Fatal Automobile Accident, Bruce Jenner Involved

09 Mar

On February 7th of this year, Bruce Jenner was involved in an automobile accident, an accident in which a woman, Kim Howe lost her life. TMZ reported that not surprisingly, the Kardashian family claimed that Bruce was being chased by paparazzi, it has been determined that the claim was false. Different media outlets have reported different information pertaining to the details of the accident, one such report said that Kim, the woman killed, had been driving when her license had been suspended, even if that were the case, the woman lost her life and someone is to blame.

Let’s see how this one pans out, let’s see how the investigation concludes, it would be a travesty if, as we’ve seen all too many times before, someone in the public eye get’s a mere slap on the wrist. Whether Bruce was solely to blame or not, he should be treated as you or I would be if we were in the same situation, it speaks volumes right off the bat that the family released a false claim in saying that he was being hounded by paparazzi. It’s a hell of a note that any time a celebrity does something wrong, or is involved in anything shady where questions of blame arise, the paparazzi is always to blame, very convenient.

Maybe Bruce Jenner is so wrapped up in his new found fame, relishing the attention that’s being showered on him alone, with this “transition” stuff and reports of getting his own show, that he believes himself to be untouchable. I sincerely hope that law enforcement is ruthless in their pursuit of the party to blame for this womans death. I know from personal experience that in my area, if you know a cop on scene or if the party to blame has any kind of influence, no matter how small, they can get away with anything. I hope that in California it isn’t the same, I think that rather than allow any kind of celebrity to get away with anything, they should be made an example of.

Let’s just see what the outcome of this accident investigation is, let’s just see if Bruce Jenner is held accountable for anything I think that it will be unusual and shocking if he get’s any punishment for anything. Pictures don’t lie, witnesses don’t lie, the facts speak for themselves and I hope that, whether the accident victim had a current license or not, that the party at fault is punished fully, the woman did not deserve to die and, license or not, she was on her way and someone caused the mess that took her life. TMZ reports that Jenner told police that he lost control of his vehicle and rammed Howe’s car, sounds to me like the statement Bruce made was an admission of guilt, for him being at fault, whether or not charges will be brought against him or punishment will be doled out his way, remains to be seen.

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