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Democrats Destroying America And Relationships With Our Allies!

Certain members of the congress having insanity drive them soo far left, have become nothing more than fanatical zealots. Two of the four “squad” members of the senate, Tlaib and Omar used a planned visit to Israel as yet another opportunity to further their sick, hate fueled agendas and knew that certain media outlets would paint them as victims. It’s disgusting how each of these women have publicly aired their contempt for Israel and Jews and not just once or twice either, they were never once reprimanded by any other fellow democrats and yet they and other democrats have the audacity to cry foul because Israel won’t welcome them with open arms! Think about this, you find that you have a real and dangerous enemy that detests the ground you walk upon, they have made clear that they hate you and would love nothing more than to see you gone in every sense, suddenly they want to come into your house where you and all of the people you are responsible to take care of and protect live, are you going to allow them into your house?

In a world where every citizen of every country and every leader of every country is more paranoid, confrontational and on edge than ever, it is a gravely serious thing to incite anger and hatred on ANY issue. What Omar and Tlaib have been doing and continue to is putting every one of our lives at risk and deteriorating relationships with key allies of the United States, it is not a game. Nancy Pelosi and her henchmen, Chuck Schumer, Tlaib, Omar, Cortez and Pressley with their radical, childish antics have made a joke of our political system, they have zero respect for this country and their only intent is to torch the United States.

I think that there should have indeed been a “recount” after the elections that supposedly put the four “squad” members into their political positions, they accuse Trump of any and every thing and yet I know that American citizens aren’t stupid, that being said I really don’t see any true American citizen voting for ANY of these four! Now we KNOW that if voters had a say Pelosi would NEVER have been put into ANY political seat but I also know that those four women would not have been voted in legitimately by any U.S. citizen. There really is something fishy going on with our election system and though democrats would like us to believe otherwise, it wasn’t on the tally for Trump either!

Every last American has seen what democrats have done to this country in the short time they have been permitted to hold their offices, first when the government was partially shut down the radical democrats chartered a jet to Puerto Rico to party on the beaches at the taxpayers expense. They push and push to make it perfectly legal to kill healthy, full term newborn babies, for the removal of all religious artifacts from public places, want to remove the Bible from courtrooms as a means to take the oath of truth upon, refused to be sworn into office using the Holy Bible, want to utterly destroy the United States by making it a country of socialism, fight Trump’s every attempt to secure our borders and support the sanctuary cities making it fine for illegal immigrants to bypass registering here and spread their diseases and crime sprees, undetected. Regardless of their personal likes and dislikes they should have to respect the President of this country, especially since they are part of the government but they refuse to act as if they are humans.

Tlaib claims that part of the reason she wanted to visit Israel was to visit her sick elderly grandmother, when the decision to prohibit her from entering the country was changed to allow her to visit, like a spoiled child she suddenly decided that she wasn’t going to go! Funny how sheer hate overrules supposed love isn’t it, that she would use her own grandmother as a tool in her ruthless political agenda is vile. Her granny was nothing more than a convenient excuse in her attempt to elicit pity from the masses but she’s in for a real rude awakening because again, American’s are not stupid and can see through her dangerous games and those of her cohorts!

Remember these things when the 2020 election rolls around because these insane radicals represent everything that Democrats are, none are different because if they were they would have come out long ago to rein these nut jobs in, especially when it matters most, when they continually spread their anti-semetic rhetoric! To do nothing, to say nothing proves that they are all in agreement and feel the same, it’s disgusting and should incite terror in every American. Democratic “politicians” are dangerous, toxic to this country and all of it’s citizens and they will be it’s, our demise!

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The Gun Control Issue

If you look at statistics you will see that in areas where gun owners can carry firearms, there are close to zero gun related crimes, these statistics don’t lie. Whenever there is a tragedy, especially when it includes multiple victims of gun violence, the senseless killings of innocent people cause all of us to want someone to blame, it is human nature. Sadly it’s also in the nature of certain humans to want to kill and wreak havoc on others, that will not change.My heart breaks for any crime victim whether they have been killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks or were shopping at Wal-Mart when they were shot for no reason.

