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The Little Mermaid Movie and Disney’s Choice Of Actresses!

Disney, to stir up hype for it’s upcoming movie The Little Mermaid cast an African American actress in the role of Ariel, naturally all of the pot stirrers jumped on the race wagon to say that the reason people are unhappy about it is because of the actresses African American roots! Look around folks, they tried this with Little Orphan Annie and even the African Americans were insulted. The fictional character Ariel was not colored and people want things to be true to form, while it is about her skin color, it isn’t racist it’s about wanting the characters this country has come to know and love to be true to life. It’s become so disgusting that there are people out there that have to point to racism at every turn, making the already sensitive issue even more explosive. As it stands the Democrats want to pay ancestors of slaves money for what our forefathers did! Here’s a thought, why don’t we give money to the incredibly important project that scientist Sergey Zimov has been working on to save the planet, now that is money well spent! Our forefathers are responsible for killing off the Wolly Mammoths to extinction so why not invest in the planet, the planet that should matter to all of us regardless of skin color?

It is a sin that the same people are always the ones to jump up and cry racism, ever looking to stir that damned racial pot. People want realism regardless if it’s a fictional character or the special effects in a movie that’s all, period. Disney is responsible for the decision to cast this actress as Ariel and Disney may well pay the price when the movie is finished and shown in Theaters, it may very well flop and cost them a whole lot of money. If you want to blame someone then blame Disney after all, they are the ones that intentionally made this decision to build the hype for the movie. We all know how greedy the Disney franchise has become, hell the majority of children will never be able to afford going to any of the Disney theme parks, it’s just too expensive. The next best thing is the movies they make to bring their characters to life and they don’t seem to be able to get that right either. Kids aren’t stupid any more than young kids are racist, they will see a character they love and will be let down when the character doesn’t fit what they know the character to look like, any more than a Caucasian character being put in place of an African American one! Shame on Disney because it’s the children that enjoy their movies most and they will take note immediately of major changes in the Disney characters! While everyone bitches and moans about the tricks Disney plays it will be the children that are affected most, but Disney powers that be aren’t concerned with the children, it’s all about creating press for the movies so that they can drum up all of the cash possible from it!


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What’s In A Name? Think Before You Answer!

As someone that was given an unusual, some might say old fashioned name like myself, I can honestly tell you that it affects the person the name is assigned to every day of their life and not in a good way I might add. Parents may want to name their child after a beloved relative and that’s fine but they really should think about what that name will bring to the child, from kindergarten right through to old age. Your name affects the core of who you are, especially when it is a name that other children or even adults will make fun of.

Another extreme is the trend we have seen and continue to see with celebrities always trying to one up each other by naming a kid with a “name” that’s so far out there it isn’t even in this planets orbit! Some of these celebs have some up with such ridiculous names they never give thought to the child itself but instead make it all about them, oh yeah you’re right that’s how all celebrities are, all about themselves and not the future their kids will have with names like Apple, Orange, Doorknob! Think of how it will be when they start school and other children laugh at them non stop through no fault of their own.

And then there are those so called celebrities that are not only assinine with their children’s name choices but also have a God complex to go along with their thoughtless choices. I wonder how long it took Kim Kardashian and Kanye to come up with a “name” for one of their kids like Psalm, now seriously what a mockery and of all people on the planet to take a book from the Holy Bible as a name for their kid,  Kanye and Kim, please! The first time around they must have put their finger to the wind and said hey I know, let’s name this one North because it’s a direction! A family member opens a window and sees that it’s storming and decides that hey that would be a name that is unique, especially when it isn’t even spelled correctly! Back to the God complex how about reign and not rain as a tribute to nature and then there is the CITY name like KK’s Chicago for their kid, makes you wonder how self absorbed some celebrity parents can be when it’s all about them and never about the children! I have heard the name Savannah and that’s used more often but Chicago I mean why not No Name (CO), Santa (ID), Neutral (KS),  Funk (NE) or Money (MS)? It’s all the same when certain parents seek only to come up with a name that no one else has or after some city or to feed their very real God complex. Bizarre because we’ve all heard about Kanye’s rantings and how he truly seems to believe that he is some saint that is personal assistant to God himself but don’t make the kids suffer because of it!

