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C Booth derma 36 Glycolic Acid Skin Resurfacing Solution

Have you ever been shopping the drug store anti-aging products aisle and (after you’re bowled over by the price of them all), you notice a bright pink w/white labeled bottle that you assume is a no name product, so you skim right over it and keep looking? I’m sure that you’ve seen this beauty, derma 36 Glycolic Acid Skin Resurfacing Solution but you probably never gave it a second look, you should have!

I have tried so many anti-aging products through the years that it’s a wonder my face hasn’t fallen off! We’ve all heard about the benefits of glycolic acid, but most products cap off with a low percentage of the acid, as by law they can only contain so much. Years ago I came across this one and it’s made a true believer out of me that a product doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars to work.

I started out using this every night after I washed my face, after a few days I increased it to twice a day in the morning after I wash my face and before applying any makeup. Just shake it up and grab a cotton ball and go over your face with it, can’t get any easier than that. After about a week and a half I truly did notice a huge difference in my skin, the fine lines around my eyes and my forehead, it was incredible, I couldn’t believe that this solution I’d never heard of before that could be such a gem.

Bottom line: I can’t remember the exact price it cost when I last bought the solution because I bought two bottles so I haven’t got it in awhile, I want to say twenty some dollars, but it is well worth the money and believe me when I say that I am always on the hunt for inexpensive products that give the “Cadillacs” of the beauty world a run for their money! It does work to help with the “aging face” and while it may burn and or tingle at first, just go with it because it let’s you know that it’s working! TWO thumbs way up!

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It TIGHTLINE Full Lash Length Primer w/ Peptide Enhancing Serum

Every waterproof mascara junkie knows that it’s never easy to wash off at the end of the day, they also know that if you apply a regular (non waterproof) mascara before applying the waterproof it will help to remove it later. The joys of getting older isn’t just in the thinning of the hair on one’s head, but also in the “thinning” of the eyebrows and eyelashes. I think that all of us want beautiful eyelashes but not all of us are blessed with having them, for whatever reason. Believe it or not, the main reason I tried the Tightline was because I absolutely loved the tiny applicator brush it has, yes I know that’s probably a strange reason to some of you but nearly all of the mascara products made today have jumbo brushes that only serve to poke out your eyes and cause one to smear the mascara all over their face!

I didn’t notice any changes in my eyelashes themselves but I do have to say that I adore this product all around, it can be worn by itself in place of mascara if you want a natural look for daytime and can be worn under your waterproof mascara to help remove it later.

The pluses: the brush of the TIGHTLINE is tiny and fabulous, I absolutely love it and the control when applying it is unbelieveable, it can be worn in place of mascara if you’re in a hurry or wan’t a natural daytime look, it has never clumped on the brush or my lashes in all of the times that I have used it, it didn’t irritate my eyes (a big problem for me with many cosmetics).

The negatives: there are many drug store competitors which are much cheaper although I don’t think the TIGHTLINE is all that bad, considering. That’s about it though for the negatives, I am a fan of this product and will continue to use it regardless. TWO thumbs up!

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It Cosmetics Hello Light Anti-Aging Radiance Creme Illuminator Review

I don’t think that older women should wear any cosmetic that is highly “illuminating”, by this I mean with big chunks of sparkle or super metallic, younger women can sometimes get away with it but it looks ridiculous on older women. I think that subtle sheen is the key for mature skin so the woman doesn’t look as though she was standing under a 70’s disco ball that exploded all over her face! I think that it just makes older women look as if they are trying too hard to recapture their youth, rather than embracing their maturity.

The it Hello Light Illuminator is a bit pricey in my opinion, but it lasts a looonnnggg time and offers a subtle sheen to hilight the face for both young and older women. Mine came with the applicator brush which I use only for that product, though the brush is a bit big for my taste and makes it a bit difficult to apply a thin line over my eyebrows, top lip and nose. This illuminator doesn’t irritate my skin at all and does it’s job well, it doesn’t have a scent to speak of so you don’t have to worry about offending yourself all day with an offensive fragrance.

The positives: the it Hello Light Illuminator does hilight your face with a subtle sheen that isn’t blatantly obvious, it can be ordered with the brush for application incase you don’t already have a hilighting brush, it seems to last a very long time with daily use and it isn’t loaded with fragrance that may clash with any of your other products.

The negatives: it cosmetics are not cheap-  I personally think they are expensive, the Hello Light is no exception, the brush is very large which makes it difficult to apply to smaller faces and on smaller areas of the face, it is a bit greasy and I noticed my face was oily where I apply it at the end of the day.

