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The Only Cure for Poachers

Hack off half of a rhinoceros face just to get it’s horn and leave it there to bleed out and suffer a heinous death. Kill a beautiful elephant just to get it’s tusks from it to make useless baubles for some jackass to display or wear. Kill a stunning lion, leopard, panther, or tiger just for it’s Hyde or just so some braggart piece of crap can say that they killed it! And is that supposed to impress someone, the fact that it was a one sided kill and you had a weapon and the animal didn’t and you killed it?  Wouldn’t it be more impressive to say that you killed an animal on a level playing field, let’s see you go after a lion in a fair fight, hand to hand combat!

There are places in the world where a thief get’s their hand cut off if they steal, right? Well it’s just as simple to cure poachers from senselessly killing animals that will be extinct in the near future if they are allowed to continue. When a poacher is caught, do to them what they intended to do to the animals they hunt, okay, okay, if you want to be humane about it then kill them quicker but either way, put them to death. They try to cut off half of a Rhinos face then cut off half of theirs, leave them overnight and if they are alive in the morning, patch them up just enough for them to survive with half a face and send them on their way! If they shoot an elephant to get their tusks then shoot them with a small caliber bullet and pull out their teeth, cut off their ears and see how they fare!

Sounds brutal you say? What about what’s being done to these helpless animals at the hands of these bottom of the barrel poachers? Why is it okay for them to brutally torture these animals and get away with it? Then we have those people out there that are so misinformed and uneducated that they believe that a tigers penis, tiger bone, and bear bile will help in getting their penises erect! Remove the mindset and educate these people, make these ridiculous folk remedies unavailable already!

Endless numbers of animals are being eradicated daily because harsh, swift action is not being taken to stop the killing. I thought that Canada was among the most brutal for killing all of the seal they possibly can and truly believing that there’s nothing wrong with it, but this is a global problem that needs to be dealt with immediately and most certainly a hell of a lot harsher than it currently is. I would think that Africa would deal with the poachers over there more drastically as it is a big draw to tourists to be able to see the wildlife that can’t be seen elsewhere.

Believe me, if poachers knew that the penalty of their actions was death and/or dismemberment they would most certainly think twice before continuing to poach! Imagine… hmm my penis or some cash, half of my face or some cash, a bullet in me or some cash, suffering and bleeding out with no immediate medical care or some cash. There would be a whole lot less poaching, now that’s not to say that there wouldn’t still be some moron out there that would still risk poaching but it would indeed cut down on most of it once and for all!

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A Little Tabby Cat Called Doc

About a week ago when I was sitting outside enjoying the cool night air a truck pulled into the driveway for all of three minutes, it opened the drivers door and I heard a mans voice saying “throw it the fu** out, hurry”. I got up to walk down the driveway to see what was going on when the truck hauled ass out of here like a bat out of hell, I just went back to sit on the porch. For a couple of minutes I kept hearing a raspy, strange gurgle sound that I couldn’t identify, I didn’t have to go far to locate the source, here at the bottom of the porch steps was a tabby cat probably about 8 months old.

This cat was emaciated and sick beyond belief, his lungs were fluid filled, he was lucky to weigh three pounds soaking wet and was more starved than any cat I had ever seen (and being a shelter volunteer I have seen a lot). Naturally I fed him and started him on medication to get rid of the upper respiratory infection, cleaned his ears and flea/tick treated him. Within a weeks time this cat that I call Doc, has gained considerably and he’s like a new cat physically. The disgusting part is that I immediately noticed that he is terrified beyond belief of feet, he also has an issue with his gait that seems to be the result of an injury. At first I thought that he may have been clipped by a car but then I realized that, more likely he’s been kicked hard by a foot and seeing how afraid he is of men, my guess would be that it was a man that did it!

All of my adult life I have said that I prefer the company of animals to people and I have had some think that I’m mentally unhinged for feeling that way, but you know what, animals ask so little of you and they give so much, they would lay down their lives for you. It’s been proven that shelter animals are even more devoted to their owners than animals that have been purchased from breeders, they are grateful that the owner rescued them. Animals can smell death and being in a shelter is no different, they know that animals are being killed around them all the time and naturally they don’t want to die!

