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Men May As Well Be Eunuchs

Men may as well be eunuchs now days, women have gone so far off the beaten path in pursuit of equal everything that they have reduced men to little more than eunuchs anyway! It disgusts me how far society has gone on both sides, you see women shouting “girl power” and defending other females, even when they are wrong for the sole reason that they are another female! Men can’t even be men anymore, if a man acts like a man he is called a macho abuser, if a man tries to be respectful in the presence of women they cry that they are being treated differently.

Hugh Heckman, the former editor of PBS NewsHour , Heckman was working on a story about about the British Royal Family in November of 2017. After viewing a photo of Meghan Markle Hugh said to a male colleague in a low tone of voice, “not bad”. From 20 feet away a female colleague overheard and claimed that Hugh wasn’t abiding by the principles of the recent sexual harassment training session the employees had attended. Two days after a female co-worker reported the comment to executive producer Scott Davis, Heckman was terminated. How the hell can a man win, if he had seen Markle and said that she looked like a bloated pig, he’d be slammed for that. If he said the same as many on-line commenter’s that Markle had better hurry up and get herself knocked up to cement her position in the royal family, he’d be fired. If he was one of few to say that Markle was hot and had a rocking body, he’d be fired! Sadly this is far from an isolated case, it’s becoming more common and has been taken to a whole new level.

If a man states that a 400 pound woman is fat and needs to lose weight, he is crucified! If he says that a woman is a knockout, something that most women would find flattering, he is crucified by those “girl power” women that just look for something to bitch about. If a man says that a transvestite looks really attractive it’s okay though right, you never hear about those incidences! Society has become so ass backward now days with all of the extremist views and democrats adding to the problems! Our young men must be so damned confused, growing up in such a contradictory, one track, extreme society. Whether the radical females care to admit it or not, nature is nature and there are biological differences between the sexes for a reason. Men should not be held to different standards than women, if some women want it one way then it’s all or none, I call BS on that!

We are told that we have freedom of speech in this country but the truth is, we don’t and you are not entitled to your own opinion, folks need to comprehend the difference between OPINION and INSULTS! We’ve seen so many great people fall because they use a word that some zealot nut wants to jump right on and make into something else! Lives have been destroyed because someone uses a word that someone else wants to stir the pot over, we need to go back to elementary school and learn that sticks and stones break bones but words are just that, words! You don’t have to like them, if you don’t then don’t use them but stop attacking others for them! Opinions are neither right or wrong, they are the feelings of other people and they are entitled to them! Same goes for men, stop making eunuchs of them by slamming them for everything that comes out of their mouths!

Another example to consider is the current political state of things, with the exception of Chuck Schumer, all of the bad behaviors exhibited has been by women! The nasty, vulgar, obscenities pouring out of a trashy mouth, by none other than a woman, the disgusting, unforgivable hateful words against Jews, spoken by a woman! This girl power nonsense is one thing but no intelligent women should support ANY woman when she is wrong, period! I have heard talk about men and how they behave but women are by far worse in these cases and there is no excuse for it. They slam Trump but I haven’t heard him spit venom like they do in the democratic party, worse yet is that if these behaviors were seen on the republican party, the left wing zealots would demand they be removed from their positions but because it’s one of the radicals, it’s accepted! This one sided nonsense has to stop,these insane women that have invaded the political arena need to be held accountable, they have done nothing for the causes of women and instead they have set them back to the stone ages. By the same token, they will not be satisfied until they make eunuchs out of EVERY last man in this country, starting with the President. Could it be that is just the reason they loathe Trump so much, perhaps because he’s keeping his family jewels where they belong and not allowing these nut cases to add him to the list of blue eunuchs? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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The Current Democratic American Society

