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Crazy About Coffee

I couldn’t function without coffee and got so tired of never being able to get a good cup anywhere, don’t get me wrong I love Dunkin Donuts coffee but it would be so stinking strong that it was like motor oil, finally after years of drinking coffee that tasted like motor oil or weak tea I set out in search of finding great coffee that I could have at home.

I tried every single solitary brand of coffee on the market and still I had no luck, I went through several coffee makers as well thinking that might be the problem, no luck. One day as I pondered the perfect cup of joe I realized what all of the places that sold coffee that I had ever been to had in common, a Bunn coffee maker. Yes, they are a bit expensive and a lot of people don’t like the room they take up in their kitchens but a great cup of java made it worth a try for me. I went to Sam’s Club and I bought a two burner Bunn coffee maker, then I began trying every brand of coffee all over again, what a difference!

The ONLY way to get that great cup of coffee you want is to buy a Bunn coffee maker and Dunkin Donuts coffee! I’ll tell you this is my second Bunn and it is worth every penny, so is the $8.00 per bag Dunkin coffee. This is the only way to get a good cup at your leisure and it’s worth it to a die hard coffee drinker, believe it or not I can sip 10 different brands of coffee and tell you what at least 9 of them are! When you consider what a cup of coffee costs at Dunkin or anywhere for that matter, this will pay for itself and you can make it as strong or as weak as you like. Several family members went out and bought a Bunn after having coffee at my house, trust me it’s worth it.


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