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Fatal Automobile Accident, Bruce Jenner Involved

On February 7th of this year, Bruce Jenner was involved in an automobile accident, an accident in which a woman, Kim Howe lost her life. TMZ reported that not surprisingly, the Kardashian family claimed that Bruce was being chased by paparazzi, it has been determined that the claim was false. Different media outlets have reported different information pertaining to the details of the accident, one such report said that Kim, the woman killed, had been driving when her license had been suspended, even if that were the case, the woman lost her life and someone is to blame.

Let’s see how this one pans out, let’s see how the investigation concludes, it would be a travesty if, as we’ve seen all too many times before, someone in the public eye get’s a mere slap on the wrist. Whether Bruce was solely to blame or not, he should be treated as you or I would be if we were in the same situation, it speaks volumes right off the bat that the family released a false claim in saying that he was being hounded by paparazzi. It’s a hell of a note that any time a celebrity does something wrong, or is involved in anything shady where questions of blame arise, the paparazzi is always to blame, very convenient.

Maybe Bruce Jenner is so wrapped up in his new found fame, relishing the attention that’s being showered on him alone, with this “transition” stuff and reports of getting his own show, that he believes himself to be untouchable. I sincerely hope that law enforcement is ruthless in their pursuit of the party to blame for this womans death. I know from personal experience that in my area, if you know a cop on scene or if the party to blame has any kind of influence, no matter how small, they can get away with anything. I hope that in California it isn’t the same, I think that rather than allow any kind of celebrity to get away with anything, they should be made an example of.

Let’s just see what the outcome of this accident investigation is, let’s just see if Bruce Jenner is held accountable for anything I think that it will be unusual and shocking if he get’s any punishment for anything. Pictures don’t lie, witnesses don’t lie, the facts speak for themselves and I hope that, whether the accident victim had a current license or not, that the party at fault is punished fully, the woman did not deserve to die and, license or not, she was on her way and someone caused the mess that took her life. TMZ reports that Jenner told police that he lost control of his vehicle and rammed Howe’s car, sounds to me like the statement Bruce made was an admission of guilt, for him being at fault, whether or not charges will be brought against him or punishment will be doled out his way, remains to be seen.

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Networks Creating Divas

It is no wonder so many networks are passed by and scorned by so many could be viewers all because they are so clueless that no one has any respect for them, and especially the so called actresses that appear in the shows they air. Many of those same shows aren’t worth the time they take to film, or aren’t interesting enough to watch, strictly due to the choice of actors that are cast in them.

We’ve all seen it: that predictable, ridiculous, greedy as they get, over-inflated ego syndrome that these actors all are infected with after one season of a show after the network says it’s a smash hit. Look at Kaley Cuoco Sweeting, for example. The girl isn’t a great actress, was known by most to have only been in Charmed long ago, and yet they cast her in The Big Bang Theory and suddenly she believes that she’s the invaluable “big star” of the whole show. This girl – who was lucky enough to be cast in anything at all – stomped in and insisted that she was worth a million bucks, for… What was it now…. An episode? What is more ludicrous and asinine you ask? That’s easy. Anyone who would actually entertain the idea of paying that out to any actress, let alone a girl that just flat out isn’t worth half of that salary! More disgusting and unfair is when the others in a cast are not paid on an equal scale. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that you certainly don’t pay the most replaceable the most money and the least replaceable the least money! The truth is that every actor/actress is replaceable, no matter who they are, period!

BRAVO is another network that is notorious for the same nonsense, creating little monster divas and then caving in to all of their childish demands. The RHONJ made changes for this season’s show, proceeding without Caroline and Jacqueline and allowing Teresa to remain, while adding a few duds to the mix. But Dina? Really? It has certainly been reported enough that Dina demanded that Jacqueline be fired or she wouldn’t return! Why they’d ever allow Dina to be part of the show is baffling in itself, as the truth is that she just isn’t interesting and no one cares to hear her classless mouth carry on about changing her tampon and how women can bleed so much without dying! BRAVO always creates big headed diva wannabes and is dumb enough to indulge their demands!

Furthering the topic of BRAVO’s Frankenstein’s Monster creations, Nene Leakes is probably the biggest example, the pretend star who so many others have never even heard of. After she’s given a bit part on a show, suddenly she believes that she’s Angelina Jolie! The networks are to blame and the networks need to squash the nonsense now to set examples that you appreciate the opportunities you’ve been given and stop with the hand out always trying to grub more. Make it a zero tolerance issue!