Still wonder what the difference between a Republican (R) and a Democrat (D) are? Currently it’s clearer than it’s ever been where the two parties differ, the radical, left wing democrats are the ones that support murdering newborn, innocent babies legally, that feel there’s no need to strengthen our military, cheap talk will do the trick, the democrats support the open door policy for immigrants, always welcoming legal and illegals by the tens of thousands into this country so that they can manipulate the system and include their votes in our elections, as well as add BILLIONS to the TRILLIONS of dollars in debt this country is already in, to support these immigrants! Worse yet, the democratic zealots that sit in our senate are trying to kill of God himself and all religious traces that may be left within our society, is it because they now have Muslims sitting beside them in the United states house of representatives? Only they know and it isn’t about being racist either, it’s common sense that to allow someone with such drastically different beliefs than the majority of American citizens, to have any hand in our political system is begging for trouble! The left wing, radical democrats (especially the freshmen ones), want nothing more than to force this country into socialism, they take advantage of those people that are not educated on just what socialism is and what exactly it means for any country and they make the usual promises of a land of rainbows and unicorns and those people buy into the bullshit!

Republicans, though not perfect either are not in support of murdering innocent babies, they feel that a strong military is essential as that fact alone would make another country interested in war, think twice before starting one. The (R) side of the aisle adheres to the constitution of the United States, believing in the freedoms that we always used to have before the democrats took over, they know that socialism has been tried many times in many places and does not work! The (R) know that they are no match for God and all of the people that believe in God and would not try to kill off every trace of him off. One of the most critical differences between the two parties is that the republicans want security for our country, they understand the need for securing all of our borders, for limiting the number of immigrants allowed to flood the country and further strain the system. Both parties know that the country is deep in debt already and that our own will soon be in jeopardy, look at the social security system now, they understand that we need to take care of our own FIRST. The Dems. want to take care of both legal and illegal immigrants and give no thought what so ever to our own, systems running dry, entire families of our own citizens homeless and on the streets and they don’t care in the least.

Before you accuse me of being a Republican I can honestly tell you that I am not a Republican, nor would I ever, ever, be or support a Democrat. I am an Independent thinker and I see what’s going on politically in this country and it makes me sick, Nancy Pelosi and her henchmen are endangering all of our lives, and not just because they feel no need to secure this country, but because while Pelosi and company play for the cameras and engage in their pissing contest with Trump, our biggest enemies are out there plotting their actions while the Democrats play their childish games, oblivious to national security or any American citizens well being. I’m sure that the enemies of this country are enjoying the circus that Pelosi and her henchmen have created, it has caused the powers that are supposed to be to remain clueless to the bigger picture. I honestly think that Nancy Pelosi really hopes that there will be some major change that she can manipulate so as to leave herself in the position to take the seat of the President and let me tell you this, America may be more divided than it has ever before been but if that horrible day ever did come, the American people would not sit back and allow it! There would be backlash the likes that have never before been seen, too many Americans see the behavior of the Dems and still cannot stand Pelosi, they would demand she be removed from office ASAP. I wonder if part of the reason is that she is 78 years old and may have early signs of dementia, that would certainly explain a it. Either way, changes need to be made so that this country can move forward and actually function as a government, the hatred of Trump by the people that are supposed to be working WITH him needs to be stopped! I think that impeachments may be in order alright and I really hope that it begins with Nancy Pelosi and some of her henchmen!

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Muslims Omar And Tlaib Holding American Political Seats!

There are a few people out there that wonder what American’s could possibly have against Muslims, besides the obvious of course, their beliefs radically differ from the values and beliefs that most American’s share ( or at least used to ). Now those of you that have been a citizen of this country all of your life and is one of many generations that came before you, ask yourself this question, would you support Kim Jong Ung having a seat in the United States House of Representatives? No of course not, why? Seriously now, ask yourself that very question and look at the reasons why, you’d have to assume that he came here though and became an American citizen, would that matter, would it change your mind and cause you to support him? What about the reported Taliban leader Mufti Noor Wali Mehsud, would you support him holding a seat in the house? Again, you  must ask yourself why that is, why wouldn’t you support him? Not much difference here but ask yourself if you would support a Muslim or Muslimbeing allowed to hold a seat in the United States House of Representatives, and why you likely see the many dangers in allowing it.

