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Why is it that no one is comfortable talking about overpopulation? It’s like the topic is taboo, an unspoken rule that such a huge, devastating problem that affects all of us can’t be discussed, I wonder if perhaps the reason is that no one has a good solution. Just as with this life and the fact that we only get one, we only get one planet and once it’s destroyed beyond repair we’re all screwed! Why doesn’t anyone care though, why do the few that understand the problem each believe that they are only one person and that one person can’t make a difference? It only takes one to join with the others out there to bring about change, if it isn’t too late already that is, one doesn’t have to be a scientist to see the problems that have been directly caused by overpopulation.

Look at the never ending number of animals that are teetering on the brink of total extinction, the Bornean orangutans, Ili pika, the giant Otter, the stunning Amur leopard, the black footed ferret, the Darwin’s fox, the Sumatran rhinoceros, the white rumped vulture, the pangolin, saola, vaquita, the Peruvian black spider monkey, the red wolf, and the list goes on for species that will soon be gone forever from this world. I’m sure  that you are unfamiliar with some of these animals and that in itself speaks volumes, you will probably never see any of these species either because of mankind and the state of this planet. Many species that have always lived in the oceans have disappeared and are rapidly disappearing due to overfishing, these creatures can’t come up with a plan B, they rely on the food that is in the ocean for their very survival. Man has encroached on every bit of land on this planet, driving out the wildlife that needs the land to survive and man has also invaded every bit of the ocean, every sea, every where! Their turf has been taken and their food supplies too and then there are those countries where they kill the native wildlife because they eat their crops, well what the hell choice do these animals have to survive?

It may seem harsh but there are places in the world where they cut off the hand of a thief, well I think that poachers should be put to death and let me tell you, if a prospective poacher knew that the penalty of his actions was death I guarantee you that they would think twice before killing animals that are minding their own business, not bothering anyone and just trying to live! But back to the subject at hand (pardon the pun), what is the solution to the population boom? Well I can’t say that there’s an easy one but let’s be brutally honest and talk about a part of it that seems even more taboo, I think that every one of us know someone that has 4, 5, or even 6 children and get’s government assistance because of those kids. What if the government stopped giving out money as if it’s a reward for having children and made the parent work? I have nothing against mothers that work but I do think that there would be a lot healthier children out there if the moms were at home with them, or even the fathers to raise them, but with the financial struggles that most everyone has that’s not always possible. My point is that the government seems to reward those people that have kids but only to a certain age, which means that there are those people that keep having them so that the gravy train keeps chugging along. I hate to say it but China was on to something when the number of children you could have there was limited, but not when they are so very gender biased that no one wanted a daughter but only wanted sons! It’s a shame that China couldn’t have worked hand in hand with all other countries to come up with a solution for the population problems.

The planet is warming and that’s a fact, it isn’t some mad scientists theory, some figment of overactive imaginations! As a result the wildlife is being adversely affected and it’s only going to get worse. There are too many landfills out there, there is too much pollution in the atmosphere, the water in many places is toxic and with the sudden gas drilling going on here there will be much more of it too. And amidst all of this there is no untouched land, no untouched water, the trees are being harvested in record numbers and hope is quickly fading. You will see in your lifetime a global crisis like no other, only it will be too late to attempt to do anything about it. If you’re someone that cares about the planet and the quality of your life, as well as that of the animals that do remain today, then join others that give a damn and do something about it now.

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Do You Believe that You Have Been REGULARLY Abducted by Aliens? If You Answered Yes, Read This!

Again I’ll stress that I am not asking the question sarcastically, I would really like to hear from any of you that feel that you are regularly abducted by aliens. I’m shocked that with as many claims as there are out there made by people who feel that they have been, or are being abducted by aliens, not one has stepped forward yet. I have to assume that either they are not being abducted or that they are afraid to come forward, or possibly they feel that this is an opportunity for someone to attempt to make a fool of them or a joke about the whole issue. I can assure you that this is not the case here, If nothing else, I would think that those I speak of would appreciate some kind of validation, that they would want to show others that they aren’t crazy, these are not figments of their fertile imaginations. I ask again, those of you that truly feel that you are being regularly abducted/visited by aliens, please come forward and contact me, send me a message privately with a valid e-mail address and I will get back to you immediately.

