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Boots No7 Line Correcting Booster Serum Review

I’m sure you ladies have noticed that, being I am not going to lie to you about the products I review, there are few positive reviews when it comes to anti-aging products, believe me I don’t like that so many are not true to their claims with all of the money that I’ve spent on so many of them! When I saw this No7 Line Correcting Booster Serum on a report on television that claimed that the studies done on it, PROVED that it does indeed work, well I had to run right down to Target to get it.

Claims:  The serum is said to visibly reduce wrinkles in 1 week, similar products stress fine lines and wrinkles, this states wrinkles! The tall slender pump is 0.5 oz and my jaw dropped when I saw that the price was close to fifty bucks! Since I have always loved this product line anyway and had seen the tv report (though on tv it said results were seen in 12 weeks), I bit the bullet and bought it. Unlike other skin care products, this one is specifically designed to BOOST the results of your usual skin care treatments and is to be applied directly to those areas that need smoothing, “wrinkle ironing” as I often call it. It can be applied to a cleansed face at bedtime and in the morning before using your other products but note: ALWAYS WEAR SPF!

Pros:  This serum actually works, yes I know I can’t believe it either but I have been using it for two weeks now and I am floored by the reduction in the lines in my face! My skin is smoother, plumper, brighter and clearer! I am crazy about it and am hooked, it will permanently remain part of my daily skincare regimen. The serum doesn’t seem to have much in the way of fragrance which is fine with me and isn’t tacky or sticky, it feels very soft on the skin without the feel of having any product clogging your pores.

Cons:  I’m sure that I overpaid for this serum, as it can be purchased on-line cheaper than I paid, in fact there is supposed to be a coupon out there for it, I was just overly eager to try it and didn’t go coupon hunting first! Aside from that, there are zero cons, yep you heard it right, no complaints, it really does what it claims to do and then some. Thumbs waay up. Stay tuned and I’ll fill you in on the products I use and will use in tandem with this serum.

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Loreal Revitalift Bright Reveal Dual Overnight Moisturizer Review

On the never ending hunt for anti-wrinkle products that really work, I decided to give this one a try. What caught my eye was the 4% glycolic acid, a definite help when treating aging skin.

About the product:  This dual action moisturizer inspired by dermatologists is an anti-wrinkle and brightening night treatment, both in one pump. One part is an exfoliant (glycolic acid) said to penetrate skin’s surface and remove dead skin cells to help absorption. The second part is a vitamin C & Pro-retinol infusion to work overnight to enhance skin clarity, reduce visibility of dark spots, uneven tone wrinkles.The product claims to brighten skin overnight and reveal dramatically more even, younger looking skin while you sleep. The 1.0 ounce pump will run from $10.98 on up, depending on where you purchase it.

Pros:  Two products in one is always nice. The glycolic acid included in the moisturizer is great in my book. The price is less than many of the anti-aging, anti-wrinkle products on the market. I did notice a very slight difference in my skin after using the moisturizer for a little better than two weeks (though the product claims you’ll see a difference in one week). With many of the so called miracle anti-wrinkle products on the market I should be glad to see any results I guess.

Cons:  It does not help fine lines and wrinkles as well or as quickly as I would prefer and as the product claims to. Some women may not care for the redness that the glycolic acid in the product may cause to their skin, no worries though as it’s not permanent, it just shows me that it is indeed doing something! A word of caution, ALWAYS wear sunscreen, especially when using a product like this one, it’s crucial that you do.

In a nutshell:  I have used worse, I have seen a slight difference in my skin tone and extremely fine lines. I have not yet seen a reduction in dark spots but maybe it takes using it longer than two months. I would have to say that this moisturizer is probably worth trying.

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Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation Review

Who can go wrong with a foundation that blends with your skin tone, right? We’d all love a foundation shade that looks as if it was tailored to our individual skin shade, wouldn’t we? Not so fast, Rimmel isn’t the first company that has makeup that is supposed to “adjust” to match your exact shade. The bottle is 1 ounce and runs $5.00 to $8.00 depending on where you purchase it.

