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The Pandemic Soon To Come

Do you worry about contracting the flu? Do you find yourself subtly trying to back away and cover your mouth when you hear that a coworker has a cold or “something”? Are you that person that washes your hands more than you really need to because you do not under any circumstances want to get sick, or are you that person that figures that wiping your hands on your pants makes them clean enough and often causes others to hesitate to touch anything that you have touched? There are two types of people when it comes to this (A) those people that wash their hands till they dry out because they don’t want to risk any unnecessary germs that might make them sick, they carry hand sanitizer with them for those “just in case” moments, they turn their heads and sneeze toward the floor or in a tissue, cover their mouths if they need to cough. and they use napkins when they eat to wipe their mouths. (B) B types are those people that seldom wash their hands but sometimes if heavily soiled they will wipe their hands on their clothing, they shower everyone around them within ten feet with their sneezes, look for the nearest person so they can cough directly in their face, when their noses run they just use their nearest sleeve as a tissue and when they eat they use their bare hands or trusty old sleeve to wipe their mouths!

You may think I’m kidding here but tell me that you don’t know the exact types that I refer to. Germs and diseases are nothing to laugh about, every single one of us should be on high alert because when you are exposed to anything, you are also exposing every one of your loved ones as well. Those born in the 70s won’t bear the scar that those born prior would, as the smallpox vaccine was not recommended for use after that time. Why? Because smallpox was pretty well eradicated in this country at the time that the vaccine was no longer recommended for use. Do you have any idea how long it took vaccinating everyone year in and year out in order for the disease to be eradicated, for any disease to be completely eradicated, longer than most people could understand.

In the United States we require that all children be immunized, not just for the safety of the child and it’s family but for the safety of ALL Americans, it only takes one case of any contagious disease to cause an epidemic leading to the worst pandemic ever seen. Certain diseases that have been eradicated here in this country that experts believed were eradicated globally, have reared their ugly heads and while governments don’t want to cause panic anywhere, the experts and the CDC have been bracing themselves for what they know is coming, it is not a question of if but rather when. When the epidemic to come first begins it will be like trying to extinguish a ten mile long wildfire with a pint sized spray bottle, when you think about it,  it’s terrifying to know that one single person is all it takes ONE PERSON and there will be nowhere to hide, no way to protect yourself or your loved ones!

These people that call President Trump racist, a hater that wants to slam the door in the faces of the waves of immigrants trying to push their way into the United States, have obviously not wanted to see what has been happening at our borders, that or they believe the lies constantly spewing out of the democrats mouths Trump has seen the dangers ( all of them ) that the countless immigrants bring to this country, from the get go and it hasn’t been about hate but rather keeping Americans safe, he’s trying to do what NO OTHER President of this country has ever tried, putting American citizens first! So if you don’t care about yourself then at least consider the future of your children, your family. Health officials have already seen the flu running rampant among the immigrants here, it isn’t because they caught it from our citizens either. We have immunization requirements in this country but other countries do not and all of the diseases among their citizens are being brought here ( can’t help but wonder if that wasn’t part of the plan of whoever it is that “COACHED” them on what to say once they got here to be granted “asylum”).

Already one of the immigrants given a medical check here in the United States was diagnosed with a non treatable form of tuberculosis, I don’t know if you remember the days that they had sanitariums across the country in their attempts to contain the disease, they were basically places for TB patients to go to die. Just because we have antibiotics now, that does not mean that all diseases can be treated or cured, what’s worse is that so many diseases have become antibiotic resistant! Chickenpox is spreading due to the immigrants and some of the border patrol agents have suffered from scabies contracted from them. STD’s such as syphilis has been found in many of the immigrants, as has hepatitis. So while smallpox may be considered eradicated, the fact is that we do not know for sure and it is a fact that immigrants are bringing further disease into this country that we do not want or need. TB and leprosy are very real diseases that no expert likes to talk about being delivered to our very doorstep.

While the radical democratic politicians would like all of us to believe that there are no risks to continuing their “open door policy”,  that is ignorant and ludicrous. Common sense dictates that when people from other countries come here, they are coming from countries that don’t have the same health care requirements, immunizations, their environments are much different than ours, many don’t have water that is treated, etc. Naturally they have been exposed to different things then we have and many have not been treated for their ailments, so of course they come here and along with them come their diseases. One of the most ignorant things I have heard from democrats is that the diseases they will admit to that the immigrants are bringing in, is that many “can be treated” well I don’t know about you but I don’t want to have to suffer from hepatitis (if it’s even one of the treatable forms) or scabies or leprosy to HAVE to be treated for to begin with! I certainly don’t want my children to suffer with any disease!

Remember this folks when it’s time to clean the house, remember these democratic zealots that have been controlling and manipulating this country, not giving the slightest damn about the citizens in it and concerned only with ousting the President! Meanwhile keep a close eye on your loved ones because you will definitely see an epidemic that is going to lead to the ultimate pandemic and there’s not a damned thing that we can do about it until we can get the radicals out of the house and return it to hands that care, at least care more than they do! Or if by some miracle from God himself allows for a special election to be held before the democratic terms are up and we can get rid of the zealots that are sitting in positions of political power that they have no business holding!


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