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Discovery Channels Alaskan Bush People

Discovery channel used to be a reputable one with shows that were of interest and that had at least a sliver of quality, that is until May  of 2014 when they first aired the ludicrous Alaskan Bush People. There are still a lot of people out there that believe this show is legitimate, that these people are exactly what the show portrays them to be, in spite of the ridiculousness of it. I find it disturbing that anyone at all would believe that this clan was “raised in the wilds of Alaska” when they have so obviously not been at all sheltered.

Think about it like this, the sons with tattoos must have run deep into the Alaskan woods to find the tattoo parlor to get them, the mother Ami must have also gone to the bush jeweler to get all of those rings that she wears, and the most obvious b.s. the youngest daughter “Rain” must have really found a goldmine deep in the Alaskan bush when she went looking for (and must have found) the bush cosmetic store! To see the youngest kid with makeup plastered on her face, you know damned well that cosmetics aren’t part of that kind of life, nor is the goth looking nail polish! If that doesn’t make you see what a fake the show is then notice how grimy the sons get, yet their clothes are always crisp and clean and you don’t get clothes to come that clean doing them by hand in a creek! Not to mention the style clothing, I think that this type of nonsense is insulting to the REAL Alaskans out there that struggle for their very survival every day.

Discovery channel must be as desperate as some of the other networks out there (Bravo, TLC) to air such a blatantly misleading, manipulative, ludicrous, dishonest, fake crap! I feel for the mother Ami’s family that has come out and told their side of the story as far as the relationship (or lack of) with their daughter and her family, obviously they are hurting and Ami’s mother is elderly to boot! If this family was so loving and caring and believed so strongly in family bonds, each would have the respect and common decency to go and visit Ami’s mother and allow her to be part of their lives, rather than air family dirty laundry (if it’s even true) to the world in an attempt to justify their bad behavior.

Maybe the problem with this B.S. family is greed, I mean reports have stated that they stay in a hotel and only spend time at “Brown Town” when they are filming, look up the family and each ones net worth too, they are not hurting for money. And then there are the legal woes that two of them plead guilty to after allegations that they duped Alaska for a share in the states profits that they did not have a right to. Alaskan folks need that money to help them to survive and then along come the Browns to benefit from what they had no right to, when they do not need the money! Discovery has supported this sham of a show, sham of a family for far too long, in fact they should never have become involved with them, Discovery is just as guilty of duping viewers, if not more so!


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Ariana and Frankie: “Grande” Egos

Big Brother isn’t exactly a smash hit show, but I’m assuming that it at least holds its own with the viewer draw. Up until this latest season of Big Brother, I had never heard of an Ariana Grande nor had anyone I know, and I had never heard of her brother Frankie either in spite of him stating that he’s a ‘YouTube celebrity’. After Big Brother aired for weeks, all of a sudden this girl Ariana has been plastered all over the place and some geniuses allowed her to host a bunch of shows? Have so many different television and radio shows become so desperate as to take a not-so-well known kid that has become at least “heard of” due to Big Brother, and allow her to host anything? Must be!

Even more recently we see reports that little Miss Ariana Grande is growing up to be quite the diva, forbidding Mariah Carey’s name to be spoken around her – just who does this little kid think she is anyway, Lady Gaga? Puh, not even close, Honey. I might understand the girl being such a monster if she were well known or had a cartload of hits, but that just isn’t even close to being the case. She should be on her knees thanking Big Brother for bringing her some attention, albeit negative due to her brother.

We’ve all heard of guilt by association, and whether it’s right or wrong, it does hold some merit – face it, to be raised with someone in the same environment all of your life means that many of the same traits are shared, period! Ariana’s brother Frankie is an embarrassment to all homosexuals and is exactly the type that makes some people have a problem with gays in general. His behavior is disgusting. The ignorant boy stated that being a lesbian is a choice, but that that isn’t the case for gay males. On Big Brother Frankie suggested that two male contestants team up and take another house guest’s virginity! This self proclaimed huge celebrity has done nothing but show what an ass he truly is and peddle attention for his sister, who it seems definitely needed it!

On a final note, Big Brother themselves should be ashamed for allowing Frankie Grande to be a part of the Big Brother cast. While the others in the house actually need the money, that clown is playing for charity. Now there’s nothing wrong with donating money to charity, and it’s, in fact, a good thing to do; however, there are other shows and contests that are specifically played for charity, and this show wasn’t believed to be one of them. It seems that the only reason that Frankie wanted to be part of this show was to gain fame and attention for himself and his sister Ariana, and he has certainly succeeded, but most of the attention that I have seen for the two of them is negative fallout and a bunch of opportunities for his sister. It’s pretty pathetic when you have to turn to your brother, who is an ass, to gain recognition for yourself.

