No Longer One Nation Under God

10 Jun

Society has come to prohibit prayer in the classroom, regardless of a child’s faith that child cannot openly pray surrounded by his classmates, while those children may be few and far between, how many children do you know that attend Sunday school or church? How many children do you know that can tell you who exactly God is or even what the Ten Commandments are? In a country that based most of it’s freedoms on religion, now Christian religions and God are subtly being replaced by those from other countries, many of those countries that loathe the United States. It’s understandable that other cultures have their own Gods and belief systems, much different than those that this country was built upon, however, this is the United States and while freedom of religion is acceptable, those same religions should not affect those that have been practiced in this country since it was established. There is no such thing anymore as freedom of speech, a right to privacy, and at the rate things are going, there will be no right to bear arms in the future.So why is it that freedom of religion is not only still alive and kicking, but it has been taken to extremes?

Many of the original churches here in the U.S. sit empty, as vacant as the eyes of some people that are asked if they still believe in God, church attendance is at an all time low and crime still runs rampant. So what is it, what has happened to knock folks down so low that they question the very existence of God? And no, I don’t believe that it’s science, that has just been a convenient excuse for the real reasons that people have strayed from their religions, from God. I am not a religious fanatic, nor am I a saint by any means, but I too have been at a crossroad of sorts, I look around at the things going on in this country and around the globe and I can see why so many people have given up hope. It’s a strange thing though because regardless of faith, whenever a person finds themselves in a presumably life or death situation, what is the first thing the person does? They pray to God to help them, even if God hadn’t so much as crossed their mind in a decade, they almost always pray to him when they are in trouble. What’s more perplexing is that when their prayers are answered God immediately is gone from their thoughts, without so much as a thank you.

I never fully understood the phrase God is dead until these past few years, who is to blame, who killed him, well I believe that it all began when this country’s powers that be lost sight of what this once great nation was built upon. We needn’t be fanatical like they were back in the days when a sinner would be stoned to death, but heaven knows we could all use a little bit of religion, what is so wrong with morals, honesty, compassion and all of those things that go hand in hand with God and religion? This country has become so tangled in the rights of foreigners moving in and practicing their own brands of religion, that it has lost sight of the ones that have been here and endured since the country became a country. Some of our own citizens have been “converted” and have turned against us, I don’t say that all foreigners are bad people with negative, evil intent, I just think that when the religions they brought here into this country with them were allowed to affect the ones that had always been here, that is what started the vicious cycle of killing our religions and our One Nation Under God, in a word, our God.

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Posted by on June 10, 2017 in Politics


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