Product claims:  The company claims that this foundation matches 99% of UK skin tones (too bad we don’t live there, huh and we know that different nationalities have different skin tones). It’s said to blend with skins real tone, rather than masking it, it promises visibly healthier and smoother looking skin,  has smart-tone technology for natural looking results, has a 24 hour moisture complex, has “soft focus powers” to help reduce pores, imperfections and dark circles and the foundation has up to 20 SPF.

Pros:  A pro with most Rimmel products is definitely price. There is quite a selection of shades, you wouldn’t expect that since it’s supposed to be skin tone adjusting, one would think that you just have to get a shade fairly close to your own and it would work. I love that it has SPF 20. It goes on easily enough being it’s a thinner liquid than many others.

Cons:  The bottle says “invisible coverage” on it and if you get a lighter shade, you will indeed get an invisible coverage, so invisible you won’t see it because it won’t cover anything! The bottle also promises a pore blurring effect but if you have large pores, you’ll think that you’re looking at the surface of the moon after you apply it. The foundation is oily and leaves your skin a heck of a lot greasier than when you started. This makeup is not worth $5.00, in fact if it was free you’d be getting ripped off! The coverage doesn’t seem to be buildable, it doesn’t hide any imperfections, leaves skin oily and it does not adjust to match your skin tone, or maybe we just happen to be in that 1%! Ladies this one wouldn’t even be good to save for Halloween use, don’t bother wasting your time or money. Thumbs way down!

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Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation SPF/FPS 22 Review

Yet another foundation aimed at “aging” skin, face it (pardon the pun), that’s what the key selling point is for a lot of cosmetics. I guess it makes sense though because if companies stated the truth, this foundation will do nothing for lines and wrinkles and may actually enhance the appearance of them, guaranteed to make you look like a female clown that’s trying to spackle away  those heinous lines and wrinkles covering your face, no one would buy their products! The CG/Olay Simply Ageless Foundation can be purchased almost anywhere, drug stores, Wal-Mart, Target, etc. is .4 ounce and will run you about $10.00 or more.

About the product:  This foundation has Olay Regenerist serum in it, which claims to replenish your skin. It claims to give a flawless finish and rather than emphasize lines and wrinkles, diminish them. It claims to give skin a younger looking appearance.

Pros:  It does have SPF/FPS 22 though and that’s always a plus. It goes onto the skin easy enough, allowing coverage that you can build as much as you like.

Cons:  Like so many others the foundation does nothing for lines and wrinkles and seems to only amplify their appearance, it also enhances the look of any fine hair on your face. The smallest amount is just too heavy for older women to get away with.I would have to pass on this one, no matter how affordable it may be it just isn’t worth the money spent on it.

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Signature Club A Mastiha Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Review

I am a stickler when it comes to wearing SPF and all of you younger ladies should be too, the sun damage is extensive and has a way of creeping up on you until you realize one day that it has mistaken you with a prune, unleashing its full scorching power upon you until your face IS a prune! Over the years I have tried a load of the Signature Club A products, as my bank account reflects, many times I have kicked myself for wasting the money on those that weren’t anywhere near up to snuff, but there have been a few times that the products really did what they claimed to, I guess it’s just a gamble with any cosmetics we purchase.

About the product: The cream is in a 1 ounce jar and can be worn alone or under foundation and has a Broad Spectrum Sun Protection Factor of 20. The product states that it is a moisturizer, wrinkle filler, antioxidant and SPF all in one. The “hook” with this cream is that it is said to contain a resin Mastiha from the Pasticia Lentiscus that is only produced by the tree on the island of Chios, Greece. It is said to be a part of the beauty regimen of the Mediterranean region for centuries.The cream contains silicone which is said to be great for wrinkle and line filling, which would be nice as a face primer for mature skin. The price varies greatly and I can’t tell you what I paid for it by itself because it was part of a set (which was too expensive), but I have seen it on e-bay for around $52.00.

Pros:  Well I’d have to say that what I liked about this cream was the information about it! I mean who wouldn’t love a product that contained an ingredient that could only be found in one specific tree that grows only on some exotic faraway island, right? I tried the cream alone and also under foundation which there wasn’t a whole lot of difference when used either way.

