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Why Bruce Jenner Is A Bad Influence

I’m tired of hearing about Bruce Jenner and the fiascos that have surrounded him. I’m more tired of hearing about various people getting blasted for their opinions about issues such as transgender people and homosexuals. It’s revolting when people attempt to mix the Bible and its teachings in with the lifestyle that they choose to live, those that actually try to twist the word of God to try and convince others that God is okay with all lifestyles when the good book very clearly reflects how God feels! Whenever someone disagrees with homosexuality and the transgender lifestyles, others automatically go into attack mode and point the finger at them, labeling them haters and accusing them of being prejudiced. There are many people out there, Christians and other various religious people, that try to live their lives according to the Bible’s teachings, good folks that believe that it is an absolute sin to be gay and for a man to dress in women’s clothing and a woman to dress in a man’s clothing. It’s always been so insulting to me when you hear someone defend the gay/transgender communities, how they claim straight up that God loves everyone the same regardless of what they do or how they behave, then you discover that the same ones spewing these things have never even read the Bible!

Now, I am not saying yea or nay here, but I am giving you some food for thought, think about it as if you  took a horse and surgically attached an elephant’s trunk to it’s face, would the horse then be an elephant? If you attached a lion’s head to a lamb’s body, would it make the lamb a lion or the lion a lamb? The fact is that it would be neither. Society has become so spoiled and vain that many believe that (especially if you have a lot of money) you can change virtually anything and everything. If you over eat until you resemble a whale, then, rather than go on a diet and try to eat healthy, figure “Ah, Hell, I’ll just go have liposuction and a tummy tuck.” You don’t like your face, why not just go and buy a new one? Fake hair, fake nails, fake, plastic bodies (especially rear ends), veneers or teeth bleaching, Botox, fillers, lifts; the list is endless. Society has made it a crime to age, acting as if being old is a bad thing, something to be ashamed of. There are few natural beauties left, those not having some “procedure” done. They’re the minority it seems. So, with all that society changes and the fact that it’s become so widely accepted, now it’s “of the norm” to decide that you aren’t happy with the sex that you were born with so you figure you can change that too? The fact is, though, that you cannot change who you really are. You may not like the sex that God assigned you (or nature if you’d prefer to believe that), and doctors can inject you with all of the male or female hormones you like, and they can attach some fake boobs, a fake arse, men can shave, women can grow hair, but you can’t change who and what you are at the core.

Bruce Jenner looks like a big boned, large framed man who dresses up in womens’ clothing, wears big sized pumps, has his fake nails painted, wears womens’ jewelry, looks as if he’s got a male trout pout and he piles on makeup. After all this, through all of the attempts, through all of the changes, he looks like a man! The uproar after some “genius” decided to allow him the Arthur Ashe courage award was well warranted, and personally I think that there were several deserving, true heroes that the award could have been bestowed upon, but it was given to him and made a joke of. Sure, maybe it would’ve been alright back in the days (way back in the day) he was into sports, an athlete, but since that time he’s known for nothing other than his association with the Kardashians. Perhaps the problem began after he and Kris divorced, he became like the Kardashians, but only worse. The family put his name back out there, and when the gravy train stopped for him, he had to plot ways to garner attention – not to mention money and his dream of having his own show! What did he do? Well, suddenly he wanted to share his fetish with the world to make his own piles of cash and wanted to become a fame whore too, that is what he’s worked at ever since.

Rather than trying to teach us to be happy with ourselves, society teaches just the opposite, pee and whine about any and everything, then go and have it changed! People like Bruce Jenner are among the many that set a horrible example. No, they are not teaching to be tolerant of others like themselves, they are lamely trying to show that when you want attention, money, awards, or when you decide that you don’t like yourself anymore, follow their examples! It’s sad to think what the future generations will be like. Rather than progressed, we have regressed in many, many ways, and the future generations will be the ones to suffer for it. The past thirty years have proved to be the most dramatic as far as the deterioration of morals, the crumbling of society. God and religion have slowly been being snuffed out resulting in an excess of pre-marital sex, teen pregnancy, more young people dropping out of school, partying, drinking, young women prancing around in public half naked, young men with their pants mopping up the ground around them as their ass crack’s waving around like a flag. Not to mention the crap that is shown on television and the internet, the most influential things there are! It’s a travesty that so many parents have to work to survive and can’t even be full time parents to their children. The kids do their own things, often unsupervised, and if you have children then you should be concerned about these things even more so than those who don’t, but we all should be concerned.

