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Post Readers That Have “Liked” and Have Commented On My Posts…

Those of you that have liked any posts here and to those of you that have left comments, I just want to say thank you and I truly mean that. There have been days when I wonder why I bother to review any products of any kind and days when I get so aggravated with the current “political climate” in this country, that I just have to fire off about it but then I wonder why I bother posting anything. I don’t want to chat your ear off here but recently after some of the most trying times I’ve ever been through, I sat in front of this screen in tears and decided to stop posting anything, when I connected to this page there just happened to be a comment that a reader left. Now I know you’re probably sitting there saying so what but that one short comment for whatever reason, made my day and I realized I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself, pull myself up by the bootstraps (I don’t usually wear boots) and carry on.

When I saw the “likes” from readers it also gave me motivation, at least you ladies have read various posts and actually liked them! I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to let me know that you have enjoyed posts here and there, I appreciate your time, likes, comments and loyalty, it means more than you could know.

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Ending The Government Shutdown Immediately, GUARANTEED

The current government shutdown that is affecting every American and federal worker out there is nothing short of a peeing contest, the damned Democrats don’t care at all about any of us, period! You disagree? Well was it President Trump that frolicked on the beaches of Puerto Rico smack in the middle of this crisis, enjoying the vacation that didn’t cost one of them a damned dime? No, it was every damned Democrat in the “house” whooping it up and in case you’re wondering who pays for the private jet and the vast array of foods afforded them……….. it’s every tax paying American! Yes, you heard it correctly, that’s where your hard earned tax dollars are going but screw the wall that this country needs to keep it secure! If the Republicans had ever so much as attempted a stunt like that, a slap in the face to all federal workers and every US citizen all hell would rain down on them.

End this peeing contest, the answer is very simple, instead of making any of the federal workers go without the money that they actually work for, cut the pay of every Democrat in the house until an agreement is reached. I GUARANTEE you that an agreement would be reached, compromises would be made on the spot because God knows things would be different if it was their bread and butter at stake! The Democrats don’t give a damn because it’s not affecting them, they are so busy continually trying to give away American money to illegal/legal immigrants while our own fall by the wayside, that they couldn’t possibly care if they pretended to. Isn’t it easy to give away money when it isn’t yours? It’s time the Democrats felt the pinch and no it shouldn’t be the Republicans that give up their unearned wages either, because you didn’t see them goldbricking on the beaches of Puerto Rico at our expense!

Not only have the Democrats shown their true colors but they can no longer deny that not one of them cares in the slightest about this country, American lives, our security and well being but they have also made a mockery of the entire system. From day one it has all been about spiting Trump, whatever the PRESIDENT of this country wants to do regardless of it being in our best interest, they will do the opposite no matter who it harms! Strange that physicians have to take an oath before becoming doctors to first do no harm, but the people that fill serious political positions in this country can do whatever it is they feel like doing, or NOT doing, anyone from ANYWHERE can fill any of those positions and yet it’s tolerated!

If Americans demanded that the Democrats wages be frozen until they learn the definition of compromise, until they stop pushing their own personal agendas (or following the lead lemur Pelosi blindly), not only would it immediately end the standoff but there would never have been a shutdown to begin with! I can’t help but wonder if these Democrats are informed the very minute they take office to keep in mind at all times and when making any decision, not to make money a factor because it’s not their money anyway! They know how easy it is to spend other peoples money because it’s nothing to them, when they aren’t affected they just don’t give a damn!

Finally what needs to be done to ensure there will be a somewhat unified front in Washington is to get rid of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, remove them from the positions they hold and then start cleaning the “house of federal judges”. I have never before heard so many people vehemently against the federal judges overriding every decision Trump makes and insisting they should set age limits for federal judges. As much as I respect older people I have to agree, there are minimum age limits for a lot of things (voting, buying tobacco, drinking/buying alcohol, driving) after all, a lot of people feel that Pelosi is already behaving somewhat senile and incompetent.

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Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation Review

I’ve been trying to catch up on reviewing all of the products I’ve tried and have been trying and I feel like it’s been slow going. It seems like so many products are just not up to snuff, don’t do what we buy them for and just can’t back up their claims. Well all I can say is please don’t shoot the messenger, all I can do is to give an honest, unbiased review. It bothers me that many sites that claim to “review” products are sites that are receiving some incentive to give glowing reports on particular products, that’s why if there comes a time when I want to review something, I will stick to the smaller sites that have nothing to gain and give only an honest review.

