Will Queen Elizabeth Bend the Rules?

Not only do the citizens of the United Kingdom love Queen Elizabeth but let’s face it, the world loves that there is still a true monarchy,in this day and age, as long as the people want and welcome them then they will endure. That being said though, the queen bent when Charles wanted to take Camilla as his bride and though some may not agree with the old ways of royalty, the very protocol was much of the reason that the monarchy has endured as long as it has. I adore Duchess Kate but again the rules were bent ( perhaps in her case that should have been the ONLY time ). Which brings us to Prince Harry and his current love interest actress Meghan Markle, yet again are the royal expectations to be forgotten? And if you’re wondering why I would even comment on the matter, I have extremely deep British roots.

Prince Harry is an attractive young man with a lot going for him and I’m sure that if he looked around, there are many attractive young ladies in the circles his family is acquainted with that would better suit him. It has been reported that Meghan’s own sister has revealed a lot about Meghan’s character and face it, her sister would indeed know much better than Harry would. Even that isn’t the root of the issue though, that monarchy has lasted a very long time so they must have been doing something right, but the truth of the matter is that times have changed yes, but the people love the royal family and should that ever change then who knows how adversely it might affect the royals. While Queen Elizabeth has bent the royal rules previously, where does she draw the line? When is enough enough? When will she take a stand and stick to her guns, even at the risk of having to tell a grandson no and stick to her convictions?

We have seen that Harry can be a rebellious one but he is supposed to have matured a bit and one would think that he would grasp that he was born into a royal family, and that there are certain expectations that must be respected. It’s easy for a “commoner” to think that he should be able to do whatever it is he wants to, all of them should, but if that were the case then there would be no royal family, no monarchy and no need for a queen, king, prince or any other title there is. The royal family needs to remain royal and each should continue to set examples for others (remember Princess Diana), be worthy of the titles they were given because they aren’t supposed to be just mere words. The world watches every move the royal family makes and they base their opinions on them accordingly.

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Discovery Channels Alaskan Bush People

Discovery channel used to be a reputable one with shows that were of interest and that had at least a sliver of quality, that is until May  of 2014 when they first aired the ludicrous Alaskan Bush People. There are still a lot of people out there that believe this show is legitimate, that these people are exactly what the show portrays them to be, in spite of the ridiculousness of it. I find it disturbing that anyone at all would believe that this clan was “raised in the wilds of Alaska” when they have so obviously not been at all sheltered.

Think about it like this, the sons with tattoos must have run deep into the Alaskan woods to find the tattoo parlor to get them, the mother Ami must have also gone to the bush jeweler to get all of those rings that she wears, and the most obvious b.s. the youngest daughter “Rain” must have really found a goldmine deep in the Alaskan bush when she went looking for (and must have found) the bush cosmetic store! To see the youngest kid with makeup plastered on her face, you know damned well that cosmetics aren’t part of that kind of life, nor is the goth looking nail polish! If that doesn’t make you see what a fake the show is then notice how grimy the sons get, yet their clothes are always crisp and clean and you don’t get clothes to come that clean doing them by hand in a creek! Not to mention the style clothing, I think that this type of nonsense is insulting to the REAL Alaskans out there that struggle for their very survival every day.

Discovery channel must be as desperate as some of the other networks out there (Bravo, TLC) to air such a blatantly misleading, manipulative, ludicrous, dishonest, fake crap! I feel for the mother Ami’s family that has come out and told their side of the story as far as the relationship (or lack of) with their daughter and her family, obviously they are hurting and Ami’s mother is elderly to boot! If this family was so loving and caring and believed so strongly in family bonds, each would have the respect and common decency to go and visit Ami’s mother and allow her to be part of their lives, rather than air family dirty laundry (if it’s even true) to the world in an attempt to justify their bad behavior.