From the time that I was a child I have loathed my name, I can still remember being mercilessly picked on constantly at school to the point where I did not want to go at all. Children can be mean and it gets worse in high school not better but at least my name may be old fashioned but it isn’t Strawberry, Cloud, Pasadena or Corinthians! Imagine what life will be like for the children that have been given these random names that the parents choose for their own personal reasons instead of giving thought to the child’s future being adversely affected by their choice of names. Believe me these kids will grow up resenting the names that have been carelessly chosen for them, they may well suffer zero self esteem after being teased all of their lives and could quite possibly suffer from depression and if you think that I’m exaggerating in the slightest, I can assure you that I am not. I’m also sure that there will be cases where when the child reaches adulthood they will seriously wonder what in the hell was wrong with the parents that they could stick them with such ridiculous labels, after all there are only two people to blame for your name and that is your parents! If you’re fortunate enough to have a nice, normal name that you love or at least don’t loathe then be happy and pay it forward to your children, it’s the best gift that you could ever give to them.


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Charmed Reboot Ruining Another Classic

I don’t know about you but I absolutely loved the original Charmed, I still watch the episodes on Netflix and although I have seen every one of them at least 25 times, I still watch them and still love the show. You can imagine how excited I was to hear that they are bringing the show back, that is until I gathered a bit more information on the Charmed Reboot. I for one will not be watching and will not encourage anyone else to watch either, they have taken a classic with a huge fan base and like so many other attempts to remake shows/movies and to create reboots, this one will likely not be any exception. They have made a reboot of Little Orphan Annie and what a flop, not only was it a flop but many people were outraged because apparently orphan Annie suddenly woke up an African American! James Bond, a very well known, well loved character has also morphed into an African American! It isn’t about the fact that these timeless characters were shown in reboots as African Americans overnight, it’s that there is such a fear of these constant complainers raising a ruckus every time that anything is made and there isn’t a person of color in it, a transvestite, homosexual or morbidly obese actor in them! Even some African American’s are disgusted by these things, it’s ridiculous and insulting to throw in characters just for fear of those groups that comb through every last scrap of movies and television, in order to start some kind of drama about someone or other being discriminated against!

Furthermore, a television show that turns out to be a smashing success isn’t solely because of the script, the main reason that a show is a hit with viewers and will go on for many seasons to come is simply getting the right cast of characters. A cast that mesh, one that viewers are familiar with for the most part and actors that people already love, can you imagine FRIENDS with an entirely different group of people? Or SEINFELD with a different cast of actors? I can almost guarantee that they would have been flops if they had different casts. I understand that with a reboot it’s often many years after the series has wrapped but Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Shannen Doherty, and Rose McGowan are what made Charmed great. To totally disregard the original actresses that made the show a hit is clueless and wrong. Some “genius” must have been desperate to make a show and figured he’d just take a classic, make some moronic tweaks and throw it on television just to fill space in the lineup!

Someone should start a petition because it offends that these actresses, that are very well known none the less, are not so much as an after thought when it came to this Charmed reboot, what because they are older than they were when they starred in the show they are no longer of value? Older (and not even OLD) actresses are disregarded like yesterdays trash? They can’t remember how to act, they won’t run around with their asses hanging out so they are disposable? I am thoroughly disgusted and appalled by this nonsense, it sends the message that an actor/actress is washed up after they turn 40, that even though they MADE the series a success and it was only because of them, when they are older it’s a slap in the face that their show will be rebooted and they are not the stars and have no part in it.

