Meghan Markle Animal Lover? You Decide!

22 May

Anyone who has followed my posts knows that I have a huge soft spot for all of our furry little friends, especially rescues that would have otherwise been killed had they lingered in a shelter. So imagine that a poor dog sits in a cage every day waiting to die and then along comes a woman who adopts him and has him every day for years and years, the woman is all the dog knows and loves. Enter a prospect too good to pass up, a real life Prince and said woman just can’t let that jewel out of her grasp, so after latching on to the Prince she suddenly decides that one of her two rescue dogs is just “too old” to make the trip across the pond so she leaves it with “friends”!

Megan Markle decided that one of her rescue dogs Bogart was just too old to skip across the pond with her, she did take ONE dog but left the other to wonder what the hell he did wrong to be abandoned by the one he loves most, wondering why his everyday companion isn’t there any longer either. Any true four legged fur baby lover knows that animals can become severely depressed, and like humans at times they may stop eating all together until they die of a broken heart. How disgusting and irresponsible to do that to any animal that you claim to love and that has been your constant companion for years, always there for you always comforting you any asking so little in return. I’ll bet that if poor Bogart could talk he would excitedly risk his well being to be included in the trip, most likely he would have begged and groveled not to be left behind abandoned!

Don’t you love how there are those people out there preaching their love of animals and acting as if they agree that others should always save a shelter animal but when the opportunity of a lite time comes along, their selfishness and ego overwhelms their life and that poor animal that relied on the person most all of it’s life, is discarded like a used pair of shoes! I am not a fan of Meghan Markle anyway but now I can’t even say that I have an iota of respect for the woman. Just another loyal subject left in her wake, probably one of the two most loyal souls in her life who I’m sure sits watching the door while clinging to hope that he is forgiven for whatever it is he did to deserve being left behind. Meghan can fool herself all she likes by believing that Bogart is just fine but as someone who has worked with and around animals for many years, I’m sure that’s just not the case. Shame on you Markle, shame on you, at your age especially you should know better and be ashamed of yourself!




















if the dog could


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