Shark Hand Held Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

08 Aug

I like to keep my car clean, especially when the floors get so dirty but I don’t like to have to lug my household vacuum outside to have to vacuum it so I searched for a hand held that could do the job just as well as a full size, a few of my friends told me about this one so when I was in Wal-Mart I decided on the Shark Hand Held Cordless Vac after reading it’s specs, I wasn’t crazy about paying nearly $60.00 for it but as long as it did what it promised I took the chance.

The Good: At first the vacuum worked great, I used it on my stairs, in my car, in the kitchen on the tile and in the closets, no problem except that the battery didn’t stay charged all that long. The vacuum sucked up dirt, lint, leaves and tiny stones that were in my car, no complaints there and for five months it was great.

The Bad: After five months of use, probably used every other day, the battery did not want to charge, I tried charging for about 6 hours with no luck and then I left it charge overnight and when I turned it on the next day it ran for about 10 seconds and then died! Puh, sixty bucks for five months!

The Ugly: I called the company about the vacuum and was informed that the vacuum was guaranteed (via warranty) for two years, however, I was told that there were two options available to me 1) they could sell me another vacuum at a discounted price! or 2) I could send it back and pay 12.95 for a new one to be shipped! Now look, you may be saying ahh what’s 12.95 but it’s the principle of the matter, I paid almost sixty dollars to buy it and now we’re going to add on 12.95? That’s about $73 bucks for cordless hand held vacs that obviously have issues with the batteries!

To make matters worse, 4 PEOPLE that I know that have the same vacuum also have had the same stinking problem with the batteries! Now there’s no way that all four of us just happened to get a vacuum with a dud battery! What’s worse is that the company won’t make an honest attempt to make good on the product, no they want more and more money after the high price of purchase! Hands down this vacuum is one to pass on, don’t waste your hard earned money.


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