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No7 Restore & Renew Face & Neck Multiaction Serum Review

Okay ladies I’m sure you’ve read about this serum, at least most of you have because it’s flying off of the shelves, in many stores faster than they can restock it! It’s Boots N07 ‘s latest product that promises younger looking skin in two weeks, wrinkles reduced,skin will be smoother and less crepey , skin tone will be clearer and lines visibly reduced. The tube I got is 1 ounce and I paid about $35.00.

Pros:  I know that claims for the serum say that you’ll see results in two weeks but I am here to tell you that I saw results the very next day after the first night I tried it! I used the No7 line correcting booster serum followed by this restore & renew serum and topped it off with the Bliss Drench -n- Quench moisturizer, that’s it. I don’t know if it was only this serum or the combination but let me tell you, I saw better results with this combination after one use than any others thus far! Biggest pro, it absolutely works!

Cons:  The serum is a bit high in price for women that really can’t afford to spend the money but in all fairness the majority of competitors are priced higher and don’t work at all. I am not crazy about the smell of the serum and that is my own main complaint, those of you that use their mask will recognize the smell immediately because it smells identical. It isn’t offensive per se but I just don’t care for it but honestly it’s a small price to pay just for the fact that it does work, and it does.

Bottom Line:  Ladies run don’t walk and get this serum and give it a try, I am astonished by the results, truly astonished and you know that I don’t loosely rate any beauty products, in fact there are more duds than winners! Get it, try it, stick with it because I am on day 6 now and I am floored with the results, any serum that shows any real improvement overnight is one that is absolutely a keeper!


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Being Beautiful…….

We’re always trying to look our best, making sure that our “face is on”,  our hair is styled, we smell good. and we wear clothes that we hope look good. Sometimes I wonder why we bother, did you ever wake up and just feel like crap, like you don’t even want to get out of bed? I don’t care how beautiful you look, if you feel lousy on the inside then it will indeed affect how you look on the outside.

Did you ever see a woman that is gorgeous and part of you wishes that you looked like her? Then you find that she is a black heart, mean and nasty without a compassionate bone in her body? Often the most beautiful women, well people in general not just women, are arrogant, unfeeling louses. If you don’t have the inner beauty to match the outer shell then there is no point in trying to look good on the surface, is there.

There have been times that I’ve gone out with very little makeup on and with my hair thrown up in a ponytail but I’ve been in a good mood, happy and smiling anyway. You know people respond in a similar fashion, not even seeming to notice how awful I’ve looked! Beauty really is a state of mind, yes I know face it, looking good on the outside doesn’t hurt either but people seem to notice a smile or laugh quicker than they notice whether or not your makeup is on, your hair is styled or your outfit matches!

Okay so no one wants to see a woman out and about with unwashed, big rat infested hair piled atop her head, wearing wrinkled unwashed clothes that look like she dug them out of a Goodwill donation box not even bothering to match them, or an unwashed woman that they can smell coming an hour before she arrives, or a woman that has remnants of last weeks makeup on her face with mascara shadows circling her eyes and eyeshadow that has worked it’s way down to her cheeks or chin ( what, it sounds to you like I know all about that ) well while I may be exaggerating a little bit here, I’m ashamed to say that I have had those nights where I’ve been too tired to wash my face and have slept in my makeup! But I have showered the next morning and washed my face!

My point here ladies is don’t stress and feel as if you can’t ever go out in public without a full face of makeup on, so run a brush through your hair and leave it down, throw on a bit of lipstick, jeans, a tee-shirt and sneakers. Just be sure to tell yourself that you look and feel good, you’ll be surprised how well others respond to you. IF I could only have it one way or the other and could either be gorgeous on the outside but be a cold, mean, heartless twit on the inside, or a beautiful, happy soul on the inside yet be a plain Jane on the outside, you’d better believe that I would rather be a good, beautiful soul.

Just be happy with what you’re given, who you were born to be and if you are happy then you will wear it well and it’ll show, Oddly enough your friends will ask what is different, what products have you been using, you’ll have to laugh but you’ll see exactly what I mean. Just keep in your mind that you are beautiful and you look damned good, try it and mean it,

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Salon Hair On A Budget…………….

It’s ridiculous how much salons charge just for a wash and style while all the time trying to sell you their super expensive hair products, that’s right you know exactly what I’m talking about because we’ve all been there. Personally I am a die hard Paul Mitchell but I won’t use just one particular shampoo permanently, it’s been recommended that you switch off every few weeks to months to a different shampoo. I take my hair as serious as my makeup, face it you can have your makeup look so good a makeup artist could have applied it for you, but can you imagine a perfect face and your hair so ratted up it stands 6 inches above your face? Yeah they are wearing all kinds of odd styles now days but you get the picture, I want my hair to look good, smell good and I want it to shine like glass and don’t want to have to use 85 products in addition to washing to get it!