Finally, going back to reboots that seem as if they take place in another universe, where the main stars turn into different colors overnight, I have read that one of the sisters will be a lesbian!  Do you remember any of the  original characters being gay? You know, instead of trying to cater to every stinking group of people out there and sullying up the show as a result, they might want to try catering to viewers, to the millions of die hard Charmed fans. Mark Pedowitz (CW President) really needs to remove his lips from the rear ends of certain groups and try instead to apply them to the arses of would be viewers and benefit from the already established, loyal original Charmed viewers.

It isn’t like all of us just tune into cable for nothing, God knows we aren’t getting free rides and we pay through the teeth for cable service, it’s pretty pathetic that we pay so much and there’s so little decent television to watch but we can’t really blame the cable providers for that. However, we can blame people like Mark Pedowitz not only for garbage tv fare on CW, but for allowing such an iconic series like Charmed to be completely ruined, which also takes away from the original.Try bringing Charmed back in all of it’s former glory, it would have made more sense to bring the real Charmed actresses back, even as a way to introduce the next generation and slowly integrate the “next generation characters” into the show. The fans of the series that have been a fan from day one know that yes, there were three sisters and later a half sister, not one of which was African American. We know the characters as well as the actresses that played them and we know that none of them were homosexuals either! We know each ones abilities that could logically be passed on to their offspring and I guess it could be possible that other new abilities could be developed, but to totally change everything insulting viewers because the entire premise is illogical and pathetic. I know that I, for one, will not be tuning in.



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Harry & Meghan A Royal Romance The Movie Review

You know sometimes I think that television networks assume that all viewers are ignorant, that they cannot “read between the lines” when watching a movie that is based in truth. There was a load of hype before the movie actually aired, leading viewers to believe that it could rival  Everafter  (minus the beautiful Drew Barrymore of course). Some nestled in with their popcorn, all cuddled up and overtaken by anticipation, yes, yes, that may be quite an exaggeration but some people were indeed curious for the most part about how on earth Prince Harry could possibly have become interested in Meghan Markle, even in passing.

What I quickly gathered as the movie rolled on, and on, and on (oops I almost fell asleep thinking about it) was that on Harry and Meghan’s 2nd date, after he swept her away to Africa, she felt that she knew him well enough to hop right into bed with him. The movie showed them speaking on the phone shortly after they met and she had been reading all about the Prince. The scene where Meghan rushed to the airport to stop his flight was ridiculous, even by Hollywood standards, stalkerish, desperate and psychotic especially after she had just went up one side of him and down the other for having the audacity to have tried to protect her from reporters and what he called trolls! Since the pair dated and married in under two years, it was interesting to have the movie try to make viewers believe that Meghan was all about being independent and standing on her own two feet, appearing to want to continue working and making her own way, suddenly turning on a dime she wanted the whole “experience” and quite her job. Finally, the single most disgusting, disappointing part of the entire Royal B.S. er, Romance movie was that as too often happens in society, the emphasis on race and trolls did in what shred, and I do mean shred of interest a viewer may have had.

What I learned from watching Harry & Meghan A Royal Romance is that Meghan studied Prince Harry, played the role of her lifetime and reached her goal. That Meghan is bi-racial but seems able to only relate to the African American in her whenever there is a cause or chance to garner attention from it. Crystal clear from the start of the movie, as if we didn’t know this already, is that like a crazed reality star Markle is over the top desperate for attention and perhaps for Harry that was the bigger selling point, she seems to crave media attention when it shows her in a light that she desires to be shown in but heaven forbid the media states an ugly truth. If you haven’t guessed already, the movie stinks terribly, and while Murray Fraser the actor playing Prince Harry is his lookalike, the actress portraying Meghan Markle, Parisa Fitz-Henley is a beautiful woman but that’s just the problem with casting her in the role of Markle, she doesn’t even resemble Markle.




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Kris Jenner, The Leeching Parasite!