I can’t help but wonder what the parents of Ariana and Frankie are thinking, as it must be so embarrassing, unless of course this is how they raised the two of them. A stinking little diva wannabe and an ignorant, absurd little clown that is giving gay boys everywhere a bad name. It is surreal to see this Frankie character behave, or should I say, not know what is appropriate behavior. If he can’t behave in a house locked up with a dozen or so other people, where others are prohibited from entering, I’d hate to think of how he acts out in society. We’ve seen how his sister acts and that’s bad enough, but between the two of them, ugh, I don’t know how anyone could want to bother with either one of them, and sincerely hope that it does not reflect so poorly on other family members after all of this that others shun them.

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Networks Creating Divas

It is no wonder so many networks are passed by and scorned by so many could be viewers all because they are so clueless that no one has any respect for them, and especially the so called actresses that appear in the shows they air. Many of those same shows aren’t worth the time they take to film, or aren’t interesting enough to watch, strictly due to the choice of actors that are cast in them.

We’ve all seen it: that predictable, ridiculous, greedy as they get, over-inflated ego syndrome that these actors all are infected with after one season of a show after the network says it’s a smash hit. Look at Kaley Cuoco Sweeting, for example. The girl isn’t a great actress, was known by most to have only been in Charmed long ago, and yet they cast her in The Big Bang Theory and suddenly she believes that she’s the invaluable “big star” of the whole show. This girl – who was lucky enough to be cast in anything at all – stomped in and insisted that she was worth a million bucks, for… What was it now…. An episode? What is more ludicrous and asinine you ask? That’s easy. Anyone who would actually entertain the idea of paying that out to any actress, let alone a girl that just flat out isn’t worth half of that salary! More disgusting and unfair is when the others in a cast are not paid on an equal scale. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that you certainly don’t pay the most replaceable the most money and the least replaceable the least money! The truth is that every actor/actress is replaceable, no matter who they are, period!

BRAVO is another network that is notorious for the same nonsense, creating little monster divas and then caving in to all of their childish demands. The RHONJ made changes for this season’s show, proceeding without Caroline and Jacqueline and allowing Teresa to remain, while adding a few duds to the mix. But Dina? Really? It has certainly been reported enough that Dina demanded that Jacqueline be fired or she wouldn’t return! Why they’d ever allow Dina to be part of the show is baffling in itself, as the truth is that she just isn’t interesting and no one cares to hear her classless mouth carry on about changing her tampon and how women can bleed so much without dying! BRAVO always creates big headed diva wannabes and is dumb enough to indulge their demands!

Furthering the topic of BRAVO’s Frankenstein’s Monster creations, Nene Leakes is probably the biggest example, the pretend star who so many others have never even heard of. After she’s given a bit part on a show, suddenly she believes that she’s Angelina Jolie! The networks are to blame and the networks need to squash the nonsense now to set examples that you appreciate the opportunities you’ve been given and stop with the hand out always trying to grub more. Make it a zero tolerance issue!


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The Bland Housewives of New Jersey

I guess the sagging ratings for The Real Housewives shows wasn’t enough of a warning for Bravo to sit up and take intelligent action. Now they’re ruining The Real Housewives of New Jersey like they have The Real Housewives of New York; one of the RHONJ’s biggest assets was Caroline Manzo, but according to the sneak peek of their newest season, Caroline is no longer a member of the cast, though her sister Dina – who couldn’t be bothered being on the show while her own sister was on it – has been added as part of the upcoming season’s cast. The most detrimental part of the show is Teresa, as while during the earlier seasons her overacting and over-dramatics brought viewers and actually brought her a few fans, now that it’s gotten real old, real fast, and the fact that no one likes her coupled with her latest legal woes, she’s nothing more than a liability.

Dina had her chance to be on the show long ago and she willingly chose to leave. Regardless of whether it was her pissy little grudge against Caroline or because she felt she wasn’t getting enough attention, she left and should not be allowed back on. Everyone knows Melissa Gorga is a wannabe, too – Teresa had been on the show, and since Melissa couldn’t stand the idea she wanted to compete with Teresa and one-up her any chance she got. It’s bad enough that we had to listen to her howling last season and had to watch her ridiculous attempts to dance where she looked like she was mimicking Gia, proving that she’s not in any way, shape, or form talented, but that she’s also not interesting, boring and not fun to watch. Then, there’s the new freak, Amber. Not one of these women are interesting, talented, or even extremely attractive to watch, and if Bravo cleans the slate and starts from scratch, then perhaps that show could be good as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It’s all in the cast, and the Bravo execs keep slipping further backward.