Bottom line, it is a decent face illuminator that works well and stays on but it does indeed have it’s drawbacks, if you don’t mind a bit of an oily/greasy product and can afford this one then it may be worth it for you. If I can find another highlighter with a subtle sheen I probably would not buy this one again.

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Elf Eyebrow Wax Stick

I like a brow wax that keeps my brows in place all day, by the same token I don’t want the wax to feel heavy like there’s a two inch coating on them weighing them down. I’m all for quick application and when you use a wax that requires a brush to apply, it takes much longer and the application isn’t as precise. To me, a pencil style wax is fast amd convenient and I’m not as likely to accidently sweep up and onto my forehed, like I sometimes do with a brush applied wax, then you have to frantically scrub it off so as not to walk around with a unibrow all day! Then what you end up with is a giant white area where you washed the rest of your makeup off!

Back to the Elf Eyebrow Wax Stick, it stays put, keeps my eyebrows where I want them without a sticky, coated, heavy feel. For a minute after applying it may seem as if you applied too much on your brows, relax you didn’t, just give it a minute to “set”. It’s obviously clear so you don’t have to be concerned if you go a bit outside of the brow. Now I don;t know of any woman out there who will buy the pricey cosmetics just to brag to friends that they used the most expensive brand! The truth is, this one will set you back three bucks, just tell your friends it’s the more expensive one if you want to because it works just as well, if not better!

Verdict: the elf eyebrow wax stick is definitely worth the money, it’s a great product that keeps your brows where you want them and the price is right. Thumbs up!

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Do You Believe that You Have Been REGULARLY Abducted by Aliens? If You Answered Yes, Read This!

Again I’ll stress that I am not asking the question sarcastically, I would really like to hear from any of you that feel that you are regularly abducted by aliens. I’m shocked that with as many claims as there are out there made by people who feel that they have been, or are being abducted by aliens, not one has stepped forward yet. I have to assume that either they are not being abducted or that they are afraid to come forward, or possibly they feel that this is an opportunity for someone to attempt to make a fool of them or a joke about the whole issue. I can assure you that this is not the case here, If nothing else, I would think that those I speak of would appreciate some kind of validation, that they would want to show others that they aren’t crazy, these are not figments of their fertile imaginations. I ask again, those of you that truly feel that you are being regularly abducted/visited by aliens, please come forward and contact me, send me a message privately with a valid e-mail address and I will get back to you immediately.

There are so many theories, opinions, and guesses right now in society on the subject of UFO’s and aliens, so many out there that disregard the topic as nonsense or sleep paralysis that it makes matters impossible for those people that experience these other worldly events, they are called lunatics, crazy, unstable and it causes them to feel as if they don’t “fit in” with society. They feel alone, confused and there are those times when they do question their sanity, but if they look at things from a different perspective then it may not be so stressful, those that look at what has happened/ is happening to them as being in the special minority, they have experienced first hand what other’s can’t begin to imagine, they are somehow “chosen” for whatever reason, they have seen things that the majority of society will never have the opportunity to. Now don’t get me wrong here, I know it wouldn’t be possible for those that claim to have had horrific experiences with aliens to look at things from this perspective.

I personally believe that it is sheer ignorance and egotistical to believe that we are the only life forms in the infinite universe, it is narrow minded at the very least to believe that mankind is all that exists. That being said, if there are aliens then I’m sure that there are many different ones and that like people, some are benevolent and some are malevolent, what do men do when they encounter something different, something that they don’t understand or have never seen? Their first thought is to kill, dissect and study it, it never crosses their mind that it may be a living, breathing organism that probably feels pain and emotion of some kind.  and if the thought does occur to them they simply don’t give a damn. I’m sure that alien beings would be no different in that regard, they would want to learn about our species. Hypothetically speaking here, I’m also sure that any malevolent species of aliens would likely not regard human life with any value and probably wouldn’t care if they dissected a living human, for purposes of studying them, thousands of people go missing every day in this world and who is to say where every last one of them went. Okay so maybe that’s a stretch but the truth is, we don’t know and I believe whole heartedly that our government does indeed have the answers but will never willingly share that information with the public. Can you imagine the government telling us that oh by the way, UFO’s and aliens do exist and always have, they are technologically worlds ahead of us, we have no way of fighting them off if they ever care to take over and we can’t protect any of you against them, but hey don’t worry about it! Yeah, I would imagine that wouldn’t go over too well with everyone, truth or not, there would likely be total fear and panic.