There are so many theories, opinions, and guesses right now in society on the subject of UFO’s and aliens, so many out there that disregard the topic as nonsense or sleep paralysis that it makes matters impossible for those people that experience these other worldly events, they are called lunatics, crazy, unstable and it causes them to feel as if they don’t “fit in” with society. They feel alone, confused and there are those times when they do question their sanity, but if they look at things from a different perspective then it may not be so stressful, those that look at what has happened/ is happening to them as being in the special minority, they have experienced first hand what other’s can’t begin to imagine, they are somehow “chosen” for whatever reason, they have seen things that the majority of society will never have the opportunity to. Now don’t get me wrong here, I know it wouldn’t be possible for those that claim to have had horrific experiences with aliens to look at things from this perspective.

I personally believe that it is sheer ignorance and egotistical to believe that we are the only life forms in the infinite universe, it is narrow minded at the very least to believe that mankind is all that exists. That being said, if there are aliens then I’m sure that there are many different ones and that like people, some are benevolent and some are malevolent, what do men do when they encounter something different, something that they don’t understand or have never seen? Their first thought is to kill, dissect and study it, it never crosses their mind that it may be a living, breathing organism that probably feels pain and emotion of some kind.  and if the thought does occur to them they simply don’t give a damn. I’m sure that alien beings would be no different in that regard, they would want to learn about our species. Hypothetically speaking here, I’m also sure that any malevolent species of aliens would likely not regard human life with any value and probably wouldn’t care if they dissected a living human, for purposes of studying them, thousands of people go missing every day in this world and who is to say where every last one of them went. Okay so maybe that’s a stretch but the truth is, we don’t know and I believe whole heartedly that our government does indeed have the answers but will never willingly share that information with the public. Can you imagine the government telling us that oh by the way, UFO’s and aliens do exist and always have, they are technologically worlds ahead of us, we have no way of fighting them off if they ever care to take over and we can’t protect any of you against them, but hey don’t worry about it! Yeah, I would imagine that wouldn’t go over too well with everyone, truth or not, there would likely be total fear and panic.

In spite of everything, I feel that the public does have the right to know but it doesn’t matter because we will never come to the point of full disclosure, unless we get there on our own. So, back to my original question here, do you believe that you are regularly/frequently abducted by aliens? If you answered yes then please, I urge you to contact me immediately, don’t wait,do it now! Send me a message with your e-mail and I will get right back to you. Only honest, sincere, genuine, people need contact me about this matter.

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America vs. Walter James Palmer

Actress Mia Farrow posted the business address of Walter James Palmer, the cold blooded killer of Cecil, the most beloved African lion, but the address posted on social media was later deleted after a debate as to whether or not it was acceptable for her to have done so. I ask, why, why delete the address, and why not publish his home residence address too? To Hell with those complaining about privacy, because it doesn’t apply in this situation, period! Walter Palmer gave up any right to privacy when he took that beautiful animal’s life. Furthermore, nowadays there is no privacy, and anyone can go online and get the information that Mia posted!

I guess when someone asks what a life is worth – more specifically the life of a lion that so many people came to know and love – the answer would be a mere fifty thousand or so, and it doesn’t matter if an animal is endangered, critically endangered, or one of a few hundred left walking this planet, to some butchers that have no respect for an animal’s life, it doesn’t matter. No punishment would be too harsh for the heartless, insensitive, yellow-bellied ruffian Walter Palmer or others like him. The fear now is that he will go unpunished or not punished severely enough, which is unacceptable all the way around.

You have to wonder, though, has W. J. Palmer ever been in trouble before for any involvement in any other shady animal killings? Maybe sometime in 2006? I mean, has he been in trouble for hunting a black bear outside of a designated area, and then transporting its body elsewhere so it seemed on the up and up, and then committing perjury to a wildlife official so as not to appear as though he did anything wrong? Seems to me that this butchering dentist is obsessed with killing helpless animals, doesn’t matter what type, where it’s at, or his weapon of choice. Perhaps it’s because he has money that he feels he can get away with whatever he wants to, or maybe he figures that he has plenty enough cash to afford good attorneys for any fines he may accrue, and that he’ll just buy his way out of whatever trouble that might arise! In 2008 W. J. P. pleaded guilty to lying to a U. S. Fish & Wildlife agent about the black bear hunt in Wisconsin two years earlier!

