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Andrew And Owen Renner Cowardly Bear And Cubs Killers!

Perhaps some people thought that the cases of cowardice scums that kill helpless animals, were isolated cases but here we go again with another case of the lowest forms of scum buckets that exist. It is no wonder that so many species of animals are teetering on the brink of extinction while so many others are forever gone from the face of the planet forever. Pieces of garbage like the two we are about to talk about are a huge part of the reason.

An Alaskan father Andrew Renner, 41 and 18 year old son Owen slaughtered a mother black bear AND her two newborn cubs in their den while the mother was hibernating! The two terrified cubs began to shriek as their mother was shot to death before the coward shot the two little cubs and then dumped their bodies outside of the den. Court documents show that Andrew then said, “They’ll never be able to link it to us”, thankfully the low life didn’t know that the entire disgusting crime was caught on camera. The Alaska Department of Fish & Game and the U.S. Forest Service had a camera set up at the den because the bears were part of a study. The video showed the men throwing the mama bears body in bags before leaving only to return two days later to collect the cubs lifeless bodies.

Thank God the A.D.F.G. and the U.S.F.S. had the game camera set up or the crime would go completely unpunished and the two clueless cowards would be watching the tragedy on the news and having a good laugh that they murdered the defenseless bears and got away with it. So many pieces of trash out there like these two bragging about being “professional hunters” and boasting about the skill it takes to slaughter animals that cant defend themselves. What moron would believe that it takes any kind of skill to kill sleeping animals! This mother bear was hibernating with her newborns when these two treacherous, gutless, idiots blatantly butchered all three of them, it’s heart wrenching to hear the confused, terrified little cubs screaming after witnessing their mother being brutally murdered!

So what was the penalty for the actions of these two dimwits and did the punishment fit the crime? Well of course not, Andrew was convicted of 8 counts related to the illegal killing and transporting of the bears and the falsifying of a sealing certificate, sentenced to three lousy months in jail and fined $9,000. He also had to forfeit the property used in the poaching, including a 2012 pickup truck and a 22 foot boat and trailer. His hunting license has been revoked for 10 years (like someone that breaks the law so easily will let that stop him). Owen was convicted of four counts related to the killing and transporting of the bears and sentenced to 30 days of SUSPENDED jail time! He must perform 30 days of community service and his hunting license has been suspended for two years. Both must pay $1,800 in restitution, big damned deal, nothing about the punishment fits this crime, the fact that the two attempted to cover it all up and the statements made PROVE beyond any doubt that they KNEW what they were doing was illegal, even though they may not have the common sense or decency to know it was morally wrong.

This coward Andrew has taught his son that you can completely ignore the laws of the land and that it takes a real skilled hunter to kill a SLEEPING bear and her cubs! Penalizing them by taking their hunting licenses does nothing because they ignored the hunting laws from the start, what makes anyone think that not having a license will stop them next time? What would make them think twice is some hard jail time, stop pussy footing around and nail them BOTH for their yellow bellied behavior!

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A Follow Up on Sweet Old Furry Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae was confined to a cage for quite awhile after her owner of 14 years claimed that she was moving to a hi-rise and couldn’t take Maggie with her, even though she took her other four cats! Maggie is a long haired, sandy beige color with very faint stripes running through her coat, she has a white neck and white around her nose and mouth. When I first saw her cowering in a little hut that was in the back corner of the cage she looked broken, looking into her eyes you could see that she just gave up. I read her information and my heart broke for her, she’s a 14 year old cat and I knew that no one was going to adopt an elderly cat, everyone wants the cutesy wootsey, younger ones and pass by elderly and handicapped cats. Maggie has a serious heart murmur and needs to be in a stress free environment (sitting in a cage at PetSmart is far from stress free), I made a promise to her that day that I wouldn’t forget about her and that I’d be back to take her home with me, she would live out her days comfortable and spoiled, Saturday I went and fulfilled my promise to her and brought her here, to her forever home.

I was told that she would be stressed at first and probably wouldn’t eat for several days, opting instead to hide. I brought her home, opened the door of the carrier and then let her be so that she could decide if and when she wanted to venture out, and to where. Maggie began eating and drinking on Sunday, she also began seeking attention from me on Sunday afternoon. I am amazed by this cat, she is probably the single most loving cat I’ve ever seen (and I have seen hundreds over the years), the second night here she very gently jumped up on my bed to cuddle against my neck. Often when people adopt a cat they will believe the cat to be boring and disinterested with everything, the truth is that they must acclimate and de-stress before you will see their true personality show.

