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Paula Dean Verifies A CRITICAL Fact!

Paula Dean proves the point that others, including me, have tried to make, freedom of speech is dead, there is no such thing anymore! A person cannot be entitled to their own opinions, because if they differ from those of other people, they are crucified! I don’t give a damn if you’re in the public eye or if you’re a hermit, the problem is that the majority of those people who throw stones, want others who see things differently to keep it to themselves and lie about their feelings, yet gays can flaunt their homosexuality and push for the same rights that were given to heterosexuals! Look out, anyone who believes that homosexuals should keep their sex lives private like normal heterosexual couples do, and stop fighting against nature pushing for the same things that God allowed a man and a woman to share, run for the hills if you won’t blatantly lie and say that it’s okay, you approve, it’s not a sin!

Can’t the vast majority of more mature folks remember (heterosexual folk), back when it was frowned upon for our young to go out having sex with anything that moved? Partying and taking drugs and ending up pregnant? When if you were gay, you kept it private? When people put value on carrying on their own bloodlines? Hell, even crime was drastically lower in the world! A time when religion mattered, people went to church and cared as to what the Bible said, rather than trying to twist the word of God? Anyone who has ever read the Bible knows that altering any of the words was a sin in itself! It isn’t enough that people have tried to kill God all together, but they have also tried to erase the good book as well, claiming that God doesn’t have a problem with a man laying with a man, or a woman laying with a woman, that he gave us no commandments, that he’ll love us no matter how many, or which of his laws we break!

It’s ironic because I’ve never really liked Paula Dean, I mean, I don’t know her but saw her a couple of times on television. But now, she is a victim, like so many others, at the hands of those who live in their glass houses, watch out, karma’s a bitch and will come back to bite hard! How dare anyone criticize her for her own personal opinions, how dare she lose anything as a result of not pretending to think the way that other people want her to! How many Caucasians have been discriminated against, yet we tend not to piss and moan about it, trying to use it to gain attention or cry fowl! You know, I have friends that are African American, but I am so damned tired of this racial complaining bull shit, that’s what made all of us suffer to begin with, when it came to the Presidential election, enough is enough!

I truly hope that those people out there who agree that Paula Dean’s freedom of speech, has caused her demise of sorts, ban together and do something about it! Otherwise, if this madness isn’t stopped now, we’ll all pay in the long run. The rights that every one of us were once given, are in danger of being lost forever, from the right to bear arms, to our very freedom of speech! We can’t even look to our so called President, as I’m sure I can guess where he’ll stand on the matter! There is endless room on the bandwagon, jump on so that we can do something about it!



Doctors and Celebrities Abusing C-Sections!

Physicians take oaths, they promise to do no harm, these oaths aren’t to be taken lightly and just because times change, the promise to do what is best for the patient does not. Any type of surgery can have risks and doctors know it, wealth should not affect whether or not a doctor will agree to do surgery, either.

I am shocked and sickened by these doctors who do Cesarean sections as a matter of convenience, especially for the rich, the celebrities. I read where Jessica Simpson decided that she wants to have her baby two to three weeks ahead of schedule! Since when is it okay to tell your doctor when the baby will arrive? What the hell ever happened to having a baby when nature decides it’s time? Unless of course, there are complications and you have to have a c-section to save the baby’s life. Physicians who perform c-sections, just because should have their licenses taken away from them, never to practice medicine again!

Call me old fashioned, but a womans body, and the baby know when it’s time, enough interfering just because some celebrity has to go out of town, or because the “star” has a feeling that the kid should arrive when she wants it to, be a woman and do what women have done since the beginning of time, let it happen naturally! I blame the doctors with this particular problem going on, these spoiled celebrities have no clue, they are used to their money getting them whatever it is they want. They aren’t planning their lives around their kid, their planning their kids, around their lives, and it’s disgusting!