Maybe the problem with this B.S. family is greed, I mean reports have stated that they stay in a hotel and only spend time at “Brown Town” when they are filming, look up the family and each ones net worth too, they are not hurting for money. And then there are the legal woes that two of them plead guilty to after allegations that they duped Alaska for a share in the states profits that they did not have a right to. Alaskan folks need that money to help them to survive and then along come the Browns to benefit from what they had no right to, when they do not need the money! Discovery has supported this sham of a show, sham of a family for far too long, in fact they should never have become involved with them, Discovery is just as guilty of duping viewers, if not more so!


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Why Bruce Jenner Is A Bad Influence

I’m tired of hearing about Bruce Jenner and the fiascos that have surrounded him. I’m more tired of hearing about various people getting blasted for their opinions about issues such as transgender people and homosexuals. It’s revolting when people attempt to mix the Bible and its teachings in with the lifestyle that they choose to live, those that actually try to twist the word of God to try and convince others that God is okay with all lifestyles when the good book very clearly reflects how God feels! Whenever someone disagrees with homosexuality and the transgender lifestyles, others automatically go into attack mode and point the finger at them, labeling them haters and accusing them of being prejudiced. There are many people out there, Christians and other various religious people, that try to live their lives according to the Bible’s teachings, good folks that believe that it is an absolute sin to be gay and for a man to dress in women’s clothing and a woman to dress in a man’s clothing. It’s always been so insulting to me when you hear someone defend the gay/transgender communities, how they claim straight up that God loves everyone the same regardless of what they do or how they behave, then you discover that the same ones spewing these things have never even read the Bible!

Now, I am not saying yea or nay here, but I am giving you some food for thought, think about it as if you  took a horse and surgically attached an elephant’s trunk to it’s face, would the horse then be an elephant? If you attached a lion’s head to a lamb’s body, would it make the lamb a lion or the lion a lamb? The fact is that it would be neither. Society has become so spoiled and vain that many believe that (especially if you have a lot of money) you can change virtually anything and everything. If you over eat until you resemble a whale, then, rather than go on a diet and try to eat healthy, figure “Ah, Hell, I’ll just go have liposuction and a tummy tuck.” You don’t like your face, why not just go and buy a new one? Fake hair, fake nails, fake, plastic bodies (especially rear ends), veneers or teeth bleaching, Botox, fillers, lifts; the list is endless. Society has made it a crime to age, acting as if being old is a bad thing, something to be ashamed of. There are few natural beauties left, those not having some “procedure” done. They’re the minority it seems. So, with all that society changes and the fact that it’s become so widely accepted, now it’s “of the norm” to decide that you aren’t happy with the sex that you were born with so you figure you can change that too? The fact is, though, that you cannot change who you really are. You may not like the sex that God assigned you (or nature if you’d prefer to believe that), and doctors can inject you with all of the male or female hormones you like, and they can attach some fake boobs, a fake arse, men can shave, women can grow hair, but you can’t change who and what you are at the core.

Bruce Jenner looks like a big boned, large framed man who dresses up in womens’ clothing, wears big sized pumps, has his fake nails painted, wears womens’ jewelry, looks as if he’s got a male trout pout and he piles on makeup. After all this, through all of the attempts, through all of the changes, he looks like a man! The uproar after some “genius” decided to allow him the Arthur Ashe courage award was well warranted, and personally I think that there were several deserving, true heroes that the award could have been bestowed upon, but it was given to him and made a joke of. Sure, maybe it would’ve been alright back in the days (way back in the day) he was into sports, an athlete, but since that time he’s known for nothing other than his association with the Kardashians. Perhaps the problem began after he and Kris divorced, he became like the Kardashians, but only worse. The family put his name back out there, and when the gravy train stopped for him, he had to plot ways to garner attention – not to mention money and his dream of having his own show! What did he do? Well, suddenly he wanted to share his fetish with the world to make his own piles of cash and wanted to become a fame whore too, that is what he’s worked at ever since.

