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Abusing The Old And Animals

Do any of you out there volunteer your time to help out anywhere, like at an animal shelter or a senior citizen center? Surprisingly, it’s very rewarding and can do more for you, as the volunteer, than it does for those you volunteer to help. By the same token, it can be most stressful, especially when you see first hand the abuse that goes on behind closed doors.

I have seen more animals than I could ever count, abused and abandoned, kittens only a few weeks old put in a tiny box, taped up and thrown into a dumpster to die. A three month old German Shepard having been beaten so severely that all four legs were broken, then he was taken into the woods and left to die in horrible agony. He couldn’t so much as crawl, so he laid there barely able to whine from the pain and waited to die. Thank God in Heaven, a man was hiking with his own dog, and his dog sought out the wounded one. The dog now has a forever home, and though he’ll never walk correctly again, at least he’ll be loved and well taken care of for the rest of his life. Could you fathom a beautiful Maine Coon cat, with long striped hair and white on her chest and paws, having some idiot cut half of her tail off, and put some type of accelerant on her, then light her on fire? The sheer excruciating pain  that she must have suffered as she lay in a garbage can to die! I will never, ever, be able to grasp why some people are just cruel, abusive, good for nothing, vile pieces of trash! Why someone would harm a helpless animal who cannot defend itself is way beyond me!

In a certain nursing home several years ago, there lived an old man. He was somewhat cranky, as anyone would be in his shoes. Because he was cranky, one of the male aides who worked there decided that he was going to teach the old man a lesson to sum up the disgusting situation. Alfred (the elderly man) ended up with two fractured ribs, bruises covering his body, a black eye and a fat lip! He was put into the home to be taken care of, not to be abused. Now before you go assuming that this was a rare event, let me assure you, it happens a lot, and this I know to be a fact. It may not happen at every home, but trust me it does happen and much more frequently then you or I hear about. There was a bedridden woman at another facility not too awfully far from the first one, she could not communicate, walk, or move by herself. Mildred was ill for several days with no one monitoring her regularly, when one particular aide came on duty that third night of Mildred’s illness, she took her vitals as all aides were supposed to have been doing, and discovered her temperature was 106 degrees! The head nurse was notified immediately, her response was that someone didn’t know how to take a temp correctly, and that if it was that high she’d be dead. Wasting even more time, the head nurse took and retook the temp 5 times! Needless to say, the ambulance was called and she was taken to the hospital, the last place she’d ever be in this life!  One of the saddest things witnessed by visitors to several nursing homes was elderly patients strapped into their chairs, left in the hallways begging for a drink of water or something to eat, and totally ignored!

These are not isolated occurrences, by any means, and I’ve seen so many horrid incidences that make me physically ill. Be it the abuse of the elderly, or the abuse of an animal, it’s unacceptable. Animals are like babies in that they cannot defend themselves, and they depend on us for their very survival. They can’t get up and get a drink for themselves, or make themselves something to eat. They ask so very little and give us so very much, loving us regardless of how we look or act. The elderly aren’t a whole lot different in the way of needing care. Many of them find that one day their home is emptied, their belongings sold along with their house, and lastly their bank accounts are emptied, and then they are taken off to a nursing home and dumped! Most of the time, their loved ones don’t bother to come and visit, and as such they become utterly alone! As if that isn’t enough to dampen their spirits, they are sometimes beaten and have food and or drink withheld from them! Why?

We tend to forget in life that all roads lead to the same place. We’re all going to get old, we’re all going to be at someone else’s mercy, karma’s going to find us, and we’re all going to get back what we give, tenfold! How can one look into an animal’s eyes, or their grandparents’ eyes, and be abusive? How can anyone withhold the very basics of life? Does it bring some warped mind satisfaction, some sick power trip to feel like a big person because they can bully and push around old people or helpless little animals? Whatever the reason, it needs to stop. Things like this should never have been tolerated anywhere to begin with.

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Government, Whistle Blowers And Privacy

How do you feel about a government that spies on its own citizens, especially in this day and age, where privacy has become practically non-existent? How do you feel about someone stepping up and blowing the whistle on such activities against us? Should the person go to jail? Is the person a villain, or a hero? Personally, I don’t think that this person should be punished when he has made us aware of what our own damned government is doing behind our backs!

I could certainly understand the government monitoring telephone conversations and Internet activity when it involves people from other countries that have come here, or people who have known ties to terrorists. Like it or not, those from other countries that settle here, especially from certain other countries, may have less than pure motives for being here. It’s not racism, it’s facts.