There have been millions of immigrants allowed into this already crowded country and many of them are Muslims, they are permitted to vote and naturally they’ve had a hand in banning prayers from our schools, removing reminders of God and Jesus Christ from public places, now there is talk of removing the so help me God from the oath given in our courtrooms, and next they will demand that in God we trust be removed from our currency! The list goes on and on of all of the changes that the immigrants allowed to call this country home have demanded, they can vote and their sheer numbers have already tipped the scales in their favor. Now to allow a Muslim into the United States House of Representatives, do you really think that’s a good idea, and we’re not talking about just one of them although one is all it takes! Freshman representative Ilhan Omar is CLEARLY a Muslim that loathes and detests Jews, her latest anti-semitic accusations and comments are not her first and I know won’t be her last but because the Democrats are so out of control, disrespectful, vulgar, obscenity spouting radicals, they will do nothing to cut the cancer out of the house. The truth is that she should never have been allowed to hold any political position in America, period! Rashida Tlaib is another Muslim that should absolutely not have been permitted to hold any political seat, the name sounds familiar? It should, she’s the other potty mouth that called for Trumps impeachment in what may be Muslim fashion, obscenity laced “language”, it just shows that the two Muslim women that slithered into the house of representatives, are both low life, obscene zealots!

It’s strange how when a person is called out for something based entirely in truth, automatically the one calling them out is racist, they turn it around to make the other person look guilty of something rather than facing the truth. The truth is that no Muslim should be any part of the United States House of Reps, that’s not racist it’s fact. Their views and so called beliefs are so polar opposite of those of Americas the two do not mesh and there is no middle ground. The Democrats have shown their true colors this time and the voters in this country are watching, they have no filters and disrespect the leader of America, every citizen, they care nothing about national security, choosing to take a vacation to Puerto Rico at the taxpayers expense,rather than to find a solution to their ignorance, they support killing newborn babies and the bad behaviors we’ve seen from those radicals in their own party, supporting spouting curses like a sailor at the President and worse yet, the racists in their own party and the blatant hatred of Jews. If these behaviors were seen from a Republican, look out Pelosi and her henchmen would DEMAND their resignations or begin impeachment processes!

It will be interesting to see how many decent American voters change their registered affiliations this year, after seeing the vile antics these democrats have displayed. Pelosi was wrong when she made the remarks about voters that didn’t agree with her being ignorant, beer swilling, Bible thumping, uneducated wastes because guess what Nancy, the same people that you’re calling names and degrading are voters, it may surprise her to know that in spite of any college degrees we may or may not have, we can see through the BS and we know right from wrong! Perhaps she set the tone right out of the gate for the other ignorant radicals in her party. The same voters I refer to I would hope are good people and if they might have registered as Democrats, I’m certain they won’t vote that way again any time soon! Regardless of party affiliation, we can all see what is right and certainly the many things that are wrong and people have grown tired, tired of the hatred,the venom spewing,the attacks on Trump while our nations security is at risk, we’re tired of the democrats and their “democratic” ways. As if to add insult to injury Kamala Harris announces that she will run for President, can you see it now, more of the Democratic insidious BS to flip this country into a socialist one, I don’t know about you but when the food runs out (like it has in nearly every other socialist country) I for one will not be  eating my pets like they had to resort to in that certain other country we’ve all heard about. I will also NOT cast any vote for the likes of her or any other Democrat for that matter and can say in all honesty that not one of the people I know will either!

It is sheer audacity for any democrat to slam President Trump for anything, all we have seen from the Democrats in the short time they have held power is vulgar trash talk directed at Trump, hate filled dirty accusations and venom anti Jewish filled rants, and not on just one occasion either, racism, accusations of rape, wow and to think that any of them have the sheer gall to slam Trump, the only one concerned with the security of this  country and it’s citizens! Democrats doled out so much bullshit during the government shutdown in their attempts to blame Trump for them failing to do  their jobs, Trump didn’t take the entire democratic party on a private jet to vacation in Puerto Rico while federal workers  went without pay, and that romp in the sun with the gourmet meals and flopping at the finest hotel, yeah that was at your expense too, all taxpayers paid for it!  Laws need to change and if there is another shut down then the Democrats need to go without pay, all of them since they refuse to do the jobs that they were entrusted with, also there should not be any Muslims allowed to hold any political office, it isn’t racist, it is to protect this country and it’s future, while there is any future left.