Rather than trying to teach us to be happy with ourselves, society teaches just the opposite, pee and whine about any and everything, then go and have it changed! People like Bruce Jenner are among the many that set a horrible example. No, they are not teaching to be tolerant of others like themselves, they are lamely trying to show that when you want attention, money, awards, or when you decide that you don’t like yourself anymore, follow their examples! It’s sad to think what the future generations will be like. Rather than progressed, we have regressed in many, many ways, and the future generations will be the ones to suffer for it. The past thirty years have proved to be the most dramatic as far as the deterioration of morals, the crumbling of society. God and religion have slowly been being snuffed out resulting in an excess of pre-marital sex, teen pregnancy, more young people dropping out of school, partying, drinking, young women prancing around in public half naked, young men with their pants mopping up the ground around them as their ass crack’s waving around like a flag. Not to mention the crap that is shown on television and the internet, the most influential things there are! It’s a travesty that so many parents have to work to survive and can’t even be full time parents to their children. The kids do their own things, often unsupervised, and if you have children then you should be concerned about these things even more so than those who don’t, but we all should be concerned.

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Harsh Truths About The Browns (Sister Wives)

What it must be like to mock the law and flaunt how amoral you are like on Sister Wives, the worst two examples are Kody and Robyn Brown! Kody wants to crawl into bed with a bunch of women, spawn even more kids with them and all the while try to hide behind his so called religion as a means of lamely trying to justify it! On the other hand this Robyn character is equally vile, perhaps she saw the show and decided that she wanted to be on television so she began doing whatever it took (which probably wasn’t much) to be added to Kody’s list of women. From the very beginning I predicted that she was trouble, never once falling for her bs facade and predicted that she would bring dire changes to their supposed family, she’s done that and then some. The venom that she spews from her mouth about Meri Brown is toxic, nasty and hateful, I imagine that she was consumed with jealousy to the point where she came up with a whole new approach, like having another mans children adopted by Kody as if that pervert hasn’t spawned enough already! Why any normal man out there would ever allow that low life to adopt his kids and inflict his name upon them is beyond reasoning, of course why the father of Robyn’s kids would have allowed her to shack up with the pervert and in that type of environment with his children defies logic as well.

Funny isn’t it, after reports stated that Meri Brown had been catfished by some woman posing as a man and going through the emotional turmoil, the other “wives” turned on her. Yes, pretend to live by the word of God when we see that’s not the case by their lifestyle but then to throw not stones, but boulders at Meri? Wow, real Christian like of those women and that pervert they follow, at a time when Meri needs support and understanding more than ever, he can have a bevy of women but she can’t reach out to what she thought to be a man! They live most hypocritical lives, it must be exhausting to be so damned perfect and without the slightest sin, it is no wonder Meri would seek out a mans company who would be a decent, normal, loving person who doesn’t hide behind a made up religion to live like a man pig!

Everything happens for a reason in life and perhaps the reason behind the hell that Meri Brown has had to go through, is to finally break free from Kody’s twisted grip and also to see Robyn for exactly what she truly is and has always been, a vicious, mean and nasty witch who may have been so green with envy she had to ruin Meri’s life so that she could step into it! The situation seemed to work for these women before Robyn came onto the scene pretending to be so meek and caring, she got her way by Meri clearing a path for her to Marry Kody, then she got him to adopt her kids from some other man and she ruined Meri in the process, just collateral damage to someone with such evil intent, what does she care as long as she got her way. To step back and look at Robyn’s behavior from the start it appears that this was her game plan from the very beginning, to read the recent reports about all of the hateful things she has said about the former Mrs.Brown, one can see that she is gloating after getting all she wanted and ruining someone else’s life in the process.

Stop the madness and cancel this piece of crap show, stop condoning the behavior of people like this while they attempt to disguise it with religion, at one time they worried about the law and now they smugly make a joke of it. At the very least stop paying these people for what they are doing, now days we’re told to be tolerant of this and tolerant of that but in this case, that’s exactly what we can’t be, tolerant and we can’t excuse this behavior either! Like it or not, Kody kept wanting kids, kids, kids but the fact is that the family at one time or another and not real briefly, was afforded public assistance which issupposed to be for those who truly need it and have fallen on hard times, not for those who purposefully keep having one kid after another and with a bench of different women! Not to sound harsh but taxpayers should not have to pay to raise or feed that perverts countless kids, by the same token, TLC should smarten up and stop paying these disgusting, law taunting, polygamists to flaunt themselves and their lifestyle on television.

