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Why is it that no one is comfortable talking about overpopulation? It’s like the topic is taboo, an unspoken rule that such a huge, devastating problem that affects all of us can’t be discussed, I wonder if perhaps the reason is that no one has a good solution. Just as with this life and the fact that we only get one, we only get one planet and once it’s destroyed beyond repair we’re all screwed! Why doesn’t anyone care though, why do the few that understand the problem each believe that they are only one person and that one person can’t make a difference? It only takes one to join with the others out there to bring about change, if it isn’t too late already that is, one doesn’t have to be a scientist to see the problems that have been directly caused by overpopulation.

Look at the never ending number of animals that are teetering on the brink of total extinction, the Bornean orangutans, Ili pika, the giant Otter, the stunning Amur leopard, the black footed ferret, the Darwin’s fox, the Sumatran rhinoceros, the white rumped vulture, the pangolin, saola, vaquita, the Peruvian black spider monkey, the red wolf, and the list goes on for species that will soon be gone forever from this world. I’m sure  that you are unfamiliar with some of these animals and that in itself speaks volumes, you will probably never see any of these species either because of mankind and the state of this planet. Many species that have always lived in the oceans have disappeared and are rapidly disappearing due to overfishing, these creatures can’t come up with a plan B, they rely on the food that is in the ocean for their very survival. Man has encroached on every bit of land on this planet, driving out the wildlife that needs the land to survive and man has also invaded every bit of the ocean, every sea, every where! Their turf has been taken and their food supplies too and then there are those countries where they kill the native wildlife because they eat their crops, well what the hell choice do these animals have to survive?

It may seem harsh but there are places in the world where they cut off the hand of a thief, well I think that poachers should be put to death and let me tell you, if a prospective poacher knew that the penalty of his actions was death I guarantee you that they would think twice before killing animals that are minding their own business, not bothering anyone and just trying to live! But back to the subject at hand (pardon the pun), what is the solution to the population boom? Well I can’t say that there’s an easy one but let’s be brutally honest and talk about a part of it that seems even more taboo, I think that every one of us know someone that has 4, 5, or even 6 children and get’s government assistance because of those kids. What if the government stopped giving out money as if it’s a reward for having children and made the parent work? I have nothing against mothers that work but I do think that there would be a lot healthier children out there if the moms were at home with them, or even the fathers to raise them, but with the financial struggles that most everyone has that’s not always possible. My point is that the government seems to reward those people that have kids but only to a certain age, which means that there are those people that keep having them so that the gravy train keeps chugging along. I hate to say it but China was on to something when the number of children you could have there was limited, but not when they are so very gender biased that no one wanted a daughter but only wanted sons! It’s a shame that China couldn’t have worked hand in hand with all other countries to come up with a solution for the population problems.

The planet is warming and that’s a fact, it isn’t some mad scientists theory, some figment of overactive imaginations! As a result the wildlife is being adversely affected and it’s only going to get worse. There are too many landfills out there, there is too much pollution in the atmosphere, the water in many places is toxic and with the sudden gas drilling going on here there will be much more of it too. And amidst all of this there is no untouched land, no untouched water, the trees are being harvested in record numbers and hope is quickly fading. You will see in your lifetime a global crisis like no other, only it will be too late to attempt to do anything about it. If you’re someone that cares about the planet and the quality of your life, as well as that of the animals that do remain today, then join others that give a damn and do something about it now.

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Oil of Olay total effects eye transforming cream

We all know the name Oil of Olay and naturally for many women it’s a trusted one, always on the hunt for anything to help aging skin, desperately searching like a hunter in the woods that hasn’t eaten for six months, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try the Olay eye transforming cream. I stand corrected because it did hurt alright, it hurt my wallet! I paid nearly $17.00 for the small 0.5 ounce jar and gave it a fair try, regardless of how a product is for the first few days I always give at least 30 days to get an honest idea, as some products will state that you won’t even begin to see results for several weeks. Okay, let’s get right down to the nitty gritty here and I’ll tell you the truth about this eye cream.