What kind of simpleton not only takes pictures of, but proudly displays pictures of dead leopards, lions, white rhinoceroses, and any other animal that he can butcher? It’s interesting how old Walt didn’t give the murdering of Cecil a second thought until the dumb ass realized that normal people don’t take pleasure in wounding a beautiful, regal animal, such as a lion, and then leaving it to slowly suffer from the wound for two days, dying a slow, excruciating death. ecil the human-tolerant lion was actually lured out of the Hwange National Parks safety using BAIT, where Palmer shot the arrow at him that wounded him, but it wasn’t until 40 hours later that he was shot dead and Palmer claimed his prize. Now, give this a serious thought here: imagine a financially prosperous dentist deciding that he wants to be a real man, and in his narrow mind finding a big, ferocious lion to kill would make him feel like a man, a real tough guy. So this said dentist forks over a pile of cash, travels to Africa and lures one of the most loved, gentle lions in the nation out into the open where he can shoot and wound him with a bow and arrow. So what if the poor animal was wounded and would suffer for days, it only delayed the savage beast (the dentist) from claiming his prize. No, all he’d have to do was to take his time, find the lion and then he could finish him off, behead him and skin him! Cecil didn’t mind human company around him, and at times he sought out their companionship. He had come to believe that they meant him no harm. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the the low life didn’t wait until the poor animal was out of his misery before pleasuring himself by doing whatever he could do to Cecil and his body – the more offensive and bloody, the better to sate his never ending bloodlust!

It is not permitted here in the United states to bait deer in order to lure them out to kill them, not that it should be different according to animal, but this was a lion, how the hell is it right to lure it out only to kill it? The most vile, evil part of this is that Walter James Palmer wants people to believe that he didn’t know about Cecil, that he thought the hunt was legal but yet the trusting Cecil was lured out of the parks safety using bait! It is called bait because we all know that the animal will definitely go for it, and it’s like a lamb to slaughter! How could it make anyone feel like a tough guy, to set an animal up for guaranteed failure by using bait in order to trick it into coming out into the open? There is no easier kill.

I try never to feel hatred toward any other human being, and although it’s questionable as to whether or not Walter James Palmer is human, I feel disgust and pity for the man – if you could call him that? It’s one thing to do something horrendous and feel genuine remorse, it’s another to feign remorse because you got caught and the world’s eyes are upon you while they shake their fists in disgust. Look at this guy’s history, it speaks volumes, it shows what a bottom feeding, dishonest, offensive, self-indulgent, egotistical braggart the jackass is, and has always been. I’ll bet that his offspring will grow up to think that his blatant disregard for the lives of animals is fine and dandy too. Normal members of society loathe poachers, and from where I sit, W. J. P. is no better than any other poacher out there. The only difference may be that he attempts to hide behind the law while he stalks and slaughters any animal that he can get his paws on, and it seems that it’s been going on for a long, long time. I shudder to think of the sheer number of animals that have died and suffered ungodly wounds while dying a slow death at his hands!

Hats off to all of the celebrities that have come forward to voice their disgust and rage on Walter James Palmer butchering the lovely Cecil, especially Mia Farrow who risked backlash to take the only action that she really could have – she at least did something, and, right or wrong, that’s the only way that we can so much as hope that W. J. P. will be punished to the fullest, and that some change will be made to prevent this ever happening again. I’ve heard that there was a small group of people protesting outside of the murdering dentist’s office and that he’s received a lot of backlash – and you know what? The man deserves every bit of it! How dare he try to feed us even more of his bull dunk, how dare he try to pass the blame for his foul behavior, how dare he feign ignorance.


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Brad Pitt Not Chicken To Make A Change

It’s a shame that more celebrities aren’t like Brad Pitt. It’s a shame that, in the case of the vast majority of them, they instead worry about where their next plastic surgery is going to come from, rather than stand up for causes that have little to no voice or support. If they do support anything, they will choose such causes as trying to make every last citizen on the planet support transvestites or homosexuals, when Heaven knows there is an excess of support for those types of issues, even though bigger, more critical issues are being swept under the mat!