Cons:  The smell of this cream was awful, not in any way pleasing to the senses and actually gagged me the entire time it was on my face until I finally had to wash it off! The smell is the worst part of the cream, I didn’t care for it at all and just couldn’t bear having it on for too long at any interval, I did give it a fair shake and suffered through it several times by putting a different ,moisturizer around the base of my nostrils to mask at least part of the stench. I didn’t see where the cream was any better when used as a primer than any other out there. I wore it alone and the difference was that my entire face broke out, it left my skin very greasy, made it feel like my pores were all clogged or something. For the price of this cream I would expect much more, it did not smell nice to me and did nothing but make me break out (in all fairness the silicone may have been the culprit), by the same token the silicone is what’s supposed to fill lines and wrinkles.

Summing It Up:  There is no way that I would ever again shell out that kind of money for another product like this one. Multi benefits my rear end! It stinks and does nothing spectacular to justify it’s price, Tears Of Beauty is appropriate though because after spending that much money for a product like this one, you will be in tears and they must mean you’ll be in tears alright when you see your beauty masked by a face full of zits! Just saying, I wouldn’t waste your precious time or hard earned money on this one.

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L’Oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur Instant Skin Smoother Review

Clever name…… Miracle Blur isn’t it, I’d love to blur away the look of the havoc father time has smacked me down with. I also love the fact that this Miracle Blur has a Broad Spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen in it, too. The 1.18 ounce tube will cost you anywhere from $13.00 (e-bay) to $25.00 (Ulta) but keep an eye out for sales at Rite Aid and CVS if you’re interested in trying it.

Product Claims:  Needless to say, the Miracle Blur protests the face from the dangerous suns rays. Claims to be an instant skin smoother that instantly erases the look of lines wrinkles and pores. Skin looks and feels smooth to leave a velvet matte finish to last all day. Directions say to use after moisturizer, wear alone or apply to targeted areas.

Pros:  The biggest plus with this product is that it protects with a broad spectrum SPF 30, I know I mention it often but trust me ladies, you NEED to protect your skin from the suns damaging rays and not just the skin on your face either! PLEASE, we aren’t just talking about it withering, pruning, basically destroying your skin, there are many different types of carcinomas (skin cancers) and sadly I know too many people who have suffered with skin cancers, my mother being one of them. So again, please lather up every single day, regardless of whether or not the sun is visible in the sky! The Miracle Blurs heavy cream consistency does seem to mask the finer lines on the face

Cons:  This cream is super thick which makes it a little difficult to spread easily onto your face. There were a couple of times that I squeezed out a line of it and it fell to the floor before I could get it onto my face! It’s an okay product but another one that I have to say isn’t drastically different from it’s competitors on the market. Most certainly would not pay such a high price to but it again though, it’s just too expensive for a so-so product that I can take or leave.

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Prescriptives Liquid Touch Compact Makeup Review

There was a time when I loved all things Prescriptives but when the less expensive competitors started to overtake the market, I came to realize just how expensive the brand was. The .24 ounce compact is regularly around $37.00 but can be purchased for less, depending on where you buy it. The foundation is a cream to powder one so I don’t have to tell you that it isn’t ideal for all ages.

Pros:  This foundation goes on easily enough, probably because it has a greasy-ish consistency. The coverage is buildable though, as you can easily cake on as much as you like. To me it is another case of the available shades leaning toward orange-ish or pinkish in color.

Cons:  As if you didn’t know this would be my first gripe, NO SUNSCREEN! That is normally a make or break when you have to use a separate sunscreen on your face before using foundation, I’d rather use two products that BOTH contain sunscreen! My skin has always been a bit oversensitive to everything but this foundation made my entire face break out in a rash and zits, I even had a rash where I put it under my nose! I looked like you threw my head into a vat of battery acid and had to hide out for 4 days until it cleared up! Cream to powder foundations are not ideal for more mature skin either, the powdery finish accentuates fine lines that you weren’t even aware you had! This foundation is a definite thumbs down and please, if you decide to try it anyway, please load up on sunscreen and make sure it’s tried at a time when you can hide out at home so no one sees the mess that it may very well make of your face.

Bottom Line:  For a higher end expensive brand like Prescriptives I would expect more. Be careful if you have skin that is in any way temperamental, seriously this foundation should include a warning label. If you want to spend this kind of money on a foundation then try another!

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