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Will Queen Elizabeth Bend the Rules?

Not only do the citizens of the United Kingdom love Queen Elizabeth but let’s face it, the world loves that there is still a true monarchy,in this day and age, as long as the people want and welcome them then they will endure. That being said though, the queen bent when Charles wanted to take Camilla as his bride and though some may not agree with the old ways of royalty, the very protocol was much of the reason that the monarchy has endured as long as it has. I adore Duchess Kate but again the rules were bent ( perhaps in her case that should have been the ONLY time ). Which brings us to Prince Harry and his current love interest actress Meghan Markle, yet again are the royal expectations to be forgotten? And if you’re wondering why I would even comment on the matter, I have extremely deep British roots.

Prince Harry is an attractive young man with a lot going for him and I’m sure that if he looked around, there are many attractive young ladies in the circles his family is acquainted with that would better suit him. It has been reported that Meghan’s own sister has revealed a lot about Meghan’s character and face it, her sister would indeed know much better than Harry would. Even that isn’t the root of the issue though, that monarchy has lasted a very long time so they must have been doing something right, but the truth of the matter is that times have changed yes, but the people love the royal family and should that ever change then who knows how adversely it might affect the royals. While Queen Elizabeth has bent the royal rules previously, where does she draw the line? When is enough enough? When will she take a stand and stick to her guns, even at the risk of having to tell a grandson no and stick to her convictions?

We have seen that Harry can be a rebellious one but he is supposed to have matured a bit and one would think that he would grasp that he was born into a royal family, and that there are certain expectations that must be respected. It’s easy for a “commoner” to think that he should be able to do whatever it is he wants to, all of them should, but if that were the case then there would be no royal family, no monarchy and no need for a queen, king, prince or any other title there is. The royal family needs to remain royal and each should continue to set examples for others (remember Princess Diana), be worthy of the titles they were given because they aren’t supposed to be just mere words. The world watches every move the royal family makes and they base their opinions on them accordingly.

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