Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation

25 May

Always on the hunt for new, affordable makeup and skincare products I saw the Wet n Wild photofocus foundation and had to give it a try. The line seems to have a decent selection of shades to accommodate various skin colors, though I did notice that many were very orange and very pink, for me the Nude Ivory matched best. Now I’ll tell you that if your skin is very dry you may want to use a heavy duty moisturizer before even trying this foundation, or skip this one all together.

I applied my moisturizer first and then I used my facial primer, following it with the foundation which I found easiest to apply with a foundation brush. This foundation didn’t want to sit right on my skin, it was as if you were trying to rub makeup onto a piece of stucco. You would think that I had severely dry skin or something (which I do not), I don’t use facial powder which is a blessing because you wouldn’t want to apply powder over something that won’t blend well to begin with. When I was finished and I looked at my face I was extremely disappointed, it was a cakey, heavy looking mess, not to mention that my face felt clogged like I just applied a bucket of spackle to it.

I decided to give it one more try on my bare face without any moisturizer or primer, so I washed my face and started over, again when I finished and stepped back to look in the mirror my face was an overdone mess! I did not apply excess foundation either, I applied it very lightly like I always do as you can build coverage later as you go, if needed. On the plus side, the Wet n Wild photofocus foundation is affordable when compared to other foundations. By the same token what does it matter if a foundation is cheap if it doesn’t work for you. This one absolutely gets a thumbs down, it’s not even worth the low price. Keep your money and spend it on a foundation that blends into your skin instead of making you look like you’re wearing clown makeup.


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