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Little Women:LA Some With Little Minds To Match

Have you watched the silly reality show Little Women: LA yet? Besides the gravely serious issues on the show, it will certainly amuse you a bit and make you have to laugh at how ridiculous and petty these “women” are. It’s educational to hear what words these people allow and what words they decide that they take offense to, several of them make you wonder how small their minds are, after seeing their behavior. There seems to always be a Kim Z. (RHOA cast) in the casts of these reality shows, you know one that really seem to believe that they are talented enough to be singers! Why is it that these people can never tell when they are being laughed with and when they are being laughed at?

The most disturbing thing about this show is the cast member Briana, she meets a guy online and after knowing him an extremely short time she moves him in with her and her little girl. Her own family was very concerned, her friends are concerned, and I’ll tell you perhaps children’s services should get involved and check things out. It’s fine if she thinks that she’s in love with the guy but the little girl is an innocent bystander who needs someone to do whats best for her. Briana’s friends and family wouldn’t just worry to worry, they checked him out online and he’s of questionable character so what does the twit do? Why she marries him of course! I understand that she’s probably desperate but she has an innocent child to worry about, a little girl none the less and without doing her own homework to see why everyone that cares about her is concerned, she shacks up with him and marries him right away! Perhaps children’s services should check that situation out thoroughly, perhaps the child’s father should have stepped in at the very least! Personally I think that that the guy just wanted to be part of a television show and when he happened across her, that was his ticket, but I also think that there are deep rooted issues there involving the likes of him. Sadly for the others in the group, when Briana dropped her news on everyone it was one of her most selfish moves yet, she had to take away from Elena’s time and make it about her! Viewers have seen enough of the situation with her and her new man to know that he brings out the worst in her, it’s also obvious that he is cutting everyone slowly out of her life, turning her against everyone so that it’ll just be him! Of all of the women, she obviously has a brain size to match her body seems she lacks intelligence, I pray that someone checks things out for the little girls sake and does whats in her best interest!

The other woman in the group have their issues as well but at least not such questionable ones as Briana, the Russian woman, Elena was beautiful until she began having cosmetic procedures done and now she’s beginning to look strange. I think that a lot of women will be able to relate to Christy and her fertility struggles, she has shared information that she has been the victim of domestic violence too, which I think will draw more viewers to her. Her health problems have been many it seems but she’s managed to come through it with the help of her husband and friends.

Tonya I would have to say is one of the two loud mouths of the group, she likes to judge everyone else, hold grudges and call everyone else “heffa’s” like she should talk about being a heffer! Not much of a storyline, not much interesting, not at all captivating that one, I don’t know why they added her to the cast to be quite frank. She likes to pick on newcomers as far as I can tell, perhaps it’s due to her own shortcomings, jealousy or maybe she thinks it’ll make her interesting for viewers to watch, regardless, when they show her I just use it as a potty break.

Newcomers Brittney and Jasmine so far haven’t brought much to the show thus far, Brittney likes bizarre clothing and claims to have danced for Miley Cyrus, I guess that’s her claim to fame, it’s hard to tell if she’ll add anything positive to the show but so far it doesn’t seem likely. Jasmine seems nice enough, even though she was met with hostility from Tonya, it appears to be an ongoing thing with the two but not from Jasmines side. We can only hope that perhaps these additions will give the show the extra kick it needs to keep going.

Finally there is Terra the other loudmouth of the group, for some assinine reason she was given her own side show, so she had a kid and got married, who cares? She is in dire need of a bottle of bleach for her hair or she needs to dye her own color back already, her hair looks horrible and skanky. Terra is another Kim Z. she believes that she has an awesome singing voice and that she can dance great! While she can draw some really good laughs, she is brash and loud and tries to take all of the camera attention! Ugh, time will tell how long this show will hold up.