Maggie has very few teeth left so I adjusted her food accordingly but she plays like a kitten would, she seeks love and affection and is docile to an extreme, she will not bite or hiss no matter how agitated she may become and is just pure loving. Her former owner has no idea what she missed with this old girl, and all of those people that went over to look at her in her cage and then saw how old she was and scoffed before moving on to another, I’m glad they did because their loss is my gain! It’s easy to lose faith in humanity when people are so horribly vain, they want the best looking, “designer” animals, they don’t want one with the slightest imperfection and they judge by age. I understand that it’s a terrible thought to adopt an animal that may well only have a few years left, only to lose them but let me tell you this, they are the same loving creature they were as a young one and if for no other reason, they deserve to live their lives out being loved and cared for as any young or “designer” one does.

I can’t prove it but I have worked with a load of cats over the years and I would swear that Maggie has, at some point been abused. There are certain signs, behaviors that abused animals exhibit and of course in spite of her age, there seems to be an issue with her gait, a spinal issue. It breaks my heart to think that anyone could ever harm any animal but I have unfortunately seen so much of it, which is why I fear that poor Maggie may have been a victim of abuse at the hands of some ignorant, black heart! She’s in her forever home now and she is loved very much, she will not want for anything and no one will ever be unkind to her. The next time you see an elderly cat for adoption please just remember that you may be one of the ONLY people that would ever give that cat a home, the alternative to finding that one adopter is too horrible to think about. Old cats need love too and if I were to leave her there, it would be like taking my great grandmother out of hospice and putting her in a linen closet for the remainder of her days!


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Blake Fischer, Another Walter Palmer

Blake Fischer was one of seven Idaho game Commissioners, you know, one of the guys that are supposed to protect and enforce wildlife regulations. One of those people that we would believe would be the first to actually protect wildlife, as if there aren’t enough animals wiped out to the point of extinction already, Mr.Fischer just joined the ranks of Walter Palmer the much loathed lion killer. And to think that this guy served on the commission that made decisions on Idaho’s wildlife policies!

While in Namibia Fischer and his wife killed at least 14 animals, according to descriptions and pictures that he sent in an e-mail to more than 100 recipients. Among the dead was a group of four baboons, a small young one, blood soaked and propped with it’s tiny head against one of the adults chests. Fischer claimed in his e-mails that he was introducing his wife to big game hunting and that during the first day she only wanted to watch him and “get a feel of Africa”, that’s when he killed the family of baboons to show her how, set the pace? This is a real tough guy let me tell you, with his guns and bows & arrows, would love to see him take on any of those animals without his weapons to make him feel like he’s such a badass!

In his e-mail Fischer attached 12 pictures of himself and his wife standing over various kills, an oryx, a giraffe, a waterbuck, a leopard, and of course the family of baboons. Walter Palmer was a coward too but he was a dentist and not a commissioner having a say in wildlife policies anywhere, not that it matters when it comes to killing beautiful wildlife but Fischer should have damned well known better, as should his wife. The e-mail Fischer sent concluded with, ” After we left all of the animals in Africa that were still alive we [sic] pretty happy we were on a plane home”!  Wow, pretty happy that he’d left any animals alive, or happy to have contributed to the number of dead that “hunters” and poachers have racked up!

The only bright spot in this story is that Blake Fischer’s resignation was asked for and given, that this man can no longer have any say in any wildlife policies/regulations in Idaho, let’s hope that he doesn’t simply relocate to another state and manage to get a similar job anywhere else where he can affect wildlife in any way! Fischer and his wife should know better, it isn’t bad enough to kill animals that cannot in any way defend themselves and get off on it, but to brag about it and take pictures of those innocent animals as if it took skill to kill them is stomach turning. Tell me, how can he be proud that he shot animals dead with arrows and gunshots, isn’t it like shooting fish in a barrel? I mean there is no contest here the animals are easy kills because they can’t fight back, they have no weapons and certainly can’t outrun a gunshot or arrow, so how can anyone pretend that they were so skilled for killing them!

Africa should jump on the bandwagon and ban Fischer and his wife from ever setting foot on their soil again, after all the wildlife native to their country is what draws most of their tourists to the country. It wasn’t okay to kill any of those animals just to brag about it but another disgusting issue is that leopards aren’t exactly plentiful anymore and of course, a leopard was on Fischer’s list of kills. I’m glad this “two legged animal” has resigned as he should never have been permitted to hold his that position to begin with.


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Animal Abusers Deserve More Than a Slap On The Wrist!

When I volunteered at the animal shelter I was always shocked and came home many times sickened and distraught by some of the vicious things that were done to animals. If you want to lose faith in humanity then go and volunteer at a nursing home or an animal shelter, some of the horrors are just too much to repeat.

An animal is like a child, they are defenseless and unable to help themselves, they are at the mercy of their caretakers (and a goos deal of humans don’t know what mercy is). They offer nothing but unconditional love and they ask so little in return, yet the two legged animals of the world see  them as “things” or property for them to use and abuse as they see fit! There had been incidences of abuse involving German Shepard’s being skinned and thrown into rivers and creeks and then shot at! What piece of trash could do anything so evil, a coward, bully and scum of the earth that should have the same done to them. Needless to say the cases were never solved.