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Celebrity Aging-Phobia

A woman can be sexy at any age and they can be that way without wearing only Band-Aids to cover themselves up! Women that are obese can look great, it’s a matter of dressing in clothing that is size or age appropriate. Women in their thirties should not dress quite the way that women in their twenties dress. By the same token, when a woman hits forty, from there on out it is crucial to dress age appropriate.

Look at Jennifer Lopez. Yes, she looks great for her age, but the fact is that she will be a 45-year-old, and regardless of how good she may look, it’s time to stop dressing like you’re wearing a bathing suit and tights with 5 inch heels. She can still look sexy without looking sleazy or like she’s regressing. J-Lo is a mother with two children, she sings the same as she always did, but she doesn’t need to dress like she did in her twenties. Perhaps the fact that she’s dating such a young manchild tells of a much deeper issue going on with her.

Madonna is another example of not being able to embrace one’s age gracefully. No matter how much work she’s had done, she will be 56 in August. Madonna behaves like a teenager and dresses like one too, although I have seen many young women who wear ten times more clothing than she does. Hmm, a history of dating guys young enough to be her son… It seems to be a pattern in these types of women.

Probably a prime example of being unable to dress, behave, or live according to their age, is none other than Kris Jenner. There is something funky going on with her face right now, ugh, I think that she’s just gone overboard with having work done, and the saddest part of all is that it’s such a waste of money! Everyone has seen the pictures of her slop drunk, like the one with her wearing a sombrero, looking wasted with her old boobs sagging out of her shirt. It’s as if she tries, unsuccessfully, to keep up with her spawns! The woman dresses in tight mini skirts and dresses and wears tops that always accentuate her boobs drooping. It’s been reported that she won’t allow her grandchildren to call her “Grandma”. Yep, that’s right, she has them call her “Lovey”, instead. That woman needs to start acting her age, as at 59 being a mother, and a grandmother, she should know better and should set a decent example for the children, if nothing else. Stop with all of the plastic surgeries since it won’t fix what ails her, and stop with the facades, drinking, manicures and pedicures, then put the high heels away and behave like a 59-year-old!

These women, especially those in the limelight, need to set a better example for other women their age. No one wants to grow older, but it is an inevitable fact of life, and a woman doesn’t need to dress like a tramp to be sexy – actually, a lot of people find that the most attractive female of all is also the most rare now days. That being, of course, a real lady.

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Celebrities Not Acting Their Ages

Celebrities need to stop all of the fillers and cosmetic surgeries, even the extremely young girls are now going in to have “work done”. Worse yet, these famous people are sending the message that it’s not okay to age, that growing old is something to deny and be ashamed of! The average woman looks at certain celebrities and wonders why they don’t look nearly as good as the rich and famous! The most ludicrous part of all is that only a small number of actresses are truly beautiful and can honestly say that they look the way God made them, not they way their plastic surgeon made them! There are many actresses that are downright unattractive ( to put it kindly ), but cosmetic surgery works miracles and a good makeup job can do wonders.

There are a few people out there that think that Kim Kardashian is attractive ( mainly Kanye and her family, but still… ), look back at the family photos that were published and compare them to Kim now, she is unrecognizable. The only thing real about Kim is…… uh….. her ego, that’s about all I can think of! Even her skin looked much darker in all of the photos of her younger days that I saw! Maybe it’s Kim’s ego that has ruined her, her face is totally different and she has those ridiculous fish lips! Perfect example of overdoing it, that disgusting picture of her sitting with her back to the camera and her gigantic ass crack eclipsing the camera lens! It’s true that some men like bigger booties but excess, larger than life just becomes morbidly, overblown, downright disgusting, overkill. There is such a thing as too much and rather than Kim “tweak” overall where she needed it, she seemed to become obsessed with herself, especially after the size of her rear end came into question. I mean seriously, morbid obesity isn’t isolated to just one specific body part!

Lindsay Lohan’s face became very odd too, after she reportedly had work done, especially her fish lips gone awry. There isn’t enough space here to list all of the boob jobs that young celebrities have had done, it’s disturbing. The dangerous message being sent from celebrities is that flaws and age are to be ashamed of, stop at nothing, spend anything you need to, just hide all flaws and stop the clock!