Most of us are human, we don’t want to see anyone killed, we don’t want to see terrorists running our streets. The fact is though that guns do not kill people, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE! So many American rights have been taken from the citizens of this country and it’s a dangerous thing, once they begin to erase one right all of the others will follow. If guns were confiscated it would only be the upstanding citizens that turned them in, criminals will refuse as they always have and those people that have a gun only to protect their family and property, they will be helpless to do so and all of us more at risk because criminals will not turn theirs in! Listen, it’s terrible to say but it’s true, if a person really wants to commit suicide they will end up doing so, you cannot stop them. The same goes for an unstable, psychotic mind, if someone is hell bent on killing innocent people they will do so, even if you could take their guns they will do it by other means. Next the gun protesters will what, want to remove every knife from society? They will turn to bombs, poisons or even worse to kill others! Guns do not kill people, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE!

The entire planet is more on edge and stressed out than it has ever before been, add the fact that Democrats are intentionally stirring the pot, fueling racial hatred and spreading their anti-Semitism using every tragedy that we see as a means of pushing their political agendas and we’re all in trouble! I don’t know what the answer is but I do know that erasing yet another right that American citizens have, punishing the law abide-rs because of the toxic ones that will continue to be toxic, is not the answer and will do far more harm than good. A missile is a most dangerous thing but if there is no one to push the button to send that missile at a target of innocent people, guess what it remains just a missile that can harm no one but is there in the event that God forbid, innocent lives are at stake and it is needed to defend us! Guns do not kill people, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE!

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Applauding Benjamin Netanyahu

I don’t think that Netanyahu is wrong in any way to consider blocking Tlaib and Omar from visiting Israel, he is looking out for the citizens of that country. I applaud him and think he’s right to block them, I only wish that this country could follow suit and remove them asap from offices they have no business holding and export them elsewhere. The absolute hate that these two political zealots have shown with their anti-Semitic rhetoric is venomous to all of us, the United States has always been allies with Israel until someone screwed up the ebb and flow of relations by allowing these two wannabes to hold seats in our senate. We are all familiar with the Muslim hate aimed at Americans and at Israelite’s and it is making an already delicate situation explosive, one for which both countries may pay, all because supposedly the votes were there for these two women to fill seats in the house.

We are seeing crime and hate on a whole new level these days and people like Tlaib and Omar are feeding the hatred daily. This is a prime example of how some voters don’t realize how serious casting their votes is, it is voting for so called candidates like this duo that may very well be the catalyst to this country’s utter demise, all out wars have been started over less than the nasty, vile words that have spewed from the mouths of this two headed snake!

To begin with a Muslim should NEVER be allowed to hold any political position in this country, I don’t care if they CALL themselves American citizens. These women jump in on the racism crap but it has nothing to do with racism, it has to do with every American knowing what Muslims think of this country and it’s citizens, it’s like it has been handed down in their DNA. Anyone that spits on our Holy Bible by refusing to be sworn into office using it shows their true colors, not that these two haven’t shown a hell of a lot more by their public displays of war and hate provoking words!

Netanyahu is right to block Tlaib and Omar from visiting his country and how dare any democrat say that it is unethical and not politically correct, look at the behavior of these democrats since they have taken the majority of the house, even their obscene language on the house floor! These radical democrats have no place in the political arena and there is no room for their hate spreading antics in this society! They have no respect for anyone including the President of this country, this country, any American citizen, Israel, any Jew or themselves. We don’t need it here, they don’t need it there, as it would appear that they agree with these mad women. Mr.Netanyahu, we don’t want these two here either but for the time being we are stuck with them!