If Jessica Simpson is terrified that something will go wrong, just because she has a feeling that is bull, it is not a reason to indulge her! It’s said that she’s intuitive, really? ALL women are intuitive, again, it’s not a reason to tell your doctor when to take the kid, and to do it via c-section! This madness has to stop, always interfering with mother nature, and doctors should know better! I guess it’s true, I guess that money really can buy you anything!


Kris Jenner, The Leeching Parasite!

I have seen a load of gold digging, fame whoring skanks in my life, but never one as vile as Kris Jenner! I think that we’ll see a day in the not so far future, when she will have cost every last one of her children their happiness, in one way or another. I don’t think that there are many people out there that want, willingly, to be any part of the Kardashian beast, in any way, shape or form. When the day comes that the Kardashian/Jenner kids want to escape Kris’s clutches, how on earth could they manage? Kris knows that she is a complete nobody, without them, she would not be living so high on the hog, were it not for their money, that she claims to earn every penny of, her “percentage”.

I truly believe that Khloe and Lamar would be living happily ever after, if not for the family that she is part of, which in reality, translates into Kris Jenner. How sad that because of her, always wanting to manage, and control, a marriage may very well end. Thus her daughter, Khloe, suffers as a result, so why should mommy dearest give a damn! It wasn’t bad enough that she had to inflict a book on the public about herself, which no one gave a damn about, no one but Khloe, who I’m sure she planted seeds of doubt in, as far as her extramarital affair went. So once again, Khloe suffered because of Kris and her never ending quest to try and be somebody, trying to grub up even more money, it didn’t matter who suffered as a result.

Maybe Kourtney would have married on her own, if Kris hadn’t pushed and pushed for it, maybe she wanted to make another television special, huh? It doesn’t matter what Kourtney wants, it’s always what Kris Jenner wants, screw her kids happiness, especially if theres a dime in it for her! Kourtney, like Khloe, comes in last, Kris always puts the kid that’s most like her, first, and we all see that it’s Kim.

Now she’s molding the Jenner girls, Kyle and Kendall, trying to make them clones of her dear Kim. It doesn’t matter if they were far too young when she started pushing the inappropriate modeling, nope, there was money to be made, to line Kris’s pockets some more, sell them out! Recently it was reported that she pulled the girls out of school, oh what the heck, who needs an education, I mean really, a sex tape started the whole thing, why bother with an education! Look at Kris after all!

And then there is Kris’s mini me, Kim, oh you remember her, she hung with Paris Hilton so that she could get any scrap of media attention that fell from Paris’s plate. Then, found the most famous man that she could, willing to have sex with her, so it could be taped. Then when it mysteriously was “leaked”, her mommy dearest sold it to the highest bidder! Now wasn’t that a good mom? Being the fame whore that Kris is, she sent an audition tape, of the family, to Ryan Seacrest and, vavoom, they had their own reality show! Kim and her real wedding, aired for, as reported, over a million dollars! Of course Kris gets her cut of everything, real or not, didn’t matter that it made an even bigger ass of Kim (whew, now that’s hard to do). Of course Kim had to go and get knocked up before Khloe, hmm, funny that Kim claimed that she too, had fertility issues, another lie? Like Kris, she is utterly desperate for any scrap of attention. Let’s see if mommy dearest tries to negotiate some baby deals! I’m sure her mini me will start a mini machine, some dumb infant clothing line, cologne line, rattles, you name it and she’ll sell out another generation, for money and fame! The apple doesn’t rot far from the tree, that’s proven with these so called people!

Kris Jenner does not care who she sells out, doesn’t matter if she breaks anyones heart, shatters her family, if there is money in it, or if it garners her 60 seconds of fame, that’s what means the most. The woman is venomous and downright vile, it’s bad enough that she cannot act like a mother, but she can’t act like a grandmother or wife either, she dresses way too young and acts it. Like when she tweeted a pic of herself looking half sloshed, wearing a sombrero, with her old boobs sagging out. The responses from many who saw it, said it all, like ones who said their eyes were burned out, and to put those ugly things away! And when, during an interview, a moment of silence was to be observed for the 9/11 victims, silence isn’t in Kris’s vocabulary, she continued talking about her boob job! I agree with the many posts I read, all the plastic surgery cannot help Kris Jenner, she is as ugly on the outside as inside, act your age and age gracefully!