Pros:  The smell doesn’t make you want to run 90 miles an hour to get away from the stench emanating from your own face, or in this case eyes.

Cons: The jar is minute in size, the cream has extremely fine light reflecting particles so that you think that it’s doing it’s job and making skin look more youthful, this cream cannot justify the price because it does nothing. Around my eyes the skin became oily, so greasy that it looked as if my eyeballs themselves were sweating! Unfortunately Oil of Olay is a trusted name by many women out there but with this eye cream they missed the mark by a mile.

Bottom Line:  Don’t waste your hard earned cash on this eye cream, it may be a tiny jar but the product is a huge “CROCK”, Preparation-H would do more!

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HARD CANDY Sheer Envy Conceal & Correct Palette Review

It doesn’t matter how flawless you think your face is, every woman out there sometimes needs help to hide, downplay or cover facial flaws. I got tired of buying concealer that just covers with one shade because there are times when my SPF isn’t doing it’s job well enough and my face gets a bit darker from the sun. I bought this Hard Candy palette because it gave me a choice of foundation shade colors, as well as yellow, green and pink, and for the money it was worth it as opposed to having to buy each individually. I paid around $6.99 when I bought the palette at Target and I have continued to use it since.


Pros: The choice of colors in the palette covers all of the flaws that you would need to cover with it, I got the #941 Light Medium palette. You can mix the foundation shades to get the color precise for your skin tone, can cover dark/purple under eye shadows, red areas or blotches, and you can neutralize yellow skin tones or areas. For the price of the palette it is well worth the money spent, the pink also subtly hi-lights the face where you apply it. Also for the price, you are getting a lot of product as it lasts a long time with everyday use, even if you’re like me and sometimes use it with a spatula as if it were Spackle, for those times when you need mega coverage.

Cons: Probably the only con with the Hard Candy Conceal & Correct Palette is that each color is slightly oily, which I think is why it goes on so smoothly. Other than that though I can’t really complain, it’s a product that’s worth the money, worth trying, and I think you’ll be pleased.


BONUS TIP:  One day when I went to apply my eye primer only to find, after rooting around my cosmetic bag for 20 minutes, that I was all out, I decided to experiment and took the Hard Candy Palette out. I applied the foundation shaded ones to my upper eye from my eyebrow down to top of lid, wow! Now I only use eyeshadow primer on my eyelid and I use the palette for the rest above the lid, it works better than any primer I’ve tried and also matches my skin tone much better. I also use the pink shade to hi-light above the eyebrows and on the inner corner of eyes, it makes the eyes look whiter and brighter, works like a charm.   Definite thumbs up ladies!

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Gold Bond Radiance Renewal Lotion

My skin seems to be dry all the time not just in the winter and I’ve long been on the hunt for a lotion that actually hydrates my skin but doesn’t break the bank either. Since I love the Gold Bond neck and chest lotion I thought that surely the body lotion would be worth a try, with coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter how could it not be, right? Rite Aid happened to have a sale on the 16.8 ounce bottle for, I think it was $6.99 so I got it to give it a whirl.

The lotion is really thick and naturally it smells like coconuts, I gave it a fair try using the entire bottle up but I can’t really say that I’m impressed. Now you could say that it’s a lot of bang for your buck because it wasn’t expensive, by the same token even if it’s a gallon for 7 dollars, is it really a bargain if the product doesn’t work? I want a lotion that visibly moisturizes my skin, I don’t want one that simply claims to or has light particles in it to try and trick you into thinking that your skin is hydrated!

PROS:  Uhh, let’s see here…. there must be one…… sorry gals I can’t honestly think of one! Wait, yes that’s it, if you like the smell of coconut then you will like the scent of the lotion!

CONS: It does nothing in the way of moisturizing skin, it’s $6.99 that I would rather have given to the local no kill animal shelter. When I went outside, the bees and wasps do seem to love it so if you want a dark cloud following you down the street, as you make a run for your life then by all means have at it.

