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What’s In A Name? Think Before You Answer!

As someone that was given an unusual, some might say old fashioned name like myself, I can honestly tell you that it affects the person the name is assigned to every day of their life and not in a good way I might add. Parents may want to name their child after a beloved relative and that’s fine but they really should think about what that name will bring to the child, from kindergarten right through to old age. Your name affects the core of who you are, especially when it is a name that other children or even adults will make fun of.

Another extreme is the trend we have seen and continue to see with celebrities always trying to one up each other by naming a kid with a “name” that’s so far out there it isn’t even in this planets orbit! Some of these celebs have some up with such ridiculous names they never give thought to the child itself but instead make it all about them, oh yeah you’re right that’s how all celebrities are, all about themselves and not the future their kids will have with names like Apple, Orange, Doorknob! Think of how it will be when they start school and other children laugh at them non stop through no fault of their own.

And then there are those so called celebrities that are not only assinine with their children’s name choices but also have a God complex to go along with their thoughtless choices. I wonder how long it took Kim Kardashian and Kanye to come up with a “name” for one of their kids like Psalm, now seriously what a mockery and of all people on the planet to take a book from the Holy Bible as a name for their kid,  Kanye and Kim, please! The first time around they must have put their finger to the wind and said hey I know, let’s name this one North because it’s a direction! A family member opens a window and sees that it’s storming and decides that hey that would be a name that is unique, especially when it isn’t even spelled correctly! Back to the God complex how about reign and not rain as a tribute to nature and then there is the CITY name like KK’s Chicago for their kid, makes you wonder how self absorbed some celebrity parents can be when it’s all about them and never about the children! I have heard the name Savannah and that’s used more often but Chicago I mean why not No Name (CO), Santa (ID), Neutral (KS),  Funk (NE) or Money (MS)? It’s all the same when certain parents seek only to come up with a name that no one else has or after some city or to feed their very real God complex. Bizarre because we’ve all heard about Kanye’s rantings and how he truly seems to believe that he is some saint that is personal assistant to God himself but don’t make the kids suffer because of it!

From the time that I was a child I have loathed my name, I can still remember being mercilessly picked on constantly at school to the point where I did not want to go at all. Children can be mean and it gets worse in high school not better but at least my name may be old fashioned but it isn’t Strawberry, Cloud, Pasadena or Corinthians! Imagine what life will be like for the children that have been given these random names that the parents choose for their own personal reasons instead of giving thought to the child’s future being adversely affected by their choice of names. Believe me these kids will grow up resenting the names that have been carelessly chosen for them, they may well suffer zero self esteem after being teased all of their lives and could quite possibly suffer from depression and if you think that I’m exaggerating in the slightest, I can assure you that I am not. I’m also sure that there will be cases where when the child reaches adulthood they will seriously wonder what in the hell was wrong with the parents that they could stick them with such ridiculous labels, after all there are only two people to blame for your name and that is your parents! If you’re fortunate enough to have a nice, normal name that you love or at least don’t loathe then be happy and pay it forward to your children, it’s the best gift that you could ever give to them.


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Networks Condoning & Promoting Animal Abuse & Killing!

Society likes to place a lot of blame for the increase in violence among the young, on video games and while I do believe that this may be true in part, I think the biggest source of blame for the increase in violence committed by all ages is television. But we tend to forget that violence doesn’t just involve people, it involves animals. Why have weak laws against cruelty to animals, when all that these networks show on tv are killing of animals? There are idiots out there who look upon animals as things or property but that’s plain stupidity!

National Geographic used to be a reputable, educational channel but now it has jumped on the bandwagon airing the killing of animals. We look at Africa and wonder why they don’t try harder to preserve the wildlife that they are graced with and yet we are no better, in fact we are worse. How long before the more common species of animals become extinct? The show on NatGeo Life Below Zero, shows people living in the Alaskan “bush” and killing pretty much every animal they come across, Wolverines, Foxes, Grouse, Wolves, you name it. This one guy states that he likes to supplement his income by selling the furs from the animals he traps and kills! Look, no one asked these jackasses to live there, no one forced them or dropped them there to survive on their own, it was by choice but the animals struggling to survive there daily didn’t ask for those intruders to hunt, trap and slaughter them either! Certainly no one asked any network to actually make a show about it and promote the killing of what wildlife is left! No it isn’t survival either, those asses are there by there own free will and should either move or have supplies shipped in!

