well now, don’t blame the messenger here, it may seem harsh but you cannot deny that it’s just the way life is, human nature. When Bruce Jenner is remembered, he’ll forever be the man who was once an Olympic winner who was part of the Kardashian show, the man who, after a few failed marriages, tried to change his sex and made the choice to try and become a female. Any accomplishments that he may have to his credit, his Olympic win, any skills or talents, all of that will sadly fall by the wayside and it will all be about his choice to live out his life trying to be a woman and milking it for all of the publicity he can get. Sound familiar? Well, he has spent all of these years around the Kardashians, so it’s no wonder he’d try to squeeze any and every drop of exposure he can get!

I can’t help but wonder how Kendall and Kylie Jenner really feel about their fathers choice to  live as a female, being raised in the Kardashian family I can imagine the girls are extremely conscious of their images, as well as the images of their immediate family members. One would think that the girls couldn’t possibly have been in the dark altogether about their father, I think that Bruce’s femininity has always been blatantly obvious, but perhaps because he was their father they didn’t want to consider the possibility that he was more than just a feminine male!

Someday, far into the future, someone will ask who the heck Bruce Jenner was, that is when his story will be told and passed on, he was once an athlete in the Olympics, he decided that he wanted to look like a woman, and lived out his life as if he were a female. Sadly, this whole situation with his “transitioning” is what he leaves behind, this will be his legacy, in a nutshell, this “transition” will be what defines him, not whether or not he was a great athlete, a good father, good husband, none of that will be remembered.  This is just the way it is in life, we’ve all seen it before, it happens all the time, all is forgotten that came before a decision such as this, and the decision is what is remembered.

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