If You Have A Cell Phone……….. Beware!!! Guard Your Privacy

As if we haven’t seen ( and some of us been a victim of ) nasty invasions of our privacy, yet another one pops up and this one uses your cell phone to attempt to gain private information.  When my cell phone rang today I never dreamed that the number calling me would be my own, listed under the caller name MY INFO, when I answered it the robotic voice stated that it was AT&T calling because the accounts security was breached, it wanted the last four numbers of the account holders social security number. Needless to say I hung up immediately and called my carrier, of course they had nothing to do with the call and documented this latest scam.

The IRS breach, the Equifax data breach, the recent Yahoo breach, identity theft is at an all time high and there is little, if any privacy left! I feel the worst for the elderly people that don’t know to be suspicious of calls such as the one I received. While there are computers there will always be hackers that just don’t give a damn about anyones privacy, it’s a vicious cycle that will steadily get worse. If there is a solution to the problem, I certainly don’t know what it is, we all enjoy technology but at the same time it comes with at a high cost to all of us.

Be careful if you get any cell calls wanting any information at all, don’t give any account information out to anyone because your carrier will never call you and ask for your info. Get off of the phone asap and report it to your carrier, don’t think that you don’t have to report it because someone else will either, if you don’t then they cannot tell how widespread the problem is becoming, and those people that are affected. Good luck.

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Milani Brow Fix Brow Kit

Yes, yes, it’s yet another Milani product but this is one that I have used forever and I would not switch and I’ll tell you why.All of you women out there that have blond hair, be it natural or from a bottle, know how impossible it is to find a brow pencil, cream or powder that accentuates your eyebrows, rather than make you look like you used a piece of coal to draw them on so horribly that you end up with a stinking ebony unibrow! With platinum colored hair you may as well forget trying to find anything for your eyebrows, yet I don’t know about you but I feel naked or unkempt without anything on my brows, sure you can just use an eyebrow wax to keep them where you want them, but when you apply eye makeup to your eyes it’s even more noticeable that your brows are naked! That’s where the Milani Brow Kit comes in, the kit consists of 3 powders, a minute mirror, a wee little angled brush, a sponge tipped eyeshadow applicator, and tiny tweezers. I use the Light kit which has a frosted cream colored highlighting shadow, a very light beige (1) brow powder and a light brown (2) brow powder, I never use the 2nd brow powder, as it would be much too dark for me but I have used it as eyeshadow for the crease and on days when I wear very little makeup, I have used the second one as an eyeliner beneath my bottom eyelashes, looked great.

PROS: The brow color matches 100% and can be put on heavier if your brows are just a bit darker and there is another darker one to boot, incase your hair color is light brown. You can use the other brow powder as eyeshadow, if you want to you can pluck any stray brow hairs on the go with the tweezers included in the kit, the kit lasts a long time with everyday use. I use my brow powder every day ( even those rare occasions when I don’t put on makeup I still do my brows ) and my kit lasted for almost 11 months!

CONS: Hard as it is to believe, I really can’t find any cons with this Eyebrow Kit, seriously not a one. It is most certainly a thumbs up, no make that two thumbs up for this one! Ladies, it is a must have for every and any woman, while it comes with an adorable little angled brow brush, I prefer to use my own full sized eyebrow brush but it isn’t that anythings wrong with the one included in the kit, it’s simply a matter of preference.

NET  WT  0.15 OZ


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Milani Prime Light Face Primer

I like Milani cosmetics in general and have had pretty good luck with their products, thus far, it doesn’t hurt that their prices are slightly lower on most stuff when compared to their competitors. For awhile there I didn’t use a primer on my face, laziness I guess but having “older” skin like I do, that was a mistake! I have tried the heavy duty silicone primers (foundations too) and ohh what a mess, I’ve tried “lightweight” primers and that did nothing for a face that had begun to show it’s age, normally I steer clear of the strobe primers but in this case, since it’s Milani, I gave it a try.

Pros: It’s “strobing” effect is subtle and not filled with huge chunks of glitter, it comes out of the tube white instead of pink, gold or other crayon colors that are suppose to give a “natural” looking glow! The tube reads Milani Prime Light Face Primer Strobing + Pore Minimizing and it does seem to minimize the pores, so it does what it claims to do. One day I mixed a bit with my foundation and I couldn’t believe the result, the foundation actually matched my skin tone better and went on a thousand times easier! The Prime Light is also oil free so it shouldn’t cause you to break out or get excessively greasy.