Have you ever taken notice of all of the shows there are that condone and promote the killing of animals? Let’s see here, hunt wild Boar with dogs and kill them ( in some cases slowly, causing severe suffering ), Catch Alligators and kill them, the only thing I do not particularly like are snakes, but the show about seeking them out to kill them for their skins disgusts me too, they are minding their own business out in the desert and a band of old men go looking for them to kill them! One show shows the men catching frogs so that they can kill and eat them, the characters doing it are multi millionaires! A show with a gang killing ducks and it isn’t like they need to eat! One network even has a show where the men go out killing what they call big game, exotic animals! Not to mention the mass slaughtering of whales, dolphins and other marine life. Where does it stop, when is enough enough?

We need to protect what animals are left on this planet, be it a bird or a snake, it seems that the government only lamely protects a hand full of species. Why are eagles protected but not ducks? Wolves were once killed to the very brink of extinction, having to be reintroduced back into the wild and yet those people on Life Below Zero are killing them simply to make a buck on their furs! The only thing more vile is that the television networks air it thereby promoting it. I Take a good look if you happen to see a bear, fox, or hell even a snake make sure that your children get to at least see a picture of it because at this rate, they too will become extinct like thousands of different species have already.

Give thought too to what your children are watching on television, though you may believe that a certain show is benign, be sure to pay close attention to the networks lineup of shows, nearly all of them are already promoting violence toward animals. If someone will abuse or in any way harm an animal, any animal or enjoy witnessing it, that person is capable of the same behavior toward people. These networks aren’t only showing monsters in action, they are creating them too by airing such vile, hideous actions allowing garbage, reality shows filled with this crap!


Cesspool Society!Death Of Religion!Homosexuality!

This Paula Dean situation has me so awfully disgusted with the state of things in this country, I can’t even begin to tell you! My grandfather always said that the only thing that will fix this country is another civil war, I never understood why he was so sure that such a strong action would ever even be needed, until now! There is zero privacy left for any of us, even our own government spies on us, we’re in danger of losing our right to bear arms, and there is no such thing of freedom of speech. Sad that our own citizens are the ones that have robbed the rest of us, that, along with our freedom of religion! They went so far as to disallow prayer in schools!

Back in the 40s, 50s, and 60s life was totally different, people had some religion, currently most children don’t know God and have never heard of the ten commandments, parents don’t make it a priority! Yes, back in the day, most teens went to the drive in rather than go out partying all the time, getting slop drunk and having sex with anyone they could find. Girl’s weren’t encouraged to get pregnant, safe sex wasn’t an issue because they were taught abstinence instead. Freedom of speech was a reality and those gays that were around, they kept their preferences to themselves, rather than flaunt their sex lives. Can you imagine them having the audacity to have ever pushed for the rights given to married men and women, back then?

In those days many people were able to go to bed, without stressing about whether or not they locked all of their doors and windows! Crime wasn’t nearly as bad as it’s become, but what do you expect in a world that’s become far worse than Sodom and Gomorrah? Step back and look at it 100 percent unbiased, without feelings and just letting your logic lead. Don’t let the fact that you might have a gay friend or relative, influence you. Now, think of the Bible, where in that book did you ever see it written that a couple of the same sex should be married? Where does it say that God finds that acceptable? Before you spend a year trying to look, I’ll tell you, you will not find either in the Bible anywhere! Once again, people want to change the word of God, to say what they want, attempting to justify their behavior, their actions, their lust, their sins. In the not so far future, many of us will rue the day that churches will cave in and allow gay marriages, pre marital sex and Heaven forbid, suppressing our right to freedom of speech!

Now I truly believe that God is all loving, that if we follow his word, we will indeed be rewarded. However, the Bible lets us know that while he is a loving God, he will not allow sinners to be rewarded, or for the good books words to be twisted, warped and downright contradicted! It may be a drastic example, but think of a torturing, thieving, abusive brute, who slaughtered twenty people and nineteen of them were small, innocent children. Can you imagine him standing at the gates of Heaven saying that nowhere in the Bible did it say that one couldn’t slaughter 1 adult and 19 children? That those words weren’t written there? How about a gay man standing there, saying that the good book stated that a man shall not lay with another man, and that he and his partner only stood? Or, the same telling God what the book that God wrote did and did not say? How if it was a sin, then why did so many others in the world, also condone it and push for their equality? Huh, there will be endless others in line behind him, who will have to turn back and take a 1 way ride into hell!

Please understand, a good Christian shouldn’t hate or abuse homosexuals, but when it is condoned by a person, it then becomes their sin as well. By agreeing that they should have all of these different rights that are expressly afforded to normal married men and women, well that is the same as you yourself being gay! There’s something else you can forever search the Bible for, and wont find, nowhere does it say that you can be a homosexual, you should go out into the streets pissing and whining about not having rights that a man and woman have, or that you should publicly speak about your sexual likes & dislikes, preferences, sexual positions, etc. Take a lesson from normal heterosexuals, keep such things private! That should be common sense, at the very least, as well as common courtesy!


