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Discovery Channels Alaskan Bush People

Discovery channel¬†used to be a reputable one with shows that were of interest and that had at least a sliver of quality, that is until May ¬†of 2014 when they first aired the ludicrous Alaskan Bush People. There are still a lot of people out there that believe this show is legitimate, that these people are exactly what the show portrays them to be, in spite of the ridiculousness of it. I find it disturbing that anyone at all would believe that this clan was “raised in the wilds of Alaska” when they have so obviously not been at all sheltered.

Think about it like this, the sons with tattoos must have run deep into the Alaskan woods to find the tattoo parlor to get them, the mother Ami must have also gone to the bush jeweler to get all of those rings that she wears, and the most obvious b.s. the youngest daughter “Rain” must have really found a goldmine deep in the Alaskan bush when she went looking for (and must have found) the bush cosmetic store! To see the youngest kid with makeup plastered on her face, you know damned well that cosmetics aren’t part of that kind of life, nor is the goth looking nail polish! If that doesn’t make you see what a fake the show is then notice how grimy the sons get, yet their clothes are always crisp and clean and you don’t get clothes to come that clean doing them by hand in a creek! Not to mention the style clothing, I think that this type of nonsense is insulting to the REAL Alaskans out there that struggle for their very survival every day.

Discovery channel must be as desperate as some of the other networks out there (Bravo, TLC) to air such a blatantly misleading, manipulative, ludicrous, dishonest, fake crap! I feel for the mother Ami’s family that has come out and told their side of the story as far as the relationship (or lack of) with their daughter and her family, obviously they are hurting and Ami’s mother is elderly to boot! If this family was so loving and caring and believed so strongly in family bonds, each would have the respect and common decency to go and visit Ami’s mother and allow her to be part of their lives, rather than air family dirty laundry (if it’s even true) to the world in an attempt to justify their bad behavior.

Maybe the problem with this B.S. family is greed, I mean reports have stated that they stay in a hotel and only spend time at “Brown Town” when they are filming, look up the family and each ones net worth too, they are not hurting for money. And then there are the legal woes that two of them plead guilty to after allegations that they duped Alaska for a share in the states profits that they did not have a right to. Alaskan folks need that money to help them to survive and then along come the Browns to benefit from what they had no right to, when they do not need the money! Discovery has supported this sham of a show, sham of a family for far too long, in fact they should never have become involved with them, Discovery is just as guilty of duping viewers, if not more so!


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