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Crazy About Coffee

I couldn’t function without coffee and got so tired of never being able to get a good cup anywhere, don’t get me wrong I love Dunkin Donuts coffee but it would be so stinking strong that it was like motor oil, finally after years of drinking coffee that tasted like motor oil or weak tea I set out in search of finding great coffee that I could have at home.

I tried every single solitary brand of coffee on the market and still I had no luck, I went through several coffee makers as well thinking that might be the problem, no luck. One day as I pondered the perfect cup of joe I realized what all of the places that sold coffee that I had ever been to had in common, a Bunn coffee maker. Yes, they are a bit expensive and a lot of people don’t like the room they take up in their kitchens but a great cup of java made it worth a try for me. I went to Sam’s Club and I bought a two burner Bunn coffee maker, then I began trying every brand of coffee all over again, what a difference!

The ONLY way to get that great cup of coffee you want is to buy a Bunn coffee maker and Dunkin Donuts coffee! I’ll tell you this is my second Bunn and it is worth every penny, so is the $8.00 per bag Dunkin coffee. This is the only way to get a good cup at your leisure and it’s worth it to a die hard coffee drinker, believe it or not I can sip 10 different brands of coffee and tell you what at least 9 of them are! When you consider what a cup of coffee costs at Dunkin or anywhere for that matter, this will pay for itself and you can make it as strong or as weak as you like. Several family members went out and bought a Bunn after having coffee at my house, trust me it’s worth it.


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Shark Hand Held Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

I like to keep my car clean, especially when the floors get so dirty but I don’t like to have to lug my household vacuum outside to have to vacuum it so I searched for a hand held that could do the job just as well as a full size, a few of my friends told me about this one so when I was in Wal-Mart I decided on the Shark Hand Held Cordless Vac after reading it’s specs, I wasn’t crazy about paying nearly $60.00 for it but as long as it did what it promised I took the chance.

The Good: At first the vacuum worked great, I used it on my stairs, in my car, in the kitchen on the tile and in the closets, no problem except that the battery didn’t stay charged all that long. The vacuum sucked up dirt, lint, leaves and tiny stones that were in my car, no complaints there and for five months it was great.

The Bad: After five months of use, probably used every other day, the battery did not want to charge, I tried charging for about 6 hours with no luck and then I left it charge overnight and when I turned it on the next day it ran for about 10 seconds and then died! Puh, sixty bucks for five months!

The Ugly: I called the company about the vacuum and was informed that the vacuum was guaranteed (via warranty) for two years, however, I was told that there were two options available to me 1) they could sell me another vacuum at a discounted price! or 2) I could send it back and pay 12.95 for a new one to be shipped! Now look, you may be saying ahh what’s 12.95 but it’s the principle of the matter, I paid almost sixty dollars to buy it and now we’re going to add on 12.95? That’s about $73 bucks for cordless hand held vacs that obviously have issues with the batteries!

To make matters worse, 4 PEOPLE that I know that have the same vacuum also have had the same stinking problem with the batteries! Now there’s no way that all four of us just happened to get a vacuum with a dud battery! What’s worse is that the company won’t make an honest attempt to make good on the product, no they want more and more money after the high price of purchase! Hands down this vacuum is one to pass on, don’t waste your hard earned money.


Shop-Vac Hangup Mini ( wet/dry )

Now I know what you’re thinking reading this, a shop-vac MINI now how good can this be since it’s a “mini”? Well let me tell you that this vacuum is hands down the best little vac that I have ever used! It has a foam filter that’s covered by a cloth type filter and is a cinch to empty and clean. I have had this little beast for about 12 years and it’s still going as strong as the day I bought it, I’d like to get another one just to have to keep upstairs and to use in my car.

PROS: It’s not at all expensive like the big guys are and works just as well, it sucks big time! It’s easy to empty and wash and the filters are washable too, it gets into smaller areas where a big vacuum can’t go, it holds up for years and years when other vacs break down.

CONS: The only one con with the shop-vac hangup mini is that the cord is extremely short, approximately 6 feet.


If you want a vacuum that works wet or dry and you don’t have a lot of money to spend try this little guy out, you will not be sorry.


Revlon Photoready insta-filter Foundation

Now I don’t know about you but I think that any drugstore foundation that costs close to twenty bucks, should damned well justify the expense. I have been looking for a foundation that doesn’t look caked on my face, a natural looking one that hides lines but doesn’t make me look like a mannequin in a department store, although this one was expensive in my opinion I decided it might be worth a try.

PRO:  well, what I could get out of it looked like it was a pretty close match (#200  Nude).