This little guy Doc would most definitely have died in a matter of days if the clueless ass that dropped him off had waited any longer, or had dropped him near a house that would not have helped or known how to help him! This tabby cat lucked out but what about the next one? What kind of inhuman piece of garbage would kick a helpless animal, even to hurt any animal? I think that the same should be done to animal abusers as they do to the animal(s), turnabout is fair play!


Eating Beef Tonight?

I have to ask, what do you personally believe about animals in general, do you believe that they have feelings, that they feel pain, mourn the losses they suffer? Animals have proven time and again that they have an enormous capacity to feel, they feel both physical and emotional pain, they mourn, sense danger, feel compassion for other species, unlike most humans we know. Look at cows, they are farmed mostly for their milk and their flesh, humans control every aspect of their lives and they have zero defense, a calf is born and is ripped away from the mother to be killed for someone to eat, the calf would be lucky to taste it’s mothers milk because man goes in there and takes that from the cow too.

A Red Limousin Beef cow in Poland was being led to a truck bound for the slaughterhouse, she smashed through a metal fence and then dove into a lake, where she swam out to an island in the middle of the lake, she managed to evade captors for weeks before they caught her again. As you might expect, the stress of recapture and I’m sure the fear of slaughter ended up stressing her to death anyway! So why would an animal do that, animals can smell death and have the same instinct as humans to survive only how can an animal fight back against humans? They can’t and it’s nowhere near being a level playing field, an animal doesn’t want to die any more than a human does.

Remember Emily? In Hopkinton Massachusetts on November 14, 1995 the three year old heifer escaped the slaughterhouse by jumping a five foot gate in record amounts of snow, only minutes from being killed, she was seen foraging in yards for food and running with a herd of deer, for 40 days towns folk helped the cow evade capture. On Christmas eve Emily was purchased by the Randa family and taken to the Peace Abbey to live out her days. Sadly there are few of these stories that end well for the cows that are on their way to die.

Could you imagine being herded into a line with the smell of death heavy in the air, hearing the others around you that also know they are going to be slaughtered and not being able to do a damned thing about it. You are literally nothing more than a piece of meat to fill someones gullet, you don’t get to make any decisions for yourself, you can’t escape or defend yourself and you definitely don’t want to die!

I guess it’s all in how you truly feel about animals, if people could stop seeing them as “things” then perhaps they might be able to make a change, animals feel, they mourn, they love and feel compassion, often for other species, it’s a sin that people can’t learn from them. No animal wants to die, humans have encroached upon their lands, killed animals for parts of their bodies, wiped out entire species and there’s no end in sight. When you’re sitting down to have that piece of meat on your plate, give pause for what it really is sitting there in front of you, what that animal was slaughtered for and how it must have felt in those last minutes of it’s life in order for you to sit there and fill up on it! Just saying……..

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Shark Hand Held Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

I like to keep my car clean, especially when the floors get so dirty but I don’t like to have to lug my household vacuum outside to have to vacuum it so I searched for a hand held that could do the job just as well as a full size, a few of my friends told me about this one so when I was in Wal-Mart I decided on the Shark Hand Held Cordless Vac after reading it’s specs, I wasn’t crazy about paying nearly $60.00 for it but as long as it did what it promised I took the chance.

The Good: At first the vacuum worked great, I used it on my stairs, in my car, in the kitchen on the tile and in the closets, no problem except that the battery didn’t stay charged all that long. The vacuum sucked up dirt, lint, leaves and tiny stones that were in my car, no complaints there and for five months it was great.

The Bad: After five months of use, probably used every other day, the battery did not want to charge, I tried charging for about 6 hours with no luck and then I left it charge overnight and when I turned it on the next day it ran for about 10 seconds and then died! Puh, sixty bucks for five months!

The Ugly: I called the company about the vacuum and was informed that the vacuum was guaranteed (via warranty) for two years, however, I was told that there were two options available to me 1) they could sell me another vacuum at a discounted price! or 2) I could send it back and pay 12.95 for a new one to be shipped! Now look, you may be saying ahh what’s 12.95 but it’s the principle of the matter, I paid almost sixty dollars to buy it and now we’re going to add on 12.95? That’s about $73 bucks for cordless hand held vacs that obviously have issues with the batteries!