Cons: If I HAD TO come up with a con here, let’s see……. I guess I’d have to say that it’s a wee bit runny! There really isn’t anything else that I can say negative about it. If you get the opportunity to try this then by all means, do so a.s.a.p. I love it and have made it part of my daily routine, i will continue to use this one until they stop making it or something better comes along.

Tube is 1 oz


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Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation

Okay ladies, do you have a whole lot of blemishes that you feel mar your face or perhaps you have slight acne? If so you may want to give this foundation a try, I warn you though it is most certainly full coverage so go easy when you first apply it, you can add more if you need the extra coverage but go easy until you find the right coverage for you.

POSITIVES— this foundation covers so well I didn’t need a whole lot of my usual concealer, most full coverage foundations are hard to apply as if they don’t want to blend into the skin, which usually leads to having to add ridiculous amounts of extra moisturizer, I didn’t have that problem with this one, it went on easy and blended well. The shade was perfect (I used the Creamy Vanilla), I love the pump bottle, it’s cleaner and easier to get out. As always I lost my receipt but I paid nine something, figure ten dollars, when compared to other foundations of this type it is much more affordable.

NEGATIVES— I think that the line should have more shades to choose from, compared to it’s competitors the Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation is way behind in giving the consumer a variety of colors. Let’s be real here it’s darned difficult to find the exact shade that matches your skin so variety is a must. This foundation is a must to add to your cosmetic collection, even if you don’t wear it all of the time and save it to wear after binging on greasy food or other snacks that cause breakouts, it’ll cover up your flaws pretty darned good. I say a definite thumbs up!

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Signature Club A Platinum ElectroCharged Lower Face & Neck Scaffold Repair Night Creme

Yet another Signature Club A product, after I saw the supposedly untouched before and after pictures of older women that used this product, I couldn’t resist spending the money on it. Looking at the pictures made you think that this stuff was as good as a plastic surgeon in a jar and God knows I could use that! I kept my usual open mind but must admit that for whatever reason, I really did expect this one to work. This creme is supposed to work while you sleep to firm, tighten and restore the appearance of definition to sagging skin.

Good: let’s see here…….. the good? Umm…….. the jar was cute and had a whopping 1.7 ounces of creme in it!

The Bad: this stuff reeks so bad that I seriously couldn’t stand the smell of myself when I used it, it did not do as it promised, it caused my skin to break out terribly. Don’t even take a second look at this stuff if you’re looking for real results because you will be disappointed. Perhaps if you were to use it for years on end it may make a slight difference but maybe I’m giving too much of a benefit of doubt here. I didn’t see the logic of a creme that you apply to the LOWER face and neck, what are you supposed to buy 85 different things to apply here and there on the upper face,

As I’m sure you’ve already guessed, this one is a real stinker and it simply did nothing good to/for my face!

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Signature Club A Platinum ElectroCharged Skin Support Capsules

These gel type capsules promise to help optimize skin’s own collagen to optimize elasticity, bringing the face and neck back to it’s youthful appearance. According to the product instructions they can be used once every other day or daily. I tried these silver-gray colored gel type capsules for several months, they are easy to open and all you have to do is to twist off the end nub, they hold a decent amount of product too.

The Good: well the pluses of this product is that each capsule holds a fairly decent amount of the “lotion”, the smell isn’t too awful bad even though it isn’t pleasant either.

The Bad: the product made no difference to my skin , other than making it greasy, some of the product stays in the nub that you twist off and when you twist the nub off, because pressure is needed it will often squirt out onto the floor wasting some of the lotion. Okay so we have all established that I am somewhat of a cheapskate and when I spend a higher amount on a product, I damn well expect it to work, which this did not do. Save your money if you really want a product that helps maturing skin.

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Pitbull’s, Dog Fighting, Politics and Morons!

I wonder if there is any hope what so ever for society, the ignorance, the lack of compassion, the cruelty, isn’t it strange how so many of us claim that we do not support animal cruelty and yet it is everywhere we turn. I am baffled, people are murdered by way of a shooting or a child get’s his hands on a gun and ends up dead, crowds of people picket and bitch and moan that we need to lay waste to our right to bear arms to protect our homes and families because you know that these “things”, guns themselves are what are killing innocent people not the irresponsible criminals that sometimes wield them. There are people getting stabbed each and every day but does anyone say that we need to rid the world of the knives? Even worse is the popular misconception about Pitbull’s and the morons that believe they should be eradicated from the face of the planet!