I’d have to say that the Gold Bond Moisture Renewal Lotion is just a big waste of money, keep the seven bucks or give it away.

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SheerCover Mineral Foundation

I don’t know about you but I’ve never liked to wear two inches of foundation on my face, that being said though I do want good coverage, a shade that matches my skin tone so that I don’t look like one of these women who has a snow colored neck that’s topped off by a giant over ripe orange! Another peeve of mine is when you apply a foundation and it seeks out and amplifies lines that you weren’t even aware that you had! I came by the SheerCover through my mother, she ordered it and didn’t care for the color, I scoffed at the idea of a powder foundation because every one that I have ever tried has accentuated the peach fuzz on my face, been a lousy color, and hasn’t held up for any length of time, not to mention when you get changed and the next thing you know the shirt you were wearing is ruined because it’s entire neckline is brownish-orange! One day when I ran out of my usual foundation I decided to give this a try.

PROS: The SheerCover Mineral Foundation is SPF-15, a real shocker for me because most powders have no protection from the sun. The shade matched my skin tone better than ANY other I have tried ( Latte). It can be applied lightly so if you go out in the sunlight it looks all natural, or you can layer more of it for evening and still be in strong light if you want to without looking like you have cement on your face that has just started to harden.I can’t tell you about the price yet because I have had a hard time finding it in this shade but I would pay more for this one, that’s for sure.The plastic jar that it comes in is small but it lasts a loonngg time with normal everyday use.

CONS: I have had a hard time finding the SheerCover in stores, Marshall’s did have a few items from the line but not this one, yes, I’d have to say that’s about the only con, seriously.

If you get the opportunity to try this one then please do so, it’s a great foundation, and I have sensitive skin but this didn’t irritate me at all, didn’t cause my face to be oily or dry either. Thumbs up ladies.

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Shop-Vac Hangup Mini ( wet/dry )

Now I know what you’re thinking reading this, a shop-vac MINI now how good can this be since it’s a “mini”? Well let me tell you that this vacuum is hands down the best little vac that I have ever used! It has a foam filter that’s covered by a cloth type filter and is a cinch to empty and clean. I have had this little beast for about 12 years and it’s still going as strong as the day I bought it, I’d like to get another one just to have to keep upstairs and to use in my car.

PROS: It’s not at all expensive like the big guys are and works just as well, it sucks big time! It’s easy to empty and wash and the filters are washable too, it gets into smaller areas where a big vacuum can’t go, it holds up for years and years when other vacs break down.

CONS: The only one con with the shop-vac hangup mini is that the cord is extremely short, approximately 6 feet.


If you want a vacuum that works wet or dry and you don’t have a lot of money to spend try this little guy out, you will not be sorry.


Revlon Photoready insta-filter Foundation

Now I don’t know about you but I think that any drugstore foundation that costs close to twenty bucks, should damned well justify the expense. I have been looking for a foundation that doesn’t look caked on my face, a natural looking one that hides lines but doesn’t make me look like a mannequin in a department store, although this one was expensive in my opinion I decided it might be worth a try.

PRO:  well, what I could get out of it looked like it was a pretty close match (#200  Nude).

CONS:  The worst issue with this is that I literally opened it to try it for the first time and the stupid dial applicator bottle does not work! The foundation does not come out, I shook it to see if that would work and managed to get a few drops but that was it! If you have any fine hair anywhere on your face it will magnify that fact. Revlon really dropped the ball with this one, the applicator idea was a lousy one, what good is any foundation if you can’t actually get it out of the bottle to use it!

Bottom Line:  Ladies, don’t waste your hard earned money on the Revlon Photoready insta-filter foundation, the delivery system of the foundation is seriously flawed and as far as the foundation itself goes, I only needed to try it that one time that I could get it out. Unless you are very young and have already flawless skin, don’t waste your time or money because you may very well be 20 bucks poorer, and look like a hairy ape man that escaped the local zoo! Thumbs down to this one!



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