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Shop-Vac Hangup Mini ( wet/dry )

Now I know what you’re thinking reading this, a shop-vac MINI now how good can this be since it’s a “mini”? Well let me tell you that this vacuum is hands down the best little vac that I have ever used! It has a foam filter that’s covered by a cloth type filter and is a cinch to empty and clean. I have had this little beast for about 12 years and it’s still going as strong as the day I bought it, I’d like to get another one just to have to keep upstairs and to use in my car.

PROS: It’s not at all expensive like the big guys are and works just as well, it sucks big time! It’s easy to empty and wash and the filters are washable too, it gets into smaller areas where a big vacuum can’t go, it holds up for years and years when other vacs break down.

CONS: The only one con with the shop-vac hangup mini is that the cord is extremely short, approximately 6 feet.


If you want a vacuum that works wet or dry and you don’t have a lot of money to spend try this little guy out, you will not be sorry.


Revlon Photoready insta-filter Foundation

Now I don’t know about you but I think that any drugstore foundation that costs close to twenty bucks, should damned well justify the expense. I have been looking for a foundation that doesn’t look caked on my face, a natural looking one that hides lines but doesn’t make me look like a mannequin in a department store, although this one was expensive in my opinion I decided it might be worth a try.

PRO:  well, what I could get out of it looked like it was a pretty close match (#200  Nude).

CONS:  The worst issue with this is that I literally opened it to try it for the first time and the stupid dial applicator bottle does not work! The foundation does not come out, I shook it to see if that would work and managed to get a few drops but that was it! If you have any fine hair anywhere on your face it will magnify that fact. Revlon really dropped the ball with this one, the applicator idea was a lousy one, what good is any foundation if you can’t actually get it out of the bottle to use it!

Bottom Line:  Ladies, don’t waste your hard earned money on the Revlon Photoready insta-filter foundation, the delivery system of the foundation is seriously flawed and as far as the foundation itself goes, I only needed to try it that one time that I could get it out. Unless you are very young and have already flawless skin, don’t waste your time or money because you may very well be 20 bucks poorer, and look like a hairy ape man that escaped the local zoo! Thumbs down to this one!



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Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Cream Plus 5ML Review

I have wanted to try the Plexaderm since first seeing the commercials for it but really wasn’t able to invest that much money in a product that I wasn’t sure would even work like it claims to. Lucky for me my daughter got me the Plexaderm to try for my birthday, it sat there for a week or so because I didn’t want to waste it when I was just sitting around the house, by the same token I didn’t savor the thought of using it before going out into public if it was going to make my face rot off, since I do have sensitive skin.

One day when I was getting ready for an appointment I had I figured I’d try the Plexaderm and see how it worked. I put the smallest amount I could get away with on my forehead, around my lips, and on the outer corners of my eyes and watched the clock. After about 5 minutes I grabbed my phone to text my daughter and tell her that I think we were scammed, feeling very disappointed I took one more look in the mirror and noticed that the skin was beginning to look as tight as it felt, so I decided to give it a little more time. Now I don’t have sagging skin yet, I mainly wanted it for my forehead, around the mouth, cheeks and eye corners, but I do have the occasional dark circles like everyone else does when they don’t get enough sleep or stay up too late. I am genuinely shocked by the results I got from this product and believe me when I tell you, I have tried so many different ones over the years that I could probably be considered an authority!

CONS: There isn’t a whole lot of product for the price you pay. At times too much of the lotion comes out of the applicator, which results in using it up even faster than you normally would. If you do get a bit too much lotion, you’ll have obvious white areas where you applied it. The product is after all only temporary but I wish with continued use the results could be permanent. And as you’d expect, the Plexaderm is not cheap, it is expensive for those on a limited budget.

PROS: The Plexaderm really, truly works and does what it claims to do! It’s much cheaper than injections for those of us that cannot afford to get them!

Bottom Line: Plexaderm is great, period! It’s the best thing since the face lift and while it is not cheap, it does indeed work and will boost your confidence either way. You can look in the mirror and actually see the results yourself. Believe me, after you try this one you will be hooked and will probably be a continued user.


Harry & Meghan A Royal Romance The Movie Review

You know sometimes I think that television networks assume that all viewers are ignorant, that they cannot “read between the lines” when watching a movie that is based in truth. There was a load of hype before the movie actually aired, leading viewers to believe that it could rival  Everafter  (minus the beautiful Drew Barrymore of course). Some nestled in with their popcorn, all cuddled up and overtaken by anticipation, yes, yes, that may be quite an exaggeration but some people were indeed curious for the most part about how on earth Prince Harry could possibly have become interested in Meghan Markle, even in passing.