Kim Kardashian’s Ego

Kim Kardashian’s ego has actually surpassed the size of her rear end, and I doubt that anyone thought that was even possible! Whenever I see her in magazines or on TV, I marvel at the fact that this woman, in reality, is a no name who’s ONLY claim to fame was a video of her having sex with Ray J.  How does one go from being a nobody to making what some might consider a soft porn tape, and becoming a millionaire nobody that the press pursues and is given any role in a reality show?

Yes, if she has some fans, they’d say, “Oh this person blogging about Kim K. is jealous of her”. I beg to differ, if making and leaking a sex tape is a claim to fame, then I’ll gladly pass! First of all, isn’t a “reality show” supposed to be real, hence the term reality? So why is it that her husband of a month or so, states that the Kardashian shows are scripted? Since when do nobodies get to take faraway trips to exotic locales? Live in mansions? Drive cars that cost more than the average person’s home? Get their carcasses hauled around in chauffered vehicles? Attend red carpet events, rub elbows with the real celebrities, be part of photo shoots, have their own perfume and so on and so forth?

Kim Kardashian duped a whole lot of people with her “wedding”, making a mockery of the institution of marriage. Then after getting all of those expensive gifts, returns them to take that money, spent in good faith on her AND her husband, to buy pricey watches for her family members. Seems that viewers weren’t the only ones duped – all of those gift givers were taken for a ride as well as her so called husband Kris! Naturally he assumed his marriage to Kim was real, in spite of how she treated him. I hope that he gets his day in court and that her, as well as her family, has to answer for all of this bad behavior.

Perhaps she’ll bring Kanye with her to court? Seems that she didn’t take long at all, not even waiting until she was divorced to get tied up with another “famous” guy. That in itself shows what she is, answers the questions about her morals, as to whether or not she has any. I can assure you of this, if the public turned the channel, didn’t want to see any more Kardashian anything, she’d wither away. They all would wither away but Kim K. and Kris Jenner would not be able to function. It would destroy them not to have this unearned fame that they’ve been enjoying. They wouldn’t know how to “act” without ruthlessly pursuing fame.

We’ve heard that Kim has said recently that she wants to settle down, have children, and concentrate on an “acting” career! I know that I, for one, wouldn’t watch anything she acted in, because I saw her gig on Drop Dead Diva, and quite frankly, she stunk! To me, people like these people are an insult to the real actors out there, the ones who worked their tails off to become the stars that they are. I couldn’t imagine standing on the red carpet next to someone like Kim Kardashian if I were one of the real celebrities, to stand next to someone who had a tiny fan base compared to mine, when I’d never heard of them. Could you imagine the look on her face if that happened and the real celeb asked what movies she’d been in? Hilarious! Of course we know that she’d be too busy trying to insist that celeb take her autograph!

The funniest moment of one of their shows was when Scott paid to become a so called Lord and Kim said that HE was so full of himself. It must be that people overseas have been led to believe that the Kartrashian clan really are some kind of celebrities over here. And why is it that Kris Jenner insists on inflicting herself into every dinner, every photo shoot, every trip, every story they put out, what would she do if she could not ride the coat tails of all of her children in their never ending quest for more and more attention? I see where the Kardashian / Jenner kids get it from.

I read a recent article which stated that Kim is now rethinking her “gig” with Kanye. Apparently, he isn’t famous enough for her – it said that she was sure that once word got out about them, her arse would be plastered on every magazine cover and a bunch of shows would be interested in interviews with her. Oh sure she got a bit more attention, but since it wasn’t global news, it wasn’t good enough. She rivals her mother in the vile department. So as you can see, and I’m sure you already knew, Kim K. ‘s ego is more gigantic that that rear end that she has to hoist around. I’m certain that no one in the world ever thought that anything could rival the sheer giganticism of her arse!