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A Society Of Zealots

The countries that are full of extremists are often criticized by the United States and their allies, talk about the pot calling the kettle black, this country has more than it’s share of zealots. A book could be written and filled with the never ending number of words that w e can no longer use because they are considered socially unacceptable, to say the least. A man could walk down the street and see a beautiful woman and say that she is built perfectly, he won’t make it to the next block and he’ll be slammed for sexual harassment  or for dishing an “inappropriate” compliment her way. If a crime is committed that happens to involve an African American that is killing people and has to be shot by law enforcement, look out because all hell will break loose, guaranteed. Law abiding Christians that happen to feel that homosexuals should not be permitted to enter into the union of marriage cannot even share their views because we all know that extremists will come out of the woodwork to picket in the streets against them! If one of the endless number of crimes is committed and there is a firearm involved, brace yourself because these extremists will start all over again raising more hell to take guns out of the hands of those that do not commit crimes.

We live in a society of extremes, everyone needs someone else to blame for every damned thing that occurs on the planet and it’s come to a critical head. The heart of the matter is that you cannot have things both ways, shouldn’t  each of us know by now that we can’t have our cake and eat it too? If we continue on this path we will have no rights what so ever, we are supposed to have the right to freedom of speech and yet there are words that we can no longer use because of what I call the “shadows”, the shadows being all of these groups that fanatically sit by the television to watch the news, comb through newspapers and magazines, listen to the radio, all in search of the next cause to make some trouble and incite their mobs with. If every law abiding, gun owner turned in their firearms tomorrow, guess what, guess who WON’T be turning them in, all of the criminals that have them and that will put is in real danger then. Not to mention that right that we have to bear arms will be forever gone and criminals that don’t already have guns will use another weapon. Drunk driving kills at least 40,000 people a year (stats not compiled for 2017/2018 yet) whereas gun related deaths (accidental shootings,suicides inc.) were 39,000! The shadows don’t say anything about the alcohol problems in this country. The fanatics also love to throw around the phrase “opioid crisis” and the number of deaths from opioid’s when not one of them has gone into a Hospice setting and seen the patients begging, groveling for pain medication when they are being eaten alive by cancer and have reached the LEGAL LIMIT SET for them on the pain medication they are allowed! The shadows aren’t the ones suffering from disease and excruciating pain so how on earth can they comment? There used to be a saying that nothing is certain but death and taxes but that’s not true, if a person hell bent on ending their life tries to commit suicide and authorities get to them first, there will be no certain death until they get out of the psychiatric ward and do it anyway. Taxes are sure if you are a natural American citizen but if you are a foreigner, the same can’t be said.

As far as legalizing marijuana for recreational use goes, I have always been for it and no I don’t personally smoke it. If they were to allow it though they may well save lives, rather than trying to get their hands on illegal drugs like opioid’s and heroin, meth, cocaine, etc. those same people may very well stick to pot and be satisfied with that, you never see someone that’s “high” killing people with their automobiles! Take the guns though and there will be understandably be riots and the criminals will move on to a more lethal means to take even more lives. As for freedom of speech and our RIGHT to privacy, hell face it the two no longer exist, and you can thank the shadows for the loss of freedom of speech, the zealots have already caused the death of that right by inciting rage over simple words. Yes words can hurt and sometimes more so than a punch to the face but sticks and stones……..  words are just that, words! May God help us all because with the “blue wave” that has flooded this country now, we will cease to have any rights in a country that is known globally as one of freedoms.

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If This Mid-Term Election Made You Blue…….

I thought that I had seen everything in this country, I was convinced that things were so damned bad after Obama’s run there was little chance they could get much worse, to say that I was wrong would be a gross understatement. Now before you jump on the bandwagon and say, yep it’s that damned Trump’s fault, no you’re wrong it’s a volatile combination of things that Trump directly is not at fault for. Trump is the ONLY President that I have ever seen that has damned well kept the promises he’s made before being elected, the problem is that every damned time that he tries to implement the changes that he ran and won based on, he is strangled by the blue tape around his neck. He is the ONLY one that had the guts to vocalize huge problems this country has had, is having and I pray to God won’t continue to, that everyone else doesn’t dare speak of.