Finally, it’s amazing how a simple television reality show can affect peoples views of certain other races, like how that show Shahs Of Sunset reflects on Iranians, and certainly not in a good light. It’s been said on there by cast members that they came here to America by means of political asylum as they laugh about it while spending thousands of dollars and boast about how rich their relatives and themselves are now! Tlaib and Omar are reflecting on all Muslims in this country and again, in no way in a positive light. There is enough racial tension as it is and with the likes of these two women there will be a hell of a lot more! Democrats are overdue to take out the trash and clean up the house, show some pride and stop the madness, stop sullying up the American name!

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What Kind of American Are You, Do You Care, Will You Take Action?

Okay so you’re walking down the street and you see a child alone with no parents in sight, barefoot in the snow and without a coat, do you walk on by while pretending that you don’t see him, do you take his hand and lead him to the nearest store to make him their problem, or do you go above and beyond and wrap the child in your own coat, scoop him up and take him to the nearest police station where you wait with him until you know that he’s safe? You’re the type person that does one of the three so which one are you anyway?

You’re driving down a deserted rural road and see a car that has just had an accident, it’s soon to explode because of a gas leak and flame, there’s no one else around to help the person in the car so as not to have them burn to death are you going to drive right on by, maybe even stepping on the gas? Will you stop and try your damnedest to get the person out of the car and leave them there on the side of the road, maybe call 911? Or will you get the person out of the car, take them to your vehicle to wait while you call 911 and wait with them to see that they are safe?

This one may seem stupid to you but it did in fact once happen to me. You live in a rural area and hear shouting outside, you go out to discover a neighbor screaming at their dog to get into their van, the dog sits there shaking but not making a move to get into the van and the neighbor goes and gets a baseball bat to beat the dog with, the neighbors are the trouble type and are known felons. Do you ignore it, going back into your house figuring hey, it’s none of your business anyway? Do you slink back into the house and call the dog warden, cops and anyone else that you can while the dog howls in agony from having numerous fractures because the low life trash beat the helpless animal? Or do you go running over to them and scream (okay maybe this part was uncalled for) obscenities at them that they had better not DARE to hit that dog with a bat or anything else, bluffing your way by saying that you have pictures but not daring to leave to get your phone to actually take pictures because you KNOW that they will probably end up killing the dog. Will you stand your ground to protect that animal in spite of the people involved threatening to shoot you? What kind of person are you, or perhaps you’re the type that feels that in this case, it’s only an animal so why would you go out of your way?

What does any of this have to do with loving the United States of America? Well it has a lot to do with it actually, just how much do you care about this country, the soldiers that have lost their lives while trying to protect it / us, this country’s future (or lack of), if you don’t give a damn about your future, what about your loved ones and their future, your parents, children, sisters, brothers? Whether or not you see it this country is in dire trouble and it gets worse by the day, we have a President that is trying to better this country, one that says what he means and means what he says, one that is trying to make the necessary changes needed to ensure that we HAVE a future and one that crooked democrats hate so much that they put every American life at risk for no other reason than to defy him!

If you are the type of person that gives a lost child your coat and takes the child to safety, the one that would risk your own life to help a motor vehicle accident victim from burning to death, or one that places value on EVERY life including a dogs, that is guilty of nothing but fear then you will stand up and make clear that you’ve had enough! Good people help others every day out there but will not take the time to be part of making a positive change that affects millions of lives. Write a letter to your government representative, call your state rep., sign a petition but do something!