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What Money Or A Name Can Get You

Surprise, surprise, Bruce Jenner will not be held accountable in any way, shape or form from the authorities for being involved in the four car accident in which Bruce’s Cadillac SUV rammed into the back of Kimberly Howe’s Lexus causing it to propel into the opposite lanes of traffic, where another vehicle hit her head on, resulting in her death. Many speculated that at the very least, Bruce Jenner would be charged with vehicular manslaughter but many more of us believed that the geriatric transgender poster child, desperate for any media attention he can get, would walk away without so much as a slap on the wrist, sadly the latter is true.

A woman lost her life as a result of that accident, there are pictures and witnesses and yet Bruce Jenner walks away unscathed, his loved ones don’t have to mourn the loss of him, no his life goes on as usual. He was well known back in the seventies and was nothing more than a memory until the Kardashians put him back on the map, due to the circus that he creates around him he has been given a show! Bruce Jenner is known simply because of the Kardashian family, unfortunately he has become well known because of them and is making money from the ridiculous show that some “genius” has afforded him and interestingly he isn’t charged with anything after the accident that a lot of people claimed that he was responsible for! A well known name, a television show and a hefty bank balance and viola, no problems with the law or questions of fault after an accident that claims an innocent womans life!

The Kardashian name must be more well known than anyone believed, look at Kendall Jenner suddenly she’s considered a model! I mean the girl isn’t ugly but she’s certainly not gorgeous model material either and yet she’s walking runways and representing cosmetic companies that are reputable (I’ve heard the women that I know state that they will no longer buy or use Estee Lauder products). So if you have a family name that is well known, you can do anything or be anything at all that you want to be, you don’t have to work for anything that everyone else struggles to earn!

Kylie Jenner has become super popular but like her sister Kim, what is she popular for? You can’t overlook the fact that when someone raves about certain Kardashians being so beautiful (like Kanye about Kim), what they are really saying is that the cosmetic surgeons responsible for their looks are one in a million talented! Look back at the pictures of the Kardashians from years ago, a few of them don’t even slightly resemble themselves, it’s not like they are average women who were graced with a God given beauty, a true beauty.

Yes, money really must buy you anything and a name can do the same for you, as unfair as it is everyone else out there that isn’t wealthy and those who can’t ride a popular family name, well they have to work for what they want, they have to struggle to meet their goals, they have to earn what they want it isn’t just given to them! It speaks volumes that Bruce Jenner isn’t held accountable for his part in the automobile accident that claimed an innocent womans life!

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Words, Opinions and Freedom of Speech

One of the most precious gifts that we ever had in this country was freedom of speech, the United States, being the melting pot of nationalities of the globe, allowed any person of any race, to say what they felt without fear of punishment, or criticism from anyone else. It’s a travesty that there really is no such thing of freedom of speech anymore, when good people have an opinion that differs from some others, they are slammed and crucified, they loose their jobs and are basically ruined!

Look at Jamie Foxx, he made a joke about Bruce Jenner ( he is after all a comedienne ), and all hell breaks loose, one cant help but wonder if the one that led the witch hunt to begin with, was transgender, or had someone close to them that was. Giuliana Rancic made a joke about Zandaya and her poor choice of hair styles, as expected, another witch hunt began, Giuliana was made out to be a big, bad, racial slurring wolf and she was put through the wringer. Another great example is Paula Deen, she admitted that she used a word that wasn’t socially acceptable and the fallout was vicious, the woman lost endorsements, lost support, lost millions of dollars, I wonder who was the first to lead that witch hunt?

Donald Sterling, basketballs Clippers owner was banned for life by the NBA and fined 2.5 million dollars over racial remarks he’d made, the real clincher was that he was being secretly recorded by a woman with a very clear agenda. It seems that the old rule of sticks and stones breaking bones and names never hurting someone is a joke as well, if he had taken a baseball bat to one of the players, as bizarre as it is, it probably wouldn’t have been nearly as bad for him as this situation was. Try to imagine for one minute that everything you say behind closed doors, is secretly recorded and made public, every last one of us would be crucified, but because he was in the public eye, it went even worse for him. What about the catalyst, the woman who recorded him without him knowing about it?

The fact remains that there are people out there who, be if for deeply religious beliefs or for moral reasons, do not support homosexuality or transgender issues, people who let them live their lives but don’t feel that such issues should be so publicized or promoted. There are also people who do use improper choices of words for others, that offend, and like it or not, they are entitled to their opinions. What is more important at the core, someone being called a name that they don’t like and setting out to ruin the person that said it, or our supposed right to freedom of speech? There will always be people who say things that others don’t agree with, always be name callers, but I truly hope that the witch hunts will stop, that those same people always sitting around day in and day out, just looking to stir the pot, will find something more constructive to do with their time.

It’s damned tiring to turn on the tv, or read the paper every day and see another story about someone in the public eye being ruined for what they said. Society needs to understand that you can’t force everyone to view things the way that you want them to, people are entitled to their own opinions and feelings, no matter what the topic! There are a lot of people out there that need to stop trying to shove their own agendas down everyone else’s throats, being mature enough to know that words are just that, words and that everyone can’t agree on everything, is a precious, rare thing.