It’s a pretty sad day in America when everyone is pressured to vote, making them believe that it was a matter of life and death and the sick, elderly, disabled and kids (I call the under 29 group kids) come out of the woodwork, weather didn’t stop us from voting, just being released from the hospital didn’t stop us, nothing could and that is great, normally. One of the most disturbing facts this time around was the sheer number of new voters and how a huge portion of them had no clue what so ever what it was they were voting for! Every young person I saw on every main news channel that was asked about their vote responded with no clue and remarked how they were just encouraged to vote by their peers and by all of the media hype pushing for a “blue wave”. Interesting that we have to pass tests in order to get a drivers license but something as critically important as voting, you can be as clueless as they come, obviously schools aren’t getting it right when it comes to teaching such things and the importance of them, there should be mandatory classes for people to take before being granted the privilege of voting. The end result is that in spite of all of that red all over the map, supposedly the blue wave had the advantage and drowned out the huge number of reds! I do not trust the counts anyway, since relocating and using a new system this year, for years before in my decent sized rural area, you voted on paper and deposited it into a cardboard box! Then whatever “volunteers” they did have would “count votes”, the same volunteers that the person in charge (coincidentally a Democrat) selected to count the ballots!

Sadly Obama only “won” the elections past because the media, actresses, etc. made it a matter of race, there were questions and accusations like never before about busing in hoards of people that weren’t legally allowed to vote just to ensure the wins, throw in Oprah and various others in the public eye and sure enough, crooked politicians won again! The Obama elections were ludicrous all the way around because like this past Tuesday’s election, candidates were in no way chosen for their qualifications or for where they stood on critical issues that affect every one of us, instead the Obama votes were all because of his race, period. This election was all about a “blue wave” even though soooo many voters didn’t have an inkling about any issues at all or as to the candidates qualifications (or lack of) or more importantly, where they stood on matters such as health care, the economy, or immigration.

When Obama “won”, the atmosphere was riddled with dark accusations (that I still sincerely believe were true), but no one investigated him, no one would even delve into the mysterious birth certificate questions, be it out of fear or more likely the Democrats didn’t want to get to the truth. Fast forward to Trumps run and look at the circus that media and the politicians (again, Democrats) have created,  screw what the people want or need it’s all about getting rid of the man that they can’t manipulate. You don’t have to like Trump on a personal level but you damned well need to respect him and let him do what he was elected for! Before you assume that I must be a Republican because I can clearly see the Democrat flaw, you would again be wrong, I am neither Democrat or Republican but I would never waste my vote and just cast it for the candidate that represented my chosen party either, I vote for the best candidate based on where they stand on the issues that are most important for the future of this country. I was confused by the polls conducted that showed that voters were happier with the economy than they have been in a very long time but yet they didn’t give their approval for Trump. Some folks (it’s said mainly women) don’t like the way that Trump behaves and dislike the way he talks! Let me tell ya females and otherwise, (no offense to you Gents out there) but a lot of men are considered “pigs” (that’s what they used to call them but now days one probably can’t even use that word without someone taking it literal! Anyway, have you ever been privy to a Bachelor party, or a guys night out? It’s what men do and have done since the dawn of time, like a bunch of raunchy behaving women at a Bachelorette party, so what. Because Trump isn’t secretive and two faced about it, choosing rather to be who he is at all times consistently, he is bashed for that too! That has zero to do with his running the country, he isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers.

Don’t bother to reach for a life jacket or inflatable raft because the “blue tsunami” hasn’t fully released it’s wrath and every last American will be affected by it, there will be nowhere to hide, no way to escape. I don’t think that there is ONE of the uninformed voters that has truly appreciated the gravity of what it means now that the Democrats will have the majority. The fact remains that when they do realize, there is no do over, no oops I made a grave mistake that will affect my loved ones for a long time, too long. My only advice at this point is to get down on your knees and pray, and pray for some kind of unprecedented miracle.