What I quickly gathered as the movie rolled on, and on, and on (oops I almost fell asleep thinking about it) was that on Harry and Meghan’s 2nd date, after he swept her away to Africa, she felt that she knew him well enough to hop right into bed with him. The movie showed them speaking on the phone shortly after they met and she had been reading all about the Prince. The scene where Meghan rushed to the airport to stop his flight was ridiculous, even by Hollywood standards, stalkerish, desperate and psychotic especially after she had just went up one side of him and down the other for having the audacity to have tried to protect her from reporters and what he called trolls! Since the pair dated and married in under two years, it was interesting to have the movie try to make viewers believe that Meghan was all about being independent and standing on her own two feet, appearing to want to continue working and making her own way, suddenly turning on a dime she wanted the whole “experience” and quite her job. Finally, the single most disgusting, disappointing part of the entire Royal B.S. er, Romance movie was that as too often happens in society, the emphasis on race and trolls did in what shred, and I do mean shred of interest a viewer may have had.

What I learned from watching Harry & Meghan A Royal Romance is that Meghan studied Prince Harry, played the role of her lifetime and reached her goal. That Meghan is bi-racial but seems able to only relate to the African American in her whenever there is a cause or chance to garner attention from it. Crystal clear from the start of the movie, as if we didn’t know this already, is that like a crazed reality star Markle is over the top desperate for attention and perhaps for Harry that was the bigger selling point, she seems to crave media attention when it shows her in a light that she desires to be shown in but heaven forbid the media states an ugly truth. If you haven’t guessed already, the movie stinks terribly, and while Murray Fraser the actor playing Prince Harry is his lookalike, the actress portraying Meghan Markle, Parisa Fitz-Henley is a beautiful woman but that’s just the problem with casting her in the role of Markle, she doesn’t even resemble Markle.




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Meghan Markle Animal Lover? You Decide!

Anyone who has followed my posts knows that I have a huge soft spot for all of our furry little friends, especially rescues that would have otherwise been killed had they lingered in a shelter. So imagine that a poor dog sits in a cage every day waiting to die and then along comes a woman who adopts him and has him every day for years and years, the woman is all the dog knows and loves. Enter a prospect too good to pass up, a real life Prince and said woman just can’t let that jewel out of her grasp, so after latching on to the Prince she suddenly decides that one of her two rescue dogs is just “too old” to make the trip across the pond so she leaves it with “friends”!

Megan Markle decided that one of her rescue dogs Bogart was just too old to skip across the pond with her, she did take ONE dog but left the other to wonder what the hell he did wrong to be abandoned by the one he loves most, wondering why his everyday companion isn’t there any longer either. Any true four legged fur baby lover knows that animals can become severely depressed, and like humans at times they may stop eating all together until they die of a broken heart. How disgusting and irresponsible to do that to any animal that you claim to love and that has been your constant companion for years, always there for you always comforting you any asking so little in return. I’ll bet that if poor Bogart could talk he would excitedly risk his well being to be included in the trip, most likely he would have begged and groveled not to be left behind abandoned!

Don’t you love how there are those people out there preaching their love of animals and acting as if they agree that others should always save a shelter animal but when the opportunity of a lite time comes along, their selfishness and ego overwhelms their life and that poor animal that relied on the person most all of it’s life, is discarded like a used pair of shoes! I am not a fan of Meghan Markle anyway but now I can’t even say that I have an iota of respect for the woman. Just another loyal subject left in her wake, probably one of the two most loyal souls in her life who I’m sure sits watching the door while clinging to hope that he is forgiven for whatever it is he did to deserve being left behind. Meghan can fool herself all she likes by believing that Bogart is just fine but as someone who has worked with and around animals for many years, I’m sure that’s just not the case. Shame on you Markle, shame on you, at your age especially you should know better and be ashamed of yourself!




















if the dog could


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Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum Review

Always on the hunt for anti aging products I got the Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum after seeing the commercial, it isn’t the least expensive wrinkle repair product out there but I always figure that if a product really does work, it’s still cheaper than botox or fillers, I use this serum nightly and apply it under my makeup during the day.

Bottom Line:  not at all impressed with this product, it’s no better or worse than most others out there but it does help foundation to go on easier. I wouldn’t recommend wasting your money or time on this one, regardless of it’s claims I saw zero difference in my skin.

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Seuss, Misdiagnosed by every Vet that examined him for nearly 6 months!

