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Meet A Throw Away, Disposable, Dying Cat Named Doc

I like to sit out on the porch at night in the summer, living in a rural area makes it all the more beautiful with the crickets chirping and the peepers carrying a tune. There is a juvenile bear that frequently visits the compost barrel in the back of the house but always keeps a close eye on my bird feeders in the front, hanging from the porch.

One night while my daughter and I were sitting out on the porch, the guy that rents the garage near our house from the landlord, drove up in back and we heard him saying “just throw the fuc*ing thing out, hurry”, he was here all of two minutes before flying out of the driveway so fast he bottomed his truck out. Not even 5 minutes later we heard an odd, low gurgling sound coming from the direction of the bottom of the porch steps but it was too dark to see. My daughter went for the front door immediately fearing it was the bear snooping around, I assured her that it wasn’t the bear but I wasn’t quite sure what the sound was. I went and got a flashlight to investigate the sound which now seemed closer, like on the porch steps.

Sitting at the foot of the stairs was an emaciated light orange with darker orange stripes tabby cat, he was weak, shaking and could barely stand. The first thing I noticed as I scooped the little guy up to bring onto the porch and check him over in my lap, was severe congestion so much so that the sound we heard was him struggling to breathe, his lungs were full of fluid, he couldn’t breathe and had mucous completely blocking his nostrils. As if he wasn’t in bad enough shape he was feverish, starving and I had to actually regulate his initial intake of water so he wouldn’t drink too much since he hadn’t had a drink in so long, his dehydration was pretty bad. This little guy reminded me of my orange tabby Seuss that had passed away last year so I named him Doc. Realistically though I knew that the odds were stacked against this poor little fur ball, had he not been thrown away by his previous owner he wouldn’t have survived another three days, he was in trouble being that he was already so gravely ill.

Luckily I keep some medications, etc. in house from volunteering for a no kill shelter, the first thing I did after giving Doc a much needed drink was to mix medication in with his food and hope for the best, I told my daughter that IF he made it through the night then there was a sliver of hope for him. I brought out a cat bed and put it on the porch where it was sheltered and close to the front door so that I could hear anything out of the ordinary from the couch where I slept that night. I continued to give Doc small amounts of food every few hours through the night and putting out fresh water. I was relieved when the sun came up to find him laying on the welcome mat outside of the front door, I went out with some more food and he gobbled it up so fast he began to choke. Not only was it difficult for him to eat with his nose being so congested but he also had an extreme fear that the food given to him would be taken before he could eat it!

I continued giving Doc his rounds of medication, put flea/tick treatment on him, brushed his coat thoroughly and began to assess his overall health. It was clear in the light of day that he had suffered some type of serious injury to his hind legs/hips, his gait was most abnormal as a result and it became evident that whenever he saw someone approaching (usually a man) wearing any type of boots, he became instantly terrified and would lower his body to the ground and run like the hounds of hell were at his heels. He would hide and not come out until the person wearing the boots was gone. I have seen dogs that were food possessive/aggressive but had never seen a cat so much so, until Doc.

I know that the night this little guy was tossed out like a piece of garbage, it was more than likely that the “garage renter” was the culprit that did the tossing! Why anyone would take a cat in and give it a home only until it happens to get sick and then decide that the cat isn’t worth taking to a vet or bothering with it any longer, is beyond my comprehension. I can understand if a pet owner can’t afford a trip to the vet, God knows they gouge people enough with their overpriced services, but if you can’t afford a vet then you shouldn’t have a pet or at the very least take the animal to a true no kill shelter. Once Doc recovered from his illness and his personality came through it turns out that he is the sweetest, most loving, affectionate, chubby fur baby you’ve ever seen! He NEVER refuses food and every meal he eats he must truly believe it’s his last, but if given a choice he will leave the food for the slightest bit of attention/affection. This beautiful chubby buddy was considered by someone to be disposable and how sad that is when he is such a sweet, loving good boy, he has been amazingly grateful from the time he first came along and wasn’t chased away, was given a bed, fed, given water, made to feel better (though he has no clue it was from the medicine), given relief for his fleas, his coat was cared for and most critical of all, he was welcomed with open arms and loved! To give so little to an animal and get so much in return makes you wonder all the more how anyone out there can neglect, abuse or kill a helpless animal. I thank God that he sought out the nearest house in an area that was totally unfamiliar to him, it is said that animals know when they are really in trouble and in need of human help, strange because it’s a human that let him down to begin with!



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If You Buy Coca Cola, Fairlife Farms/Fair Oaks Farms Products You Are Supporting Animal Torture!