Thank You To All Anti Reality Petitioners!

I want to say thank you, to all of you out there, who have started or signed a petition, especially if it pertained to television programming. There are far too few viewers who care enough to try and put a stop to some of the reality trash that’s now being aired on television. There was another reality show about a man and all of the women he’d had kids with, slated to air, until thankfully, a petition was circulated and signed by enough people to make the network pull the stupid show! I truly believe that there are many shows that need to be taken off the air, starting with the reality trash kings themselves, the Kardashians.

It infuriates me that a show will be called a “smash hit”, when they reach that conclusion simply from the Nielsen viewer households, which make up an entire 1% of all viewing households! It’s ludicrous when the rest of us viewers, pay for our cable services, only to be bombarded with reality garbage, or as I like to call it, dumpster fare. Get rid of the trash reality shows, that’s all, keep the ones that really are tolerable to watch, and get rid of the rest, or will it take umpteen more petitions, to see results?

Who on earth would want their children to watch crap like Honey Boo Boo? A family of overweight, self proclaimed Hillbillies with no manners, seemingly uneducated, bidding on food at discount prices? Or watch a family of nobodies, famous for being nobodies, which one made a sex tape to have her mommy dearest sell to the highest bidder, that was their big claim to fame! The list is endless of stupid reality shows, someone needs to make one big petition, and list the countless dumpster fare on it, all at once, to put a stop to it and take back our television fare.

There is nothing interesting or educational about most of the reality shows on, watching a posse of Jersey Shore wannabes, Iranians getting slop drunk and flaunting their wealth, or a housewife reject who cant sing, wearing her wigs to try and make sales, no thanks. Not only have we had these people taking up time on a reality show, but the next thing you know,they’re given a talk show to boot! Some of these networks are not only greedy, they’re moronic and need to stop the madness! We have enough trouble in this society with teenage pregnancy, drunkenness,you name it, but we don’t need it glamorized too!

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Kris Jenner, The Leeching Parasite!

I have seen a load of gold digging, fame whoring skanks in my life, but never one as vile as Kris Jenner! I think that we’ll see a day in the not so far future, when she will have cost every last one of her children their happiness, in one way or another. I don’t think that there are many people out there that want, willingly, to be any part of the Kardashian beast, in any way, shape or form. When the day comes that the Kardashian/Jenner kids want to escape Kris’s clutches, how on earth could they manage? Kris knows that she is a complete nobody, without them, she would not be living so high on the hog, were it not for their money, that she claims to earn every penny of, her “percentage”.

I truly believe that Khloe and Lamar would be living happily ever after, if not for the family that she is part of, which in reality, translates into Kris Jenner. How sad that because of her, always wanting to manage, and control, a marriage may very well end. Thus her daughter, Khloe, suffers as a result, so why should mommy dearest give a damn! It wasn’t bad enough that she had to inflict a book on the public about herself, which no one gave a damn about, no one but Khloe, who I’m sure she planted seeds of doubt in, as far as her extramarital affair went. So once again, Khloe suffered because of Kris and her never ending quest to try and be somebody, trying to grub up even more money, it didn’t matter who suffered as a result.

Maybe Kourtney would have married on her own, if Kris hadn’t pushed and pushed for it, maybe she wanted to make another television special, huh? It doesn’t matter what Kourtney wants, it’s always what Kris Jenner wants, screw her kids happiness, especially if theres a dime in it for her! Kourtney, like Khloe, comes in last, Kris always puts the kid that’s most like her, first, and we all see that it’s Kim.

Now she’s molding the Jenner girls, Kyle and Kendall, trying to make them clones of her dear Kim. It doesn’t matter if they were far too young when she started pushing the inappropriate modeling, nope, there was money to be made, to line Kris’s pockets some more, sell them out! Recently it was reported that she pulled the girls out of school, oh what the heck, who needs an education, I mean really, a sex tape started the whole thing, why bother with an education! Look at Kris after all!

