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Animal Abusers Deserve More Than a Slap On The Wrist!

When I volunteered at the animal shelter I was always shocked and came home many times sickened and distraught by some of the vicious things that were done to animals. If you want to lose faith in humanity then go and volunteer at a nursing home or an animal shelter, some of the horrors are just too much to repeat.

An animal is like a child, they are defenseless and unable to help themselves, they are at the mercy of their caretakers (and a goos deal of humans don’t know what mercy is). They offer nothing but unconditional love and they ask so little in return, yet the two legged animals of the world see  them as “things” or property for them to use and abuse as they see fit! There had been incidences of abuse involving German Shepard’s being skinned and thrown into rivers and creeks and then shot at! What piece of trash could do anything so evil, a coward, bully and scum of the earth that should have the same done to them. Needless to say the cases were never solved.

There have been so many cases of kittens being thrown into garbage cans in 90 degree weather to die. Cats burned alive when some scum lured the starving cats with food because they were starving, their hunger brought them close only to be set on fire! Cats put in tiny boxes that were  then sealed with duct tape and thrown into dumpsters to die. A small Poodle tied on a leash with only 6 inches to move and it’s food and water put just out of reach, when the dog whined or went to the bathroom on the floor it was beat with a flyswatter. A tiny Pomeranian that was purchased only to get her pregnant so the so called caretaker could sell off the puppies and make money for himself, when she didn’t get pregnant fast enough the guy that bought her began kicking her around his kitchen and laughing when her little body slammed into the stove! And t hen there is the so called animal shelter at Griffin Pond where the remains of both cats and dogs were found in the pond behind the shelter, likely the animals were thrown in alive but put in bags first so as not to be able to swim away!

So again I ask you, what the hell is wrong with society? Maybe all of us aren’t abusers and we call ourselves animal lovers but what are we doing when we see a case of it being done by one of these pieces of crap? What if your family member was abusing or killing animals, would you step forward or keep your mouth shut for them? I don’t care who it is that does the abusing, they need to be stopped and get far worse than a slap on the wrist, they should suffer the same fate as the animal they lay hands on, period! Karmas a bitch and bites really hard!


Ode To Maggie Mae, A Sweet Elderly Four Legged Girl

Several weeks ago while trying to find a particular cat food I ended up at PetSmart, I’ve never been able to go into that store and not go over to visit with the cats that are caged for adoption and that day was no exception. What was different that day was that I was immediately drawn to this one cage where at first I didn’t see a cat at all. Here huddled into a small fabric “hut” was a beautiful sand colored cat trying her best to hide, naturally I read the card to see what her name was and her story. This is what the the card stated:

I’m a super soft, sweet, & shy snuggle bug. Age is just a number. I’m searching for a nice quiet home to spend my retirement years in. I’m not a huge fan of other animals. My doctor tells me that I have a heart murmur but as long as I stay calm and stress free I’ll do just fine. My mom had to retire without me, so I’m hoping to find a new human now who doesn’t judge my age.

My heart broke for this cat like few others, this poor girl is 14 years of age! Sadly people usually go for a kitten or a pristine, perfect looking, cat but God forbid the cat have a flaw being a handicap or of an advanced age, forget it because the majority of people are all about looks! At the top of the card it’s written in large print, “SHHHHHH PLEASE BE QUIET I’M SCARED AND TRYING TO ADJUST”, but face it there is nowhere quiet sitting in a cage in PetSmart because there is always customer chatter, dogs barking, someone saying something or other on the loud speaker. The card also lists the cost of her adoption, are you ready for this one…………..  $70.00!

You may think it’s silly but I went out of that store in tears and Maggie Mae has been on my mind ever since. Here’s the sad truth at her age she will not live for a lot of years and they are asking $70.00 for a cat that someone may bond with, only to lose in less than a year, how many people do you know that will adopt her under these circumstances? Plus being that she has a murmur she will need vet visits to monitor her health. I want her so badly but I have a cat and a dog and God knows that would stress a cat that isn’t fond of other animals!

