Shop-Vac Hangup Mini ( wet/dry )

13 Jul

Now I know what you’re thinking reading this, a shop-vac MINI now how good can this be since it’s a “mini”? Well let me tell you that this vacuum is hands down the best little vac that I have ever used! It has a foam filter that’s covered by a cloth type filter and is a cinch to empty and clean. I have had this little beast for about 12 years and it’s still going as strong as the day I bought it, I’d like to get another one just to have to keep upstairs and to use in my car.

PROS: It’s not at all expensive like the big guys are and works just as well, it sucks big time! It’s easy to empty and wash and the filters are washable too, it gets into smaller areas where a big vacuum can’t go, it holds up for years and years when other vacs break down.

CONS: The only one con with the shop-vac hangup mini is that the cord is extremely short, approximately 6 feet.


If you want a vacuum that works wet or dry and you don’t have a lot of money to spend try this little guy out, you will not be sorry.


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