Nancy Pelosi has got to be removed from office, it isn’t a should, could or maybe, it is a fact and is affecting every one of us in this country. She is giving women a bad name and is the reason that women were kept out of political affairs for so long. You don’t get to abuse power, period. Pelosi was one of the most hated women in the country BEFORE she was re-elected and now the peoples disgust with her is off the charts! You cannot say that any representative that voted Pelosi back into the speaker of the house position, cares about what the citizens of this country want, she was already the most hated woman and to re elect her PROVES that those reps don’t give a damn! The power of the position that Nancy Pelosi holds has gone to the womans head, she makes all women look like they are vindictive, jealous, egotistical, power tripping, incompetent witches with a capital B!

At the very least let law makers know how you fell, where you stand on keeping the likes of Nancy Pelosi in ANY political position. She is the catalyst for the current shutdown and the reason that the federal workers aren’t getting paid! Take Pelosi’s pay by getting her out of office, only the American people can make a difference with all of the crooked blue politicians running the show!

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Ending The Government Shutdown Immediately, GUARANTEED

The current government shutdown that is affecting every American and federal worker out there is nothing short of a peeing contest, the damned Democrats don’t care at all about any of us, period! You disagree? Well was it President Trump that frolicked on the beaches of Puerto Rico smack in the middle of this crisis, enjoying the vacation that didn’t cost one of them a damned dime? No, it was every damned Democrat in the “house” whooping it up and in case you’re wondering who pays for the private jet and the vast array of foods afforded them……….. it’s every tax paying American! Yes, you heard it correctly, that’s where your hard earned tax dollars are going but screw the wall that this country needs to keep it secure! If the Republicans had ever so much as attempted a stunt like that, a slap in the face to all federal workers and every US citizen all hell would rain down on them.

End this peeing contest, the answer is very simple, instead of making any of the federal workers go without the money that they actually work for, cut the pay of every Democrat in the house until an agreement is reached. I GUARANTEE you that an agreement would be reached, compromises would be made on the spot because God knows things would be different if it was their bread and butter at stake! The Democrats don’t give a damn because it’s not affecting them, they are so busy continually trying to give away American money to illegal/legal immigrants while our own fall by the wayside, that they couldn’t possibly care if they pretended to. Isn’t it easy to give away money when it isn’t yours? It’s time the Democrats felt the pinch and no it shouldn’t be the Republicans that give up their unearned wages either, because you didn’t see them goldbricking on the beaches of Puerto Rico at our expense!

Not only have the Democrats shown their true colors but they can no longer deny that not one of them cares in the slightest about this country, American lives, our security and well being but they have also made a mockery of the entire system. From day one it has all been about spiting Trump, whatever the PRESIDENT of this country wants to do regardless of it being in our best interest, they will do the opposite no matter who it harms! Strange that physicians have to take an oath before becoming doctors to first do no harm, but the people that fill serious political positions in this country can do whatever it is they feel like doing, or NOT doing, anyone from ANYWHERE can fill any of those positions and yet it’s tolerated!

If Americans demanded that the Democrats wages be frozen until they learn the definition of compromise, until they stop pushing their own personal agendas (or following the lead lemur Pelosi blindly), not only would it immediately end the standoff but there would never have been a shutdown to begin with! I can’t help but wonder if these Democrats are informed the very minute they take office to keep in mind at all times and when making any decision, not to make money a factor because it’s not their money anyway! They know how easy it is to spend other peoples money because it’s nothing to them, when they aren’t affected they just don’t give a damn!

Finally what needs to be done to ensure there will be a somewhat unified front in Washington is to get rid of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, remove them from the positions they hold and then start cleaning the “house of federal judges”. I have never before heard so many people vehemently against the federal judges overriding every decision Trump makes and insisting they should set age limits for federal judges. As much as I respect older people I have to agree, there are minimum age limits for a lot of things (voting, buying tobacco, drinking/buying alcohol, driving) after all, a lot of people feel that Pelosi is already behaving somewhat senile and incompetent.

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2019 Will It Be Our Downfall?