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What’s Your Label

People label other people every single day, if you point out that someone is overweight then you’re automatically accused of being a hefty hater. Obese people are often the first to point out those folks that are so scrawny they look anorexic, the obese are then labeled skinny haters. If you inadvertently state that someone is colored or black, you must be racist. If you disagree that same sex couples should be permitted to marry then you automatically hate homosexuals, also if you don’t think that a male born as such should be able to use the ladies room because he says that he identifies more with the female gender, that must mean that you hate all transsexuals. If a person lives with chronic, severe pain daily and is on a prescribed pain medication for it they are labeled a drug addict, no distinction between a heroin addict laying on the side of the street or a meth head in an alley. If you are of the opinion that marijuana should indeed be legalized in the country, well then you must be a pot head.

Funny how we’re supposed to have freedom of speech but it’s only a freedom when we think what everyone else wants us to, when our opinions differ, look out, we’re labeled right along with everyone else. How many times have you seen a famous person in the media caught up in a firestorm because they used a word that someone found offensive, or because their opinion differed from what others thought it should be? And yet here we are, every one of us seem to have been labeled by someone else for the way we look, sound, behave, because of our finances (or lack of), our job, or because of our opinions.

What’s more interesting is how so many people say that they are good people, people that don’t judge other people. Every one of us has labeled someone else, many do it on a daily basis too. How many times have you been out somewhere, or even at work and seen someone morbidly obese and have said (if only to yourself) whoa look how huge he or she is, yes maybe you have stated the obvious, but you have labeled the person. If you’ve been in a store where the cashier was rude and obnoxious and maybe mumbled what a witch with a capital B she was, you’ve labeled. Turn on the tv and see Kim Kardashian propping her rear end for the camera, tell me you haven’t caught yourself saying that she should have it equipped with a beeper, so when she backs it up no one get’s flattened, that’s a label (regardless of it’s truth).

I’ve been there and I dislike being labeled as much as anyone else does but the fact remains that sticks and stones break bones, while words hurt they are just words. I think that freedom of speech is far more important and that it’s critical not to label anyone for opinions on serious matters. The truth is that everyone on the planet has been labeled at some point and all of us are guilty of labeling too. When someone uses a word that others might find offensive, that is on them, it’s how they feel and makes the people that attack them for it worse than the person that used the word. When someone doesn’t believe that homosexuals should be allowed to enter into the union of marriage that is their opinion and they are entitled to it, period. It’s become so ridiculous how people are attacked for having a different opinion on certain things that they actually pretend to agree when faced with the issue, when the truth is that they vehemently disagree! The next thing you know someone is taking polls out there and the percentages are off the charts inflated, because people are afraid to stand up and disagree!

There’s always a group out there just waiting to raise a ruckus, ever searching for a cause to stir the pot, get others in an uproar over a word that someone used or an incident that they feel they can run with to add to the unrest that already exists in society. Those are  the people that should be labeled so that others won’t blindly follow their “causes”, there’s enough hatred and uneasiness in the world already, we certainly don’t need people waiting in the wings to create further chaos.

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Blake Fischer, Another Walter Palmer

Blake Fischer was one of seven Idaho game Commissioners, you know, one of the guys that are supposed to protect and enforce wildlife regulations. One of those people that we would believe would be the first to actually protect wildlife, as if there aren’t enough animals wiped out to the point of extinction already, Mr.Fischer just joined the ranks of Walter Palmer the much loathed lion killer. And to think that this guy served on the commission that made decisions on Idaho’s wildlife policies!