I watched this Death Row Dogs on Netflix and I wanted to vomit, it showed British officers going around confiscating dogs from homes and taking them to determine if they are Pitbulls! Needless to say, if they are then most all will be “destroyed”, these assinine so called officers of the law drag these TERRIFIED animals from the only homes they have ever known using catch poles none the less, screaming at the owners, screaming at each other and they expect the dogs to be serene! Most of the dogs wag their tails as they revel in the attention from the occasional officer, that is before they kill them. The one “educated” officer said that they don’t pet the dog too much or give too much affection/attention because this breed is highly excitable and apt to bite then! It reminds me of Colorado, when they pretty much went door to door dragging away every Pitbull and then slaughtering every last one they got their murderous hands on, piles and piles of dead bodies of Pitbulls! How dare any civilized, educated people blame animals for the reckless behavior of human beings.

There are certain people that are not so kind to others, like the terrorists overseas that kill anyone they can find, does the world say that all of those people need to be eradicated? Blame the guns for criminal behavior of people, don’t look at how many times a firearm has actually saved lives, hell we wouldn’t have police officers if they couldn’t carry guns, no military either! Get rid of the guns and those same criminals that have been forever trying to ruin it for everyone, they will find other weapons. Back to helpless animals, you hear of far more stories of dogs saving lives then you do a dogs taking them, kill entire breeds of dogs because the lowest scum of the earth uses them to do their bidding, ruining the animal and having the audacity to take some kind of credit when the dog has to fight for it’s life and wins, at heinous costs to the animals! These scumbags that fight animals need the exact same thing done to them, all who take any part in dog/animal fighting should suffer the same fate.

These moronic asses out there that say every dog of a particular breed should be killed, they need serious education (a bit of good old fashioned common sense wouldn’t hurt either), when law enforcement, government, lawmakers, take the blatantly cowardice way out when a tragedy occurs and place the punishment solely on the four legged victims, they are not worth holding any office, any position and set the poorest examples for others. Horrible things do sometimes happen and dog bite cases are no exception, especially when the victim is a child, but like humans there is the occasional dog that is beyond help but for God’s sake it isn’t entire breeds, get a clue!

If you love dogs and get the opportunity then you have to watch The Champions, like the garbage I mentioned above this one is on Netflix as well and gives insight to the dogs that have been forced to fight, remember Michael Vick? These were a few of the dogs that one soul with a beating heart was able to save from the vile Michael Vick “collection”, it shows just how deeply traumatized these poor dogs were for a long time and their road to recovery. Not only does it PROVE that these dogs can be rehabilitated but it gives a look into the dark, evil world of dog fighters and it’s enough to make your blood boil. Especially the dogs that were killed after ending up in Vick’s nasty hands, like the ones he hooked electrodes to and threw into the pool, getting off from the teeth marks into the metal sides where the dogs were suffering so badly before they died that they bit the sides hoping for any escape. The phobias these four legged victims suffered was heartbreaking, being terrified out of their minds by the smallest sounds, from staircases because it reminded them of climbing the steps in the building where Vick forced them to fight!

Dogs, regardless of breed want nothing more than to please their masters, curl up in our laps, be taken for walks and play with toys, to be nothing more than normal dogs. People make dogs vicious and believe me when I tell you that if the dog had a choice, don’t let anyone BS you they would not want to fight, not want their body shredded,teeth broken out, holes through bones,  etc. and none of those are as bad as what the scum of the earth dog fighters put the animal through, especially when they lose which usually results in them being murdered in heinous ways. I say we start doing to the pieces of crap that fight these dogs, action for action what they do to the animals, then I guarantee we’d see a decline in the behavior. A plus too would be that tax dollars wouldn’t have to pay for the criminals while they sit behind bars for a few months, if they are punished at all, because the “do unto others” rule would enable them to be tortured to death like they do to the animals!

Tia Torres from Pitbulls and Parolee’s has long been defending, protecting and rehabilitating Pitbulls (but she’s not bias to other breeds either), she was one of the first to step up and try to educate folks about the breed, God love her she has saved too many Pitbulls lives to count and is still going strong. She recognized from the beginning of the debate long ago that Pitbulls were getting an unfair, untrue bad rap and it was costing them their lives, what was more detrimental to the breed was that people jumped on the bandwagon and believed the breed to be vicious, never putting the blame on those that use them as if they were just an inanimate item of property.

However you have to get involved, do something even if it’s just supporting a no kill shelter for breeds that are being eradicated and not allowed within city limits, better yet find out where the elected officials in your area stand on this issue so you’ll know whether or not to campaign for votes for or against the officials next election. This warped thinking needs to be changed and soon and if the majority took a stand then positive change would be inevitable. Please do watch The Champion’s and tell all of your animal loving friends to do the same.

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