elf Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Stick

25 May

I prefer eyeliner that is liquid and that is waterproof because my eyes are so easily irritated and tear easily, then if I don’t have a good eyeliner on I begin to look like a raccoon. I got tired of spending a fortune on various waterproof stick and liquid eyeliners so one day I spotted the elf waterproof sticks for $2.00. I didn’t expect too much being it was only $2.00 and i’d had such lousy luck with all of the others I’d tried, I bought it and I kept an open mind like I always do.

I love how thin the liner went on, you can draw a thin line or a thick line and I got caught in the rain one day with no umbrella so the liner was put to the test to see if it would resist the water, it did. For the price the elf waterproof liquid eyeliner is a no brainer,  it’s cheap and goes on nicely and really withstands water. What I dislike most about the product is that I buy a new stick about once a month and I have purchased at least four now that have been dried out, one of them had a strange flaw in the tip and it interfered with it going on straight. Aside from it being hit and miss as to whether it will be dried out or not, the product is worth the money and I have to say it would be a keeper. Definitely a thumbs up if you get one that is not dried out.


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