While in Namibia Fischer and his wife killed at least 14 animals, according to descriptions and pictures that he sent in an e-mail to more than 100 recipients. Among the dead was a group of four baboons, a small young one, blood soaked and propped with it’s tiny head against one of the adults chests. Fischer claimed in his e-mails that he was introducing his wife to big game hunting and that during the first day she only wanted to watch him and “get a feel of Africa”, that’s when he killed the family of baboons to show her how, set the pace? This is a real tough guy let me tell you, with his guns and bows & arrows, would love to see him take on any of those animals without his weapons to make him feel like he’s such a badass!

In his e-mail Fischer attached 12 pictures of himself and his wife standing over various kills, an oryx, a giraffe, a waterbuck, a leopard, and of course the family of baboons. Walter Palmer was a coward too but he was a dentist and not a commissioner having a say in wildlife policies anywhere, not that it matters when it comes to killing beautiful wildlife but Fischer should have damned well known better, as should his wife. The e-mail Fischer sent concluded with, ” After we left all of the animals in Africa that were still alive we [sic] pretty happy we were on a plane home”!  Wow, pretty happy that he’d left any animals alive, or happy to have contributed to the number of dead that “hunters” and poachers have racked up!

The only bright spot in this story is that Blake Fischer’s resignation was asked for and given, that this man can no longer have any say in any wildlife policies/regulations in Idaho, let’s hope that he doesn’t simply relocate to another state and manage to get a similar job anywhere else where he can affect wildlife in any way! Fischer and his wife should know better, it isn’t bad enough to kill animals that cannot in any way defend themselves and get off on it, but to brag about it and take pictures of those innocent animals as if it took skill to kill them is stomach turning. Tell me, how can he be proud that he shot animals dead with arrows and gunshots, isn’t it like shooting fish in a barrel? I mean there is no contest here the animals are easy kills because they can’t fight back, they have no weapons and certainly can’t outrun a gunshot or arrow, so how can anyone pretend that they were so skilled for killing them!

Africa should jump on the bandwagon and ban Fischer and his wife from ever setting foot on their soil again, after all the wildlife native to their country is what draws most of their tourists to the country. It wasn’t okay to kill any of those animals just to brag about it but another disgusting issue is that leopards aren’t exactly plentiful anymore and of course, a leopard was on Fischer’s list of kills. I’m glad this “two legged animal” has resigned as he should never have been permitted to hold his that position to begin with.


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Physicians Becoming More Scarce

If you live in a city then maybe you aren’t as bad off as many Americans in more rural areas of the country are. Try to find a primary care Physician when you live in the “country” and you may be disappointed or dead before finding one, I swear by the day it’s getting harder to find one. Northeastern Pennsylvania used to have a load of doctors but a vast number of those doctors, family practice as well as specialists, have moved far and away they couldn’t leave fast enough!

As much as I dislike the crisis, yes I said “crisis”, of not having enough available physicians to care for those in need, I do understand it. Doctors rates for insurance are off the charts, so much so that with the money they make they can’t even afford it! Why? Because all of you that are sue happy, going after any and every doctor out there just to sue for negligence and malpractice, you are the ones that have a huge hand in why the doctors are leaving. Yes, there are those cases that warrant a doctor being sued but more often than not, it’s all a money making scheme like when you have a fender bender and lose everything because someone sees a meal ticket!

Still there are other factors which are responsible for the shortage of physicians in such rural areas of PA ( and I’m sure elsewhere). These people go into debt for hundreds of thousands of dollars for their loans to become health experts and the government steps in and through politics, police these experts as if they know more about medicine than these doctors.How can a doctor treat a patient the way they see fit, the way they were taught, the way they know how, when the government scares the doctors to the point that they are afraid to prescribe appropriate treatment? To top that off, the paperwork and hoops that these physicians must now jump through as a result of politics and law changes is unimaginable. Do you know that if a doctor sees an elderly patient on Medicare that is dirt poor and can’t really even afford the office visit, the doctor cannot legally cut that old person a break!