Animals have no voice whatsoever. They are slaughtered every minute of every day; it’s for food in some cases, but it’s also often for sport, their fur, tusks, teeth, fins. You name it and they are killed for it, and that’s why so many have become, and are quickly becoming, extinct, by land, air and sea. Many groups claim that they are against animal cruelty/abuse but yet the cruelty goes on every day with nothing being done and no change in sight. Take chickens for example. Have you ever seen how those eggs you buy from the supermarket are obtained? Have you seen how the chickens that supply them for you are treated? So, now, if you do care, you might say, “well, how can I help? There’s nothing that I can do about it,” and you’d be wrong! If the consumer refused to buy eggs from chickens that were not free range (free roaming), then you would see things change real fast!

Each cage holds six to eight chickens, preventing the birds from so much as spreading their wings, laying down, or being able to turn around. Said cages are piled up, one on top of the other, and there are sometimes ten cages high! Those chickens never feel the grass underneath them, never roost the way that chickens love to, never dust their feathers like normal, free range ones can, and never scratch around the ground, which they are wired to do. The most disgusting, cruel part of all is that the chickens that supply the eggs at most all stores are the ones that live under these awful conditions! I don’t care what any chicken farmer says, there is no excuse for this type of cruel confinement, and if they can’t make a run outside for the chickens to live, while they do nothing but supply eggs for their entire lives, then the so called farmers shouldn’t be allowed to have them. Perhaps the farmers would say that they had to go and fetch the eggs after the chickens laid them, big damned deal, or maybe the eggs wouldn’t be clean enough for them and they would have to wash them, big deal. If the everyday citizen has to follow the rules (some would say rules of common sense and decency), then so should the farmers, as they chose to go into the “egg business” and are no different than anyone else. Change needs to come, and it needs to come soon.

It’s strange that children are supposedly not as mature as adults are supposed to be, and yet most children would know better. They recognize that animals should not be treated the way that many are, and should you take a child into one of the chicken buildings at one of these egg supplying farms and the child would be appalled. Kids know immediately that no one should have so many chickens piled into a small wire cage all in the name of the almighty buck. It must be that most all of these so-called chicken farmers don’t give a crap about the well being of the birds. They are too interested in grubbing up all of the eggs that they produce, as fast as they can!

It’s sad, like a cow that gives us milk, a chicken requires little and they give a lot in return. You’re getting something from them, so why not give something besides the absolute basics of a little feed and water? Many would rather sit on their eggs and hatch peeps, but they don’t have a say in that, so, at the very least, give them some fresh air and room to turn around and spread their wings. Imagine sitting in a box where you have a little head room, but your arms are at your side constantly 24/7, where you are so crammed in that you cannot turn around, and you can’t move your arms. Can you imagine how stiffened up you’d get? But what, is it acceptable just because we’re talking about chickens, just because people like eggs, the chickens can be treated as poorly as one wants? Hats off to Brad Pitt for trying to make a change. We need more people like him, celebrities that use their fame for a greater cause, who aren’t afraid to go up against big business, or any business!


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Walter James Palmer: Defining Cowardice

Walter James Palmer, the “dentist” from Minnesota, is someone I’m sure you’ve heard the name of – if not, perhaps you can look in the dictionary under COWARD! It’s vermin like Walter that give all Americans a bad name. He’s a real tough guy, a hunter that loves to prove to everyone he can kill beloved, harmless, beautiful animals, whether endangered or not. This man is said to be the father of two, and I wonder how he would feel if some self-proclaimed tough guy hunted him down, and his children, too. What kind of psycho, with his extremely overblown sense of self-worth, pays to go out and kill an older animal that loved human contact, one who had survived all kinds of threats and encounters in his own environment, only to have a piece of shit – with a bow and arrow, nonetheless – lure him out and wound him, then leave him there to suffer for two entire days? Yeah, sure, by anyone’s standards that takes a real tough guy. More like an avid butcher who senselessly slaughters helpless animals. Now, it would have made Walter really something to brag about if he had gone on his so called conquest fairly, but let’s see the ball-less jerk go one-on-one with the regal Cecil and fight fair. Let’s see him use the same weapons that were available to that helpless lion!

