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Why You Should Be TERRIFIED For Yourself And Your Loved Ones

We’ve all heard about the outbreak of measles among children and the devastating results of the outbreak, it’s entirety was blamed solely on those parents that refuse to have their children vaccinated. It infuriates me that the radical Democrats don’t want the truth about anything getting out to the public and this is no exception. If you step back and look at this situation with the measles outbreak logically, you will note that there have always been parents that refuse to have their kids vaccinated and it’s never caused widespread outbreaks of anything. What the Democrats don’t want you to know is that the infinite number of legal and even more so, illegal immigrants flooding this country every day are bringing in diseases that we’ve eradicated in this country long ago. We are in serious trouble here in the United States and are helpless to stop it and you can thank the blue, left wing zealots that are running this country. Trump has been trying his damnedest to stop it but try as he might the democrats are killing us in more ways than one, literally and figuratively!

What about the case of the male immigrant that was taken to the hospital after exhibiting symptoms of a serious disease and he had a form of Tuberculosis that wasn’t even treatable! Now if you recall in the not so distant past they had to set up sanatoriums to keep all of the TB patients in so that they could try to contain t he disease. Most patients died in the sanatoriums of course but there was no way to contain it since the bacteria was transmitted through the air from the infected person. The Center For Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) has already warned that we are in serious danger of a pandemic from a new strain of flu, it is not if there will be a pandemic but when!

Every disease that we have managed to eradicate in this country will again reappear and most likely mutate and we’re all in trouble. We can’t fight a new strain of flu so what do you think will happen when something like smallpox rears it’s ugly head again, especially when it mutates? We are all being put in danger, the gravest of which are sanctuary cities where immigrants have snuck into this country illegally, no health checks, no containing them and they walk among us because the damned Democrats don’t give a damn about our security when it comes to borders or our health, our very lives. To say that we’re in imminent danger is a gross understatement, it’s gone beyond that now.

I can understand not wanting to cause full blown panic among American citizens but we are entitled to full disclosure from the Democrats, from all of our politicians, they are so worried about creating a socialist country and engaging in their pissing (pardon my language) contest with Trump, that all Americans are put at risk and it’s gone far beyond just securing our borders. Let Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the Muslims that have perched their rear ends in political seats representing this country so that they can do all of the harm they please and let them take all of the immigrants in the sanctuary cities and move in with those left wing zealots! There’s no way in hades itself that they would ever get that up close and personal with those immigrants, they won’t risk their own asses, just all of ours!

Seriously folks, we are in dire straits and I just don’t see any way to avoid it, remember the bubonic plague, black death, the plague, whatever you choose to call it? The greatest catastrophe that had ever been seen ( to that point in time anyway ), the pandemic that is on it’s way will make that look like the common cold and  the number of dead will be far too great to calculate. Some future generation, if there is one, will be taught about the time that three quarters of the population of the planet died off from the heinous pandemic that was seen in 2019 or 2020, the number will probably be higher than that but the point is that we will all be reduced to being part of a fraction of the population that suffered sickness and death. It’s coming and I’d say to be prepared but there’s no way to prepare for that!

All any of us can do is to push for change at top speed, write to or call your state rep or government officials, shout it from the rooftops if you have to, push to have many of these damned Democrats removed from office fast or start or sign a petition. Every one of us has to do something for God’s sake and do it now! The Democrats need to be removed from power, from the majority so that Trump can do his job and secure our borders, while changing these ridiculous immigration laws ASAP. It’s not about being hateful or racist or anything else, it’s come to the point that our lives really depend on it. I don’t know about you but the very thought of a pandemic scares the living hell out of me and I know it can’t be just because of my medical background, I can’t imagine any American or anyone else not being completely terrified by the idea! Do something! I am going to start with contacting my state rep and go up the line from there.


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