Signature Club A Rapid Transport C infused Cool Tight w/intens. Tens’Up for Neck, Throat & Decollete

24 May

I have tried a good number of Signature Club A products, for a good number of years. This product I first saw on HSN probably about a month ago, always in the market for anti aging products I gave it a try. First let me say that makeup is for hiding a womans age, however facial creams, serums and the like are for preventing aging skin and for undoing any aging that already exists (if any such thing exists). I dislike a product that is supposed to help with the wrinkles and lines that has light reflecting particles so as to confuse the consumer as to how well the cream is really working.

The Cool Tight cream was said to make skin feel cool when applied, I noticed no cooling at all but the product did make my skin feel somewhat tight. I have used the product for nearly two months and while my neck and decollete does FEEL ever so slightly tighter, the lines have not improved in the least. The cream feels heavy to me and definitely leaves a thick feel on my skin, almost a clogged feeling or one of being unwashed. I will say though that the smell is the best part of the product, it has the delicious scent of an orange cream Popsicle like the company’s makeup remover smells.

For the money ($37.10 total) which was supposed to be a special price, the product is just not worth it, save your money. Perhaps I’m dreaming but I want a product to make a difference when I buy it, I want it to do what it says, at least and I have to say that this one missed the mark by miles.


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