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What Being A Democrat Really Means

Being a Democrat now has taken on a whole new meaning, I can honestly say that the few Democrats I knew have changed parties not all that long ago, being ashamed to admit that they were ever registered as such. Each has stated the obvious, they have seen the far right radicals and the behavior they have consistently engaged in, these rookie Dems. in the senate, and they will not be party to any of it. This country was once a feared, respected, great one but now is nothing more than a laughing stock because everything has been focused on getting their way and getting rid of Trump, regardless of how supported he is.

To be a Dem. you must be hell bent on destroying America, you must want to make ours a Socialist society to ensure that not only will it be the death of this country but it’s citizens will suffer greatly in the process. You need to take full advantage of those Americans that aren’t educated enough to truly comprehend how detrimental Socialism is, promise them all free money, free healthcare, free food and housing, free everything, you know like the immigrants enjoy now.

Also, if you want to be a Democrat you must support the murdering of perfectly healthy, full term babies, don’t bother preaching free birth control and condoms or the fact that if these women were having safe sex to avoid the many sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy wouldn’t be FIRST AND FOREMOST on their minds! I guess that a lot of Democrats are of the mindset that if they get any or all of the S.T.D.’s from not having safe sex, they can always just go to their doctors and have them treated!

The Dem. politicians not being satisfied with prayers having been outlawed in our schools, or having any and all religious artifacts removed from public places because they are offended by our God and the very religions that this country was built upon. They have talked about wanting to have the Holy Bible removed from our courtrooms as a means of taking the oath of truth on! I know of AT LEAST one of the women in the senate that refused to be sworn into office using the Holy Bible, spewing her disrespect about it not being in line with her MUSLIM beliefs! I stand firm in believing that in the best interest of the United States NO MUSLIM should be permitted to hold any political seat in our government, there is too much hatred that some of them have toward this country and it’s citizens, it is an absolute danger to all of us and our allies. We have seen the venomous hatred spewed on-line from one of the Muslims in our senate already and NOT JUST ONE TIME either! No it isn’t even about skin color it is about the welfare of the USA.

Perhaps the biggest threat to all of us ( following the Socialism nonsense ) is that the Democrats want to continue the open door policy for ANY and ALL immigrants flooding this country and using the asylum loopholes against us as well, that’s just the ones that try to do it legally but legal doesn’t always mean right morally or otherwise. Most all of the immigrants that claim asylum are literally coached before arriving as to what to say and how to use the laws here to their advantage and our detriment. “Birth Trips” are planned in advance for pregnant women so that the time they are due to give birth they are sure to be here on this country’s soil, that way their kid is considered an American citizen and the mother gets to stay by way of that kid! Why does everyone want to push their way into the USA? Because the immigrants are given housing that is paid for, “cleaning supplies” money for that housing, transportation provided, food is all paid for, utilities are all paid for, they get “clothing allowances”, all of their medical expenses are paid for, education is provided and paid for, you name it and they get it! Unlike the entire homeless families here and unlike our military veterans that gave life and limb to protect every one of us! The Dems. support the sanctuary cities that countless illegal immigrants flock to, bypassing any registration so they remain undetected. The Democrats now want the ILLEGALS to be permitted to vote, hell yes they want those votes as ILLEGAL as they are, because upstanding, real American citizens won’t vote for them! Not one has given thought to the fact that these immigrants are bringing back diseases that we had eradicated here, UNTREATABLE TUBERCULOSIS, scabies, all strains of flu, all of the sexually transmitted diseases, lice, one had a form of leprosy! It isn’t a question of IF but rather WHEN the pandemic will hit us and trust me it will. When that day comes people will be saying why did anyone ever allow this and sadly it seems that people will refuse to see the danger until it is far too late. These out of touch Dems. do not want a barrier of any kind to protect the country from immigrants pushing their way in, regardless of the absolute proof that it is needed.