Again I have to ask, what in God’s name would possess the most moronic, low-life that exists on this planet to go out and kill not only helpless animals unable to defend themselves, animals loved by so many, but also critically endangered animals as well? Society thinks that we only have poachers to worry about, when there are total, good for nothing, useless, simpletons like Walter Palmer. I guarantee you that, next thing you know, Walter Palmer will be claiming not to know that Cecil was so loved by so many, a typical excuse used by a senseless killer! I truly hope that the African officials do not let this butcher get away with this, or that excuses like permits, permission, ignorance, or any other lame nonsense, do not cause anyone to go easy on this so-called “man.”

Palmer, to sate his blood thirst, travels across the globe, where his money is so desperately needed that he figures he can, literally, get away with murder! Is it because we have more stringent laws in the United States, or is it because we have no exotic or endangered animals here, that this is where this behavior would not go unpunished? Where there would be such an uproar that people would probably be picketing in his front yard, all gathered to protest just outside of his home? Though, I hope that happens anyway. Low-lives like Walter don’t give the slightest damn whether an animal may be the very last of its kind. All he sees is a prize that he actually believes gains him bragging rights, because we all know that it takes one-of-a-kind skill to have a weapon that an animal doesn’t and take its life, and some real skill to leave an animal suffering. True skill it is when an animal loves human company, too! What’s worse still, or just as shameful, is that he’ll raise another generation to believe that his disgusting, cowardice, vile behavior is perfectly acceptable. This butchering dentist needs to be made an example of in the most severe ways.

I’ve heard it said that Walter James Palmer’s actions are probably his way of trying to compensate for his physical “shortcomings”, but I personally think that his problem is deep rooted, far more deviant in nature. Like the Devil himself, some wannabe tough guys like the feeling of control, and the more helpless their victims, the better. Imagine a lion, one known and loved by so many people, one that didn’t mind human company and at times sought people out, a regal, courageous lion like Cecil, trusting the humans around him that he’d become so accustom to in his twelve years of life, being lured out into the open, but thinking that he had nothing to fear from one of the humans that he’d come to trust. He must have thought none would do him harm, never knowing that laying in wait was a two legged, piece of trash predator who would put an arrow in him and then let him suffer with a mortal wound for an entire day! I’m only sorry that the premise for the new show ZOO weren’t true, that all of the animals left couldn’t band together and turn the tables on garbage like the cowardly Walter James Palmer.

I’m sure that Mr. Palmer will attempt to blow some smoke up our rear ends and feign remorse for his disgusting, murderous, senseless, slaughtering of Cecil, the sweet old lion who was part of a long-term study, and perhaps in his small mind it will convince others that he is sorry, but I’m going to have to call bull crap on that one! You see, money can buy almost anything I guess, and wealth can buy you a chance to murder Simba, but what wealth cannot buy you is respect, and it can’t make everyone else forget, or think that vile actions are acceptable! This reminds me of the other wussy “hunters” who, like W.J.P., think that they are skilled snipers and go into a small, caged area and kill lions, tigers, etc. We will all be impressed when there comes a hunt where the hunters sign off on themselves first so that no one else can be sued if they get killed, and then they are part of a fair hunt, one where all sides are even, where the two legged participants go into it with only what God gave them, as do the animals. Let these hunting tough guys (and gals) learn what a fair hunt/fight is, if they come out of it alive, and then – and only then – do they have something to brag about. W.J.Palmer and others like him remind me of the wussies that go into a fight but can only engage in it when they have four, five, or an even larger number of others to back them up in a fight with just one other person, because by themselves (like when hunting a defenseless animal) they are inferior and, though I don’t like to use the blatant word for it, are nothing more than wussies!


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Words, Opinions and Freedom of Speech

One of the most precious gifts that we ever had in this country was freedom of speech, the United States, being the melting pot of nationalities of the globe, allowed any person of any race, to say what they felt without fear of punishment, or criticism from anyone else. It’s a travesty that there really is no such thing of freedom of speech anymore, when good people have an opinion that differs from some others, they are slammed and crucified, they loose their jobs and are basically ruined!