There have been so many cases of kittens being thrown into garbage cans in 90 degree weather to die. Cats burned alive when some scum lured the starving cats with food because they were starving, their hunger brought them close only to be set on fire! Cats put in tiny boxes that were  then sealed with duct tape and thrown into dumpsters to die. A small Poodle tied on a leash with only 6 inches to move and it’s food and water put just out of reach, when the dog whined or went to the bathroom on the floor it was beat with a flyswatter. A tiny Pomeranian that was purchased only to get her pregnant so the so called caretaker could sell off the puppies and make money for himself, when she didn’t get pregnant fast enough the guy that bought her began kicking her around his kitchen and laughing when her little body slammed into the stove! And t hen there is the so called animal shelter at Griffin Pond where the remains of both cats and dogs were found in the pond behind the shelter, likely the animals were thrown in alive but put in bags first so as not to be able to swim away!

So again I ask you, what the hell is wrong with society? Maybe all of us aren’t abusers and we call ourselves animal lovers but what are we doing when we see a case of it being done by one of these pieces of crap? What if your family member was abusing or killing animals, would you step forward or keep your mouth shut for them? I don’t care who it is that does the abusing, they need to be stopped and get far worse than a slap on the wrist, they should suffer the same fate as the animal they lay hands on, period! Karmas a bitch and bites really hard!


Ode To Maggie Mae, A Sweet Elderly Four Legged Girl

Several weeks ago while trying to find a particular cat food I ended up at PetSmart, I’ve never been able to go into that store and not go over to visit with the cats that are caged for adoption and that day was no exception. What was different that day was that I was immediately drawn to this one cage where at first I didn’t see a cat at all. Here huddled into a small fabric “hut” was a beautiful sand colored cat trying her best to hide, naturally I read the card to see what her name was and her story. This is what the the card stated:

I’m a super soft, sweet, & shy snuggle bug. Age is just a number. I’m searching for a nice quiet home to spend my retirement years in. I’m not a huge fan of other animals. My doctor tells me that I have a heart murmur but as long as I stay calm and stress free I’ll do just fine. My mom had to retire without me, so I’m hoping to find a new human now who doesn’t judge my age.

My heart broke for this cat like few others, this poor girl is 14 years of age! Sadly people usually go for a kitten or a pristine, perfect looking, cat but God forbid the cat have a flaw being a handicap or of an advanced age, forget it because the majority of people are all about looks! At the top of the card it’s written in large print, “SHHHHHH PLEASE BE QUIET I’M SCARED AND TRYING TO ADJUST”, but face it there is nowhere quiet sitting in a cage in PetSmart because there is always customer chatter, dogs barking, someone saying something or other on the loud speaker. The card also lists the cost of her adoption, are you ready for this one…………..  $70.00!

You may think it’s silly but I went out of that store in tears and Maggie Mae has been on my mind ever since. Here’s the sad truth at her age she will not live for a lot of years and they are asking $70.00 for a cat that someone may bond with, only to lose in less than a year, how many people do you know that will adopt her under these circumstances? Plus being that she has a murmur she will need vet visits to monitor her health. I want her so badly but I have a cat and a dog and God knows that would stress a cat that isn’t fond of other animals!

This is like taking your great grandmother from hospice, putting her in a linen closet and leaving her crammed in there to die! I was sure that the card would have been one of Griffin Pond Animal Shelter’s but much to my dismay and shock, it was Animal Care Associates, a normally fantastic, 100% truly no kill shelter. While I understand that they probably put her there with good intentions because she deserves to be in a loving home, it’s also hell for her! I just can’t imagine what she’s thinking she bonds with a woman for all those years and then as she approaches her final years she is thrown into a small cage. She is clearly depressed because every time that I have been there since to see her, she is ALWAYS in the small hut laying where she feels she’s hidden! This old girl deserves a great home so if you know of anyone that would fit the bill, please tell them Maggie’s story.


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Griffin Pond “Animal Shelter” Abington Twp. PA Yet Another Gruesome Find!

So once again we’re hearing another tale of horror involving the Griffin Pond shelter, it’s supposed to be an animal shelter, not a killing field. The latest news pertaining to the shelter is that shelter staff just happened to be in the rear of the shelter “examining” a new shed when one of them noticed a plastic bag on the surface of the pond, inside of the bag were animal remains. When they found a second bag they decided to call law enforcement, it remains unclear how many bags and how many cat and dog remains they have found.

