Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Cream Plus 5ML Review

03 Jun

I have wanted to try the Plexaderm since first seeing the commercials for it but really wasn’t able to invest that much money in a product that I wasn’t sure would even work like it claims to. Lucky for me my daughter got me the Plexaderm to try for my birthday, it sat there for a week or so because I didn’t want to waste it when I was just sitting around the house, by the same token I didn’t savor the thought of using it before going out into public if it was going to make my face rot off, since I do have sensitive skin.

One day when I was getting ready for an appointment I had I figured I’d try the Plexaderm and see how it worked. I put the smallest amount I could get away with on my forehead, around my lips, and on the outer corners of my eyes and watched the clock. After about 5 minutes I grabbed my phone to text my daughter and tell her that I think we were scammed, feeling very disappointed I took one more look in the mirror and noticed that the skin was beginning to look as tight as it felt, so I decided to give it a little more time. Now I don’t have sagging skin yet, I mainly wanted it for my forehead, around the mouth, cheeks and eye corners, but I do have the occasional dark circles like everyone else does when they don’t get enough sleep or stay up too late. I am genuinely shocked by the results I got from this product and believe me when I tell you, I have tried so many different ones over the years that I could probably be considered an authority!

CONS: There isn’t a whole lot of product for the price you pay. At times too much of the lotion comes out of the applicator, which results in using it up even faster than you normally would. If you do get a bit too much lotion, you’ll have obvious white areas where you applied it. The product is after all only temporary but I wish with continued use the results could be permanent. And as you’d expect, the Plexaderm is not cheap, it is expensive for those on a limited budget.

PROS: The Plexaderm really, truly works and does what it claims to do! It’s much cheaper than injections for those of us that cannot afford to get them!

Bottom Line: Plexaderm is great, period! It’s the best thing since the face lift and while it is not cheap, it does indeed work and will boost your confidence either way. You can look in the mirror and actually see the results yourself. Believe me, after you try this one you will be hooked and will probably be a continued user.


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