To make matters worse, 4 PEOPLE that I know that have the same vacuum also have had the same stinking problem with the batteries! Now there’s no way that all four of us just happened to get a vacuum with a dud battery! What’s worse is that the company won’t make an honest attempt to make good on the product, no they want more and more money after the high price of purchase! Hands down this vacuum is one to pass on, don’t waste your hard earned money.


Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Energising Mask

A lot of women don’t use masks like they used to and it’s a shame because I personally believe that every woman should, it’s a great way to ex-foliate and remove dead skin cells so that any and all other facial products you use will be able to work better, foundation seems to go on better as well. I have had good luck in the past with most of the Boots No7 products so when I went in search of a mask that was more than smoke and mirrors, I naturally bought theirs to try. The No7 Beautiful Skin mask is a peel off type mask, you apply a thin layer to your clean face, leave it on for 10 minutes or until it dries and just peel it off, yep, it’s that easy.

Pros:  The smell doesn’t offend the senses, while it doesn’t smell great it doesn’t stink either, as gross as it may seem you can actually see all of the dead skin cells on the mask when you peel it away, so you know that it is working. It’s easy to use and can be used up to twice a week, although I admit I have used it a bit more frequently with no problems. You will actually feel the difference in your face after you use it, your face is squeaky clean and smooth as silk.

Cons: The only con is when you apply it you must be careful not to get it too close to your hairline or it’ll pull your hair out! If you get it too close then just take a warm washcloth when it dries and remove it that way but don’t peel it away or you might just be wearing a bit of a bald patch! The mask works wonders and is most definitely worth every penny you’ll pay for it.

Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Energising Mask, 2.5 oz, $16.99 (that’s what I paid) not sure if it’s available cheaper out there somewhere but is still worth the money.

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Cover Girl Vitalist Healthy Elixer Foundation

And the quest continues, in search of a foundation that isn’t orange, pink, or one that settles into lines to make me look like a clown. The price of the C.G. Vitalist wasn’t too bad at thirteen dollars and change, this particular shade is #710 Classic Ivory.

Pros: I like the idea of a pump bottle as it’s cleaner than the jars, the foundation goes on easily enough and the coverage can be as little or as lot as you need or like. This particular color shade was so much of a match that I had to step back several times to see if it was on my face evenly. As far as I’m concerned the price is fair for the makeup and is in fact cheaper than many of it’s competitors. Probably the biggest pro for the Vitalist is that it has SPF 20, unfortunately most of the more affordable foundations out there don’t have a drop of protection from the suns rays in them, it’s just easier to apply a foundation with a healthy dose of SPF in it, then to apply product after product in an attempt to protect your face.

Cons: Yes I know ladies, for every decent product out there there seems to be at least one con and this foundation is no exception, I noticed that my face was left oily from it and I mean even after I washed it, so much so that I began to break out. Now this isn’t to say that you’ll break out because it’s just individual, other than that though this foundation might be worth a try for you.

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Old Spice High Endurance Deodorant Review

Yes, I know that Old Spice is geared toward men but when you’re a woman that has tried everything else out there to ward off pit stench, believe me you’ll try just about anything! Who wants to go out looking good but offending everyone within a two mile radius? After trying just about everything else on the market but Botox pit injections, I came across the Old Spice 24 hour High Endurance deodorant at Sam’s Club one day, instantly seeing on the package that it had been guaranteed to work I figured I had nothing to lose. I was so anxious to try it out that as soon as I got in the car I opened it and put it on, almost immediately I could feel my skin burning but assumed that it might have mixed with what I already had on my armpits.

Pros: I LOVE the smell of every scent of the Old Spice High Endurance line, I did sweat a little bit (not an antipersperant) but I didn’t stink at all and there was zero stain to my clothing, the price was completely fair for the deodorant and it did what it claimed but also did a bit more.

Cons: While I loved this deodorant and it worked, it burned the heck out of my armpit skin, my armpits were scarlet red and it actually burned my skin off! I looked like I had severe sunburn and my armpits were a mess for weeks until they healed. After I healed up and time went by with inferior deodorants I tried the Old Spice once more, what a mistake, that time my skin burned away so severely that my armpits bled!

If you can wear this one it’s the go to deodorant for you, you won’t smell offensive and while you may sweat a bit you shouldn’t be drenched or have to throw out your good clothing because of staining. My suggestion would be to try it on a small area of your armpit first just to be sure it won’t adversely affect you, if you don’t have a negative reaction you should be good to go.

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