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The Crock……. Er, I Mean The Talk!

Sometimes I hear these women on The Talk and I grow so disgusted that I have to turn the channel. I adore Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood but first of all there are too many cooks in the kitchen to where it’s chaos. I can see getting different opinions on things but there is no need to have that many women on the show. Leave Sharon and Sheryl to draw more of an audience to want to watch. I did like Julie Chen and think it’s a shame that because of the situation with her husband she felt the need to leave the show all together.

Now the not so pretty truths, Sara Gilbert and Eve are two airtime “fillers”, Sara was a girl that was on a sitcom years ago as a child and not even that well known. Eve I vaguely recall having a song or two? Another one that isn’t super well known and that would be fine, were it not for the fact that there are so many others better suited to the show IF they felt the need to continue to have too many people on The Talk. To add to the obvious, some of the opinions that come out of Sara’s mouth offend, I dislike strongly when an opinion is given on a serious, top story or tragedy and the one giving the opinion has zero in the way of being qualified enough to open their mouth! At least with Sharon and Sheryl the opinions are masked with humor when appropriate or stated in a way where it doesn’t offend anyone. I have heard Sharon say that she is no authority on this or that but…. or that’s what I think, being ever sensitive to the feelings of viewers.

It would be great to see the show titled The Talk With S & S (Sharon and Sheryl) and then it won’t be like viewers watching an arm wrestling match every day for who get’s to be the lead of the 5 at the table! The ONLY interesting part of the show are the top stories (most times anyway) and hearing Sharon’s comments and Sheryl’s humor that at times makes you feel like you’ll pee your pants. Sorry but the others are boring, uninteresting fillers which aren’t assets to the show at all, revamp and improve this show so that it might have hope of remaining on the air for a long time to come.

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Posted by on October 10, 2018 in Terrible Television