While the video shot undercover is graphic, traumatizing and evil, I suggest that every lover of animals watch as much of it as they can possibly bear, not to make you vomit but to show what really goes on at these places that supply dairy products to stores. Fair Oaks is a flagship dairy supplier for Fairlife, which was launched by Coca-Cola and Select Milk Producers, a co-op of dairy farms operated by Mike and Sue McCloskey, the couple also owns Fair Oaks Farms.

An investigator from Animal Recovery Mission, a Miami Beach Florida based advocacy group conducted an undercover investigation of Fair Oaks Farms from August through November of 2018. The undercover video shot by the investigator is heinous, I don’t know of a strong enough word to describe the level of animal abuse, torture more adequately describes it. Newborn calves ripped from their mothers and as the mother cows watch, their babies are picked up and thrown, choked, stabbed, struck by workers with their hands and with steel rods, burnt with branding irons and kicked in their heads and tiny bodies! The bodies of other calves are piled into the dirt most likely having died from the unspeakable abuse they suffered at the hands of those that were paid to correctly take care of them. The mother cows witnessing the hideous abuse to their babies can be heard moaning and crying continuously until they become hoarse.

Now pay close attention to this….. three former employees have been charged with a single felony count each of torturing or mutilating an animal and single misdemeanor counts of cruelty to an animal, according to charging documents released Tuesday. The three are said to be (again, pay close attention and tell me what jumps out at you immediately), Santiago Ruvalcaba Contreros, 31;  Edgar Gardozo Vazquez, 36; and Miguel Angel Navarro Serrano, 38. The Sheriffs office does not have these men in custody yet  as they say that they have been unable to locate them! Could it be that these torturing, abusive, pieces of trash criminals have snaked over the border and are not even legal? Regardless, this is a prime example of the garbage that blows into this country and has zero respect for this land, any citizen living here or any other form of life, they need to go,  AFTER being punished to the full extent of the law! Better yet, in cases like this one the same torture that each has inflicted upon every animal that they came in contact with, should be inflicted upon them tenfold! They are less than human, the animals lives are of more value than these torturing, cruel, maiming, good for absolutely nothing scum of the earth bullies.

Not for one minute do I believe that Fair Oaks Farms Owners Mike and Sue McCloskey were completely unaware of the torture being inflicted upon those poor animals daily. They should be held accountable, as should every last one of their affiliates. The Coca Cola Company included, everyone that sells, partners with, invests in, or even buys ANY of their products is part of the problem. To give ANY business to any of them is to condone the vicious animal abuse, neglect and torture, the best way to make a stand and start making a difference is to boycott every one of Fair Oaks Farms, Fairlife Farms and The Coca-Cola Company products, if everyone sticks together and takes a stand then believe me true changes will be made, the consumer is every company’s bread and butter and when they have had enough the companies involved feel it in their wallets and suddenly give a damn.

Imagine what those mother cows must have felt, and yes animals do have feelings, look at the cow that escaped from the truck when it was delivered to the slaughterhouse, it threw itself into a nearby lake and swam out to an island because it didn’t want to die any more than a human would! Some of those mother cows had just given birth to their calves only  to have them ripped away from them and right before their very eyes they see them picked up into the air and THROWN into small isolation huts, calves being drug by their EARS, smashing calves with milk bottles, kicking them, beating them with branding irons and steel rebar, force feeding them until they literally can’t breathe, choking the calves, burning them, violently kicking them in their little skulls and stabbing them! It comes as no surprise that adult cows are mercilessly abused and mistreated as well, any scum of the earth that would abuse baby animals would definitely abuse any and all other animals of all ages!

Tragically in many dairies, just like in the slaughterhouses across the country where animals are killed to fill the gullets of the public, animals are treated as inanimate THINGS without feelings, emotions, incapable of feeling pain, just “things”. These businesses get what they want from the animals all in the name of the almighty dollar and nothing else matters but their greed. Isn’t it easy for the people in charge of these places, along with their “affiliates” to turn their heads and pretend that they know nothing about what’s going on in their businesses. I’m sure that The Coca-Cola Company didn’t form any kind of partnership with Fair Oaks Farms without touring their dairies too. Since it’s been reported that these cows and calves were kept in the most filthy conditions it would have been difficult to conceal the filthy environment.

