Harsh Truths About The Browns (Sister Wives)

16 Nov

What it must be like to mock the law and flaunt how amoral you are like on Sister Wives, the worst two examples are Kody and Robyn Brown! Kody wants to crawl into bed with a bunch of women, spawn even more kids with them and all the while try to hide behind his so called religion as a means of lamely trying to justify it! On the other hand this Robyn character is equally vile, perhaps she saw the show and decided that she wanted to be on television so she began doing whatever it took (which probably wasn’t much) to be added to Kody’s list of women. From the very beginning I predicted that she was trouble, never once falling for her bs facade and predicted that she would bring dire changes to their supposed family, she’s done that and then some. The venom that she spews from her mouth about Meri Brown is toxic, nasty and hateful, I imagine that she was consumed with jealousy to the point where she came up with a whole new approach, like having another mans children adopted by Kody as if that pervert hasn’t spawned enough already! Why any normal man out there would ever allow that low life to adopt his kids and inflict his name upon them is beyond reasoning, of course why the father of Robyn’s kids would have allowed her to shack up with the pervert and in that type of environment with his children defies logic as well.

Funny isn’t it, after reports stated that Meri Brown had been catfished by some woman posing as a man and going through the emotional turmoil, the other “wives” turned on her. Yes, pretend to live by the word of God when we see that’s not the case by their lifestyle but then to throw not stones, but boulders at Meri? Wow, real Christian like of those women and that pervert they follow, at a time when Meri needs support and understanding more than ever, he can have a bevy of women but she can’t reach out to what she thought to be a man! They live most hypocritical lives, it must be exhausting to be so damned perfect and without the slightest sin, it is no wonder Meri would seek out a mans company who would be a decent, normal, loving person who doesn’t hide behind a made up religion to live like a man pig!

Everything happens for a reason in life and perhaps the reason behind the hell that Meri Brown has had to go through, is to finally break free from Kody’s twisted grip and also to see Robyn for exactly what she truly is and has always been, a vicious, mean and nasty witch who may have been so green with envy she had to ruin Meri’s life so that she could step into it! The situation seemed to work for these women before Robyn came onto the scene pretending to be so meek and caring, she got her way by Meri clearing a path for her to Marry Kody, then she got him to adopt her kids from some other man and she ruined Meri in the process, just collateral damage to someone with such evil intent, what does she care as long as she got her way. To step back and look at Robyn’s behavior from the start it appears that this was her game plan from the very beginning, to read the recent reports about all of the hateful things she has said about the former Mrs.Brown, one can see that she is gloating after getting all she wanted and ruining someone else’s life in the process.

Stop the madness and cancel this piece of crap show, stop condoning the behavior of people like this while they attempt to disguise it with religion, at one time they worried about the law and now they smugly make a joke of it. At the very least stop paying these people for what they are doing, now days we’re told to be tolerant of this and tolerant of that but in this case, that’s exactly what we can’t be, tolerant and we can’t excuse this behavior either! Like it or not, Kody kept wanting kids, kids, kids but the fact is that the family at one time or another and not real briefly, was afforded public assistance which issupposed to be for those who truly need it and have fallen on hard times, not for those who purposefully keep having one kid after another and with a bench of different women! Not to sound harsh but taxpayers should not have to pay to raise or feed that perverts countless kids, by the same token, TLC should smarten up and stop paying these disgusting, law taunting, polygamists to flaunt themselves and their lifestyle on television.

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