In spite of everything, I feel that the public does have the right to know but it doesn’t matter because we will never come to the point of full disclosure, unless we get there on our own. So, back to my original question here, do you believe that you are regularly/frequently abducted by aliens? If you answered yes then please, I urge you to contact me immediately, don’t wait,do it now! Send me a message with your e-mail and I will get right back to you. Only honest, sincere, genuine, people need contact me about this matter.

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Griffin Pond Animal Shelter, South Abington Twnshp. PA Don’t Let Them Off Easy!!!

I have been warning people for years about donating their hard earned cash to Griffin Pond animal shelter, you wouldn’t believe all of the businesses that have collected donations for that shelter all through the years, even more disturbing is the number of people that actually believe that they are a no kill shelter! A good eight or ten years back I went to the shelter to adopt a cat, this overly masculine female that was in charge didn’t seem to appreciate the questions I had about the condition of the animals there at the shelter and came at me with guns blazing. She didn’t like me from the second I began asking questions and after looking me up and down informe me that she didn’t care where I applied to adopt an animal, I would NEVER be approved to adopt there! I was extremely offended and asked if she was telling me that she’d rather euthanize an animal rather than allow someone that she didn’t like personally to adopt it, he reply was, “that’s right”!

I know a woman that operates a true no kill shelter in the Scranton, PA area and she goes without many necessities for herself in order to spend ever last dime on her shelter animals, what infuriates me is that you never see donations being accepted for those good shelters, only Griffin Pond, where they kill animals just because they can, as the case of Midge proves. Midge was the 4 year old Mastiff mix dog that had spent a year waiting for a forever home, a woman interested in her and trying to find placement for the dog was assured that she was fine and not in any danger, wrong, in typical Griffin Pond behavior, they euthanized the animal! 8,000 people criticized the shelter for their lax, disgusting, irresponsible actions!

Poor Midge’s tragic life story is merely one of countless others as all who know Griffin Pond’s reputation know, and the truth is that there have been many more horror stories that have come out of that place. Through the years I came  to believe that there was no possible way that people couldn’t know what went on there at that shelter, I had to conclude that people just chose to turn their heads to the heinous, evils that went on, I felt helpless and all I could do was to go out of my way to inform every and any body I encountered about that hell called Griffin Pond!

I am thrilled that there has been backlash and that people do care, I just hope that those parties that they were able to hold accountable, were not allowed to leave with pay, all of the money that was collected by employees all of these years should have to be paid back and used strictly for the animals. What sets the smaller no kill shelters apart from those like Griffin Pond is the fact that they deal almost exclusively with volunteers, then you know for sure that there is genuine love for the animals and not their pocketbooks! I went to G.P. Animal Shelter many times to walk the dogs and play with the cats as much as they’d allow me to, but when the “girl” in charge got mad after I asked questions, she stopped me and told me that I was not allowed to walk their dogs!  As politely as I could I said that they do need exercise and that it’s sad to see them sitting in cages in their own messes, she grew even angrier and told me that I should “head out”! I continued to try and go and see the animals until she made it such a nightmare that I was afraid that she’d take it out on the animals. I don’t say it because of any ill feelings toward her either but like nearly every other worker  there, she was not in any way loving or caring to the shelter animals and in fact I have witnessed downright cruelty there, when you complain, you are not allowed there again without being harassed! Hat’s off to all of you that complained and tried to being about change and better lives for these already down on their luck animals.

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Signature Club A Platinum ElectroCharged Upper Eyelid Fix

There are a couple of Signature Club A products that I use regularly, but I will not spend the extra money continuing to buy their products based on someone else’s rave reviews, if I have tried it myself and know better, I mean who would! This eye creme is supposed to help uplift the look of upper eyelid skin to give eyes a wider, more youthful look over time! All I can tell you is …… save your hard earned cash!

I have tried this lotion and gave it a fair shake for three months, in spite of the severe irritation to my eyes which were blood red, swollen and running! As soon as I apply it I notice a hard to describe translucent, brighter area where it’s applied so I’m assuming that there are fine light reflecting articles in it. While light reflecting particles are okay in some products, I don’t like anti age products which contain them because it’s extremely deceiving as to how well the product might work.

Result? This does nothing for the upper eyes, doesn’t make the slightest difference for your eyes and in fact, in my case made an embarrassing mess of them. Don’t waste your money if you are looking for eye help, if you want wider, more youthful looking, help with fine lines or wrinkles, steer clear of this one. El Stinko!

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