If you see someone robbing your neighbor’s house, are you going to sit there and do nothing? What if you witness someone taking a friend’s mail from their mail box, reading through it all, will you act? Or if you see a peeping tom filming a friend through a bedroom window, will you turn your head? There is so little privacy left today, but one would never, and should never, have to expect that their own government is the one doing the invading of their privacy! A great majority of us have lived in this country all of our lives, generation after generation of our families, and it isn’t that we have anything to hide, it’s the principle of it, being spied on by the very people that we supposedly choose to vote into office?

I think the bigger lesson to be learned here is that we need to be much more selective when it comes to voting for our representatives, especially President of the United States! It’s a tragedy that there were so many that made the last election an issue of race, by focusing primarily on that, Obama slid right into office and supposedly had the numbers to prove it! Every last soul that I spoke with – and believe me, there were a lot after the election – said that they only voted to be sure that Obama didn’t get their vote, that it went for the other party. Yet, lo and behold, somehow the man got into office! But I’ll try to stick to the subject at hand, which is our privacy being invaded by those who swore to protect us!

Again I ask you, if someone working for the government found out that we were being spied on, all of our telephone conversations and all Internet activity, and came forward to make us aware, at the risk of their own well being due to swearing to keep everything confidential, are they a criminal – or a hero? I think that since the person had so much to lose by coming forward that it was done out of duty, mainly a sense of right and wrong. I think that the person stepping forward might have assumed that the citizens of this country would be so appalled, shocked and disgusted, that they would start a movement of sorts to change things. Too many people figure that they can’t fight city hall and that things are what they are, that there’s no way to change them. It’s a sad acceptance that I’ve seen over and over again, people disgusted and fed up, but not knowing of any way to make any kind of change. The mindset that I’m only one person, what could I possibly do, my grandfather always told me that it only takes one person, but I wonder about that.

In my opinion a whistle blower under these circumstances should not be punished, the threat was against us as citizens of this country, it didn’t give terrorists the edge. It was strictly against us and not like they only monitored those that have come to this country from another one. Our so called government is acting against it’s own people, we are the ones targeted, I’d say they have things ass backward. The numbers of aliens flooding into this country are at an all time high, another of Obama’s mistakes! Watch them, supervise them, and any others that have had ties to terrorists, but let the rest of us have that tiny, treasured sliver of privacy left, that we have had to hold so dear. Births, deaths, financial reports, divorces, marriages, foreclosures, tickets and even our medical records, it’s all out there, there’s not a shred of privacy left, but when our own government’s behind it, that stoops to an all new low!

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Celebrities And Freedom Of Speech?

Here we go again, further proof that our right to freedom of speech is being snuffed out! Alec Baldwin is not one of my favorite people, but because he lashed out and said something that offended people, he catches hell for it and is forced to apologize for his words, his feelings

A British reporter made the claim that Alec Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria was tweeting about wedding presents and television appearances, during James Gandolifini’s funeral, on Thursday. This set Alec off and he allegedly tweeted some threatening things in reference to George Stark, one tweet said that Alec would put his foot up Stark’s “f’ ing”  ass but that he’d dig it too much! Alec also called him a toxic, little queen in a tweet that said that Alec would find Stark, and “f” him up!

Brutal it may be, but however warped or different someones opinions or feelings are, they are still entitled to them no matter what. As long as someone isn’t acting on their hate, anger or dislike, then the truth is that these are still words, no matter how ugly they might be. Threats are a horse of a different color though, you can’t go around threatening people, that’s not okay, and is often a precursor to violence. 

People out there say mean, hateful and ugly things each and every day, it’s an awful fact of life, you can’t stop them, you can’t change people. You’ll never see the day when everyone agrees on everything, people are all different, opinions are different, feelings are different, and people were raised differently. That being said, some will voice their opinions, some will hide them for fear that they differ from the majority, or minority, and some will pretend that they feel the same as those in the crowd that they happen to be part of, that particular day! You can say that if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, then say nothing, or you can say that sticks and stones will break bones, but names will never hurt you, but that doesn’t mean that anyone will comply.

The good, the bad, and the ugly, opinions are all different, about everything, not just race, homosexuality and religion. As long as no one is hurting someone with violence, you can’t stop a person from saying what they feel, otherwise you’re suppressing their right to freedom of speech. It infuriates me that out there, every day someone is name calling or making a statement that someone else doesn’t agree with, and that’s just fine. However, you take a celebrity and put them in a situation where the press is around them all the time, they are caught saying something when they are mad, or simply answering a reporters question with honesty, and the next thing they know, it’s on the six o’clock news! They are put through hell as a result of saying anything just because they are in the public eye! 

