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Iranians Of Sunset

It’s hard to believe that some so called producers, come up with such unintelligent, uninteresting, and downright stupid television fare. Okay, so that ridiculous Honey Boo Boo show tops the list, but is rivaled by many others, such as this show called Shahs of Sunset! A bunch of Iranians who have been given their own show, and are actually paid for it! I wonder if anyone has ever stopped to think of how such shows portray the United States, we have a bunch of self proclaimed hillbillies, showing how overweight and ill mannered they are, and appearing to be so grossly uneducated, that one cringes to sit and watch them. Then, we give the Iranians their own show too, they like to call themselves Persians, as if that will change who and what they are, come here to our country, get your own show, get paid for it and bask in wealth!

The cast members of this Iranian show, aren’t even attractive, maybe with the exception of Mike, and then I’m not even sure. This ASSa character looks like she was once a man, perhaps that’s why she’s constantly hanging with Reza, who is homosexual.She thinks that she is a star, some poop priestess! She bullies the others into doing her bidding, coming off as obsessively jealous of GG, who drinks from morning to night, but is at least a shred more attractive than the masculine ASSa.  MJ allows herself to be made a fool of, by the manly ASSa, you kind of have to feel bad for her. And then there is the, also Iranian, Lilly, ugh, what can be said about that one, we laughed when we first channel surfed through and came across her, we thought for sure that she was joking, when she said how fabulous she was! A Barbie of any kind, she is not, Kim Kardashian, she is not, although they have the fact that they are nobodies appearing on a show, in common!  I don’t know who is more UNattractive, the manly ASSa or Lilly, what’s worse is that all she lacks in looks, she cannot make up for in personality. How utterly disgusting, UNladylike, and ugly it is for a woman to sit and go on and on about “crotch juice”! Perhaps she has a personal hygiene problem herself, but do not sit and rant about such disgusting stuff, on the air no less!

Stop with the Persian bull dunk, call them what they are, a group of Iranians that were given a show, and are paid when they clearly don’t need the extra money, to nauseate the viewers! Give ASSa a special, let the poop priestess go back over to Iran and give a show there, all the while proclaiming herself the Poop Priestess that she truly is. Let Reza go back over to visit as well, maybe his people there will want an autograph,huh? It’s sad but I feel sorry for GG, so what, she has a temper, I would too if I had to deal with the likes of ASSa, he would drive me to drink, and while we’re on the topic, it needs to pluck it’s unibrow! One of the few decent people I’ve seen on the show, is GG’s father, but that’s about it, this show tells us what we already knew about the Iranians, although we shouldn’t really judge all of them, based on this pathetic group, I heartily agree with a post in which it was said that Ryan Seacrest should be slapped and jailed for continuing to be any part of producing yet another assinine show, like the Kardashians.

I cannot believe that the Iranian community would want to be represented in any way, by this group of sorry ass losers either. Isn’t it bad enough that the United States is made to look like fools, for allowing this pile of garbage to be shown on television? You know, I don’t necessarily like to point out offensive things about other people, but the fact is, people aren’t stupid, they see these things, but bite their tongues. ASSa is talentless, the sound of her irritating voice is worse than nails gouging a chalkboard! She isn’t even slightly pretty, I have seen fat women who are beautiful, he is not one of them. The others in the group, stooped to his level by allowing him to demand that GG was not welcome to come along on their trip, especially Reza, who is currently stuffed so far into ASSa’s rear end that I don’t know how he can breathe! Yet Reza said that MJ would have to just get over it, and deal with it that Lilly was invited! Once again, I don’t want to pick on anyone by pointing out ugly truths about them, but Lilly is awful, she too, suffers with some kind of eyebrow problem, her head looks ten times bigger than her body, and that hair, ugh, why does she put it up into what looks like two tumbleweeds on each side of the head, viewers are waiting for her to tip over, from it. She is the stereotypical airhead, theres just no other word for her mentality, or lack of. GG has some serious issues, it’s been reported that she has stated that she hates ugly people, hmm, why does she hang with that group then? I mean she fits right in, but seriously, Lilly’s looks are comparable to ASSa’s, need I say more!

These twits argue over what each other is wearing, yet, I’ve hardly seen one that has been dressed in decent, attractive clothing that’s appropriate to their sizes. Not one of the women can style their hair to look tolerable either, what they seem to do, is to wear their hair in ways that accentuate their major, obvious flaws. Lilly’s is the worst and GG’s is running a close second, GG’s hair, peeled so severely back, shows the egg shape of her skull! Lilly often has what looks like major tumors shooting out of any given point from her head, she also does something that looks as if she’s teased the hair to stand a foot off of the top of her head. In spite of MJ being so overweight, she is actually pretty, it’s a shame that she allows herself to be led around by the nose, from ASSa and Reza, especially when she has been the one in the right, the majority of the time.

Reza stands in judgment of nearly everyone else, like he has any room to do so. this 39 year old homosexual, not only brags about being gay, but flaunts it. If he had really been Mj’s friend, he would never have sold her out and parasitically latched on to the “Iranian Poop Priestess”, ASSa, who clearly doesn’t know how to be a real friend to anyone! If any of these Jersey Shore Wish They Were’s were halfway decent, one might have believed that it was Mike, and one might just be wrong, too. He calls himself GG’s friend, but what he did was to allow those two men, Reza and ASSa, to dictate to him, who would and would not be included in their trip. He also made the call to GG, to inform her that she was UNinvited! Wow what a friend! Ryan Seacrest needs to go into another line of work to scrape in his millions, I think that people should start a petition to drive him out of the business, once and for all. He continues to show how utterly desperate and pathetic he is, we thought that with the  Kartrashians he had sunk as low as he could go, we were wrong!

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