Dems. want to eliminate the electoral college in hope that it will benefit their agendas, they have done ZERO that they were allowed into office to do because every last one of the far left, insane, zealots has made every second of their time on this country’s clock about their pissing contests with Trump, all courtesy of taxpayer dollars! Isn’t it easy to burn BILLIONS of dollars when it isn’t your money?

And then there is that brilliant idea that a particular Dem. moron came up with to pay ancestors of ancestors of ancestors for anyone having had a distant ( distant being in another galaxy ) relative who was a slave! Also one particular nut job Kamala Harris in typical fashion to draw in all of the African American votes, came up with the ridiculous idea of proposing a 100 BILLION DOLLAR plan for “black home ownership”,  because you know “white” folks don’t want or need to ever own homes! Racism is such an overused accusation now days and is politically used for nothing more than to incite hate and anger in both African Americans and Caucasians. it is the lowest, scummiest trick in the Democratic book and everyone is tired of it. If the truth is told I see real racism in Kamala Harris and it is a dangerous tightrope to walk. Racism truly began to be a thing of the past until Democrats out of sheer desperation used the accusation for their own sick agendas! Trump has been accused of being racist for telling those that consistently spout hatred against America and it’s citizens, to go the hell back where they came from and you know what? He’s absolutely right, if you hate America so much then get the hell out of here! That isn’t about race it’s about ANY person that’s anti-American but just because one of those zealots happens to be of a different race, so automatically the BS race card is played! Nancy Pelosi was recently accused of being racist because the worst of the worst zealots in her party didn’t get their way so the only thing they could possibly bitch about to get attention was race! Because they happen to be different races of course there was a handful of people that bitched and moaned! STOP WITH THE UNFOUNDED, IMAGINARY I’M PICKED ON BECAUSE OF MY RACE CRAP!

Food for thought:  If the Democrats continue their devious attempts to manipulate the public and keep on with their ruthless plan to try to impeach President Trump they may very well have a civil war on their hands. The majority of the public has reached their breaking points, the Mueller investigation cost over twenty five million dollars. When the report was released the Democrats didn’t like the fact that Trump wasn’t guilty of all of the ugly, nasty manure they accused him of so now they want MORE investigating to waste yet more money! They want the report to say whatever they want it to say about Trump, they want to “trump up bogus charges” against him! Pelosi and her henchmen stated that Americans are stupid because they can read the 400 pages the report consists of but won’t understand what it says! Leave Trump alone, stop the sour grapes already because you don’t like that HE was elected and thank God not a Democrat! God help all of us because the inmates (Dems) are running the asylum (government) and the rest of us are bystanders to the downfall of this country.

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“The Squad” of Democratic Dung Slinger’s, Toxic to Every American!

After witnessing the historical nightmare when these no name extremist, freshman, political wannabe’s were allowed to plant their inexperienced asses in the United States Senate, Every American braced themselves for what they knew would follow their relentless attacks on the President, Donald Trump, in fighting. When the government was partially closed down and cooperation was crucial to bettering this country, the minute these radicals were sworn into office and it went to their heads the slightest whiff of power and position, they hopped a jet to Puerto Rico at the taxpayers expense whooping it up on the beaches while Trump sat waiting for them to take the slightest interest in what they were supposedly voted into office, to do.

The four zealot rookies that make up what they like to refer to as “The Squad” are among the most toxic of these dangerous, out of touch, females that give all females a bad name, Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley and Ilhan Omar. At a loss to come up with any concrete gripes to bring focus to themselves, Cortez could only dig deep and come up with the most lame of all possible accusations against the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi, that age old surefire way to incite tension among the masses, the issue of race! Implying that the reason the four can’t get their way all the time is because Pelosi is “targeting” them due to the fact that they are women of color! These women are absolutely pathetic, furthermore why is it that we would NEVER allow Kim Jong-un to hold ANY political position in this country if her were a citizen? Seriously now think about it, that will never happen because the core values that we Americans (well most real Americans) hold dear are not even in the same universe as Jong-un’s. His beliefs are so polar opposite from ours that he would be a clear threat to this nation, hell he is a threat now and isn’t on our soil! The same goes for Muslims, it isn’t a question of race, it is the belief systems that Muslims have embedded in them and how poisonous it is to Americans and our government. But guess what, after this round of elections we have Muslims now holding political seats in the American senate! You don’t have to like it but cannot deny the fact that it should never have been allowed, Muslims have no place in the political arena, male or female. Look up how many members of the so called Squad refused to be sworn into office using our Holy Bible because they have no respect or regard for it.