It would be nearly impossible to verify who exactly tossed animals into the pond to drown, or killed them and then threw the remains into the pond and we all know why. There are some scum of  the earth cowards out there that would throw live animals into any body of water to die a horrible death without a second thought. By the same token, thankfully a lot of people now know what many of us already knew, what Griffin Pond shelter was really all about after their last stint in the news. The drop off times for unwanted animals are rigid to say the least, but I can’t abide by anyone, anywhere dealing in any way with that particular shelter, especially when it comes to donating money or any supplies to them! There are those cases where it tears their hearts out but pet owners have no choice but to surrender their dogs or cats to a shelter, but let me tell you this, if you surrender an animal to that shelter then there is a great chance that you have just signed the animals death warrant, I’m not convinced it would even be a humane death! Give your money, donations and if you have no choice but to surrender an animal, to a NO KILL SHELTER! Don’t be lazy or lax and say that they are all full, do your research and you will find one!

I know dozens of animal lovers that always donate to animal charities, always give, with just one exception….. if it is being collected for Griffin Pond Shelter! When you work with animals you are privy to the behind the scenes talk about many shelters, vets, etc. and trust me don’t waste your money and give anything to that shelter, if you happen to know of an animal there you want to save then by all means that’s the best thing that you can do, get the animal the hell out of there, anything else don’t bother because what your money is really doing is supporting the killing of endless animals!

Griffin Pond Animal shelter should be closed down and it’s so called employees not continue to have their pockets lined! Had the money paid to employees been taken and have been put into purchasing cameras, perhaps we’d know about the heinous acts that were done, it’s unlikely that the animals (especially when it’s more than a couple of them) were dead when thrown into the pond. It sickens me to think about but the scum(s) of the earth that did it probably knew that cats, as well as dogs can swim. Also, being the remains were not real recent they had to have been in the pond for quite some time so there must have been something that kept the bags down for awhile, which would indicate that they were probably alive! No matter how you look at it, the shelter is at the very least partially responsible, be it from not allocating funds for security or from the hours that they allow drop offs!

Wish there was a way to get the culprit that did these things and do the very same to them! Too many morons believe that animals are just things, that they don’t feel emotions, don’t hurt, don’t get terrified out of their minds when they are about to be killed especially. Listen up, animals feel period, they love and bond with people and other animals, they get depressed, sad, happy, sick and they most certainly feel pain! They don’t wish to die, in fact they have a fight for survival instinct but sadly they sometimes are too helpless or too trusting of the humans around them, some driven by hatred and no capacity for compassion!


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The Only Cure for Poachers

Hack off half of a rhinoceros face just to get it’s horn and leave it there to bleed out and suffer a heinous death. Kill a beautiful elephant just to get it’s tusks from it to make useless baubles for some jackass to display or wear. Kill a stunning lion, leopard, panther, or tiger just for it’s Hyde or just so some braggart piece of crap can say that they killed it! And is that supposed to impress someone, the fact that it was a one sided kill and you had a weapon and the animal didn’t and you killed it?  Wouldn’t it be more impressive to say that you killed an animal on a level playing field, let’s see you go after a lion in a fair fight, hand to hand combat!

There are places in the world where a thief get’s their hand cut off if they steal, right? Well it’s just as simple to cure poachers from senselessly killing animals that will be extinct in the near future if they are allowed to continue. When a poacher is caught, do to them what they intended to do to the animals they hunt, okay, okay, if you want to be humane about it then kill them quicker but either way, put them to death. They try to cut off half of a Rhinos face then cut off half of theirs, leave them overnight and if they are alive in the morning, patch them up just enough for them to survive with half a face and send them on their way! If they shoot an elephant to get their tusks then shoot them with a small caliber bullet and pull out their teeth, cut off their ears and see how they fare!

Sounds brutal you say? What about what’s being done to these helpless animals at the hands of these bottom of the barrel poachers? Why is it okay for them to brutally torture these animals and get away with it? Then we have those people out there that are so misinformed and uneducated that they believe that a tigers penis, tiger bone, and bear bile will help in getting their penises erect! Remove the mindset and educate these people, make these ridiculous folk remedies unavailable already!

Endless numbers of animals are being eradicated daily because harsh, swift action is not being taken to stop the killing. I thought that Canada was among the most brutal for killing all of the seal they possibly can and truly believing that there’s nothing wrong with it, but this is a global problem that needs to be dealt with immediately and most certainly a hell of a lot harsher than it currently is. I would think that Africa would deal with the poachers over there more drastically as it is a big draw to tourists to be able to see the wildlife that can’t be seen elsewhere.

Believe me, if poachers knew that the penalty of their actions was death and/or dismemberment they would most certainly think twice before continuing to poach! Imagine… hmm my penis or some cash, half of my face or some cash, a bullet in me or some cash, suffering and bleeding out with no immediate medical care or some cash. There would be a whole lot less poaching, now that’s not to say that there wouldn’t still be some moron out there that would still risk poaching but it would indeed cut down on most of it once and for all!

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