Fans are the ones who make these people celebrities, but I think that they forget that they are people too. They aren’t the personalities that they pretend to be in movies and on television, they have their own feelings and opinions about everything, just like you and me. Some are fans, until they hear about some scandal that’s been started by something they said or did, it’s like people want them to be some pretend character they’ve seen them play in movies! When they see a darker side……. and by that I mean…. when they realize that the celebs opinions differ from their own, all of a sudden they crucify them! Paula Dean is a sad example of that, she answered questions truthfully, owned up that she used the “N” word, and her so called fans turned on her in the blink of an eye! Rather than praise the fact that she was honest, especially on such a touchy subject, no people would rather jump on her and see her sink as a result of her not lying!

We’ve all got problems, we’ve all seen our share of tragedy in this life, there’s so many more important things to raise a ruckus about. Look at those poor children going to St. Jude’s for treatment of all types of cancer, suffering beyond belief. Imagine what their parents are going through having a child that is terminally ill, watching that child’s brave fight, each and every day. It makes you wonder why there’s such hell raised over what someone said in anger, what they said years ago,what was said in honesty, or why a celebrity going on a rant gets so much attention! Every one of us has been in a situation where our choice of words could have been much better, we’ve all been pee-d off about something and said things in anger that we shouldn’t have. Maybe we should stop looking for hidden meanings in what someone says, or better yet, maybe we shouldn’t keep feeding it media attention so that a flicker turns into a bonfire! 

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Good Old Lestoil

I’ve tried a thousand cleaners on stuff like grease and oil, and like ink, tar or glue, I’ve had little success in removing any of the stains. Little success that is, until I went back to plain old Lestoil, I’ve put it in the washer with clothes that have been covered in auto oil, too. Now when the clothes are totally drenched with the stuff then you may as well throw them out, but I can tell you that if the stains aren’t in excess, the Lestoil will take the stains out. I have used it on walls, woodwork, walls, doors, aluminum and vinyl siding, car mats, and even an outdoor stone statue! It works excellent! Just test it on surfaces like the fabric on your couch, or certain other fabrics first, to air on the side of caution as far as possibly staining. The smell is kind of strong and while I don’t mind it, some may find it too much.



The Products That I Have Tested…….

This may be a little bit off the beaten path for me, but I’m tired of wasting money on new products, some of which are guaranteed, only to find out that the products are garbage. If I can save anyone the money that I’ve wasted, then I won’t feel quite as bad. I’m giving my opinions of the things I’ve tried, their own little category, since heaven knows there are enough of them, but not everyone is here to read about the weeks waste of money!


Rude People Working With The Public

Why is it that in spite of there being too few jobs to go around, you get those that loathe their jobs so much, that they are rude to the customers? If you hate your job so much, I guarantee that there are at least ten others who would be glad to have it, step aside and let them, if you can’t be courteous!

A couple of days ago as I stood in line at a local grocery store waiting my turn, there was an elderly woman ahead of me who moved slowly, and appeared to be in pain as she did so. The cashier was a blond woman, probably in her twenties, extremely impatient and snotty! She stood tapping her fake nails on the side of the cash register, rolling her eyes and huffing and puffing, as the older woman counted her change. The cashier hollered that she was going to have to cancel the order out, and she’d have to wait in line all over again, if she didn’t hurry up! Naturally, the elderly woman became nervous and started to drop her change on the floor, while the cashier got even louder and asked her if someone was with her, who could hurry it up and pay! After I picked up the change and gave it back to the lady, I told the cashier that she needed to have some patience, that she would be old someday, too. The girl responded that no, she would never allow herself to get that old, she’d shoot herself before she’d ever be such a problem for everyone else!

Why is it that some people out there have such a problem with the elderly? Surely they have loved ones who are older, they have to have some relative who is elderly, do they treat them that way, too? I have no tolerance myself, when I see senior citizens treated like they are a problem to everyone. There’s no reason for it, none at all, we’re all going to be old some day, or at least most people are and I’m sure that they won’t want to be treated like that! But it isn’t just the elderly, either.

When working with the public, especially when the customers are spending their hard earned money, it should be a requirement to be courteous. Nobody likes rude and obnoxious behavior, being polite would gain much more recognition and respect. Maybe some employees fall into a rut, feeling so secure in their positions that they figure they can act whatever way they want to, but it isn’t okay. People are usually quick to complain about bad behavior, but seldom give positive feedback when they do encounter very polite or courteous, that’s why I always take the time to give credit where it’s due and let a manager know when an employee is exceptionally helpful, etc. Somehow it doesn’t seem like it’s enough though, when it comes to those that we all seem to run into, who behave like they hate their jobs, hate the public, hate everything around them. It makes it worse when there are a great number of people who are still jobless, and don’t have many prospects, especially in a small town.