And then there is Kris’s mini me, Kim, oh you remember her, she hung with Paris Hilton so that she could get any scrap of media attention that fell from Paris’s plate. Then, found the most famous man that she could, willing to have sex with her, so it could be taped. Then when it mysteriously was “leaked”, her mommy dearest sold it to the highest bidder! Now wasn’t that a good mom? Being the fame whore that Kris is, she sent an audition tape, of the family, to Ryan Seacrest and, vavoom, they had their own reality show! Kim and her real wedding, aired for, as reported, over a million dollars! Of course Kris gets her cut of everything, real or not, didn’t matter that it made an even bigger ass of Kim (whew, now that’s hard to do). Of course Kim had to go and get knocked up before Khloe, hmm, funny that Kim claimed that she too, had fertility issues, another lie? Like Kris, she is utterly desperate for any scrap of attention. Let’s see if mommy dearest tries to negotiate some baby deals! I’m sure her mini me will start a mini machine, some dumb infant clothing line, cologne line, rattles, you name it and she’ll sell out another generation, for money and fame! The apple doesn’t rot far from the tree, that’s proven with these so called people!

Kris Jenner does not care who she sells out, doesn’t matter if she breaks anyones heart, shatters her family, if there is money in it, or if it garners her 60 seconds of fame, that’s what means the most. The woman is venomous and downright vile, it’s bad enough that she cannot act like a mother, but she can’t act like a grandmother or wife either, she dresses way too young and acts it. Like when she tweeted a pic of herself looking half sloshed, wearing a sombrero, with her old boobs sagging out. The responses from many who saw it, said it all, like ones who said their eyes were burned out, and to put those ugly things away! And when, during an interview, a moment of silence was to be observed for the 9/11 victims, silence isn’t in Kris’s vocabulary, she continued talking about her boob job! I agree with the many posts I read, all the plastic surgery cannot help Kris Jenner, she is as ugly on the outside as inside, act your age and age gracefully!


Some TV Networks Should Be Shut Down For Good!

I once thought that it was mainly the producers to blame, like Ryan Seacrest, now I’m of the belief that it’s the networks that are mostly to blame for the trash that’s become of television. Dumpster fare is what I call it, one only has to turn on their television to know what I mean. Take a serious look at what there is to choose from, a so called bounty hunter who has his wife posing as some counselor to the people they catch, because viewers want to see the bountiful sized, bleached haired woman with her sagging boobs hanging down, and her fake claws pointing out at the poor guys they catch. Or maybe after a long day at work, you want to sit down, relax and watch a family of backward, ill mannered, uneducated, crass people, playing in mud with the morbidly obese mother and the wannabe beauty queen daughter? Could you be in the mood for the pioneers of reality trash tv? The Kardashian nobodies who made millions from being nobodies, all starting with a trashy sex tape? How about a couple of gator catchers? A critter catcher? Some old men rooting around to find any snakes they can to cash in on their skins? Another bunch going out of their way to hunt wild hogs so tat they can kill them? A show about the Amish? Or the Hutterites? Maybe you’re a fan of some housewives of somewhere or other? Recently I saw an advertisement for a show that will be starting soon, about funerals! There’s a show about a man claiming to be some type of Mormon, and pretending to be married to four women, so not only is he breaking the law, he’s flaunting it in the face of the law and setting a really bad example.

Where the hell does it end, or does it ever? I think the biggest problem right now is that a show will be labeled “a hit”, but they must be going by the Nielsen ratings, the households that are Nielsen viewing households, make up 1% of the viewing public, one lousy percent, the problem is that the vast majority of us out here in the real world, don’t watch these so called hits and in fact loathe them! Take television back to what it should be, Dallas was a great show, one that left you dying to see what the next weeks episode held in store. The show was brought back and spoke for itself, other networks must have missed the memo that viewers want the normal shows that used to be, not the reality trash they air now!

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Iranians Of Sunset

It’s hard to believe that some so called producers, come up with such unintelligent, uninteresting, and downright stupid television fare. Okay, so that ridiculous Honey Boo Boo show tops the list, but is rivaled by many others, such as this show called Shahs of Sunset! A bunch of Iranians who have been given their own show, and are actually paid for it! I wonder if anyone has ever stopped to think of how such shows portray the United States, we have a bunch of self proclaimed hillbillies, showing how overweight and ill mannered they are, and appearing to be so grossly uneducated, that one cringes to sit and watch them. Then, we give the Iranians their own show too, they like to call themselves Persians, as if that will change who and what they are, come here to our country, get your own show, get paid for it and bask in wealth!