If you love animals, truly love and respect them then don’t give Fair Oaks Farms, Fairlife Farms, or The Coca-Cola Company any of your business, spend your hard earned money on products that come from clean, humane dairies, don’t be part of the problem and instead be part of the solution by boycotting these places and all of their products. Make all of your friends aware too so that they will do the same and together we can all make a huge difference and stop the torturous abuse and killings. I thank you and know that if these animals had a voice, they would thank you too.

*******PLEASE NOTE: A friend of mine posted a comment on her Facebook page after seeing the undercover video of the abuse talked about above. She stated how disgusting the abuse was and that she would not buy any Fairlife products, Fair Oaks Products and was through with Coca Cola and all of their MANY affiliates products, she encouraged all of her friends to do the same. Next thing she knew ( disturbingly quickly ) she was a prisoner of what we have all come to know as “Facebook Jail”!  Perhaps one or more of these companies support Facebook or advertise there but it’s pretty bad that Facebook is now trying to hamper freedom of speech ESPECIALLY when it comes to torturing, neglecting, maiming and killing animals, shame on Facebook! It would appear that they condone this behavior and dislike the animal lovers taking a stand on their supposedly own Facebook pages! Beware!




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Animal Care Associates Scranton, Pennsylvania Truly Saving Animal Lives

Do you know someone that loves animals to the point that they put the welfare of the animals above all else, including themselves, a person that goes without the necessities for themselves, the necessities that the rest of us take for granted in order to spend every last penny on the animals? These type of people are few and far between for sure because most people are too selfish to put anyone or anything above themselves, but I know just one of these people personally and she never ceases to amaze me.

Denise founded and runs a shelter that rescues mainly cats, though she isn’t the type to pass by ANY animal in need without scooping that animal up and nursing it back to good health. She has seen it all, been through it all and knows as much as any veterinarian I have ever seen, she is trustworthy and the level of love that she has for the never ending number of strays, neglected and abused cats is like nothing you’ve ever before seen.

Sadly while she was out running her errands one day a couple of years ago her car was smashed into by another vehicle, she was left with broken bones, has had too many surgeries to count and has been in a wheelchair since. This amazing woman STILL runs the shelter, STILL rescues cats and STILL cares as much as she ever has for these animals! I have always admired her strength and could only wish that I was as strong.

I am sickened by the amount of donations collected for other kill shelters around the area, you always see Griffin Pond donations being collected in spite of the fact that dead dogs and cats were found in the pond behind their shelter, almost certainly put into the tied bags alive when they were tossed carelessly into it. That was only ONE of the many vile infractions reported about Griffin Pond! The shelter that Denise founded Animal Care Associates could use donations more so than any of the others and what sets them apart from the others is that A.C.A. is TRULY a no kill shelter, others that claim to be normally have the animals killed elsewhere so they can claim to be no kill!

This woman Denise gives 110 percent to the cats in her care, she rescues in rain, sunshine, snow, sleet and goes without sleep much of the time, without the little perks that the rest of us enjoy, she has her own medical issues and bills piled up but still she takes every dime that she gets, including her own money and provides for these unwanted cats. She does not discriminate against any cat and has rescued the elderly ones that have been taken to be euthanized because the owner felt that they were old at that point and just didn’t want them anymore, the poor little kittens that have been thrown out of the home where their mothers gave birth to them because the damned owners didn’t have their cat spayed, the emaciated cats that have been thrown along the road and are on the brink of death from no food or water, the cats that have been hit by cars and left for dead, the neglected sickly cats of which some had owners, some did not, that have gone without any medical care and have lost their eyeballs from infections building up! Denise should be commended for all that she has done and still does from a wheelchair none the less, we need more loving, caring souls like her.

If you care about animals and you truly want to make a difference, donate to Animal Care Associates in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Don’t give money to so called “shelters” like Griffin Pond because what you are doing is to help them to pay for even more euthanizations of their dogs and cats. Contribute to the deserving shelter that does not believe that animals should be killed just because there are so many, because they are in need of medical care, because they are old, the wrong color or not a “purebred”. Humans are responsible for the never ending number of strays, humans should be responsible for their pets or at the very least take them to a NO KILL SHELTER when they no longer want them or are unable to care for them properly. Too many people out there are not aware that because a shelter claims to be a no kill one, they still farm out the animals to be euthanized so they can refer to themselves as no kill! A.C.A. I happen to know for a fact that they absolutely are not in any way a kill shelter, they take the cats in and they are given medical care, shots, are spayed/neutered, well fed daily, are given clean water and are well socialized.

If you care and you want to help, adopt from Animal Care Associates or make a donation to the shelter, I can promise you that your money, every last penny of it will go to the care of the cats. You’ll be amazed by how good you feel too to know that you are making a difference where it really counts and helping to save lives.