My go to shampoo when not using Paul Mitchell’s is every salons best kept not so secret, Suave Rosemary Mint Shampoo. You wont believe the shine your hair will have from this shampoo, it smells nice too even though there are a few people out there that don’t care for the smell of rosemary. If your hair is dry you will immediately notice that your hair is softer and the best news of all, this shampoo wont break the bank! For $3.00 or less you can get the 12.6 oz bottle and for less than $5.00 you can get a set of the shampoo and conditioner which are 18 ounce each, if you want bigger there is a 28 oz bottle for less than $4.00.

This is a definite winner if you want a great shampoo and don’t want to spend a fortune for it.



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PreparationH As Part Of Your Beauty Treatments? Think Twice!

Believe me when I tell you that I am as desperate as the next aging lady out there to punch father time in the face as he tries to shrivel my face up even more, marking it up with lines to the point that I look like a road map, no way, he’ll have to take me kicking and screaming all the way! I know all about the anti-aging/anti-wrinkle products out there and how much money we spend buying them, hoping against hope that they really work, sadly the majority don’t. All of my life I have heard various women ( mostly older women ) claim that PreparationH works on wrinkles and facial lines, who would have thought.

Here’s the problem though, PrepH used to be made with a different ingredient than it is now, here in the U.S. the formula is made with Phenylephrine instead of the Bio-Dyne it used to be made with. Translated it basically means that many moons ago before they changed the formula that would make a difference on lines and wrinkles, not so much now. I’m sure that some people think that if it’s good enough for their arses, it’s good enough for their faces, wrong!

I don’t want to be crass here but think about it, Summer’s Eve feminine washes are good enough for your southern regions but are you going to wash your face or hair with those washes? Or would you use a hair fragrance spray as a breath freshener? Some products are only good for what they are labeled for and to use them in any other way may well do more harm than good. When you educate yourself on the negatives of using PrepH on your face  you’ll think twice, also God forbid someone uses it under their eyes and gets it in their eyes!

No one wants to combat the signs of aging more than I do but we have to be sensible about it. Please think twice before trying PrepH on your face, I’m completely serious, you might find yourself blind and walking around like you have a head ten times bigger than your body from swelling ( if you use it for any length of time and then stop ). Don’t treat your face the same way as you might treat your rectum!

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A Cheap Fix For Facial Scars And Crows Feet

Many years ago I was sitting at my desk waiting for an important phone call, when the phone rang I jumped up fast and went to answer it but tripped over a wire on my way and fell into the corner of a wall. I busted open the outer corner of my eye at the base of my temple and ended up having to go to the hospital for stitches, unfortunately for me I lived in a rural area where there were no plastic surgeons and it was stitched up by an ER doctor. The scar was always quite noticeable and embarrassing and nothing I found could hide it,not even the best of concealers. One day while I was at Wal-Mart I noticed a cheap vitamin E stick and since my grandmother always swore by Vitamin E as a great way to combat wrinkles, I figured for $1.00 for a pure Vit. E stick it was worth a try.

The sticks can be found in almost any store and are cheap, they are exactly like a lipstick applicator but you need to make absolutely sure that it’s REAL, PURE Vitamin E. I have been using it on my scar every day for about 3 months and the scar is almost completely gone! I had such great luck with it that I began using it on my crows feet in addition to my usual eye cream and I cannot believe that my crows feet are nearly gone too! My Grandmother always said to use the actual Vitamin E capsules because they are soo much cheaper but they are also messy when you have to puncture each one and they are greasier.

This little stick is a fantastic tool in your arsenal of anti-aging weapons! I went out and bought another one for my lips, it is wonderful and a cheap way to take care of any facial scars or lines and wrinkles. There are dozens of brands and the brand doesn’t matter as long as it contains JUST the pure vitamin E. Also, be careful not to get it too close to the eyes, you wouldn’t want to get it IN them. Sometimes the natural way is the best way and the least expensive way to go to treat scars and wrinkles, this little stick is certainly that.

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Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Regenerating Cream Review

Now I know that all of you ladies have heard of the Neutrogena anti-aging/anti-wrinkle creams, for quite some time now the company claims visible results in as little as 1 week. The product information promises to fade the look of deep wrinkles and crows feet, brighten skin and smooth fine lines & texture. While the 1.7 ounce jar costs close to thirty dollars at most places, Sam’s Club has the pack of two jars for thirty nine and change, a much better deal if you are interested in buying it, that is.

Pros:  A pro ( I guess ) is that you may very well feel a tingling after using the cream,my face tingled slightly, my mother who is also testing the cream to see how well it does on even more mature skin than my own, couldn’t try it for more than four days. My skin is moderately sensitive compared to hers, she has extremely sensitive skin. Another pro is that the cream does go a long way, considering it’s only 1.7 oz.