Madonna’s face looks unnatural and strange, LaToya Jackson was once attractive but ruined her looks, Daryl Hannah used to be pretty as well and ruined her face with plastic surgery gone wrong. Is there no such thing as a natural beauty, are there any actresses out there that are happy with the way they look, without medical intervention? Are there any actresses in existence that aren’t pathetically trying to hide their age at all costs? Hell, it seems that the famous can’t even date their own age, never caring how they look dating someone that is young enough to be their daughter, grand daughter, grandson, someone old enough to be their grandfather or great grandfather?

I think that the older folks are already treated with disregard in society, television, along with the famous have a strong influence out there and it seems they are behaving badly. Guess those words, act your age hold a lot of truth, it’s just a shame that more people seem unable to really hear them.

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Celebrities Invade Their Own Privacy!

You know what infuriates me, something that goes far beyond a pet peeve? These so called celebrities that know full well what they are getting into when they go into show business, they know all of the perks and they know damned well that the cost that comes with their fame is no more privacy, period! They whine constantly about paparazzi following them, pictures being taken, stories being printed, their kids being photographed, all of the things that they knew full well came with fame. You don’t see them complaining when they are enjoying the special treatment they get, they don’t wait in any lines anywhere, they don’t have to make reservations like everyone else, if they want to go to Disneyland they don’t have to worry about waiting anywhere, the entire park is closed down just for them. Often they get to shop at all of the most expensive stores but have them closed to the common folk so they can have the entire store to themselves. Yes, you don’t hear the issue of privacy come up while they revel in the countless perks of being a celebrity, it comes after they get too big for their britches and their ego grows larger than life.

Connect to the inter-net by phone or on your computer and you will be bombarded by endless pictures of ……. wait for it ……. wait for it ……. yes you’ve got it, celebrities! They whine incessantly about not having any privacy and then plaster themselves all over the place, they made a huge deal about their children not having privacy and yet many of them are plastering their kids photographs all over the inter-net as well! What’s more vile is the complaining and the attempts to pass privacy laws in the favor of celebrities, and the very nature of the pictures they post all over!

Look at Kim KardASSian, ( yes I know you can’t miss her ) she sullies up cyberspace just about daily with her atrocious pictures. She squeezes herself into bathing suits that look about twenty sizes too small with her boobs and rolls bulging out and her immense arse stuck right into the lens. Her ego must be as big as her rear end to constantly take “selfies” of herself and post them online, and she actually keeps a straight face while doing so!

Miley Cyrus is another of the endless stream of celebrities who are obsessed with themselves and with posting pictures. The sick problem that she has of always having her tongue out, like a dog dominates many of her pics but regardless, she too thinks much more of herself than anyone else does.

When a person becomes a “celebrity” they accept that they lose their privacy, if they have a problem with that then they need to go into another profession. Stop the whining, stop trying to push for new privacy laws to be passed, stop using the kids to make your point! They enjoy the best restaurants, stores, homes, cars, clothes, jewelry, vacations, the list goes on and on, it’s the price of fame.


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Celebrities Continual Whining About Privacy!

I am so sick and tired of hearing about celebrities whining about their lack of privacy! If a person wants privacy, then they most certainly shouldn’t become an actor or actress, invasion of privacy comes with the job! When they rake in their bundles of cash they don’t complain, and when they receive preferential treatment at restaurants and stores they don’t complain. Don’t get me wrong, I would fight tooth and nail for privacy rights but not for those who intentionally made a choice to sacrifice their privacy for fame and wealth.

They use their children as a means to gain pity for the photographers chasing them, again it’s been their choice. Anyone with the slightest degree of intelligence knows that if you become a celebrity, you forfeit your right to privacy and basically become public property, period! It’s as if these stars don’t stop to think about such things while they enjoy the public fawning over them, wanting autographs and buying expensive homes, cars, jewels, clothing, taking exotic vacations. Then one day they wake up and pee and moan, poor us we have no privacy, we can’t go anywhere without being followed, without pictures being taken, poor us and our poor children!

Donate all of your money and possessions, stay out of the limelight, and go live in a small town somewhere in the country and then you’ll be left alone. But I’ll bet anything that these celebrities would never in a million years give up all that money they made off of the public! It’s ironic, without fans (the public) these people are just another face in the crowd they are nobodies, so the public makes them a somebody and takes interest in them and the next thing they know, the stars that the people made decide that they want to be obscure when they feel like it!

Imagine for a minute that Halle Berry was in movies and no one liked her, no one went to see any movie that she starred in. She would be a flop of an actress and wouldn’t earn any movie maker anything, if the public didn’t take an interest in her. In reality the only ones who make a star are the people, fans. What a slap in the face to fans of a celeb to suddenly want them to stop being interested in them, their life, their kids, after they made you!