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The Ugly Truth About PETA

Who hasn’t heard of PETA ( People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals ), they fight for people to stop wearing fur coats that cost many animals their lives, they fight against abuse all over the place, right? Well I can’t help but wonder what exactly they consider “ethical treatment”, is it to kill 80 percent of all of the animals in their so called shelters? Because it seems to me that if they fought for animals they would opt for no kill shelters rather than high kill ones. It’s disheartening that the majority of shelters are kill shelters but as a rule they don’t hide what they are, PETA is the worst of the worst in that regard because they make people believe that they care about the precious lives of all animals, yet they kill an average of 80 percent of them in their shelters?

How dare PETA parade around pretending that their cause is so noble, how dare they pretend to care about animals and raise hell when there is a case of abuse or killing when they are no better than those they bitch about! Google was condemned by PETA for celebrating Steve Irwin on what would have been his 57th birthday, the actually stated that Steve Irwin was killed while harassing a ray; he dangled his baby while feeding a crocodile and wrestled wild animals who were minding their own business. All of Steve Irwin’s many fans knew his deep love of animals and how strongly he felt about conservation, he was never one to abuse or kill any animal ( unlike PETA and the ludicrous number of animals they kill in their shelters ).

If PETA worked to preserve life instead of taking lives I would be the first to contribute to their cause but in truth I think that the ASPCA rescues and saves more lives than PETA ever could. They preach and preach and say just what people want to hear in order to secure funding but they are nothing but hypocrites that care nothing about the lives put into their hands (shelters) the story is as old as time, GREED overrides any compassion for animals. I would have more respect for PETA if they were honest enough to provide full disclosure as far as the number of animals that they euthanize but to preach about saving all animal lives, stop cruelty, stop abuse, stop neglect and to kill EIGHTY PERCENT of the animals in their shelters rather than work to find them forever homes is vile! I guess it’s easier and cheaper for PETA to kill them, be careful who you donate money to because you will most likely be contributing to countless animals being put to sleep.


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A True Animal Lovers “Must See”

Those of you that have Netflix and have skipped past a show offered on there titled Life In The Doghouse, if you truly love animals, particularly dogs then please take the time to watch the show. It is inspiring, sweet and heartbreaking all at the same time, these two men Danny and Ron have sacrificed normal life as they knew it for the sake of the many dogs living with them that they have saved. So many dogs and never enough money or donations, so much so that he tries to get a home equity loan for a hundred thousand dollars to keep the rescue going!

What sets these loving souls apart from others is that the dogs they take ALL live freely in their home, they are treated as valued, loving members of their family. The show gives us a glimpse into the day to day lives of two men that care so very much for unwanted, unloved, abandoned, abused, disabled and death row dogs that they scarcely have time to sit and talk with one another about anything other than the dogs.

I cried when I watched and there was a “shelter” shown on there that didn’t deal with any questions, no paperwork, no viewing the animals they had, no answers, nothing but kill, kill and kill! The countless euthanized dog bodies appearing to have been wrapped in common garbage bags were loaded into the back of a truck that had been backed up to the rear door of the building, after carelessly flinging the unbelievable number of dead dog bodies into the truck bed, they were then taken out to what looked like a desert area where there was a massive hole dug for what would be a mass grave for those poor unfortunate animals. The many bodies were then tossed into the mass grave, to watch the two that were doing it that day gave the distinct impression that they were so conditioned and desensitized to it all, they appeared as if they were simply taking out the trash! Now look, I know that some would say it’s a terrible job but someone has to do it, I call bullshit on that! If there is a job, any job or action that is not right, so much so that no one will do it then guess what? It will not be done, period!

These ignorant morons that say they don’t want their dogs (or cats) “balls cut off”  when it comes to spaying and neutering are the absolute root of the problem! I guess they have never seen the abandoned kittens and puppies left all over the place to die slow, painful deaths, no food, no water, never knowing what a true home and family would be like. For too many others they are picked up, taken to a so called “shelter” where they are killed anyway through no fault of their own, they are killed just because they were brought into the world by an “unfixed” animal that people let down.

This world needs more Danny and Ron’s, it is rare indeed to find people that go far above and beyond, hell it’s rare enough now days to find people that care at all. They are the voice for animals everywhere and don’t discriminate by only wanting the pristine dogs, the beautiful, purebred, perfect ones that people will consider adopting above all others. They see the beauty and value in every animal recognizing that each is unique, have their own personalities and quirks, and that every one of their lives matter! How I wish this world had more people like these two men.