This is like taking your great grandmother from hospice, putting her in a linen closet and leaving her crammed in there to die! I was sure that the card would have been one of Griffin Pond Animal Shelter’s but much to my dismay and shock, it was Animal Care Associates, a normally fantastic, 100% truly no kill shelter. While I understand that they probably put her there with good intentions because she deserves to be in a loving home, it’s also hell for her! I just can’t imagine what she’s thinking she bonds with a woman for all those years and then as she approaches her final years she is thrown into a small cage. She is clearly depressed because every time that I have been there since to see her, she is ALWAYS in the small hut laying where she feels she’s hidden! This old girl deserves a great home so if you know of anyone that would fit the bill, please tell them Maggie’s story.


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Griffin Pond “Animal Shelter” Abington Twp. PA Yet Another Gruesome Find!

So once again we’re hearing another tale of horror involving the Griffin Pond shelter, it’s supposed to be an animal shelter, not a killing field. The latest news pertaining to the shelter is that shelter staff just happened to be in the rear of the shelter “examining” a new shed when one of them noticed a plastic bag on the surface of the pond, inside of the bag were animal remains. When they found a second bag they decided to call law enforcement, it remains unclear how many bags and how many cat and dog remains they have found.

It would be nearly impossible to verify who exactly tossed animals into the pond to drown, or killed them and then threw the remains into the pond and we all know why. There are some scum of  the earth cowards out there that would throw live animals into any body of water to die a horrible death without a second thought. By the same token, thankfully a lot of people now know what many of us already knew, what Griffin Pond shelter was really all about after their last stint in the news. The drop off times for unwanted animals are rigid to say the least, but I can’t abide by anyone, anywhere dealing in any way with that particular shelter, especially when it comes to donating money or any supplies to them! There are those cases where it tears their hearts out but pet owners have no choice but to surrender their dogs or cats to a shelter, but let me tell you this, if you surrender an animal to that shelter then there is a great chance that you have just signed the animals death warrant, I’m not convinced it would even be a humane death! Give your money, donations and if you have no choice but to surrender an animal, to a NO KILL SHELTER! Don’t be lazy or lax and say that they are all full, do your research and you will find one!

I know dozens of animal lovers that always donate to animal charities, always give, with just one exception….. if it is being collected for Griffin Pond Shelter! When you work with animals you are privy to the behind the scenes talk about many shelters, vets, etc. and trust me don’t waste your money and give anything to that shelter, if you happen to know of an animal there you want to save then by all means that’s the best thing that you can do, get the animal the hell out of there, anything else don’t bother because what your money is really doing is supporting the killing of endless animals!

Griffin Pond Animal shelter should be closed down and it’s so called employees not continue to have their pockets lined! Had the money paid to employees been taken and have been put into purchasing cameras, perhaps we’d know about the heinous acts that were done, it’s unlikely that the animals (especially when it’s more than a couple of them) were dead when thrown into the pond. It sickens me to think about but the scum(s) of the earth that did it probably knew that cats, as well as dogs can swim. Also, being the remains were not real recent they had to have been in the pond for quite some time so there must have been something that kept the bags down for awhile, which would indicate that they were probably alive! No matter how you look at it, the shelter is at the very least partially responsible, be it from not allocating funds for security or from the hours that they allow drop offs!

Wish there was a way to get the culprit that did these things and do the very same to them! Too many morons believe that animals are just things, that they don’t feel emotions, don’t hurt, don’t get terrified out of their minds when they are about to be killed especially. Listen up, animals feel period, they love and bond with people and other animals, they get depressed, sad, happy, sick and they most certainly feel pain! They don’t wish to die, in fact they have a fight for survival instinct but sadly they sometimes are too helpless or too trusting of the humans around them, some driven by hatred and no capacity for compassion!


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A Little Tabby Cat Called Doc

About a week ago when I was sitting outside enjoying the cool night air a truck pulled into the driveway for all of three minutes, it opened the drivers door and I heard a mans voice saying “throw it the fu** out, hurry”. I got up to walk down the driveway to see what was going on when the truck hauled ass out of here like a bat out of hell, I just went back to sit on the porch. For a couple of minutes I kept hearing a raspy, strange gurgle sound that I couldn’t identify, I didn’t have to go far to locate the source, here at the bottom of the porch steps was a tabby cat probably about 8 months old.