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The Homeless and The Rich

Why is it that society in general doesn’t want to address the problem of homelessness? I was once traveling through New York City and I was downright traumatized by the fact that there were people actually digging in garbage cans looking for food! What was more bizarre to me was the number of people who just walked on by, as if they hadn’t noticed, or could it be they’ve become immune to it, desensitized. This is the United States, we’re allowing endless numbers of citizens from other countries to come to live here in the land of plenty where they are afforded too many advantages to count, while our own suffer and go without even the most basic needs of life. Yet there are still no limits set on the number of immigrants allowed to flood in to this country, they just keep on coming every single day. Take a look for example, at the cast of the reality show Shahs of Sunset, this group of Iranians are constantly talking on and on about how they had to leave their homeland and come here to this country and what a great life they now have as a result! They flash the wealth that they have amassed by being allowed to live here, they talk about how terrible it was in Iran, how dangerous and how sad that they cannot return to their motherland. What’s terrible is that Americans, those that were born here and whose families have been part of this land for generation after generation after generation, are without a home, without a car, without food.

Imagine what it’s like to literally be homeless, now imagine that you have children too and are on the street, without so much as a car to sleep in. It isn’t bad enough that you’re out on the street and hungry, but now you have to watch your children cry to you that their stomachs hurt because they are hungry and want something to eat. What if there are no shelters in the area or the shelters are full? What if the temperatures are record low like they’ve been lately, where will your kids lay their little heads to sleep? Too many families are homeless, too many people, period! But hey, by all means just keep allowing people from other countries to pour into this one, I mean hell, it isn’t like they will be taking jobs from our own citizens, taking housing, right?

Now tell me that it doesn’t bother you to look at filthy rich folks flaunting their wealth, driving their fancy cars, parading around in their designer clothes and dripping with diamonds, eating at all of the best restaurants. Just think, if those that have, contributed to those who have not! Sure there are certain rich celebrities that contribute to certain causes, look at Oprah Winfrey, look at how many causes in Africa that she’s given to! It seems that the celebrities that do support causes, support causes in other countries! No one seems to talk about the homeless here, in this country, no one seems to want to take notice to the growing number of our own citizens going hungry. Some things never change, it seems that the majority of times the wealthier a person is, the less they help others, the poorer a person is, the more generous they are. How pathetic things are and how sad it is that we cannot take care of our own but some take care of those living in foreign countries.

If more of the wealthy could imagine what it would be like if they themselves were homeless and hungry, what it must be like to be a parent with children out on the streets, then maybe, just maybe they would be more compassionate toward those with nothing living here. If Oprah supports other countries so much and cares only about people living elsewhere, then she should move to one of those countries herself! She gained her wealth here so the least that she, and others like her, can do is to give back to the country and people that made her what she is!

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Celebrities Continual Whining About Privacy!

I am so sick and tired of hearing about celebrities whining about their lack of privacy! If a person wants privacy, then they most certainly shouldn’t become an actor or actress, invasion of privacy comes with the job! When they rake in their bundles of cash they don’t complain, and when they receive preferential treatment at restaurants and stores they don’t complain. Don’t get me wrong, I would fight tooth and nail for privacy rights but not for those who intentionally made a choice to sacrifice their privacy for fame and wealth.

They use their children as a means to gain pity for the photographers chasing them, again it’s been their choice. Anyone with the slightest degree of intelligence knows that if you become a celebrity, you forfeit your right to privacy and basically become public property, period! It’s as if these stars don’t stop to think about such things while they enjoy the public fawning over them, wanting autographs and buying expensive homes, cars, jewels, clothing, taking exotic vacations. Then one day they wake up and pee and moan, poor us we have no privacy, we can’t go anywhere without being followed, without pictures being taken, poor us and our poor children!

Donate all of your money and possessions, stay out of the limelight, and go live in a small town somewhere in the country and then you’ll be left alone. But I’ll bet anything that these celebrities would never in a million years give up all that money they made off of the public! It’s ironic, without fans (the public) these people are just another face in the crowd they are nobodies, so the public makes them a somebody and takes interest in them and the next thing they know, the stars that the people made decide that they want to be obscure when they feel like it!

Imagine for a minute that Halle Berry was in movies and no one liked her, no one went to see any movie that she starred in. She would be a flop of an actress and wouldn’t earn any movie maker anything, if the public didn’t take an interest in her. In reality the only ones who make a star are the people, fans. What a slap in the face to fans of a celeb to suddenly want them to stop being interested in them, their life, their kids, after they made you!

