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Flawless by Finishing Touch Hair Remover Review

Easy right, just pop in the battery, slide the button to the on position and then remove hair by using small circular motions. This hair remover will set you back about $20.00, not bad if the thing really works.

PROS:  It’s easy enough to use and the pre prep is easy as well. I tried it out on fine facial hair that I unfortunately have and when I cleaned it afterward (recommended after each use), surprisingly there was hair in it so it must have removed some.

CONS:  Everywhere I tried this hair remover I could feel stubble! So while it does work somewhat, it also doesn’t seem to completely remove the hair that you’re trying to remove with it, in all fairness though I might mention that it states that hair should ideally be a 1/4 of an inch in length for optimal results! I don’t know about you but I am certainly not going to allow any hair to grow to that length on my body, except for the hair on my head of course! not really sure what to say about this one ladies because it does remove some hair, it just leaves stubble so I’m afraid that this particular review is going to be a draw! Twenty bucks isn’t exactly cheap if it isn’t going to completely remove the hair but by the same token, I’m not going to allow my hair to pop out a quarter of an inch just to see if it works any better!

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Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Mascara Review

Okay ladies here it is, a mascara to actually write home about, who would have thought that this little gem that’s been in plain sight in drug stores across the country, would be a real winner.


PROS: I don’t loathe the applicator wand in this mascara, I use the waterproof one. The mascara stays on all day and I haven’t had the issue of raccoon eyes or “black dandruff” dotting under my eyes. I paid around six dollars for this one and it’s certainly money well spent.

CONS:  Be careful not to apply too, too much on your lashes or you will look like you’re wearing spider legs and it may clump. This may well be the mascara that get’s you as close to wearing false eyelashes as any on the market.

TIP:  Be careful about where you purchase this mascara, if it has been on a store shelf for a long time and is old then it will definitely affect the mascara. I made that mistake one time and won’t do it again, the mascara was clumped up in the applicator and was just a gooey mess. I tried to use it anyway after wiping off the wand with sterile gauze and I had like one giant eyelash on each eye from it clumping.

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elf Eye Primer & Liner Sealer Stick Review

On the hunt for an eye primer since the one I prefer and always use I can no loner find. As I often do I try to opt for a cheaper one that’s as good as the one I would normally use.

PROS: Number one pro when it comes to elf is the price, for two bucks it would be a shame not to try it. I only bought the double ended stick for the eye primer but I did try the eyeliner sealer as well. The primer is a light flesh colored one which is kind of nice and some might like the convenience of a two in one product.

CONS:  The primer pulls at the skin on and around the eyelids which is never a good thing, it’s not creamy but so thick that it doesn’t go on smooth. The eyeliner sealer is a sticky, tacky, mess and only smeared my liner off! Even at only a couple of dollars I’d have to say that this one is one to skip on by, certainly not worth the money even at one dollar.

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NYC Smokin’ Hot Show Time Volume Mascara Review

Okay, this NYC mascara is a cheaper one that’s for sure ranging in price from $2.99 to $4.00, as we all know cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean that a product is garbage, look at elf cosmetics. I’m all about finding a great cosmetic at a bargain price, though it’s always hit and miss and doesn’t happen often.

PROS:  I love the applicator brush with this mascara, being it isn’t waterproof though I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that if you have watery eyes or are going on a date with a jerk that might reduce you to tears you may opt for the waterproof or even applying a waterproof mascara over it. The price is a huge perk with this mascara.

CONS:  It isn’t waterproof so if you’re wearing it by itself, like it’s competitors you will end up with runny mascara or raccoon eyes.

TIP: Personally I prefer waterproof mascara all of the time, most women don’t care for it because it’s so hard to remove when they wash their faces. Try applying a non waterproof first, coat your lashes with a healthy amount of it and then follow with a waterproof one and it will be much easier to remove later on.

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Maybelline Lash Sensational Curvitude Mascara Review

I guess that Maybelline is yet another brand that is supposed to be decent, but as we all know the brand doesn’t mean anything. Finding a good mascara is like finding a needle in a haystack I guess.


PROS:  The only pro with this mascara is that the waterproof does stay on pretty good.

CONS:  The curved applicator comb is awful, it does nothing to avoid clumps and does nothing for the eyelashes. This one like so many others I have tried, is one to pass on.  Thumbs down ladies!

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COVERGIRL Bombshell Volume by Lashblast Mascara Review

This CG mascara is a double ended one, step 1 is a base coat and step 2 is the mascara, which is supposed to make lashes super long. Covergirl is supposed to be a decent brand right, so the mascara should be a decent one you would think.


PROS:  Getting two products for the price of one would be a pro, having a base coat and a mascara. The price was on keel with the other mascaras on the market, I paid around six dollars.


CONS:  The container is too big! I don’t like how both wands are in the same container, which makes it even more difficult to apply. The mascara itself is nothing special either and smudges so badly I look like I have raccoon eyes.

Yet another dud mascara here, a waste of time and money.

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RK by Kiss Spell Define Mega Volume Mascara Review

Ugh, I have put off reviewing mascara for a long time now because to be quite honest, I have too many to count in my cosmetic hoard, mascara is like a foundation or eyeshadow for me, I can never seem to find a good one.


PROS:  The only pro with this mascara is that it is waterproof, that’s it.

CONS:  The container is too big, the wand is too big and the mascara is nothing great.

Skip this one and put the five bucks toward one that might be better for you.

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Posted by on October 5, 2018 in Makeup & Beauty Mania