Look at Jamie Foxx, he made a joke about Bruce Jenner ( he is after all a comedienne ), and all hell breaks loose, one cant help but wonder if the one that led the witch hunt to begin with, was transgender, or had someone close to them that was. Giuliana Rancic made a joke about Zandaya and her poor choice of hair styles, as expected, another witch hunt began, Giuliana was made out to be a big, bad, racial slurring wolf and she was put through the wringer. Another great example is Paula Deen, she admitted that she used a word that wasn’t socially acceptable and the fallout was vicious, the woman lost endorsements, lost support, lost millions of dollars, I wonder who was the first to lead that witch hunt?

Donald Sterling, basketballs Clippers owner was banned for life by the NBA and fined 2.5 million dollars over racial remarks he’d made, the real clincher was that he was being secretly recorded by a woman with a very clear agenda. It seems that the old rule of sticks and stones breaking bones and names never hurting someone is a joke as well, if he had taken a baseball bat to one of the players, as bizarre as it is, it probably wouldn’t have been nearly as bad for him as this situation was. Try to imagine for one minute that everything you say behind closed doors, is secretly recorded and made public, every last one of us would be crucified, but because he was in the public eye, it went even worse for him. What about the catalyst, the woman who recorded him without him knowing about it?

The fact remains that there are people out there who, be if for deeply religious beliefs or for moral reasons, do not support homosexuality or transgender issues, people who let them live their lives but don’t feel that such issues should be so publicized or promoted. There are also people who do use improper choices of words for others, that offend, and like it or not, they are entitled to their opinions. What is more important at the core, someone being called a name that they don’t like and setting out to ruin the person that said it, or our supposed right to freedom of speech? There will always be people who say things that others don’t agree with, always be name callers, but I truly hope that the witch hunts will stop, that those same people always sitting around day in and day out, just looking to stir the pot, will find something more constructive to do with their time.

It’s damned tiring to turn on the tv, or read the paper every day and see another story about someone in the public eye being ruined for what they said. Society needs to understand that you can’t force everyone to view things the way that you want them to, people are entitled to their own opinions and feelings, no matter what the topic! There are a lot of people out there that need to stop trying to shove their own agendas down everyone else’s throats, being mature enough to know that words are just that, words and that everyone can’t agree on everything, is a precious, rare thing.

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Love Your Cat? Then Why Are You De-Clawing Him or Her?

Some people claim that we live in a decent, humane society, and that we are progressing rather than regressing, but I challenge you to take a brutally honest look around you, then look someone directly in their eyes and try to say the same. Countless species of animals have been wiped from the face of the planet, never to walk this Earth again, and through no fault of their own either, strictly because of greedy poachers and egotistical hunters. Look at our treatment of domestic animals, the cats and dogs that so many millions of people claim to love, look at how many are killed each and every day in this country, their last minutes of life spent in a shelter cage, waiting for a loving family that never comes.

Look at house cats, look at the procedure of declawing, an excruciating, maiming, horrendous amputation that ends up many times with the cat dying in the end anyway, whether it’s from the owner getting rid of it for biting all of a sudden, or not going in the litter box because of the pain it’s left with. Look at the big cats that some morons have had declawed, since it’s too horrible for words and you have to see it for yourself to truly grasp the barbarity of it. Go to the Paws Project website and watch the video of Kona, the cougar who suffered in agony after having been declawed, see for yourself what this procedure does to cats of all types, sizes, and ages.

Want to know how good your vet is? Ask if he or she performs the declawing procedure or if the vet supports having it done. Sadly, many vets are motivated mostly by money and are all too eager to declaw whatever cats they can. Veterinarians, like our medical doctors, promise not to do harm, and yet look at the evidence of the harm done as a result of declawing. Like in the California cities where the procedure was banned, we need laws in the rest of this country to protect our pets, as God knows they can’t speak for themselves any more than they can try to bring about change. Personally, I think that the biggest problem is lack of education about the procedure – after all, look at all of the other countries around the world where the procedure is prohibited! We call ourselves the United States, we’re supposed to be so educated, we’re supposed to know better!

Please check out the website for The Paws Project, read the information provided and watch the videos, educate yourself and please pass it on to everyone you know. It’s shocking just how many people out there, even who really understand what declawing is, don’t know that it’s de-knuckling the animals and the exact devastating effects it causes. Jump on board and do your part, educate yourself and everyone you meet, if you can save even one cat from this hell, then be proud!

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