This cat was emaciated and sick beyond belief, his lungs were fluid filled, he was lucky to weigh three pounds soaking wet and was more starved than any cat I had ever seen (and being a shelter volunteer I have seen a lot). Naturally I fed him and started him on medication to get rid of the upper respiratory infection, cleaned his ears and flea/tick treated him. Within a weeks time this cat that I call Doc, has gained considerably and he’s like a new cat physically. The disgusting part is that I immediately noticed that he is terrified beyond belief of feet, he also has an issue with his gait that seems to be the result of an injury. At first I thought that he may have been clipped by a car but then I realized that, more likely he’s been kicked hard by a foot and seeing how afraid he is of men, my guess would be that it was a man that did it!

All of my adult life I have said that I prefer the company of animals to people and I have had some think that I’m mentally unhinged for feeling that way, but you know what, animals ask so little of you and they give so much, they would lay down their lives for you. It’s been proven that shelter animals are even more devoted to their owners than animals that have been purchased from breeders, they are grateful that the owner rescued them. Animals can smell death and being in a shelter is no different, they know that animals are being killed around them all the time and naturally they don’t want to die!

This little guy Doc would most definitely have died in a matter of days if the clueless ass that dropped him off had waited any longer, or had dropped him near a house that would not have helped or known how to help him! This tabby cat lucked out but what about the next one? What kind of inhuman piece of garbage would kick a helpless animal, even to hurt any animal? I think that the same should be done to animal abusers as they do to the animal(s), turnabout is fair play!


Meghan Markle Animal Lover? You Decide!

Anyone who has followed my posts knows that I have a huge soft spot for all of our furry little friends, especially rescues that would have otherwise been killed had they lingered in a shelter. So imagine that a poor dog sits in a cage every day waiting to die and then along comes a woman who adopts him and has him every day for years and years, the woman is all the dog knows and loves. Enter a prospect too good to pass up, a real life Prince and said woman just can’t let that jewel out of her grasp, so after latching on to the Prince she suddenly decides that one of her two rescue dogs is just “too old” to make the trip across the pond so she leaves it with “friends”!

Megan Markle decided that one of her rescue dogs Bogart was just too old to skip across the pond with her, she did take ONE dog but left the other to wonder what the hell he did wrong to be abandoned by the one he loves most, wondering why his everyday companion isn’t there any longer either. Any true four legged fur baby lover knows that animals can become severely depressed, and like humans at times they may stop eating all together until they die of a broken heart. How disgusting and irresponsible to do that to any animal that you claim to love and that has been your constant companion for years, always there for you always comforting you any asking so little in return. I’ll bet that if poor Bogart could talk he would excitedly risk his well being to be included in the trip, most likely he would have begged and groveled not to be left behind abandoned!

Don’t you love how there are those people out there preaching their love of animals and acting as if they agree that others should always save a shelter animal but when the opportunity of a lite time comes along, their selfishness and ego overwhelms their life and that poor animal that relied on the person most all of it’s life, is discarded like a used pair of shoes! I am not a fan of Meghan Markle anyway but now I can’t even say that I have an iota of respect for the woman. Just another loyal subject left in her wake, probably one of the two most loyal souls in her life who I’m sure sits watching the door while clinging to hope that he is forgiven for whatever it is he did to deserve being left behind. Meghan can fool herself all she likes by believing that Bogart is just fine but as someone who has worked with and around animals for many years, I’m sure that’s just not the case. Shame on you Markle, shame on you, at your age especially you should know better and be ashamed of yourself!




















if the dog could


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Seuss, Misdiagnosed by every Vet that examined him for nearly 6 months!

Anyone that has a beloved pet knows that they are a member of the family and loved as a biological child is loved, that fact in itself is used against us by the majority of veterinarians across the country. When our pets have health issues there isn’t much we wouldn’t do to take care of them and get them healthy again and as I’m sure you know, getting them healthy can break the bank and leave us in a financial mess, what’s more tragic than that is when our pets are written off by their vet because of their advanced age or because of the extent of treatment the animal might need.