Harsh as it might seem to some there should not be special laws put in place just for celebrities and their privacy. They chose the lifestyle loving the attention, wealth and all of the special treatment that money and fame brought to them, it’s a downside of fame and always has been. Like it or not, their children are an extension of them and there are people out there who are interested in celebrity children too, it all goes hand in hand with the life that they chose to live, deal with it!

It’s pretty funny that legitimate stars complain about the lack of privacy and yet the Kardashian’s, famous for being nobodies will stop at nothing to get attention! In fact, I think that they are a big part of the reason that things have gotten so bad for the real stars, because of the Kardashian’s over sharing, leaving nothing sacred, nothing off limits, no one that they wouldn’t sell out for the tiniest bit of media attention!


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Kirstie Alley And Leah Remini

I once thought that Kirstie Alley was alright. Not so much as an actress, but as a person in general, and felt bad for how morbidly obese she had grown to be. But I was way off base – she is a most vile woman who karma will come to visit and bite her right square in her ass. Heaven knows that’ll be a load of bites! Regardless of which religion one believes in, a person’s beliefs need to be respected! Where in the Bible does it say that you are to hate or bash those of other faiths? Though, I doubt that Kirstie is familiar with the good book!

Leah Remini was a Scientologist for a very long time, and recently realized that it was not for her. Kirstie had the audacity to attack Leah for leaving, because how dare Leah no longer believe what Kirstie wants her to believe, how dare she have a mind of her own, how dare she want to better herself and her family! Shame on you Kirstie Alley, just who in the hell do you think you are? It’s crystal clear who the better person is and it certainly isn’t Alley!

I doubt that there’s anyone who hasn’t heard of the “church” of Scientology, and it is often looked at as a cult. This situation with Kirstie Alley’s behavior certainly does nothing to disprove that theory either. Just how many churches out there are there that require – or condone – you to slam, criticize and shun those followers that leave the church? Religion of any kind is a deeply personal choice, being a “good Christian” doesn’t mean being a member of one certain church or, in this case, organization. A good Christian, a good friend wouldn’t turn on another just because they found their own truth and most certainly wouldn’t outright attack them or their character!

Leah Remini isn’t a bad person. In fact, she is more intelligent than Kirstie is to have seen the “light”, stood her ground and stuck to her guns! Leah is better off not associating with the likes of Kirstie Alley, she is not good enough to be anyone’s friend, and obviously doesn’t know what one is! I don’t ever hear of people knocking down Kirstie’s door for roles, and perhaps that says a lot in itself.

Kirstie apparently started a Twitter war, as well, and on July 10th she tweeted: “When faced w/ malicious gossip I take a moment to experience the loss of the person I thought was my friend…..Then I say f**kem…..)#RISE” Leah’s sister Nicole, tweeted that “Maybe the so called friend Kirstie should have checked on her friend to see what was happening & check on Le b4 she got nasty.”  Typical malicious Kirstie Tweeted to a mutual friend Stacy Francis on July 20th, as reported, “you’re too good to talk to that bi*ch…tune her out…block her…don’t give her her 15 minutes of fame to spew her hatexxoo.”  Further proof of what a bitter, washed up, overweight, has-been Kirstie is! An attempt to draw others into her hate campaign, and for what? If an organization or church as its members may like to call it, needs to act like that, in desperate attempts to keep members it does have, then look out, there is something gravely wrong.

We have all heard ugly truths about Scientology and have seldom heard positives, but I can tell you this, if it’s followers act like Kirstie Alley has since Leah parted ways with the organization, better not to hear any of their so-called beliefs, better not to have any part of their teachings. When a member from a church is ex-communicated for any reason, the other members are not taught to hate them, attack them or de-friend them, they are simply ex-communicated and no longer attend services. Most religions strive for peace, being good to others, respecting other people.

It would seem that our rights that are in jeopardy aren’t just our right to bear arms, our right to privacy and worst, our freedom of speech, now with people like Kirstie, one isn’t even entitled to their right to freedom of religion! I don’t give a damn what show it might be, if Kirstie Alley is in anything television show or by some chance, movie, I will not waste my time watching, not now, not ever. Any magazine that may have her fat ass plastered in it, I will not even open, any radio show interview or anything at all, I want nothing to do with if that menace is any part of it. I thought that Kris Jenner was the most vile twit that anyone had ever seen, but Kirstie comes in a pretty close second!

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