Primary care doctors that go into practice in more rural areas fear professional isolation, they have less time with their own families due to the fact that they are carrying the lion share of patients because of the doctor shortage, they have little chance of joining a group of physicians, which would allow for more time with their own families. The primary care doctors are also being affected by the number of specialists, after all there is better money in becoming a specialist then there is in being a primary care doc.

What is most disturbing in many rural PA areas is that when you do find a doctor, you won’t get the same level of care that you would in a more urban area. The question is this, nearly all of the good doctors have left and the ONLY ones that you might be able to find are foreign ones, most times you can’t pronounce their names, so why are those patients in need of medical care forced to go to the only few there are (when there are any), or go without care and die? What is wrong with this picture, with this country? More tragic yet is that the problem is getting worse, and it is baadd already!

I live with knowing that the only son that I have ever, will ever have, would have survived if I lived in an urban area where I had access to a good hospital that was equipped with state of the art equipment. I was blessed enough at the time to have a great doctor but a doctor is only as good as the hospital and medical equipment that he has available to him. With my own ears I heard a foreign doctor (Indian) say to a colleague that American women complain about everything, that they are spoiled and need to stop whining about everything ( I had just lost my son)!

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Why is it that no one is comfortable talking about overpopulation? It’s like the topic is taboo, an unspoken rule that such a huge, devastating problem that affects all of us can’t be discussed, I wonder if perhaps the reason is that no one has a good solution. Just as with this life and the fact that we only get one, we only get one planet and once it’s destroyed beyond repair we’re all screwed! Why doesn’t anyone care though, why do the few that understand the problem each believe that they are only one person and that one person can’t make a difference? It only takes one to join with the others out there to bring about change, if it isn’t too late already that is, one doesn’t have to be a scientist to see the problems that have been directly caused by overpopulation.

Look at the never ending number of animals that are teetering on the brink of total extinction, the Bornean orangutans, Ili pika, the giant Otter, the stunning Amur leopard, the black footed ferret, the Darwin’s fox, the Sumatran rhinoceros, the white rumped vulture, the pangolin, saola, vaquita, the Peruvian black spider monkey, the red wolf, and the list goes on for species that will soon be gone forever from this world. I’m sure  that you are unfamiliar with some of these animals and that in itself speaks volumes, you will probably never see any of these species either because of mankind and the state of this planet. Many species that have always lived in the oceans have disappeared and are rapidly disappearing due to overfishing, these creatures can’t come up with a plan B, they rely on the food that is in the ocean for their very survival. Man has encroached on every bit of land on this planet, driving out the wildlife that needs the land to survive and man has also invaded every bit of the ocean, every sea, every where! Their turf has been taken and their food supplies too and then there are those countries where they kill the native wildlife because they eat their crops, well what the hell choice do these animals have to survive?

It may seem harsh but there are places in the world where they cut off the hand of a thief, well I think that poachers should be put to death and let me tell you, if a prospective poacher knew that the penalty of his actions was death I guarantee you that they would think twice before killing animals that are minding their own business, not bothering anyone and just trying to live! But back to the subject at hand (pardon the pun), what is the solution to the population boom? Well I can’t say that there’s an easy one but let’s be brutally honest and talk about a part of it that seems even more taboo, I think that every one of us know someone that has 4, 5, or even 6 children and get’s government assistance because of those kids. What if the government stopped giving out money as if it’s a reward for having children and made the parent work? I have nothing against mothers that work but I do think that there would be a lot healthier children out there if the moms were at home with them, or even the fathers to raise them, but with the financial struggles that most everyone has that’s not always possible. My point is that the government seems to reward those people that have kids but only to a certain age, which means that there are those people that keep having them so that the gravy train keeps chugging along. I hate to say it but China was on to something when the number of children you could have there was limited, but not when they are so very gender biased that no one wanted a daughter but only wanted sons! It’s a shame that China couldn’t have worked hand in hand with all other countries to come up with a solution for the population problems.