Anyone that has a beloved pet knows that they are a member of the family and loved as a biological child is loved, that fact in itself is used against us by the majority of veterinarians across the country. When our pets have health issues there isn’t much we wouldn’t do to take care of them and get them healthy again and as I’m sure you know, getting them healthy can break the bank and leave us in a financial mess, what’s more tragic than that is when our pets are written off by their vet because of their advanced age or because of the extent of treatment the animal might need.

Seuss is my 14 year old orange and white tabby cat, every vet that he has ever been to has remarked that he should teach other cats how to behave because he’s always been such a gentle, well mannered, handsome little man. One day when he went to eat he ran yowling from his dish in agony, he was moving his tongue around his mouth frantically, as if he was trying to get a scrap of food out of his mouth or as if there was a shard of glass in there, he ran and hid.  Our vet wasn’t able to get him in until day two of this behavior, incidentally I was worried about dehydration but his bladder had been blocked from not being able to eat or drink, thank God she was able to catheterize him successfully. She said that she didn’t see any problems in the mouth or throat and sent him home. That was back in June of this year and the problem just continued, only his pain grew so bad that he would scream whenever he tried to lap up the puree food I made him and would even yowl in his sleep during the night. I kept returning to the vet telling her that there is something very wrong with Seuss, she kept telling me that she had no idea what was going on, that he wasn’t “textbook” for anything, in spite of that she felt the answer was to extract his entire mouthful of teeth, I didn’t have it done because of the fact that she was only suggesting it because she didn’t know what the problem was! Months of force feeding him with a syringe and when August rolled around, one day he fell over and was critically weak, it was the vets day off and I rushed him back to the office where he was seen by a different vet in the practice, that vet said that he didn’t feel it was the cats mouth at all, but rather his ear ( the same ear that I had been taking him to the vet for, for two years off and on prior ). The next morning they sedated Seuss and took an x-ray of his skull, drew blood and scoped his mouth, throat and ear. There was nothing wrong in the mouth or throat and after the ear was viewed and cultured they found a staph infection and a ruptured eardrum, the ear began to RUN with blood. After all of that and all of those months lost guessing, it was thought that he needed ear surgery because, they said he had to have a mass or polyp in the inner ear canal, of course the surgery he needed wasn’t performed in many places.

Thousands of dollars later and after many different vets seeing him we decided to take him on the long trip to Plains, PA to a hospital there where the ear surgery was performed TECA (total ear canal ablation). Seuss had the T.E.C.A. surgery and there was a mass that the doctor said had spread aggressively, he said there was no way to get it all at this point. When I saw my poor little old guy after the surgery I burst into tears, half of his face is cut up, the incision around the ear is massive, his leg where a line was run is just one giant bruise, under his tail where another line was run is a mess and his neck is a horrific mess. Half of his face is paralyzed because the surgery wasn’t done sooner because it took far too long to diagnose him, he can no longer blink the left eye on the paralyzed side. They left him lay in his bed that we sent with him, in a cage for soo long without checking on him he was completely covered with urine, he hadn’t had any food or drink during his hospital stay!

In September I took Seuss to an emergency room at an animal hospital in Clarks Summit, PA and let me tell you, being brutally honest here, the doctor that saw him was the single most arrogant, obnoxious, insensitive, unfeeling, rough brute that I have ever had the displeasure of taking any animal to! When he asked how old Seuss in and I replied fourteen he immediately responded with, “Well he’s an old guy anyway so what is it you think can be done”. The visit conclude with him telling me that he would GLADLY euthanize Seuss, just say the word, because, he went on to say, if no one can diagnose his problem anyway it’s going to cost you thousands of dollars for an MRI and surgery on a cat that has lived his life and is elderly and that even if someone could find the problem and correct it, you’ll be lucky to get another year out of him! I was disgusted and sick to my stomach, talk about writing an animal off just because of his older age and the fact that a vet has to actually work to find the diagnosis.

Dr. Hassinger in Plains was like no other vet that I had ever seen, he handled Seuss with care and allowed him his dignity, he didn’t write him off and did his best to diagnose him and treat him, even though I’m told that will take a miracle. He was honest but sensitive and understood what Seuss means to us, while I didn’t like the lack of care that Seuss got from the staff that was to take care of him during the hospital stay, I really can’t gripe about the doctor.

Seuss is home now and it will be a long week until we hear the results of the biopsy to determine what comes next, I will never give up hope, I am living proof that miracles do happen and I am expecting a miracle for Seuss too. He’s possibly the strongest cat that has ever lived and if anyone can get through this it will be him, but feel free to say a prayer for him too. If you feel in your gut that something is wrong with  your pet don’t wait, get him to a real vet and if your usual vet doesn’t help your fur baby get that animal to a different one but don’t wait because waiting might mean the difference between life and death for your beloved pet.


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