CONS:  The worst issue with this is that I literally opened it to try it for the first time and the stupid dial applicator bottle does not work! The foundation does not come out, I shook it to see if that would work and managed to get a few drops but that was it! If you have any fine hair anywhere on your face it will magnify that fact. Revlon really dropped the ball with this one, the applicator idea was a lousy one, what good is any foundation if you can’t actually get it out of the bottle to use it!

Bottom Line:  Ladies, don’t waste your hard earned money on the Revlon Photoready insta-filter foundation, the delivery system of the foundation is seriously flawed and as far as the foundation itself goes, I only needed to try it that one time that I could get it out. Unless you are very young and have already flawless skin, don’t waste your time or money because you may very well be 20 bucks poorer, and look like a hairy ape man that escaped the local zoo! Thumbs down to this one!



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ANGRY Mama Microwave Cleaner

Wouldn’t we all love a cleaner that we could fill and throw into our microwave and have it magically clean it, so that all we had to do was to wipe it out afterward? If you answered yes than I wouldn’t recommend the ANGRY Mama microwave cleaner. I tried this product and followed the directions to the letter but was very disappointed with the results, or lack of, the food in the microwave was just as bad as before I tried it. I would have to give the ANGRY Mama a thumbs down, while it’s a great concept, for me it did not do what it claimed to.

The best way that I personally have found to clean the microwave was with white vinegar and some good old fashioned elbow grease, however I didn’t care for the smell after using it. I tried using lemon juice and warm water and it did equally well and did not leave an unpleasant odor after it was cleaned.


Laundry Detergent Test

I have always been a fan of TIDE laundry detergent but face it, it’s become so ridiculously high priced, who the heck can afford to buy it, especially when you do laundry frequently. I began to test different detergents on my own, I know that there are different things that factor in when doing a “test” like this, so I took two packs of plain white, cotton tee-shirts, each pack had five shirts. Since my test subject wears them everyday, I used those as the “test clothing”, any that might have ended up with a stain that wasn’t of the norm, I would exclude, I tested from just everyday wear (deodorant stains or pit stains, etc.).

I tried what was left of my TIDE on one and as I knew it would, it cleaned well enough, I can’t really say as far as smell because I use fabric softener. I tested ERA, it didn’t clean as well and man, it made us itch really bad, it did clean the shirt up but not as good as the TIDE did, not even close. My next test was using the regular ALL (dark blue bottle), it cleaned better than the ERA but still not as good as the tide did, perhaps it’s because I have sensitive skin, but that made me itch as well. Next up was GAIN, the smell was great, not that it matters when using fabric softener, but still it was a nice bonus, it didn’t make us itch and it cleaned just as well as the TIDE did, better yet, the price was much less than the TIDE. The next time that I was in Sam’s Club I noticed that they had their detergent and fabric softener on sale, for the price I could not resist so I bought both of them to try out. Member’s Mark ( Sam’s Club brand) Ultimate Clean liquid laundry detergent. I was floored after washing the clothes in it and seeing the tee-shirt, I actually washed another one to see if I could have been mistaken, I wasn’t. The Sam’s detergent was not only as good as the TIDE, it cleaned better! It didn’t cause any skin irritations or itching, it didn’t smell as nice as gain but the smell was okay too. The last test I conducted was using ALL Free & Clear with stain lifters, I didn’t expect it to be any different than the regular ALL detergent, I was wrong though. This ALL was the second best of them all, following the Sam’s Club detergent.

The money that you could save on laundry detergent is just hard to believe, it’s also hard to believe that any company could charge as much as they do for things like detergent. Try the Sam’s Club one on your clothes and you’ll be surprised, I got the huge bottle with the pump so it went a long way but when I went back to get more, the price had gone up, still nowhere in the ballpark as the others. It’s worth every penny for clean, decent smelling clothes that don’t make you itch or irritate your skin!


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Good Old Lestoil

I’ve tried a thousand cleaners on stuff like grease and oil, and like ink, tar or glue, I’ve had little success in removing any of the stains. Little success that is, until I went back to plain old Lestoil, I’ve put it in the washer with clothes that have been covered in auto oil, too. Now when the clothes are totally drenched with the stuff then you may as well throw them out, but I can tell you that if the stains aren’t in excess, the Lestoil will take the stains out. I have used it on walls, woodwork, walls, doors, aluminum and vinyl siding, car mats, and even an outdoor stone statue! It works excellent! Just test it on surfaces like the fabric on your couch, or certain other fabrics first, to air on the side of caution as far as possibly staining. The smell is kind of strong and while I don’t mind it, some may find it too much.