Cons:  While the smell isn’t overpowering, it doesn’t smell pleasant either, it won’t make you vomit but it doesn’t smell nice. My mother (the one with extremely sensitive skin) said it burned the crap out of her face, afterward her face stays scarlet red from the cream burning it too. It made my skin tingle a bit which was fine to me because I figured it must be working, I didn’t look like a walking beet like my mother did but what happens to me every time I use it is that I start getting giant zits! It leaves my face all greasy and I break out and I’m talking so greasy you can actually SEE the grease too! As far as the lines/wrinkles go I can’t honestly give the credit to the Neutrogena R.W.R.R. cream because I faithfully use the Boots N07 Booster Serum which is fabulous and truly does work. Since the Boots works with any product (boosting it’s results) I can’t honestly give the credit to the Neutrogena cream. Considering the fact that it makes me look like I’ve dipped my face in a vat of baby oil and came out greasy and zit faced, I’d have to say that I’m not impressed. I get dramatic results when I pair the Boots N07 serum with a few different products but this one is not one of them.

Bottom Line:  I don’t know ladies, I think that there are several anti-aging/anti-wrinkle products that are far better than this one, unless you have tough skin and WANT to look as if you’ve just reached puberty (not youthful though) and are going to the prom with an acne riddled face after bobbing for apples in a vat of baby oil! Or worse if your skin is super sensitive and you want to look like you lost a fight with a strawberry or beet! May want to opt to use the Boots N07 Booster Serum with a mid grade cream, over this one!

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Bliss Drench & Quench Cream To Water Hydrator Review

You ladies may not believe this but no word of lie, I have tried SOOO many moisturizers over the years I couldn’t even give a guesstimate on the number of them, I know that I haven’t tried quite EVERY one that’s ever been made but I can tell you that it’s pretty damned close. My biggest issue is that regardless of the fact that I have what is considered “mature” skin now, I am prone to teenage level breakouts, while some face products will cause me to suffer these breakouts, moisturizers have been the number one reason it happens to me. I have never met a moisturizer that liked me and look, without moisturizing you may as well not bother to do anything to combat current signs of aging or future signs! It’s like doing a full face makeup job on yourself but not using any foundation, powder or concealer on your face! Well anyway I pretty much gave up on it choosing instead to stick to my nightly routine of washing my face with Dove and just applying my anti-aging products, when I put my face on I use a sunscreen and my makeup and have used no moisturizer, it was either use one and walk around with an extreme zit infested face or allow my face to shrivel up and father time to beat the living crap out of me even more than he has! Boy what a choice right, sadly it’s been a year since I have used one regularly and that length of time does matter when it comes to the sting of aging, oops I mean signs of aging!

I happened to be in Target and noticed a clearance bin with Bliss products in it, those two words are never used together because Bliss is, in my opinion a pricier brand ( even though they have come a long way to reach the average, non filthy rich woman ) and I have NEVER seen it on clearance. The tiny pots were Bliss Drench & Quench cream to water hydrator, at $4.99 for a minute sized 0.5 ounce pot, I thought wow that’s still expensive for a trial size product at $2.50 but since I was familiar with Bliss I just had to try it. Turns out that it was indeed $4.99 and was absolutely NOT on clearance! I got it anyway and was on my way super eager to try it out but not expecting much.

Pros:  The cream does not irritate my skin, best of all not one lousy zit to be seen, not one! The lightweight cream has a slight cooling feeling when applied, it is not greasy and I am crazy about the fact that it doesn’t feel like you have a coating on your face like heavier moisturizers do that leave your face feeling like your head has been thrown in a shake & bake bag until you have to run and wash your face off because it feels like it’s clogged your pores! It is the BEST absorbing cream I’ve ever tried, no offensive smells (actually doesn’t have much of a smell at all). And ready for this? It really does moisturize and does a damned good job at that, to me this is my new liquid gold of moisturizers, and I mean that, I am 100% hooked and this is my permanent facial moisturizer for good.

Cons:  If there is a con here it is only that I overpaid by far for the trial size but am glad I did or I probably wouldn’t have tried it anytime soon. I do have to say though that I found out afterward when I was going to have my mother try it to post how it did on skin “more mature” than mine (tho she doesn’t look it), she has been using this same cream for over a year and it is one of ONLY TWO products she uses on a daily basis. I just knew that something was up because her older friends kept asking if she had work done, if you saw before and after pics you would soil yourself and not be able to believe it! The trial size is a rip off for the 5 bucks but the full size isn’t so bad, I believe I paid about $18.00 at Target when I went back for it but to be honest I would have paid whatever they wanted because it’s that good!

BOTTOM LINE:  If you want a face that looks so good your friends may accuse you of having had work done then run, don’t walk and get this cream moisturizer. There are very few products that I can honestly rave about but this is by far one of the top three! I’m telling you, this Bliss cream really is bliss and it’s a game changer, seriously but don’t go and get it and try it a few times and say that it doesn’t work, the key to success here is consistency and if you aren’t going to use it faithfully, daily for any length of time, don’t bother. If you do use it daily though you’ll see exactly what I mean and you will be addicted to the results you see from a simple moisturizer! Thumbs way, way up ladies. Don’t forget the SPF! 

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