In the next election every one of us need to think about all of our loved ones before we vote, already with these Democratic left wing, radicals we have seen the abortion debate more heated than it has ever been, they want to make the killing of healthy, FULL TERM newborn babies perfectly legal, don’t preach safe sex, just murder. Next they will want to raise the age from full term to twelve months! They want to take the guns away from upstanding, law abiding Americans so the criminals will thrive even more than they do now. Number one danger to our very existence, they want to make this country one of Socialism, promising those that are uneducated enough not to know how deadly Socialism will be, free money and health care! Prayer in our schools has been banned and they are not satisfied with the forced removal of all religious artifacts from public places, they have talked about removing the Bible from courtrooms used to take the oath of truth upon, due to their total disregard for our God and religion! The second most deadly threat of all is that they are all for continuing the open door policy this country has had for immigrants, to hell with securing our borders, they want more illegals and legals in, they want to allow them to vote in our elections so that they can use the votes to their advantage! What they have not once considered is that the country cannot afford them and worse yet are the diseases that they deny are being brought back into this society by the immigrants, diseases that had once been eradicated here!

You don’t need a college education to see how detrimental these Democrats are to all of us ( mainly the so called “Squad” ), you don’t need to be a genius to know that Socialism will be our demise and that we need to fix asylum loopholes immediately! Educate yourself on the statistics, the shortage America is already suffering a serious shortage of housing, immigrants come here and have EVERYTHING handed to them! They do not pay taxes for many years unlike the rest of us, they are provided paid for housing, transportation, given an allowance for “cleaning supplies” for the housing provided for them, given clothing allowances, food is paid for, education, medical care and cash for “whatever” that they may need. Food for thought here folks, how many of our veterans that have risked life and limb are as well cared for? How many of our homeless, entire families are given all of these things immigrants are? How many working class everyday Americans are struggling to make ends meet and are given that kind of help? NONE! Common sense dictates that there is only so much in the way of resources to go around and that’s in every corner of the world, not just the USA but we are and have been inundated with immigrants and they insist on coming to this country because they get everything free! It would be different if they had to work for what they are given like the rest of us must but they do not, the reason you see SOO MANY stores and businesses run by foreigners is because they get the pass on paying taxes, while our own small business owners that have to pay are force out of business!

I guess that there are some Americans that will continue to remain clueless on the topic of immigrants until their own loved ones begin to go without, while the immigrants continue to ride along completely free! And when the day comes, and it won’t be far into the future, when every last American life is at risk because of a pandemic brought on by immigrants not coming into this country legally, and skirting any kind of registration, heading to a sanctuary city and then it is far too late to contain anything! It’s pretty disgusting when there are some Americans that would rather continue the immigrants coming in and taking the free rides, rather than worry about our soldiers in our military that are helping to ensure they sleep safely at night! One thing is certain, we do need a wave of change and we need to start worrying about and taking care of our own first and foremost! Be better than the Democratic fanatics in the senate, “The Squad” needs to go ASAP and we need to tip the scales against the radical left wing Democrats, our lives depend on it!


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The Little Mermaid Movie and Disney’s Choice Of Actresses!

