Gold Bond Ultimate firming neck & chest cream Review

25 May

Okay ladies now here’s a product worth trying. I have been using this cream regularly taking breaks only when trying other new products with the same claims, I have been using it for about 7 months. The cream goes on without leaving my skin feeling clogged and “coated” and you can feel the tightening immediately, after first using it for about 3 weeks I noticed a significant reduction in the lines on my neck and the crepid look of my skin. It does not have a strong smell of any kind and therefore does not interfere with the smell of any perfume that I wear.

The Gold Bond Ultimate firming neck & chest cream is far less expensive than it’s competitors, which is why I didn’t have high expectations when I first began using the product, I mean come on we all have this idea that if we aren’t using the more expensive creams and serums that the celebrities are able to afford than they can’t work as well, right? Wrong, this cream is worth every penny (I paid around $12.99) and it backs up it’s claims of improving skins texture, firmer, more taught skin, and of improving skin elasticity. This one get’s a thumbs up for sure.


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