I have seen a load of gold digging, fame whoring skanks in my life, but never one as vile as Kris Jenner! I think that we’ll see a day in the not so far future, when she will have cost every last one of her children their happiness, in one way or another. I don’t think that there are many people out there that want, willingly, to be any part of the Kardashian beast, in any way, shape or form. When the day comes that the Kardashian/Jenner kids want to escape Kris’s clutches, how on earth could they manage? Kris knows that she is a complete nobody, without them, she would not be living so high on the hog, were it not for their money, that she claims to earn every penny of, her “percentage”.

I truly believe that Khloe and Lamar would be living happily ever after, if not for the family that she is part of, which in reality, translates into Kris Jenner. How sad that because of her, always wanting to manage, and control, a marriage may very well end. Thus her daughter, Khloe, suffers as a result, so why should mommy dearest give a damn! It wasn’t bad enough that she had to inflict a book on the public about herself, which no one gave a damn about, no one but Khloe, who I’m sure she planted seeds of doubt in, as far as her extramarital affair went. So once again, Khloe suffered because of Kris and her never ending quest to try and be somebody, trying to grub up even more money, it didn’t matter who suffered as a result.

Maybe Kourtney would have married on her own, if Kris hadn’t pushed and pushed for it, maybe she wanted to make another television special, huh? It doesn’t matter what Kourtney wants, it’s always what Kris Jenner wants, screw her kids happiness, especially if theres a dime in it for her! Kourtney, like Khloe, comes in last, Kris always puts the kid that’s most like her, first, and we all see that it’s Kim.

Now she’s molding the Jenner girls, Kyle and Kendall, trying to make them clones of her dear Kim. It doesn’t matter if they were far too young when she started pushing the inappropriate modeling, nope, there was money to be made, to line Kris’s pockets some more, sell them out! Recently it was reported that she pulled the girls out of school, oh what the heck, who needs an education, I mean really, a sex tape started the whole thing, why bother with an education! Look at Kris after all!

And then there is Kris’s mini me, Kim, oh you remember her, she hung with Paris Hilton so that she could get any scrap of media attention that fell from Paris’s plate. Then, found the most famous man that she could, willing to have sex with her, so it could be taped. Then when it mysteriously was “leaked”, her mommy dearest sold it to the highest bidder! Now wasn’t that a good mom? Being the fame whore that Kris is, she sent an audition tape, of the family, to Ryan Seacrest and, vavoom, they had their own reality show! Kim and her real wedding, aired for, as reported, over a million dollars! Of course Kris gets her cut of everything, real or not, didn’t matter that it made an even bigger ass of Kim (whew, now that’s hard to do). Of course Kim had to go and get knocked up before Khloe, hmm, funny that Kim claimed that she too, had fertility issues, another lie? Like Kris, she is utterly desperate for any scrap of attention. Let’s see if mommy dearest tries to negotiate some baby deals! I’m sure her mini me will start a mini machine, some dumb infant clothing line, cologne line, rattles, you name it and she’ll sell out another generation, for money and fame! The apple doesn’t rot far from the tree, that’s proven with these so called people!

Kris Jenner does not care who she sells out, doesn’t matter if she breaks anyones heart, shatters her family, if there is money in it, or if it garners her 60 seconds of fame, that’s what means the most. The woman is venomous and downright vile, it’s bad enough that she cannot act like a mother, but she can’t act like a grandmother or wife either, she dresses way too young and acts it. Like when she tweeted a pic of herself looking half sloshed, wearing a sombrero, with her old boobs sagging out. The responses from many who saw it, said it all, like ones who said their eyes were burned out, and to put those ugly things away! And when, during an interview, a moment of silence was to be observed for the 9/11 victims, silence isn’t in Kris’s vocabulary, she continued talking about her boob job! I agree with the many posts I read, all the plastic surgery cannot help Kris Jenner, she is as ugly on the outside as inside, act your age and age gracefully!