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Little Women:LA Some With Little Minds To Match

Have you watched the silly reality show Little Women: LA yet? Besides the gravely serious issues on the show, it will certainly amuse you a bit and make you have to laugh at how ridiculous and petty these “women” are. It’s educational to hear what words these people allow and what words they decide that they take offense to, several of them make you wonder how small their minds are, after seeing their behavior. There seems to always be a Kim Z. (RHOA cast) in the casts of these reality shows, you know one that really seem to believe that they are talented enough to be singers! Why is it that these people can never tell when they are being laughed with and when they are being laughed at?

The most disturbing thing about this show is the cast member Briana, she meets a guy online and after knowing him an extremely short time she moves him in with her and her little girl. Her own family was very concerned, her friends are concerned, and I’ll tell you perhaps children’s services should get involved and check things out. It’s fine if she thinks that she’s in love with the guy but the little girl is an innocent bystander who needs someone to do whats best for her. Briana’s friends and family wouldn’t just worry to worry, they checked him out online and he’s of questionable character so what does the twit do? Why she marries him of course! I understand that she’s probably desperate but she has an innocent child to worry about, a little girl none the less and without doing her own homework to see why everyone that cares about her is concerned, she shacks up with him and marries him right away! Perhaps children’s services should check that situation out thoroughly, perhaps the child’s father should have stepped in at the very least! Personally I think that that the guy just wanted to be part of a television show and when he happened across her, that was his ticket, but I also think that there are deep rooted issues there involving the likes of him. Sadly for the others in the group, when Briana dropped her news on everyone it was one of her most selfish moves yet, she had to take away from Elena’s time and make it about her! Viewers have seen enough of the situation with her and her new man to know that he brings out the worst in her, it’s also obvious that he is cutting everyone slowly out of her life, turning her against everyone so that it’ll just be him! Of all of the women, she obviously has a brain size to match her body seems she lacks intelligence, I pray that someone checks things out for the little girls sake and does whats in her best interest!

The other woman in the group have their issues as well but at least not such questionable ones as Briana, the Russian woman, Elena was beautiful until she began having cosmetic procedures done and now she’s beginning to look strange. I think that a lot of women will be able to relate to Christy and her fertility struggles, she has shared information that she has been the victim of domestic violence too, which I think will draw more viewers to her. Her health problems have been many it seems but she’s managed to come through it with the help of her husband and friends.

Tonya I would have to say is one of the two loud mouths of the group, she likes to judge everyone else, hold grudges and call everyone else “heffa’s” like she should talk about being a heffer! Not much of a storyline, not much interesting, not at all captivating that one, I don’t know why they added her to the cast to be quite frank. She likes to pick on newcomers as far as I can tell, perhaps it’s due to her own shortcomings, jealousy or maybe she thinks it’ll make her interesting for viewers to watch, regardless, when they show her I just use it as a potty break.

Newcomers Brittney and Jasmine so far haven’t brought much to the show thus far, Brittney likes bizarre clothing and claims to have danced for Miley Cyrus, I guess that’s her claim to fame, it’s hard to tell if she’ll add anything positive to the show but so far it doesn’t seem likely. Jasmine seems nice enough, even though she was met with hostility from Tonya, it appears to be an ongoing thing with the two but not from Jasmines side. We can only hope that perhaps these additions will give the show the extra kick it needs to keep going.

Finally there is Terra the other loudmouth of the group, for some assinine reason she was given her own side show, so she had a kid and got married, who cares? She is in dire need of a bottle of bleach for her hair or she needs to dye her own color back already, her hair looks horrible and skanky. Terra is another Kim Z. she believes that she has an awesome singing voice and that she can dance great! While she can draw some really good laughs, she is brash and loud and tries to take all of the camera attention! Ugh, time will tell how long this show will hold up.

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