Harsh as it might seem to some there should not be special laws put in place just for celebrities and their privacy. They chose the lifestyle loving the attention, wealth and all of the special treatment that money and fame brought to them, it’s a downside of fame and always has been. Like it or not, their children are an extension of them and there are people out there who are interested in celebrity children too, it all goes hand in hand with the life that they chose to live, deal with it!

It’s pretty funny that legitimate stars complain about the lack of privacy and yet the Kardashian’s, famous for being nobodies will stop at nothing to get attention! In fact, I think that they are a big part of the reason that things have gotten so bad for the real stars, because of the Kardashian’s over sharing, leaving nothing sacred, nothing off limits, no one that they wouldn’t sell out for the tiniest bit of media attention!


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Kirstie Alley And Leah Remini

I once thought that Kirstie Alley was alright. Not so much as an actress, but as a person in general, and felt bad for how morbidly obese she had grown to be. But I was way off base – she is a most vile woman who karma will come to visit and bite her right square in her ass. Heaven knows that’ll be a load of bites! Regardless of which religion one believes in, a person’s beliefs need to be respected! Where in the Bible does it say that you are to hate or bash those of other faiths? Though, I doubt that Kirstie is familiar with the good book!

Leah Remini was a Scientologist for a very long time, and recently realized that it was not for her. Kirstie had the audacity to attack Leah for leaving, because how dare Leah no longer believe what Kirstie wants her to believe, how dare she have a mind of her own, how dare she want to better herself and her family! Shame on you Kirstie Alley, just who in the hell do you think you are? It’s crystal clear who the better person is and it certainly isn’t Alley!

I doubt that there’s anyone who hasn’t heard of the “church” of Scientology, and it is often looked at as a cult. This situation with Kirstie Alley’s behavior certainly does nothing to disprove that theory either. Just how many churches out there are there that require – or condone – you to slam, criticize and shun those followers that leave the church? Religion of any kind is a deeply personal choice, being a “good Christian” doesn’t mean being a member of one certain church or, in this case, organization. A good Christian, a good friend wouldn’t turn on another just because they found their own truth and most certainly wouldn’t outright attack them or their character!

Leah Remini isn’t a bad person. In fact, she is more intelligent than Kirstie is to have seen the “light”, stood her ground and stuck to her guns! Leah is better off not associating with the likes of Kirstie Alley, she is not good enough to be anyone’s friend, and obviously doesn’t know what one is! I don’t ever hear of people knocking down Kirstie’s door for roles, and perhaps that says a lot in itself.

Kirstie apparently started a Twitter war, as well, and on July 10th she tweeted: “When faced w/ malicious gossip I take a moment to experience the loss of the person I thought was my friend…..Then I say f**kem…..)#RISE” Leah’s sister Nicole, tweeted that “Maybe the so called friend Kirstie should have checked on her friend to see what was happening & check on Le b4 she got nasty.”  Typical malicious Kirstie Tweeted to a mutual friend Stacy Francis on July 20th, as reported, “you’re too good to talk to that bi*ch…tune her out…block her…don’t give her her 15 minutes of fame to spew her hatexxoo.”  Further proof of what a bitter, washed up, overweight, has-been Kirstie is! An attempt to draw others into her hate campaign, and for what? If an organization or church as its members may like to call it, needs to act like that, in desperate attempts to keep members it does have, then look out, there is something gravely wrong.

We have all heard ugly truths about Scientology and have seldom heard positives, but I can tell you this, if it’s followers act like Kirstie Alley has since Leah parted ways with the organization, better not to hear any of their so-called beliefs, better not to have any part of their teachings. When a member from a church is ex-communicated for any reason, the other members are not taught to hate them, attack them or de-friend them, they are simply ex-communicated and no longer attend services. Most religions strive for peace, being good to others, respecting other people.

It would seem that our rights that are in jeopardy aren’t just our right to bear arms, our right to privacy and worst, our freedom of speech, now with people like Kirstie, one isn’t even entitled to their right to freedom of religion! I don’t give a damn what show it might be, if Kirstie Alley is in anything television show or by some chance, movie, I will not waste my time watching, not now, not ever. Any magazine that may have her fat ass plastered in it, I will not even open, any radio show interview or anything at all, I want nothing to do with if that menace is any part of it. I thought that Kris Jenner was the most vile twit that anyone had ever seen, but Kirstie comes in a pretty close second!

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