I think that every one of us has at one time or another, worried about the threat of war, sadly the current state of things around the globe drive this fear deeper into the core beings of every one of us paying attention. I truly believe that 2019 will be the year that our deepest, darkest nightmares will become very real unless something drastically changes, and I mean ASAP! While the damned democrats are engaging in male/female peeing contests and suffering from tunnel vision while putting every American life in jeopardy, our enemies are celebrating the sheer stupidity of this domestic power struggle. It has become alarmingly clear that not one of the “lefties” gives a damn about the security of this country or one precious life living on our soil, it’s all about fighting Trump, being petty, vindictive and worst of all abusing the power of the position that voters entrusted to them.

While the left side stands in their own waste seeing if their privates are larger than the right sider’s, claiming victory for the biggest puddle of urine, every American citizen and every one of our soldiers stationed anywhere on the planet, their lives are at stake to say the least! This year may well make history too for being the year that all of us pawns stand united and demand that some, or all of the democrats be removed from office immediately! Yes unfortunately for us there is a process of impeachment for their positions but the American citizens aka “pawns” outnumber them and if it is demanded by the people, for the people, I doubt they would win that urinating contest! At the moment this country is more divided than it’s been since Obama first ran and the left is continuing to sow the seeds of hatred, playing their blame games while all along trying to divert our attention away from the elephant sitting smack in the middle of the USA, the security and well being of this country.

The United States used to be (pardon the expression) at the top of the food chain, this country was feared, respected and the leader as far as defending itself from the endless number of wolves ever scratching at it’s door. Notice I said used to be, since the Midterm 2018 elections when the democrats took the majority of the house, which went to their heads, homeland security is nothing but an afterthought and our security and position around the world has plummeted! We are in serious trouble when Russia has surpassed us with their weaponry, North Korea with the most unstable dictator would like nothing more than to wipe every last American citizen from the face of the earth, and China is slinking behind the scenes to ruin us. Bear in mind that North Korea flipped us off to our faces when we tried to do things the “democratic” way and wish away their planet jeopardizing weapon making, they have blatantly continued doing whatever they please. Are there any of you that don’t see the seriousness of these things, the consequences of what the politicians are doing and the fact that the above are only a few of the enemies this country faces?

Now before any of you read this and say Oh this person is a hard core Republican and is just biased, I think it’s obvious that I am certainly not and would never be a Democrat, I am also not a Republican! I do not simply cast my vote according to my registered party either but rather for the best candidate, I take the time to educate myself on where each candidate stands on major issues as well! Donald Trump was voted into office by the American people, I don’t give a damn if the left side likes him personally or not, he is the leader of this country and they damned well need to respect him and work with him instead of pushing their own agendas and abusing their positions.

One thing is certain, most of these newbie, clueless left sider’s  should enjoy the positions they fill at the moment because most Americans are intelligent, educated people and simply will not tolerate, or forget the behavior they have been seeing from them and there is no way in hell that they will EVER be voted into the positions they hold at the moment again! They will be recorded in history as being the catalysts to the downfall of this country and all of it’s citizens! Changes do indeed need to be made, major changes and yesterday wouldn’t be soon enough, starting with impeaching Nancy Pelosi, I respect elders but she is too old and quite obviously confused and vindictive to fill the position she’s in, then I don’t care if it’s a first time ever, hold a special election and leave it up to real Americans or let someone, anyone else impeach her minions too until there is a more equal balance of power, and ONLY to include intelligent, psychologically balanced candidates! It’s interesting to note that Pelosi was absolutely LOATHED by a vast number of Americans and the fact that she’s still filling ANY political position in spite of that proves that Democrats just want to destroy the USA!

