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Alien Abduction Claims, Can They Be Proven

Okay I’m sure that there will be those of you that will vehemently disagree with me here, personally I believe that it is ignorant for humans to believe that we are the only life forms out there in the vast universe, it’s also most arrogant.  Are they flying around abducting humans and performing tests on them? Well, flip the script here, whenever humans encounter a species that we do not understand or that we have never seen before, what’s the first thing the powers that be do? They kill, dissect and study never pausing to think that they disassemble a living organism. Why would aliens behave any differently, I’m sure that it’s all part of a greater plan on their part though as beings of higher intelligence would not study humanity just for some sick thrill.

I have researched many abduction claims and in my personal opinion, many of them are not exactly legitimate, I think that there are some people out there who feel left out and wonder why they have not been “chosen” by aliens to be abducted, perhaps it’s their way of garnering attention and making themselves feel better. If aliens do exist, I believe that there are benign ones and there are malicious, vicious ones that don’t give a damn about any life forms. While much of the population does believe in aliens, many ask why they do not make themselves known to everyone since our government wont. Well think about the reaction that some people would have and bear in mind that once there is panic of any sort, it usually spreads. Imagine the government telling us that yes, aliens do exist, they are and have been here and that we have no way of stopping them or controlling their behavior, then what? For the world to know for a fact that they are here and we are nothing but a science project to them, we cannot stop them, we are at their mercy! Wow, I can see the panic now. But what if they spoon fed us that information, there are far too many people that have witnessed UFOs and far too many that claim to have been abducted to ignore what’s happening.

Now try to look at things from an “alien” perspective, this beautiful planet is filled with these humanoids that kill without reason, start wars over nothing, wipe out entire species of animals just because they can, are greedy, misguided and most certainly on the path to self destruction. Why prove outright to all of them that you are there, the fact is, they don’t have to prove anything because there’s probably no logic in doing so. They know that they are the superior species, that they have the upper hand and there’s nothing that we can do about it. By the same token, I have read a lot about abductee claims that we should be vegetarians and not eat meat, is that because meat isn’t as healthy for us as we have been led to believe or could it be that they have respect for the lives taken when society slaughters animals to fill their gullets?

I welcome communication from legitimate alien abductees for research of sorts, only sincere, legit, honest to goodness abductees need contact me, it will be most interesting to come up with information as a result of this research. Understand that I do not claim communication with any alien life forms, in fact I have never seen a true UFO up close and personal, that being said, I am not close minded and set on the idea that there is and can be no such thing. If a person claims that they are abducted and they know that to be true then they should not have a problem stepping forward now and contacting me, I anxiously await your communication. Please msg me with an e-mail address and I will get ahold of you asap, thank you.

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Big Brother, Big Crock

Perhaps Big Brother believed that a season of new twists and temptations was just the ticket to old and new viewers tuning in, maybe it would have been the case if the network/show producers had the slightest integrity.  As this season has shown, CBS will do and allow anything for ratings, only they may have gone too far this time and may very well lose the majority of their loyal viewers, and surely no new viewers would want to tune in to see that train wreck!

The first (and certainly most detrimental) mistake that CBS/Big Brother execs. made was in fixing things so that conveniently the loser Paul was brought back into the game. He had his shot at playing Big Brother already and it makes the new players look as if they were duped straight out of the gate, not to mention it being an insult to viewers. Then they allow obviously unstable people into the game, all for ratings and attempt to make viewers believe that “it’s how the game is played”, many have used the word “bullying” in describing Josh’s behavior. It’s painfully clear that many of the so called competitions are tailored to certain players abilities (or lack of).

All Big Brother execs and CBS have done is to insult the viewers they do have, rather than make sincere attempts to hang onto them dearly. They need to be reminded that the viewers make or break any show, happy viewers, successful show. They must understand that while it’s a delicate balance, they can have a scrap of integrity and still have drama and satisfied viewers that will tune in each week.

Odd how things “played out” so that Paul was safe for so long (supposedly it was a choice viewers made), yet by allowing the consequence, twist and temptation, Cody and Jessica were guaranteed a ticket out the door pretty much. Funny how 1 (ONE) poll claims that Paul is a viewer favorite, however if you actually read many of the comments viewers post(ed), they want him gone as much as Josh, IF NOT MORE. Of course I just read a poll that stated that 78% of those polled want Josh gone based on his bullying alone! Most realize that he’s Paul’s puppet and that he’s the one sullying up the game.

Get a clue, please the viewers you do have before they’re gone too, by the look of it the network can’t afford that. Stop allowing players into the game that are unstable and abusive, all in the name of media negative attention. Stop beating dead horses and only allow return houseguests if it’s a special like Big Brother returning Losers! The cast this season was very boring, not in the least entertaining, and downright offensive! Sure I know that you want drama and trouble but try a different approach because personalities like Paul’s, Ales’s, Josh’s and Christmas’s while they can do the devious, two faced, sneaky, manipulative, assinine antics, they also drive viewers far and away.

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