I bought this foundation because I wanted to have a good one that covered everything, I mean I looked for a spackle type that could cover ANY flaw, freckles, zits, scars, moles, fine lines, a foundation that could hide anything, after reading product claims and levels of coverage this one seemed like it could fill that tall order. This one states that it is a matte, full coverage, 24 hour wear, transfer resistant. It costs $35.00 at Sephora for a 1.0 ounce bottle.

Instructions:  One full pump is too much for one face (company states) so start with a pea sized drop and build coverage from there.

Pros:  This foundation can cover anything and I do mean anything. It does seem to be transfer resistant and when I put a white tee shirt on, pulling it over my head none could be seen on the shirt! It is certainly long wearing too, if you fell asleep after getting in the door and didn’t get to wash your face, it’ll still be on your face in the morning (not that I’ve done that you know, that’d be gross, yeah right). It is a thick liquid, much thicker than others I have tried. I like that it’s a pump too as it’s much cleaner to use a pump.

Cons: *No SPF. This foundation is thick and not for everyone, if you have any fine lines or the beginning of wrinkles even you may want to avoid this one. If your skin is dry you will want to skip this or SUPER moisturize your face prior to applying it. It sits in lines and any wrinkles will make it worse. I’m of the opinion that this foundation is geared more toward young women without lines, wrinkles or dry skin. The biggest con is that it just won’t go on right when it’s going on mature or dry skin period, and will look cakey.

TIP:  A word from the wise, take my advice and make sure that you use a really good moisturizer before applying this foundation, if you have dry or combination skin you will not be happy with the results if you don’t. I’m sure that I don’t have to tell you never to use a powder with this one either, if you do you won’t just look cakey, your face may just shatter if you attempt to make any kind of facial expression! Again, it’s a great FULL COVERAGE foundation, will stay put for a long while, allows for buildable coverage but isn’t ideal for any skin on the dry side. You can always take a small piece of wax paper and put a small drop of makeup on it and use a foundation brush to apply it so that you can apply it lightly, until you find the coverage you need. Good luck.

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Griffin Pond Animal Shelter, South Abington Twnshp. PA Don’t Let Them Off Easy!!!

I have been warning people for years about donating their hard earned cash to Griffin Pond animal shelter, you wouldn’t believe all of the businesses that have collected donations for that shelter all through the years, even more disturbing is the number of people that actually believe that they are a no kill shelter! A good eight or ten years back I went to the shelter to adopt a cat, this overly masculine female that was in charge didn’t seem to appreciate the questions I had about the condition of the animals there at the shelter and came at me with guns blazing. She didn’t like me from the second I began asking questions and after looking me up and down informe me that she didn’t care where I applied to adopt an animal, I would NEVER be approved to adopt there! I was extremely offended and asked if she was telling me that she’d rather euthanize an animal rather than allow someone that she didn’t like personally to adopt it, he reply was, “that’s right”!

I know a woman that operates a true no kill shelter in the Scranton, PA area and she goes without many necessities for herself in order to spend ever last dime on her shelter animals, what infuriates me is that you never see donations being accepted for those good shelters, only Griffin Pond, where they kill animals just because they can, as the case of Midge proves. Midge was the 4 year old Mastiff mix dog that had spent a year waiting for a forever home, a woman interested in her and trying to find placement for the dog was assured that she was fine and not in any danger, wrong, in typical Griffin Pond behavior, they euthanized the animal! 8,000 people criticized the shelter for their lax, disgusting, irresponsible actions!

Poor Midge’s tragic life story is merely one of countless others as all who know Griffin Pond’s reputation know, and the truth is that there have been many more horror stories that have come out of that place. Through the years I came  to believe that there was no possible way that people couldn’t know what went on there at that shelter, I had to conclude that people just chose to turn their heads to the heinous, evils that went on, I felt helpless and all I could do was to go out of my way to inform every and any body I encountered about that hell called Griffin Pond!