Disney, to stir up hype for it’s upcoming movie The Little Mermaid cast an African American actress in the role of Ariel, naturally all of the pot stirrers jumped on the race wagon to say that the reason people are unhappy about it is because of the actresses African American roots! Look around folks, they tried this with Little Orphan Annie and even the African Americans were insulted. The fictional character Ariel was not colored and people want things to be true to form, while it is about her skin color, it isn’t racist it’s about wanting the characters this country has come to know and love to be true to life. It’s become so disgusting that there are people out there that have to point to racism at every turn, making the already sensitive issue even more explosive. As it stands the Democrats want to pay ancestors of slaves money for what our forefathers did! Here’s a thought, why don’t we give money to the incredibly important project that scientist Sergey Zimov has been working on to save the planet, now that is money well spent! Our forefathers are responsible for killing off the Wolly Mammoths to extinction so why not invest in the planet, the planet that should matter to all of us regardless of skin color?

It is a sin that the same people are always the ones to jump up and cry racism, ever looking to stir that damned racial pot. People want realism regardless if it’s a fictional character or the special effects in a movie that’s all, period. Disney is responsible for the decision to cast this actress as Ariel and Disney may well pay the price when the movie is finished and shown in Theaters, it may very well flop and cost them a whole lot of money. If you want to blame someone then blame Disney after all, they are the ones that intentionally made this decision to build the hype for the movie. We all know how greedy the Disney franchise has become, hell the majority of children will never be able to afford going to any of the Disney theme parks, it’s just too expensive. The next best thing is the movies they make to bring their characters to life and they don’t seem to be able to get that right either. Kids aren’t stupid any more than young kids are racist, they will see a character they love and will be let down when the character doesn’t fit what they know the character to look like, any more than a Caucasian character being put in place of an African American one! Shame on Disney because it’s the children that enjoy their movies most and they will take note immediately of major changes in the Disney characters! While everyone bitches and moans about the tricks Disney plays it will be the children that are affected most, but Disney powers that be aren’t concerned with the children, it’s all about creating press for the movies so that they can drum up all of the cash possible from it!


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The 2020 Presidential Wannabe Debates….. The Beginning of The End

The dreaded time has come that Americans have to be subjected to even more of the Democratic Presidential wannabe rhetoric, under the guise of debates. I don’t know about you but I’ll tell you this, every American should be terrified out of their minds after listening to these Democratic nut jobs and I am not kidding. I couldn’t even guess at which one we should fear most because they are all absolutely insane, God forbid any one of them by some fluke in the universe becomes President.

This country will be a socialist one and every last intelligent, educated American knows that in itself, will be the end of the United States. Upstanding citizens will have to turn in their guns because we all know that the Dems. want to rob us of that right, never doing their homework (any work in fact) to verify that the areas where people carry firearms are the safest, lowest crime areas in the country. When they talk about Medicare for all what they are really saying is that we become Socialists period, Socialism in a nutshell, takes ungodly amounts of money from the wealthy and uses that money to support everyone that isn’t as wealthy. Now, (and understand that I am far from wealthy) the money that the rich have is after all their money, naturally the poorer person is all for taking the money from the rich but it would be a much different story if it was YOUR money they were taking now wouldn’t it? Furthermore, think about it, if you were one of the wealthy ones and the government wanted to take 70 or 80 percent of your money to support everyone else, what would you do immediately? I know that I would move the hell out of that country so fast their heads would spin! The rich didn’t become so rich by being stupid and that’s exactly what they all end up doing, leaving the country and then what happens? Well look at the other failed Socialist systems, that is when the entire country collapses but the politicians are always the ones living high on the hog regardless, so naturally they don’t give a damn! Why do you think all of the experts realize how dangerous the idea is, it’s just the damned Democrats that bullshit people into believing that it’s a great idea, an answer to everyones prayers. Because they know that all of those uneducated people out there that don’t know any better will cast votes their way, God forbid.