Seuss is my 14 year old orange and white tabby cat, every vet that he has ever been to has remarked that he should teach other cats how to behave because he’s always been such a gentle, well mannered, handsome little man. One day when he went to eat he ran yowling from his dish in agony, he was moving his tongue around his mouth frantically, as if he was trying to get a scrap of food out of his mouth or as if there was a shard of glass in there, he ran and hid.  Our vet wasn’t able to get him in until day two of this behavior, incidentally I was worried about dehydration but his bladder had been blocked from not being able to eat or drink, thank God she was able to catheterize him successfully. She said that she didn’t see any problems in the mouth or throat and sent him home. That was back in June of this year and the problem just continued, only his pain grew so bad that he would scream whenever he tried to lap up the puree food I made him and would even yowl in his sleep during the night. I kept returning to the vet telling her that there is something very wrong with Seuss, she kept telling me that she had no idea what was going on, that he wasn’t “textbook” for anything, in spite of that she felt the answer was to extract his entire mouthful of teeth, I didn’t have it done because of the fact that she was only suggesting it because she didn’t know what the problem was! Months of force feeding him with a syringe and when August rolled around, one day he fell over and was critically weak, it was the vets day off and I rushed him back to the office where he was seen by a different vet in the practice, that vet said that he didn’t feel it was the cats mouth at all, but rather his ear ( the same ear that I had been taking him to the vet for, for two years off and on prior ). The next morning they sedated Seuss and took an x-ray of his skull, drew blood and scoped his mouth, throat and ear. There was nothing wrong in the mouth or throat and after the ear was viewed and cultured they found a staph infection and a ruptured eardrum, the ear began to RUN with blood. After all of that and all of those months lost guessing, it was thought that he needed ear surgery because, they said he had to have a mass or polyp in the inner ear canal, of course the surgery he needed wasn’t performed in many places.

Thousands of dollars later and after many different vets seeing him we decided to take him on the long trip to Plains, PA to a hospital there where the ear surgery was performed TECA (total ear canal ablation). Seuss had the T.E.C.A. surgery and there was a mass that the doctor said had spread aggressively, he said there was no way to get it all at this point. When I saw my poor little old guy after the surgery I burst into tears, half of his face is cut up, the incision around the ear is massive, his leg where a line was run is just one giant bruise, under his tail where another line was run is a mess and his neck is a horrific mess. Half of his face is paralyzed because the surgery wasn’t done sooner because it took far too long to diagnose him, he can no longer blink the left eye on the paralyzed side. They left him lay in his bed that we sent with him, in a cage for soo long without checking on him he was completely covered with urine, he hadn’t had any food or drink during his hospital stay!

In September I took Seuss to an emergency room at an animal hospital in Clarks Summit, PA and let me tell you, being brutally honest here, the doctor that saw him was the single most arrogant, obnoxious, insensitive, unfeeling, rough brute that I have ever had the displeasure of taking any animal to! When he asked how old Seuss in and I replied fourteen he immediately responded with, “Well he’s an old guy anyway so what is it you think can be done”. The visit conclude with him telling me that he would GLADLY euthanize Seuss, just say the word, because, he went on to say, if no one can diagnose his problem anyway it’s going to cost you thousands of dollars for an MRI and surgery on a cat that has lived his life and is elderly and that even if someone could find the problem and correct it, you’ll be lucky to get another year out of him! I was disgusted and sick to my stomach, talk about writing an animal off just because of his older age and the fact that a vet has to actually work to find the diagnosis.

Dr. Hassinger in Plains was like no other vet that I had ever seen, he handled Seuss with care and allowed him his dignity, he didn’t write him off and did his best to diagnose him and treat him, even though I’m told that will take a miracle. He was honest but sensitive and understood what Seuss means to us, while I didn’t like the lack of care that Seuss got from the staff that was to take care of him during the hospital stay, I really can’t gripe about the doctor.

Seuss is home now and it will be a long week until we hear the results of the biopsy to determine what comes next, I will never give up hope, I am living proof that miracles do happen and I am expecting a miracle for Seuss too. He’s possibly the strongest cat that has ever lived and if anyone can get through this it will be him, but feel free to say a prayer for him too. If you feel in your gut that something is wrong with  your pet don’t wait, get him to a real vet and if your usual vet doesn’t help your fur baby get that animal to a different one but don’t wait because waiting might mean the difference between life and death for your beloved pet.


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