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Do You Believe that You Have Been REGULARLY Abducted by Aliens? If You Answered Yes, Read This!

Again I’ll stress that I am not asking the question sarcastically, I would really like to hear from any of you that feel that you are regularly abducted by aliens. I’m shocked that with as many claims as there are out there made by people who feel that they have been, or are being abducted by aliens, not one has stepped forward yet. I have to assume that either they are not being abducted or that they are afraid to come forward, or possibly they feel that this is an opportunity for someone to attempt to make a fool of them or a joke about the whole issue. I can assure you that this is not the case here, If nothing else, I would think that those I speak of would appreciate some kind of validation, that they would want to show others that they aren’t crazy, these are not figments of their fertile imaginations. I ask again, those of you that truly feel that you are being regularly abducted/visited by aliens, please come forward and contact me, send me a message privately with a valid e-mail address and I will get back to you immediately.

There are so many theories, opinions, and guesses right now in society on the subject of UFO’s and aliens, so many out there that disregard the topic as nonsense or sleep paralysis that it makes matters impossible for those people that experience these other worldly events, they are called lunatics, crazy, unstable and it causes them to feel as if they don’t “fit in” with society. They feel alone, confused and there are those times when they do question their sanity, but if they look at things from a different perspective then it may not be so stressful, those that look at what has happened/ is happening to them as being in the special minority, they have experienced first hand what other’s can’t begin to imagine, they are somehow “chosen” for whatever reason, they have seen things that the majority of society will never have the opportunity to. Now don’t get me wrong here, I know it wouldn’t be possible for those that claim to have had horrific experiences with aliens to look at things from this perspective.

I personally believe that it is sheer ignorance and egotistical to believe that we are the only life forms in the infinite universe, it is narrow minded at the very least to believe that mankind is all that exists. That being said, if there are aliens then I’m sure that there are many different ones and that like people, some are benevolent and some are malevolent, what do men do when they encounter something different, something that they don’t understand or have never seen? Their first thought is to kill, dissect and study it, it never crosses their mind that it may be a living, breathing organism that probably feels pain and emotion of some kind.  and if the thought does occur to them they simply don’t give a damn. I’m sure that alien beings would be no different in that regard, they would want to learn about our species. Hypothetically speaking here, I’m also sure that any malevolent species of aliens would likely not regard human life with any value and probably wouldn’t care if they dissected a living human, for purposes of studying them, thousands of people go missing every day in this world and who is to say where every last one of them went. Okay so maybe that’s a stretch but the truth is, we don’t know and I believe whole heartedly that our government does indeed have the answers but will never willingly share that information with the public. Can you imagine the government telling us that oh by the way, UFO’s and aliens do exist and always have, they are technologically worlds ahead of us, we have no way of fighting them off if they ever care to take over and we can’t protect any of you against them, but hey don’t worry about it! Yeah, I would imagine that wouldn’t go over too well with everyone, truth or not, there would likely be total fear and panic.

In spite of everything, I feel that the public does have the right to know but it doesn’t matter because we will never come to the point of full disclosure, unless we get there on our own. So, back to my original question here, do you believe that you are regularly/frequently abducted by aliens? If you answered yes then please, I urge you to contact me immediately, don’t wait,do it now! Send me a message with your e-mail and I will get right back to you. Only honest, sincere, genuine, people need contact me about this matter.

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