The planet is warming and that’s a fact, it isn’t some mad scientists theory, some figment of overactive imaginations! As a result the wildlife is being adversely affected and it’s only going to get worse. There are too many landfills out there, there is too much pollution in the atmosphere, the water in many places is toxic and with the sudden gas drilling going on here there will be much more of it too. And amidst all of this there is no untouched land, no untouched water, the trees are being harvested in record numbers and hope is quickly fading. You will see in your lifetime a global crisis like no other, only it will be too late to attempt to do anything about it. If you’re someone that cares about the planet and the quality of your life, as well as that of the animals that do remain today, then join others that give a damn and do something about it now.

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Do You Believe that You Have Been REGULARLY Abducted by Aliens? If You Answered Yes, Read This!

Again I’ll stress that I am not asking the question sarcastically, I would really like to hear from any of you that feel that you are regularly abducted by aliens. I’m shocked that with as many claims as there are out there made by people who feel that they have been, or are being abducted by aliens, not one has stepped forward yet. I have to assume that either they are not being abducted or that they are afraid to come forward, or possibly they feel that this is an opportunity for someone to attempt to make a fool of them or a joke about the whole issue. I can assure you that this is not the case here, If nothing else, I would think that those I speak of would appreciate some kind of validation, that they would want to show others that they aren’t crazy, these are not figments of their fertile imaginations. I ask again, those of you that truly feel that you are being regularly abducted/visited by aliens, please come forward and contact me, send me a message privately with a valid e-mail address and I will get back to you immediately.

There are so many theories, opinions, and guesses right now in society on the subject of UFO’s and aliens, so many out there that disregard the topic as nonsense or sleep paralysis that it makes matters impossible for those people that experience these other worldly events, they are called lunatics, crazy, unstable and it causes them to feel as if they don’t “fit in” with society. They feel alone, confused and there are those times when they do question their sanity, but if they look at things from a different perspective then it may not be so stressful, those that look at what has happened/ is happening to them as being in the special minority, they have experienced first hand what other’s can’t begin to imagine, they are somehow “chosen” for whatever reason, they have seen things that the majority of society will never have the opportunity to. Now don’t get me wrong here, I know it wouldn’t be possible for those that claim to have had horrific experiences with aliens to look at things from this perspective.

I personally believe that it is sheer ignorance and egotistical to believe that we are the only life forms in the infinite universe, it is narrow minded at the very least to believe that mankind is all that exists. That being said, if there are aliens then I’m sure that there are many different ones and that like people, some are benevolent and some are malevolent, what do men do when they encounter something different, something that they don’t understand or have never seen? Their first thought is to kill, dissect and study it, it never crosses their mind that it may be a living, breathing organism that probably feels pain and emotion of some kind.  and if the thought does occur to them they simply don’t give a damn. I’m sure that alien beings would be no different in that regard, they would want to learn about our species. Hypothetically speaking here, I’m also sure that any malevolent species of aliens would likely not regard human life with any value and probably wouldn’t care if they dissected a living human, for purposes of studying them, thousands of people go missing every day in this world and who is to say where every last one of them went. Okay so maybe that’s a stretch but the truth is, we don’t know and I believe whole heartedly that our government does indeed have the answers but will never willingly share that information with the public. Can you imagine the government telling us that oh by the way, UFO’s and aliens do exist and always have, they are technologically worlds ahead of us, we have no way of fighting them off if they ever care to take over and we can’t protect any of you against them, but hey don’t worry about it! Yeah, I would imagine that wouldn’t go over too well with everyone, truth or not, there would likely be total fear and panic.

In spite of everything, I feel that the public does have the right to know but it doesn’t matter because we will never come to the point of full disclosure, unless we get there on our own. So, back to my original question here, do you believe that you are regularly/frequently abducted by aliens? If you answered yes then please, I urge you to contact me immediately, don’t wait,do it now! Send me a message with your e-mail and I will get right back to you. Only honest, sincere, genuine, people need contact me about this matter.

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