It doesn’t matter if you pray to God Almighty, Buddha, mother earth or whatever God you believe in, the only hope we have is to fall to our knees and pray, pray, pray, because we are in serious danger of Heaven knows what horrors in the not so distant future! Every American citizen needs to try something new here, actually unite and agree that we are not going to tolerate anyone trying to strong arm the President, anyone pushing their own agendas, and zero tolerance for jeopardizing our lives and country, all in the name of trying to trump Trump! At the moment Pelosi has again insinuated that Trump impeachment is still a possibility, sounds like a veiled threat, bad move Pelosi because Americans want Trump, want the wall and see through the continuing vile behavior she continues to exhibit, she needs a warm glass of milk, a mild laxative and to be grounded from her usual playground games! I hope that Trump refuses to continue getting in the sandbox with her!

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Americans Are In For A Very BLUE New Year!

Lately the entire world seems to be in a serious state of unrest, there’s an eerie feeling in the air of this being just the calm before the storm. Since the last election that put the democrats in the majority, we’ve had a glimpse of what 2019 will be like, a mere peek at the discord and strife they will bring about. Rather than consider the good of this country and it’s citizens the democrats are only interested in spiting Trump, sparring with him at every turn, to hell with how every last citizen of this country will be adversely affected by their actions! I am so sick and tired of hearing the “blue side” preaching about how immoral building a wall is, but in the next breath they say that they care about the security of this country all the while wanting to keep the open door policy for any and all immigrants to come in without end!

Donald Trump made clear all throughout his campaign that he intended to get a wall built, so he thought that he could have Mexico pay for it and was wrong, no surprise because Mexico is a poor country. Democrats won’t support Trump on anything and it isn’t even because they feel that he is wrong, it’s all about going against any and every thing that Trump says, period. Now they will say that Trump didn’t keep his campaign promises when they are the reason, he has tried everything possible to work with the Democrats but they are too cocky now that they will have the majority, and want to spite him in any way they can.

The only hope that this country has is to make some serious changes starting with the right to asylum, sadly we all know that there are a load of DIShonest people out there and many use this right to relocate here to the United States, have everything given to them because they know exactly what to say. Look at the immigrants of the caravan in Mexico, most of them were coached on what to say and how to say it to get into the country! There are genuine cases of people needing asylum but the majority use it as simply a means of being pretty much guaranteed to get into the country by using it as nothing more than a tool, the advantage to them is like winning the lottery and it costs America millions!

Probably the most urgent change that needs to be made is many of the so called Federal Judges need to be impeached ASAP! especially Jon S. Tigar of the northern district of California! I think that his overriding Trumps immigration decisions was nothing more than his trying to compensate for something more than just a small mind! The fact is that there have to be changes made to the immigration laws in this country and I don’t mean changes like Tigar is shooting for. Trump has been the only one with the guts to come forward and try to make those changes but keeps being cut off at the knees!

I’m sure you’ve hear of “anchor babies”, in other countries they actually plan trips to the United States to correspond with a pregnant womans due date so that she will have the child here and it will be considered an American citizen, this paves the way for the parents and extended family to become citizens too! How bad is that when we are one of I believe just two countries that allow this!

Whether you like it or you don’t the fact is that there is only so much to go around, so much available housing, so many jobs, so much money to pay for educations, medical, transportation, only so many resources and not just in the U.S. but around the globe, supplies aren’t inexhaustible! What about the ridiculous number of our own citizens that are homeless, entire families out on the streets and they can’t even try to get assistance when they have to have a permanent address to do so! Should we keep turning our backs on our own to allow the country to be filled up more with immigrants wanting to become citizens? And then there is the fact that these foreigners that become citizens here do get to vote in our elections, naturally they are all for keeping the open door policy and they push their beliefs to the point where there can no longer be prayer in our schools, certain words cannot be used, holidays of ours are frowned upon and many don’t care to so much as learn the language.

Let’s hope that other Americans see the result of riding the last elections “blue wave” and the result of having done so, I truly believe that it will be the last time that the Democrats have the majority because there won’t be a lot of support for them after seeing what they have already begun and the damage they will do in the new year. May God help us because things are volatile and this country is divided so badly after the Democrats took over, Pelosi remained and they all gang up on Trump.

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Posted by on December 22, 2018 in Politics


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