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What Money Or A Name Can Get You

Surprise, surprise, Bruce Jenner will not be held accountable in any way, shape or form from the authorities for being involved in the four car accident in which Bruce’s Cadillac SUV rammed into the back of Kimberly Howe’s Lexus causing it to propel into the opposite lanes of traffic, where another vehicle hit her head on, resulting in her death. Many speculated that at the very least, Bruce Jenner would be charged with vehicular manslaughter but many more of us believed that the geriatric transgender poster child, desperate for any media attention he can get, would walk away without so much as a slap on the wrist, sadly the latter is true.

A woman lost her life as a result of that accident, there are pictures and witnesses and yet Bruce Jenner walks away unscathed, his loved ones don’t have to mourn the loss of him, no his life goes on as usual. He was well known back in the seventies and was nothing more than a memory until the Kardashians put him back on the map, due to the circus that he creates around him he has been given a show! Bruce Jenner is known simply because of the Kardashian family, unfortunately he has become well known because of them and is making money from the ridiculous show that some “genius” has afforded him and interestingly he isn’t charged with anything after the accident that a lot of people claimed that he was responsible for! A well known name, a television show and a hefty bank balance and viola, no problems with the law or questions of fault after an accident that claims an innocent womans life!

The Kardashian name must be more well known than anyone believed, look at Kendall Jenner suddenly she’s considered a model! I mean the girl isn’t ugly but she’s certainly not gorgeous model material either and yet she’s walking runways and representing cosmetic companies that are reputable (I’ve heard the women that I know state that they will no longer buy or use Estee Lauder products). So if you have a family name that is well known, you can do anything or be anything at all that you want to be, you don’t have to work for anything that everyone else struggles to earn!

Kylie Jenner has become super popular but like her sister Kim, what is she popular for? You can’t overlook the fact that when someone raves about certain Kardashians being so beautiful (like Kanye about Kim), what they are really saying is that the cosmetic surgeons responsible for their looks are one in a million talented! Look back at the pictures of the Kardashians from years ago, a few of them don’t even slightly resemble themselves, it’s not like they are average women who were graced with a God given beauty, a true beauty.

Yes, money really must buy you anything and a name can do the same for you, as unfair as it is everyone else out there that isn’t wealthy and those who can’t ride a popular family name, well they have to work for what they want, they have to struggle to meet their goals, they have to earn what they want it isn’t just given to them! It speaks volumes that Bruce Jenner isn’t held accountable for his part in the automobile accident that claimed an innocent womans life!

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America vs. Walter James Palmer

Actress Mia Farrow posted the business address of Walter James Palmer, the cold blooded killer of Cecil, the most beloved African lion, but the address posted on social media was later deleted after a debate as to whether or not it was acceptable for her to have done so. I ask, why, why delete the address, and why not publish his home residence address too? To Hell with those complaining about privacy, because it doesn’t apply in this situation, period! Walter Palmer gave up any right to privacy when he took that beautiful animal’s life. Furthermore, nowadays there is no privacy, and anyone can go online and get the information that Mia posted!

I guess when someone asks what a life is worth – more specifically the life of a lion that so many people came to know and love – the answer would be a mere fifty thousand or so, and it doesn’t matter if an animal is endangered, critically endangered, or one of a few hundred left walking this planet, to some butchers that have no respect for an animal’s life, it doesn’t matter. No punishment would be too harsh for the heartless, insensitive, yellow-bellied ruffian Walter Palmer or others like him. The fear now is that he will go unpunished or not punished severely enough, which is unacceptable all the way around.

You have to wonder, though, has W. J. Palmer ever been in trouble before for any involvement in any other shady animal killings? Maybe sometime in 2006? I mean, has he been in trouble for hunting a black bear outside of a designated area, and then transporting its body elsewhere so it seemed on the up and up, and then committing perjury to a wildlife official so as not to appear as though he did anything wrong? Seems to me that this butchering dentist is obsessed with killing helpless animals, doesn’t matter what type, where it’s at, or his weapon of choice. Perhaps it’s because he has money that he feels he can get away with whatever he wants to, or maybe he figures that he has plenty enough cash to afford good attorneys for any fines he may accrue, and that he’ll just buy his way out of whatever trouble that might arise! In 2008 W. J. P. pleaded guilty to lying to a U. S. Fish & Wildlife agent about the black bear hunt in Wisconsin two years earlier!