Another disgusting fact that these Democratic hopefuls don’t mention when they push for Socialism and promise the free health care for all, is how health care will change. Think about that too, yes physicians make a boatload of money probably because they can, they go hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to become doctors, go to school for nearly ten years of their lives and they are rewarded with making a lot of money. Should they make the same as the garbage man or janitor?  So when you suddenly become a Socialist country do you really think that the doctors are going to stick around, hell there’s a huge shortage across this country in many areas already! Secondly, they would be seriously affected by socialism so the ones that remained here (probably mostly the foreign ones that didn’t want to go back to their own countries right away) would practice medicine but how good do you think that your health care would be then? Chances are that most physicians would do the same as the other wealthy people and leave the country all together.

The Democrats want to lower the voting age, why? Because the young immature people that don’t yet fully understand the crooked politicians/politics and the consequences of their votes, would be easily duped into voting for them that’s why! They want to continue the open door policy to every immigrant on the planet, why? The Democrats know that every citizen of this country has seen them for what they really are and know what a lethal mistake it was to ever have allowed them to hold the majority in the senate. They are DESPERATE like they have always been for votes, they allow both legal and illegal immigrants to vote and know that they are guaranteed votes for them simply because they don’t know any better! To hell with the true citizens of this country their security and well being, what do they care that they continue to bring in diseases that we once had eradicated, what do they care when we suffer this next pandemic that will make the black plague look like the common cold. To them it is ALL about scamming votes in any underhanded way they can, and they have the balls to grips about Trump!

And we must never forget or conveniently overlook the fact that these damned Democrats, these left wing zealots have reopened the oldest of wounds by not being satisfied with abortion laws being what they were, they KNEW that if they stirred women up they could dupe those women that weren’t medically educated into throwing votes their way! They want to make it perfectly legal to KILL FULL TERM NEWBORN BABIES! Healthy, helpless infants murdered when they are born into this world all because the democratic zealots want votes and abortion has always been a main topic!  Don’t stand up for safe sex to prevent diseases and pregnancies, no, don’t try abstinence so that you don’t get pregnant. It’s disgusting that women treat pregnancy like a sexually transmitted disease because if they were being safe from the start they would not have to worry about either, but I guess that these women that bitch and moan to make infanticide legal, figure hell why bother with a condom when they can treat any STDs they contract! But pregnancy should be considered worse than an STD? Perhaps they should try the roasted turkey method and string their legs closed!

IN A NUTSHELL:  God forbid one of these “zealots in blue” manage to win the 2020 election by means of their usual underhanded scheming, it is bad enough that any of them are allowed to currently hold any political seat in this country. If that worst case scenario were to happen we will be living in a socialist country, we will all be poorer than we are now, we will no longer have the right to own or carry firearms, precious full term, healthy, innocent newborns will continue to be killed and not only will it be perfectly legal but they will probably “raise the killing age”, knowing the Democrats it may be up to twelve months of age that they will allow them to be murdered! You will also see more of the Democrats against our religions, they have already forced the removal of all religious artifacts from public places, prohibited prayer in our schools, they want to remove the Bible from courtrooms so that the oath of truth cannot be taken using it! Perhaps it is one of the Muslims that sits in our senate, maybe the same one that refused to take her oath of office when she was “sworn in” using the Holy Bible! And God help us, the worst thing that is going to happen if a Democrat manipulates their way to becoming President is that the existing open door policy for any and all immigrants ( the same policy that they have fought to keep ) will not only remain but they will amp it up and offer yet more incentive for them to keep coming. This country is already strained past it’s limit from the billions that it costs already due to the immigrants. We will see a pandemic like no other, it really will make the bubonic plague look like the sniffles! Endless Americans will die as a result, it isn’t if but simply when a Democrat weasels their way to President! Trump has tried his damnedest to stop the madness and has been accused of everything imaginable (in reality,  everything the Dems. are guilty of) to stop the things that truly are most dangerous to this country and it’s citizens, it is a matter of life and death and some haven’t the slightest clue as to what’s coming our way as a result of these Democrats being involved in ANY politics! Say a prayer the worst-case-scenario doesn’t become reality ( before the zealots ban prayer in our homes too).

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