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Fatal Automobile Accident, Bruce Jenner Involved

On February 7th of this year, Bruce Jenner was involved in an automobile accident, an accident in which a woman, Kim Howe lost her life. TMZ reported that not surprisingly, the Kardashian family claimed that Bruce was being chased by paparazzi, it has been determined that the claim was false. Different media outlets have reported different information pertaining to the details of the accident, one such report said that Kim, the woman killed, had been driving when her license had been suspended, even if that were the case, the woman lost her life and someone is to blame.

Let’s see how this one pans out, let’s see how the investigation concludes, it would be a travesty if, as we’ve seen all too many times before, someone in the public eye get’s a mere slap on the wrist. Whether Bruce was solely to blame or not, he should be treated as you or I would be if we were in the same situation, it speaks volumes right off the bat that the family released a false claim in saying that he was being hounded by paparazzi. It’s a hell of a note that any time a celebrity does something wrong, or is involved in anything shady where questions of blame arise, the paparazzi is always to blame, very convenient.

Maybe Bruce Jenner is so wrapped up in his new found fame, relishing the attention that’s being showered on him alone, with this “transition” stuff and reports of getting his own show, that he believes himself to be untouchable. I sincerely hope that law enforcement is ruthless in their pursuit of the party to blame for this womans death. I know from personal experience that in my area, if you know a cop on scene or if the party to blame has any kind of influence, no matter how small, they can get away with anything. I hope that in California it isn’t the same, I think that rather than allow any kind of celebrity to get away with anything, they should be made an example of.

Let’s just see what the outcome of this accident investigation is, let’s just see if Bruce Jenner is held accountable for anything I think that it will be unusual and shocking if he get’s any punishment for anything. Pictures don’t lie, witnesses don’t lie, the facts speak for themselves and I hope that, whether the accident victim had a current license or not, that the party at fault is punished fully, the woman did not deserve to die and, license or not, she was on her way and someone caused the mess that took her life. TMZ reports that Jenner told police that he lost control of his vehicle and rammed Howe’s car, sounds to me like the statement Bruce made was an admission of guilt, for him being at fault, whether or not charges will be brought against him or punishment will be doled out his way, remains to be seen.

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Bruce Jenner’s Legacy

It’s insulting to hear about this upcoming, earth shattering, shocking, juicy interview by Diane Sawyer with Bruce Jenner, about his “transition”,  to be released at a later date. It’s insulting because you’d have to live under a rock not to have already known about him, it’s no secret to anyone who and what Bruce is, so the so called interview isn’t new, interesting, or unexpected. If you look back at pictures of him even in his Olympic days, he doesn’t exactly look masculine then either, I’m surprised that he was ever married, or that he hooked up at all, with a woman at least. Most everyone has heard of Bruce Jenner, even the young people, though most don’t know what his skill was or what year he won won, which medal it was, they have most all heard his name.

Where’s the tragedy you ask? Well now, don’t blame the messenger here, it may seem harsh but you cannot deny that it’s just the way life is, human nature. When Bruce Jenner is remembered, he’ll forever be the man who was once an Olympic winner who was part of the Kardashian show, the man who, after a few failed marriages, tried to change his sex and made the choice to try and become a female. Any accomplishments that he may have to his credit, his Olympic win, any skills or talents, all of that will sadly fall by the wayside and it will all be about his choice to live out his life trying to be a woman and milking it for all of the publicity he can get. Sound familiar? Well, he has spent all of these years around the Kardashians, so it’s no wonder he’d try to squeeze any and every drop of exposure he can get!

I can’t help but wonder how Kendall and Kylie Jenner really feel about their fathers choice to  live as a female, being raised in the Kardashian family I can imagine the girls are extremely conscious of their images, as well as the images of their immediate family members. One would think that the girls couldn’t possibly have been in the dark altogether about their father, I think that Bruce’s femininity has always been blatantly obvious, but perhaps because he was their father they didn’t want to consider the possibility that he was more than just a feminine male!

Someday, far into the future, someone will ask who the heck Bruce Jenner was, that is when his story will be told and passed on, he was once an athlete in the Olympics, he decided that he wanted to look like a woman, and lived out his life as if he were a female. Sadly, this whole situation with his “transitioning” is what he leaves behind, this will be his legacy, in a nutshell, this “transition” will be what defines him, not whether or not he was a great athlete, a good father, good husband, none of that will be remembered.  This is just the way it is in life, we’ve all seen it before, it happens all the time, all is forgotten that came before a decision such as this, and the decision is what is remembered.

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