What kind of simpleton not only takes pictures of, but proudly displays pictures of dead leopards, lions, white rhinoceroses, and any other animal that he can butcher? It’s interesting how old Walt didn’t give the murdering of Cecil a second thought until the dumb ass realized that normal people don’t take pleasure in wounding a beautiful, regal animal, such as a lion, and then leaving it to slowly suffer from the wound for two days, dying a slow, excruciating death. ecil the human-tolerant lion was actually lured out of the Hwange National Parks safety using BAIT, where Palmer shot the arrow at him that wounded him, but it wasn’t until 40 hours later that he was shot dead and Palmer claimed his prize. Now, give this a serious thought here: imagine a financially prosperous dentist deciding that he wants to be a real man, and in his narrow mind finding a big, ferocious lion to kill would make him feel like a man, a real tough guy. So this said dentist forks over a pile of cash, travels to Africa and lures one of the most loved, gentle lions in the nation out into the open where he can shoot and wound him with a bow and arrow. So what if the poor animal was wounded and would suffer for days, it only delayed the savage beast (the dentist) from claiming his prize. No, all he’d have to do was to take his time, find the lion and then he could finish him off, behead him and skin him! Cecil didn’t mind human company around him, and at times he sought out their companionship. He had come to believe that they meant him no harm. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the the low life didn’t wait until the poor animal was out of his misery before pleasuring himself by doing whatever he could do to Cecil and his body – the more offensive and bloody, the better to sate his never ending bloodlust!

It is not permitted here in the United states to bait deer in order to lure them out to kill them, not that it should be different according to animal, but this was a lion, how the hell is it right to lure it out only to kill it? The most vile, evil part of this is that Walter James Palmer wants people to believe that he didn’t know about Cecil, that he thought the hunt was legal but yet the trusting Cecil was lured out of the parks safety using bait! It is called bait because we all know that the animal will definitely go for it, and it’s like a lamb to slaughter! How could it make anyone feel like a tough guy, to set an animal up for guaranteed failure by using bait in order to trick it into coming out into the open? There is no easier kill.

I try never to feel hatred toward any other human being, and although it’s questionable as to whether or not Walter James Palmer is human, I feel disgust and pity for the man – if you could call him that? It’s one thing to do something horrendous and feel genuine remorse, it’s another to feign remorse because you got caught and the world’s eyes are upon you while they shake their fists in disgust. Look at this guy’s history, it speaks volumes, it shows what a bottom feeding, dishonest, offensive, self-indulgent, egotistical braggart the jackass is, and has always been. I’ll bet that his offspring will grow up to think that his blatant disregard for the lives of animals is fine and dandy too. Normal members of society loathe poachers, and from where I sit, W. J. P. is no better than any other poacher out there. The only difference may be that he attempts to hide behind the law while he stalks and slaughters any animal that he can get his paws on, and it seems that it’s been going on for a long, long time. I shudder to think of the sheer number of animals that have died and suffered ungodly wounds while dying a slow death at his hands!

Hats off to all of the celebrities that have come forward to voice their disgust and rage on Walter James Palmer butchering the lovely Cecil, especially Mia Farrow who risked backlash to take the only action that she really could have – she at least did something, and, right or wrong, that’s the only way that we can so much as hope that W. J. P. will be punished to the fullest, and that some change will be made to prevent this ever happening again. I’ve heard that there was a small group of people protesting outside of the murdering dentist’s office and that he’s received a lot of backlash – and you know what? The man deserves every bit of it! How dare he try to feed us even more of his bull dunk, how dare he try to pass the blame for his foul behavior, how dare he feign ignorance.


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