Karma is like one giant everlasting savings account, for every good deed good karma goes into the bank and for every ugly, mean deed it is deducted from the balance. Too many people that abuse, neglect or kill animals or turn their heads to the nasty plight that many animals are in I’m sure are in the red at the universal bank of karma! I can promise you this, what you do to others, people or animals comes back to you tenfold and karma bites real hard, every soul in existence get’s what they have coming to them that’s just the way it is. Please remember that when you see an animal in need, ANY animal not just dogs and cats.


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Oregon Officials Kill Friendly Bear, Rather Than Hold The Humans Accountable!

A friendly, well known and loved black bear met with a grisly fate Thursday near Henry Hagg Lake in northwestern Oregon. The young 2 to 3 year old bear was shot dead by wildlife officials that claimed to fear that the bear would be prone to attack after losing it’s fear of people!

People would leave trail mix, cracked corn and sunflower seeds along a nearby highway, some would take selfies with the cub. Wildlife officials “feared” that the bear was already too habituated to humans and rather than have an EXPERT take the time to verify their ASSumptions, they took the life of the 100 pound young male! People are taught not to feed bears/wildlife therefore any person that did so or approached the bear assumed full responsibility for their actions, so once again an innocent animal was killed because of human behavior! I’m sure that food can be scarce for a young bear, especially when older mature, bigger bears are in the same areas looking for food themselves, naturally ANY animal would go for the “easy food source”. How I wish the bear could have known that the most lethal mistake that could ever be made is to trust ANY human being!

Regardless of what area it is there are people that will continue to feed wildlife, bears included, so why in the hell doesn’t the law recognize that people know better but if they don’t follow the rules, if for nothing else the sake of the animal, allow them to assume responsibility for their own actions, their own lives! If they get mauled and/or killed then it is their own choice but stop blaming and killing the animals because of it! I am a supporter of our right to bear arms in this country but I can’t say that I agree that wildlife officials should even be permitted to carry, if they can shoot a friendly bear just because they feel the bear MAY become dangerous, then God knows what other animals they are out there killing!

Damn Oregon and most of all damn the so called wildlife officials! Taking this young 100 pound bears life was unacceptable, inexcusable and assinine. PEOPLE put the bears life in jeopardy, PEOPLE did that not the damned cub and instead of officials looking further into the particular bear to see if he were dangerous, they went with what they ASSumed! You don’t have to be an “expert” to know that ALL animals are different it isn’t always just a case of basic instincts, each has their own personality and news flash you so called Oregon “experts”, there are those animals of every variety that ARE different! But none of you so much as got off of your trigger happy asses to bother looking into this individual bear or alternatives to automatically killing the bear! Shame on Oregon and shame on their so called wildlife experts, you’ve set a real good example for those animal murdering bullies out there, shoot first and ask questions later!

It’s heartbreaking to think that this poor young bear probably sat right there trusting the “officials” in front of him, looking them in the eyes as they shot him dead! You that pulled the trigger, you that approved it, you that had any part of murdering an innocent bear whose only mistake was in trusting humans, you make me sick and I know for sure that karma will be knocking your door down, can’t be soon enough.


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The Elevator Bully Abusing The French Bulldog

Is there no end to the disgusting wastes out there that get off on abusing helpless animals? Brandon Tynes of Nashville, Tennessee was caught on the security footage from his apartment complex violently slapping his little French Bulldog in the face repeatedly, when the elevator doors opened he THREW the little dog head first into a wall where it fell approximately five feet to the floor. The video is stomach turning, it will truly make any animal lover cry and the force with which that poor little pooch was slammed against the wall makes it a miracle that every bone in his little body wasn’t shattered!

Why any piece of garbage would bring a loving pet into a home just to abuse it and take all of their frustration out on it is beyond comprehension. I guarantee you that with a bullying abuser like that it was definitely not the first time he abused his animals. Takes a real tough guy doesn’t it, to beat on a defenseless little animal! I believe that the same should be done to him, perhaps he would think twice next time knowing how it felt! I don’t think that he should EVER be allowed to have any other pets, not ever!

Animals love unconditionally, they freely give so much and in too many cases they are rewarded with nothing but misery and constant abuse. If that piece of crap weren’t caught via video God knows how long it would be before both of his dogs were dead. Anyone that would abuse any animal will do it again, to any other animal. I pray that the two dogs can be re-homed together and can know what a loving family is, that they can have a taste of a good life, God knows if I lived in the state I would adopt both of them.


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