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Losing Faith In Humanity…….

After seeing part of last nights episode of What Would You Do, I have lost nearly all my faith in humanity! When the woman took the little boy into the salon to have his nails done, I noticed that several people said basically, what are you going to do, society has changed and you just have to go with it! That’s precisely the problem people throw up their hands and say that there’s nothing that they can do to bring about change in society, so they have no choice but to accept it. Why do people give up? Why accept things that are wrong, rather than fight to bring change for the better?

I agree with the psychologist who said that society is causing gender confusion, changing laws for homosexuals, men looking like women, woman looking like men, what do you expect the young to think? I truly believe that all of this stuff going on today, it will cause a boy who was exactly that, to think wow it would be fun to see what it’d be like to be a girl, and vice versa! You don’t like your looks, have plastic surgery, you eat too much and get fat, have surgery to remedy it, you’re a male and think it would be easier to be a female, have surgery and change your gender, a female on the masculine side, change your gender! It’s ridiculous, we haven’t made progress, we’ve actually gone backward.

Fathers look forward to having a son, not just to carry on the family name, but to play baseball or football. A little man to go fishing with, or to help when you fix the car, not to follow mammy into the salon to have pink nail polish put on! You may as well put him in a dress, with curlers in his hair and take him to cheer leading class! I believe that it all starts in childhood, no, homosexuality is not genetic! Genetics are responsible for a lot, especially disease, I think more so than we yet realize, but genetics are not responsible for gender confusion! God made you either a male, or a female, there is no in between, unless of course you look at hermaphrodites. Then I think there might be an argument as to which gender one was meant to be! If you dress a little boy up in frilly dresses and heels, apply makeup to him and get him playing with girls toys, it is going to affect the kid and make him confused as to what he is!

Angelina Jolie claimed that the reason that she allowed Shiloh to act like a boy was because she wanted her kids to be free spirits who made their own choices! Now, it is reported that she doesn’t want her kids appearing in any more movies, she wants them to steer clear of the Hollywood scene! Funny, when her daughter first started with the masculine behavior, it was funny, almost like Angelina wanted to rebel, through her kid. Never once did we see her attempt to intervene, to explain to her child that she is a girl, not a boy, she never attempted to show the kid how fun it could be, to be the girl that she was born as! In that case, Angelina was at fault, as was Brad, it was their responsibility to teach and guide the child, as all parents should do who love their children.

Society has become so comfortable in changing everything that was meant to be the way it is, that it’s confusing to everyone. We need morals in this country, scruples, maybe it’s because the same people who gripe about the rights of homosexuals, gripe about religion. No prayer in schools, numbers of church goers are at an all time low, children don’t know who God is, have never heard of the ten commandments, society condones all kinds of crap, pre marital sex, teenage pregnancy, teenage partying with drinking and drugs, homosexuals getting married, crime at an all time high, a cesspool society! It’s confusing to the young and the seasoned old timers as well, it’s disgusting what we’ve allowed society to become. We’re all responsible for what this world has become, every one of us, especially those who say that they can’t change anything, that it is what it is!

Certain people say that the eras past were primitive, that we have improved, society is better. Well think about that for a minute, I hate to bring up the 50’s and 60’s again, but imagine back then, a teenager who got pregnant. The parents would discreetly send her somewhere quiet to have the baby, which would be put up for adoption in hopes of having a better life. Imagine a group of homosexuals in the street picketing for same sex rights! Wow! Really try to imagine it!  Slavery was a thing of the past, but the races quietly kept more to themselves, without someone crying discrimination every week! Crime rates were lower, people went to church and a lot of folks left their doors unlocked at night without having to worry about being killed in their sleep! So you be the judge, was it better back then, or worse? Imagine a boy going into a salon back then, to have his nails painted!

Once again I see that my grandfather was right, the only thing that will bring change to this country, is another civil war. I think that there will be some in the younger generation that see what a cesspool our society has become, and will finally take a stand to change things for the better. I imagine that it would be a rare sight, the young fighting such a battle, beside the old, all fighting for the same cause, the same changes. The day will come, it has to, when good, decent, people grow fed up with the stuff that’s been allowed to occur, when they say that enough is enough, and do something about it!


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