I am thrilled that there has been backlash and that people do care, I just hope that those parties that they were able to hold accountable, were not allowed to leave with pay, all of the money that was collected by employees all of these years should have to be paid back and used strictly for the animals. What sets the smaller no kill shelters apart from those like Griffin Pond is the fact that they deal almost exclusively with volunteers, then you know for sure that there is genuine love for the animals and not their pocketbooks! I went to G.P. Animal Shelter many times to walk the dogs and play with the cats as much as they’d allow me to, but when the “girl” in charge got mad after I asked questions, she stopped me and told me that I was not allowed to walk their dogs!  As politely as I could I said that they do need exercise and that it’s sad to see them sitting in cages in their own messes, she grew even angrier and told me that I should “head out”! I continued to try and go and see the animals until she made it such a nightmare that I was afraid that she’d take it out on the animals. I don’t say it because of any ill feelings toward her either but like nearly every other worker  there, she was not in any way loving or caring to the shelter animals and in fact I have witnessed downright cruelty there, when you complain, you are not allowed there again without being harassed! Hat’s off to all of you that complained and tried to being about change and better lives for these already down on their luck animals.

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To All Readers

For those people who read my blog, will you please do me a favor? Please, let me know who your least favorite television personality is, I didn’t use the word celebrity, as there are a lot of everyday people on reality shows now days. I’m very interested in who you least like, and if you have an extra minute to spare, I wouldn’t mind knowing who you like most, as well.

To all of you who read my blog, I want to say thank you, especially to those returning readers. I appreciate that you take the time and interest, in hearing what I have to say ( or in many cases, gripe about ). I value your comments and I do hope that you’ll respond to this request for me. Thank you again and I hope that you’ll stop by again soon.

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To All Readers:

Just to reiterate, not to drive anyone crazy repeating myself here. Any and all things that you read here at The Smart Critics blog, are my opinions, feelings, thoughts. You may not, nor do you have to, agree or like what you read here. My intentions are not to offend anyone, pick on anyone or hurt anyones feelings. If you do not like what is written here, then you do not have to read any of it. However, if you do like what you read or agree with what you read  then I do hope that you will comment. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read what I have to say.

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Save An Animal’s Life, Please!

   Earlier I mentioned no kill shelters; the problem is, that many really do kill either when filled up, or the killing is contracted out. I would not take an animal to the SPCA or Humane Society – how is it protecting an animal, or being humane, to kill them? I make donations whenever I can to causes that protect animals. Have you? And if you have made donations to organizations like the above listed, how can you be sure that your money isn’t going toward the euthanization of these poor animals? You can’t be! Because it probably is!

   If I seem like a beggar, so be it, I know how irritating it can be for people to be asked for money every time they turn around. You go into a store and someone stands out front, maybe ringing a bell asking for money. Or there’s a table set up outside of the grocery store where there are more people asking. You sit down to watch tv and again, someone wants money. Then there’s the usual mortgage or rent payments and all of the usual utilities, I get it. The fact is, these animals cannot ask for themselves, and if you do donate, I can assure you that the money goes to a shelter where no animal is killed! If they have feline leukemia or HIV, they live with other cats who have the same. The healthier cats also live cage free in a beautiful place I like to call the cat oasis! They have food, water, treats, toys and medical care at all times until they find a “forever home”. I came across several cats, strays, who were starving and in danger of being shot or fed anti-freeze. They were adorable, especially since a few were kittens. I would have given anything if they could have gone to the Animal Care Association, but they were filled to capacity. It is a cat’s dream to go there, but they cannot help that there is not enough room. There would be more room in truth, if there was money enough, but unfortunately there is not. I hope that’s where you come in. I thank God though that I came in contact with another woman who ran a no-kill shelter and she took them all. Not only did she take all of them, she picked them up and allowed me to use her carriers, since I had none. Again, she runs a cage-free, no-kill shelter that did not discard the one cat who turned out to have leukemia. Instead, the cat will live out her life among others who have the same medical problem, unless someone adopts her. My point is, at some time in many peoples lives, whether it’s a pet they cannot keep, or one they find along the road, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take them to a safe haven where, if they aren’t adopted, they arent killed? Bottom line, it takes our donations to give more cats a chance by allowing these types of shelters to continue to run.

   If you’d like to make a real difference and make a donation, even a dollar, to help keep these wonderful places running, or even expand with enough donations, then please, I urge you to contribute whatever you can. I know an elderly lady who lives on a fixed income (and believe me it isn’t much), yet every month without fail, she sends ten dollars to her local no-kill shelter. Please realize that donating to the SPCA / Humane Society is, pretty much, helping an animal to die! I’d rather help an animal to live, anyday!

Animal Care Association                           

1916 Rosanna Avenue

Scranton,  PA  18509

   I’d like to thank you in advance for your time and your contribution. No, they can’t afford to send you a hat or T-shirt but you really will be helping to save an animal or many animals lives.