The cast members of this Iranian show, aren’t even attractive, maybe with the exception of Mike, and then I’m not even sure. This ASSa character looks like she was once a man, perhaps that’s why she’s constantly hanging with Reza, who is homosexual.She thinks that she is a star, some poop priestess! She bullies the others into doing her bidding, coming off as obsessively jealous of GG, who drinks from morning to night, but is at least a shred more attractive than the masculine ASSa.  MJ allows herself to be made a fool of, by the manly ASSa, you kind of have to feel bad for her. And then there is the, also Iranian, Lilly, ugh, what can be said about that one, we laughed when we first channel surfed through and came across her, we thought for sure that she was joking, when she said how fabulous she was! A Barbie of any kind, she is not, Kim Kardashian, she is not, although they have the fact that they are nobodies appearing on a show, in common!  I don’t know who is more UNattractive, the manly ASSa or Lilly, what’s worse is that all she lacks in looks, she cannot make up for in personality. How utterly disgusting, UNladylike, and ugly it is for a woman to sit and go on and on about “crotch juice”! Perhaps she has a personal hygiene problem herself, but do not sit and rant about such disgusting stuff, on the air no less!

Stop with the Persian bull dunk, call them what they are, a group of Iranians that were given a show, and are paid when they clearly don’t need the extra money, to nauseate the viewers! Give ASSa a special, let the poop priestess go back over to Iran and give a show there, all the while proclaiming herself the Poop Priestess that she truly is. Let Reza go back over to visit as well, maybe his people there will want an autograph,huh? It’s sad but I feel sorry for GG, so what, she has a temper, I would too if I had to deal with the likes of ASSa, he would drive me to drink, and while we’re on the topic, it needs to pluck it’s unibrow! One of the few decent people I’ve seen on the show, is GG’s father, but that’s about it, this show tells us what we already knew about the Iranians, although we shouldn’t really judge all of them, based on this pathetic group, I heartily agree with a post in which it was said that Ryan Seacrest should be slapped and jailed for continuing to be any part of producing yet another assinine show, like the Kardashians.

I cannot believe that the Iranian community would want to be represented in any way, by this group of sorry ass losers either. Isn’t it bad enough that the United States is made to look like fools, for allowing this pile of garbage to be shown on television? You know, I don’t necessarily like to point out offensive things about other people, but the fact is, people aren’t stupid, they see these things, but bite their tongues. ASSa is talentless, the sound of her irritating voice is worse than nails gouging a chalkboard! She isn’t even slightly pretty, I have seen fat women who are beautiful, he is not one of them. The others in the group, stooped to his level by allowing him to demand that GG was not welcome to come along on their trip, especially Reza, who is currently stuffed so far into ASSa’s rear end that I don’t know how he can breathe! Yet Reza said that MJ would have to just get over it, and deal with it that Lilly was invited! Once again, I don’t want to pick on anyone by pointing out ugly truths about them, but Lilly is awful, she too, suffers with some kind of eyebrow problem, her head looks ten times bigger than her body, and that hair, ugh, why does she put it up into what looks like two tumbleweeds on each side of the head, viewers are waiting for her to tip over, from it. She is the stereotypical airhead, theres just no other word for her mentality, or lack of. GG has some serious issues, it’s been reported that she has stated that she hates ugly people, hmm, why does she hang with that group then? I mean she fits right in, but seriously, Lilly’s looks are comparable to ASSa’s, need I say more!

These twits argue over what each other is wearing, yet, I’ve hardly seen one that has been dressed in decent, attractive clothing that’s appropriate to their sizes. Not one of the women can style their hair to look tolerable either, what they seem to do, is to wear their hair in ways that accentuate their major, obvious flaws. Lilly’s is the worst and GG’s is running a close second, GG’s hair, peeled so severely back, shows the egg shape of her skull! Lilly often has what looks like major tumors shooting out of any given point from her head, she also does something that looks as if she’s teased the hair to stand a foot off of the top of her head. In spite of MJ being so overweight, she is actually pretty, it’s a shame that she allows herself to be led around by the nose, from ASSa and Reza, especially when she has been the one in the right, the majority of the time.

Reza stands in judgment of nearly everyone else, like he has any room to do so. this 39 year old homosexual, not only brags about being gay, but flaunts it. If he had really been Mj’s friend, he would never have sold her out and parasitically latched on to the “Iranian Poop Priestess”, ASSa, who clearly doesn’t know how to be a real friend to anyone! If any of these Jersey Shore Wish They Were’s were halfway decent, one might have believed that it was Mike, and one might just be wrong, too. He calls himself GG’s friend, but what he did was to allow those two men, Reza and ASSa, to dictate to him, who would and would not be included in their trip. He also made the call to GG, to inform her that she was UNinvited! Wow what a friend! Ryan Seacrest needs to go into another line of work to scrape in his millions, I think that people should start a petition to drive him out of the business, once and for all. He continues to show how utterly desperate and pathetic he is, we thought that with the  Kartrashians he had sunk as low as he could go, we were wrong!

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